Key the deal maker

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Moreu in the Timaru Herald (ht Bryce Edwards):


9 comments on “Key the deal maker”

  1. Murray Rawshark 1

    In actual fact, we’re the ones in the barrel, while FJK runs off to Hawaii with Sly City. The lucky ones of us, at least. Plenty of us are no longer allowed the shelter of the barrel.

    • Jones 1.1

      John Key’s real payback will come when he leaves office. Keep an eye on who he goes to work for and what boards he is invited to sit on.

  2. Rosie 2

    Coooor! Nice one. Nice one!!

  3. Tom Gould 3

    Does the ‘regulatory relief’ deal cut by these Tory clowns in exchange for the $402m development include or exclude the new 6 star hotel? Just asking.

  4. Paul 4

    We, not Key, are sadly the fish in the barrel on this one.

  5. vto 5

    Why is anyone surprised at Key’s uselessness? He has never been one to actually do things.

    He has only ever been a ticket-clipper. You know, like a leech

    • Key can actually “do” things, unfortunately none of them are constructive (shonky back room deals, asset stripping, slashing jobs, currency manipulation).

      Anything to help the elite vampire squids suck the life out of NZ and waste our future.

  6. disturbed 6

    Or a hired gun, or a carpetbagger.

  7. Robbie 7

    He and his family will never want for anything! It doesn’t matter to him who will employ him or what boards he sits on…he has enough money property and shares to buy his way into anything. I sincerely hope that what goes around comes around and that applies to his other cronies as well!

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