Jones to Key: say it to our faces

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Far North Labour MP Shane Jones laid down the gauntlet to Key over the we would love to see wages drop scandal. Jones reminds Key that: “all it takes to ruin a Teflon pan is one scratch” and in a second press release lays out his challenge:

‘there’s only one way for Mr Key to prove he was a man of substance come to Kerikeri and debate his policies openly with me in front of the very Northlanders whose lives he intends to entrap and diminish.’

Now, that would be a debate to see. Key against our finest orator since Lange in front of the people of Kerikeri, whose wages Key wants to cut. Somehow, I don’t think Key will be brave enough to take up the offer.

And, really, Key doesn’t need to go up against Jones; his positions change so often he could just debate against himself. It would look something like this:

cc wages

23 comments on “Jones to Key: say it to our faces”

  1. Billy 1

    “Key against our finest orator since Lange…”

    Key against the most self-important, verbose prig you’ve ever produced, you mean.

  2. kim 2

    And when John Key replies that he doesn’t want to see wages drop in NZ and was misquoted (or had a slip of the tongue) what will be the next pathetic subject you move onto.

    Smacks of desparation standard much the same as bovver boy Mallard acting as body guard for the revered leader

  3. Key’s proving himself time and time again to be a rank amateur – Shane Jones would slice, dice, then flush him.

    God help us if we had to rely on Key to talk straight with a US Secretarry of Defense or Trade. We’d be shafted by lunchtime.

    Nice to see that National Iwi/Kiwi device being put to good use.

  4. Tane 4

    And when John Key replies that he doesn’t want to see wages drop in NZ and was misquoted (or had a slip of the tongue) what will be the next pathetic subject you move onto.

    If that’s true it’d be great, and though it wouldn’t explain his multiple and conflicting denials it would be a perfect opportunity for Key to lay out exactly how he would raise wages. To date he’s been big on ambition but rather short on answers.

  5. rjs131 5

    I have no doubt that this scandal will mean that Sue Moroney will take out Helensville in a landslide. Surely the voters of that electorate know that Key cannot be trusted and will get behind this truely oustanding MP.

  6. Tane 6

    It’s Darien Fenton who’s standing in Helensville, not Sue Moroney. When you’re trying to smear an MP it pays to get the right one.

  7. higherstandard 7

    Yes rjs

    Sue Moroney …. I think you may have been picking the wrong mushrooms.

    Lange was a great orator saw him speak many times – interesting that you believe Shane Jones better than the rest of Labour at present he comes across as a self absorbed, arrogant pratt who is convinced of his own importance.

    Which is pretty much standard for any career politician who’s got their snout in the public trough

  8. Steve Pierson 8

    higherstandard. On his day Jones is the best.

  9. higherstandard 9

    Steve I’ll take your word for it – he’ll be able to practice his oratory from the opposition benches come years end assuming he’s high enough on the party list.

    Ps I find the overtones of devotion in your post disturbing you should know by now it’s dangerous to trust anyone in politics especially if they’re silken tongued

  10. Steve Pierson 10

    No devotion, higher, he’s just a good speaker, not so good in the old cricket though.

  11. Steve Pierson 11

    so, higher, how much do you want your wage cut to be?

  12. higherstandard 12

    Self employed my friend only have myself to argue with over the size or lack thereof of my wages

  13. Dale 13

    OH MY GOD! Why are you still flogging this dead horse.You’ve got no traction! Put your brains in 4 WHEEL DRIVE LOW RATIO and dig yourselves out of the rut,or wont the GREENS let you.

  14. Scribe 14

    Wow you guys are sad. This is now FOURTEEN posts on this topic and no one in the MSM is even remotely interested in this non-story.

    Oh, and we’re still waiting for your post on the latest polls showing Labour 20-plus points behind.

    We will be covering the polls at some stage, but it’s the weekend so it might take a while. We do this in our spare time and on a voluntary basis, so you look a bit shrill to be demanding we post on everything straight away, and in a quantity you’re happy with.

    Plenty of “spare time” to keep harping on about wage drops but no time to talk about actual news.

  15. the sprout 15

    you’re right scribe, the msm’s non-coverage of this scandal is the real story now.

  16. Dale 16

    Thats the way sprout its a conspiracy. Dam the majority!

  17. the sprout 17

    time will tell Dale.

  18. Dale 18

    Yes it will sprout.Better management,higher productivity,less red tape and much much lower taxes.All these things will slow the exodus of our smartest and go getters,you know the tradies Helen and Michael call the not so significant.

  19. Tane 19

    G’day Scribe, yeah I haven’t got round to it. I usually do the polls and I’ve been busy earning a living. It’s probably getting a bit late now and it’s all been said already, but I’ll see what I can do.

  20. deemac 20

    less red tape?? NZ is already one of the easiest places to do business according to the OECD figures – but, hey what do they know? time for the nutty right wing trollers to realis: saying something doesn’t make it so

  21. Santi 21

    You can forget about Jones.

    He’s only bragging and trying to enhance his image in order to get a higher ranking when Labour’s decks are cleared after the 2008 election.

    Expect to see him saying yes and repeating Phil Goff’s lines over the coming months.

  22. Occasional Observer 22

    The leader of the opposition, riding high on 55 points, doesn’t go debate with the lowest-ranking minister of a party on 32 points. John Key has much better things to do than go and debate with that pompous prick.

  23. Dale 23

    Deemac, have you tried to build a house with a swimming pool lately? The cost and paperwork make it almost impossible for the average earner.

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