Kelvin Davis’ massive Hikoi

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Yesterday I attended the start of Kelvin Davis’ Hikoi against sexual violence.  He is intending to walk from Waitakere to Cape Reinga over the next two weeks, and stopping in towns and settlements on the way to talk about sexual violence.

His message is clear, men need to own the violence problem that is a plague on our community.

In his own words:

Our group’s name is Men Against Sexual Violence and we’re encouraging all men to speak out about this evil lurking within our communities which is the violence towards men, women and children. We don’t want it swept under the carpet, let’s protect our families.”

The launch attracted representation from all of the political parties.  Labour had a full contingent, the Greens were well represented with David Clendon, Steffan Browning and Jan Logie attending, and New Zealand First’s latest MP Ria Bond came all the way from Invercargill to be present.  The Maori Party’s Marama Fox was there.  Even Act’s David Seymour turned up.  He gave a rather bizarre speech about the importance of liberty but at least he showed up.  National was represented by Alfred Ngaro who spoiled the effect by turning up late but again at least he was there.

Following is the itinerary.  Click on it for a more legible version.  If you are in the area I am sure Kelvin will be happy to talk to you.

Massive Hikoi timetable

Kelvin will be posting photos and updates on his own Facebook page and on the Massive Facebook page.

25 comments on “Kelvin Davis’ massive Hikoi”

  1. Amanda Atkinson 1

    I’d come back to Labour if Davis and Nash and Ardern were in the top spots. 2017 probably too early for them, but look out 2020. I voted National last time, but they don’t have anyone like these 3 coming through that I can see.

  2. Facetious 2

    He will be the next Labour leader, and not before long.

    • It does look like he wants it.

      Let’s see how many wedges John Keys dirty politics mob (WOBH, KiwiBlog, other right wing blogs, and half the political editors in NZ) throw at the Labour Party over the next few years.

      Hopefully Little is not as weak a leader as Shearer and doesn’t reflexively cull potential threats (otherwise known as competent leaders within caucus – the people Labour needs in order to grow and win).

  3. Rosie 3

    You good man Kelvin! It is so uplifting to to hear about this hikoi.

    Men asking men to look at themselves and their sexual offending and/or unhealthy sexual attitudes can’t be an easy path to take, no easy or fast achievement and not always met without resistance.

    It takes a man with real commitment to undertake such a task. Such men are natural leaders.

    Let’s hope this Labour man gets the support he deserves and can influence some change, unlike another great Labour man who was instead, ridiculed for standing side by side with women.

    • Anne 3.1

      My immediate reaction too Rosie. Why, in gods name, can’t the stupid (as opposed to the more intelligent ones) see John Key and co. for the bottom of the barrel arseholes that they are?

    • miravox 3.2


      The value of having men to look at their attitudes and behaviours is too often ignored by men with the power to influence other men.

  4. Chooky 4

    should earn him and the Labour Party brownie points

    ….but sorry I prefer Hone Harawira

    ….and the Left would have been government if he and the Labour Party had let in Mana/Int and played the strategic mmp game

    …so no i am not impressed

    • b waghorn 4.1

      You mean hone ” I wouldn’t let my kid marry a pakeha” harawira.
      My part Maori relative told me how much she despised him for that.

      • marty mars 4.1.1

        nah I think Chooky meant Hone ‘I’ve been working hard since I was a teenager to create equality between the peoples of this land but especially for the indigenous people who have lost so much because of the historical and current colonisation effects and non-adherance to the Treaty by the Crown’ Harawira.

        btw what’s a “part Maori”? Being Māori is determined by whakapapa which can either be acknowledged or ignored (as other strands of whakapapa can be too) but obviously based on knowledge of whakapapa which I acknowledge is not known by every Māori.

        • b waghorn

          I’m not Maori and have no idea how to put a macron? above a word but my main point is if you want to get somewhere in politics you need to think before you speak .
          I personally was seriously considering voting mana till they went after the money.
          And how the fuck is a, my kids aren’t going to marry a pakeha attitude going to bring two peoples together.

          • Karen

            To put a macron on just hold the letter key down and you will be given options (well, that’s how it works for a mac).

            Hone is a great guy and I have a lot of time for him, but I think signing up with Kim Dotcom was a huge mistake. I understand the reasoning behind the decision, but it just became too easy to attack Hone’s integrity.

            I think, b waghorn, if you ever got to meet Hone you would find out he is a very different person than the man portrayed in the media. Unfortunately, most people only have that media portrayal to go on.

            • b waghorn

              Yes like a lot of wild buggers they mature into wise men its a shame he’s unlikely to find a way back without labour making way for him and that’s not going to happen.
              Ôō cheers

              • You can just cut and paste too.

                One statement that a person makes, taken out of context and spun to discredit, does not make the person or even reflect that persons view – only someone believing the spin and lies accepts the spun version and then repeats it.

                • weka

                  It’s also such a small thing compared to the amount of incredibly important work he has done.

        • millsy

          IMO there is no such thing as part Maori. You are either Maori or you are not.

          • b waghorn

            I was a bit wary of putting that handle in there and probably shouldn’t have because really it was irrelevant to what I was saying.
            Its up to the individual really is’nt it? I personally describe my self as a kiwi of unknown origins.

      • Molly 4.1.2

        I remember watching the interview and it was a set up from the time the reporter began framing the set of questions.

        And there was more to it, he said that he would accept his children’s partners regardless of their ethnicity, but thought Māori partners would be less likely to cause disruption in the family.

        Strange thing is: I can see many around me who would be very dismissive of their children having Māori or Pāsifika spouses. But this prejudice is not admitted in public, but exhibited in other forms.

        My sister-in-law – who has a long marriage with my brother, who, like me is part-Māori – introduces him as someone with a non-existent Italian lineage (which excuses his complexion, but quite honestly makes her sound like a fool).

        My recollect on Hone’s answer: was that it was hard for him to comprehend a non-Māori understanding the road that has been travelled by the politically aware members of his family, and a non-Māori would find it harder to sustain and accommodate the level of intensity continued activism would require.

        While watching I knew the political safe answer would be – “Of course not” but Hone provided an honest answer, and once that happened it was stripped of context and multiplied with glee.

  5. The Real Matthew 5

    It’s refreshing to see a Maori politician doing something about Male Maori/Pacific Island violence. This will not only have a positive effect in the Maori/P.I community but will find favour across the board.

    Kelvin Davis is undoubtedly leadership material.

    • miravox 5.1

      So men of other ethnicity don’t come into it? That’s just weird. The group is called ‘Men Against Sexual Violence’, not Māori/Pacific Island Men Against Sexual Violence.

    • mickysavage 5.2

      Weird. Violence is a problem for all parts of our community.

  6. ummbarakat 6

    Awesome effort Kelvin & co*

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