Key and Thatcher’s ghost

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An insightful cartoon. Not enough room to mention – drive up unemployment, drive down wages, slaughter manufacturing, pin all your hopes on oil discoveries (at least that bet paid off for Thatcher).

15 comments on “Key and Thatcher’s ghost”

  1. karol 1

    Also… cosy up to the US.

    But there are ways Key differs from Thatcher. Both try to be “populist”, but Thatcher cultivated a posh accent, Key goes for the drunk-at-the-barbie style diction.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Not enough room to mention – drive up unemployment…

    That’s all contained within the punish the poor bit.

  3. johnm 3

    The YankKey john knows the agenda he must follow, what New
    Zealander’s want doesn’t matter. 🙁

    • johnm 3.1

      “Punish the poor”
      “The Southern State Fast Becoming Ayn Rand’s Vision of Paradise
      Tennessee lawmakers have elevated hatred for government and disgust for poor people to an art form.”

      “If you’re worried about where America is heading, look no further than Tennessee. Its lush mountains and verdant rolling countryside belie a mean-spirited public policy that only makes sense if you believe deeply in the anti-collectivist, anti-altruist philosophy of Ayn Rand. It’s what you get when you combine hatred for government with disgust for poor people.”

      Under The Yankee john we are heading for even more inequality under the new welfare laws. 100000 to be kicked off benefits in 10 years!

      • johnm 3.1.1

        George Galloway has done a coverage of Thatcher a must see video!

        “Excellent speech, George. We all need to unite now and stop the impoverishment of the majority of the British people which is happening now, under Cameron.

        “What can we do to fight back when we tried so hard in the 80’s. How do we win? if we don’t win, our children will suffer 19th century poverty levels all over again. This govt has betrayed the sacrifice those who fought against the nazi’s. Now we face fascism in our own land”

  4. Tim 4

    After watching the various documentaries on Thatcher and her legacy over the past week (BBC, CNN, RT, and locally – RNZ et al), the thing that struck me was just how similar Puller Bent is to Thatcherite thinking, (dress – with due regard to another post on here re beneficiaries and dress).
    …. “The Lady’s not for turning”; the “No, no, no!”, the stubborn adherence to an ideology learned parrot fashion, the anxiousness, the ambition, the humble background ‘making good’, the hypocrisy, the burning desire to prove herself right on every occasion (to the extent of lying if and when required), etc.”
    Of course there are Key similarities as well.
    Sadly I won’t be around to sample the public’s view of her legacy, but I’ll put money on it – it won’t be pretty – probably a better bet too than owning MRP shares over time. Ugly in fact – as it should be. And before there are calls for citations and links – I’m merely casting an impression and opinion based on MSN(NZ) and international media coverage.
    I’ve no doubt it’s coincidental, but even the shade of blue displayed by Thatcher during her school ma’am finger pointing admonishments of her opponents in parly-r-mint, and in condescending fashion, is the very same as Puller’s when she got a fit of the giggles last week.
    Ugly! very very ugly. The only difference I can see is that Thatcher was in control, whereas Puller is the underDog eagre to impress her comptrollers by running diversions and generally cocksucking as and when required

  5. tc 5

    In terms of the Oil wasn’t the north sea already well mapped by BP etc out so not so much a bet/gamble as a sure thing….in contrast to the nat’s lolly scramble for drilling permits.

  6. felix 6

    The title of the post reminded me of this Adam Curtis film about Thatcher’s story and the ghosts that drove her.

    Well worth a look if you haven’t seen it.

  7. Huginn 7

    Compare and contrast. Here are the graphs showing what a dreadful economic manager she was.

    Far from laying the foundation for future economic success, the Thatcher government caused the UK’s economic development to worsen in comparison with the previous period since the end of WW2. The productive base of the economy was weakened greatly, whilst the finance sector was let of the leash, ultimately with disastrous results. While some progress was made on inflation, by the end of Mrs Thatcher’s term of office in 1990, it was back almost up to 10%, while the UK’s trade balance and current account reached their worst ever points since 1945. Inequality was ratcheted up, and social divisions exacerbated. The British establishment’s outpouring of praise for the ‘achievements’ of the Thatcher government is out of kilter with the reality of its actual record.

    • Jenny 7.1

      Strangely, Thatcher took New Zealand as her lead. Mentioning admirably, Roger Douglas’s initiatives and demanding the same slash and burn tactics for Britain. Unfortunately the for us, the financial deregulation unleashed by Douglas, hit here harder than anywhere with the crash of ’87.

      Not that this early obvious failure deterred either Douglas or Thatcher.

  8. Jenny 8

    Not enough room to mention…..

    …..Wage war on the environment…

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