Just what Christchurch needed

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Our thoughts are with Christchurch as a huge fire rages to the west of the city. According to early reports, some houses have already been destroyed, some areas evacuated. Firefighters will once again be putting themselves in harm’s way. The Press has images up. Good luck to all…

14 comments on “Just what Christchurch needed”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Just for context, this is really only a very small area that is actually affected. It’s not like a dozen blocks are on fire or anything.

    Edit: This seems to be a pretty textbook case of sensationalism by the media. 1 house destroyed, 2 severely damaged.

    Sure, it could have been (or quickly become) a whole lot worse, but headlines such as “Christchurch burns”, implying a significant chunk of it is on fire, isn’t really helpful.

    • weka 1.1

      I haven’t seen the headlines (and agree with you about “Chch burns”), but just want to say that that is a very serious fire. Grass and scrub fire gets out of control in a N/W gale and takes out 3 houses and 20 hectares of land is significant.

      We can certainly expect more of this as we go further into the age of CC, and we need to start taking it more seriously.

      I’ve been hearing rumours that Canterbury firefighters are very tired, because there’s been so many fires this season.

  2. coaster 2

    Just like the major disaster we have when auckland loses power for a couple of hours, meanwhile other parts of nz go without power for weeks or longer nd no-one hears about it.

    the fire could easily have been a major one if it hadnt have been stopped, also isnt there a major substation somewhere near there.

  3. Ian 3

    If this blog is a mouthpiece for the labour party ,I despair. A very large scary fire destroying millions of dollars worth of private property and you tossers don’t give a toss. Get your priorities sorted.No wonder the left in NZ are slowly dissapearing up their own backsides.

    [Stephanie: Happily, this blog is not a mouthpiece of the Labour Party, but trying to say it is in a sneaky roundabout way is obnoxious troll behaviour. You are advised not to repeat it.

    You might also like to think about the fact that you’re commenting on a post *about* the fire. So obviously the authors *do* “give a toss”. You’re not coming across as someone commenting in good faith, mate.]

    [lprent: He isn’t. ‘Ian’ is well known to me on this site. He knows better and has been banned a number of times previously for exactly the same offense. Banned 4 months for stupidly doing the same thing again. ]

    • One Anonymous Bloke 3.2

      If you’re an example of a right winger the right wing are exactly like people say.

      What sort of asshole tries to make political hay when people’s houses are burning.

      Did the drought dry out your brain as well as the grass?

    • Lanthanide 3.3

      Wow. If anything, you should be attacking me for my comment, not The Standard in general.

    • Ian 3.4

      Hey,sorry you think I’m a troll but I hop onto your blog and over 100 posts on a beltway issue,that no one down here gives a toss about and 1 dismissive post about a disaster that looks like mainly effects members of the lefts support base. Do you get my point Stephanie ?

      • mickysavage 3.4.1

        Dear Ian.

        You need to read the standard a bit more before making such statements. This site has followed Christchurch rebuild issues for a number of years. And it has followed and commented on climate change issues from the start.

        This post is unusual, this site normally focusses on “beltway” issues but is very sympathetic to human and community issues.

        This is not a dismissive post.

        The pace of discussions on this site is rather fast. Either your comment is well meant or you are part of an attempt to denigrate the left.

      • vto 3.4.2

        Ian goes into the Eleanor Catton Description Box ha ha

      • Lanthanide 3.4.3

        “that no one down here gives a toss about”

        Funny, I live in Christchurch and care very much about whether John Key was incompetent, unethical and lying to the public.

  4. grumpystilskin 4


  5. vto 5

    That fire could easily have been a big disaster… well done whoever put it out

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