Key’s Drunken Sailor

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Key no doubt thinks it’s very clever to call Phil Goff a “drunken sailor” in the debate, and then stage a “joke” where he bets on a horse called Drunken Sailor to come second in the Melboure Cup (second like Labour – geddit?).  Apparently:

He also put $10 on Niwot, saying he’s done his research and it looked like a good bet.

Nice to know that Key has time for important work like researching the form of the field.  A pity though, that he’s also somehow too busy for minor irrelevant details such as whether our super system is fair:

The Prime Minister said he has “too much on his plate” to act on recommendations to make the pension scheme fairer.

It’s all about priorities I guess.

41 comments on “Key’s Drunken Sailor”

  1. goulscout 1

    I like how the right have gotten up in arms about calling John Key a liar (about not raising GST) but calling the leader of the opposition a drunken sailor is fine.

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      In Key’s world, “hav[ing] respect for the leader of the opposition” isn’t at odds with calling them a drunken sailor.

      • travellerev 1.1.1

        Or threaten them with throat slashing gestures!

        • mike

          Key said “I’ve never called Phil Goff a liar”. Tragic defence. He’s really saying ‘I have never had any reason to call Phil Goff a liar’, whereas Phil has video proof to back up his change. Go Phil!

          • In Vino Veritas

            Mike, you are not very well read if you can’t, off the top of your head, remember any of Phil Goff’s lies. Try for eg: “I was never briefed” regarding the Israeli “spy” issue.

            • thejackal

              A quickly written and barely discernible note and one mans word against another does not make a liar. I really do hope none of you RWNJ’s are called up for Jury Service, being that your faculties are so lazy.

              Unfortunately the Ombudsman and the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security are unwilling to investigate the matter of Warren Tucker and John Key releasing previously classified information to Cameron Slater in an attempt to discredit the leader of the opposition.

              Phil Goff has been consistent and it appears that the bureaucracy has closed ranks and chosen to not uphold the law in order to protect John Key. Despite Phil Goff’s request for full disclosure, none of those responsible for ensuring the highest accountability is upheld. They’ve totally failed to adhere to their mandates.

              “Rather than the selective release of information, I call on the SIS and John Key to release all the documentation they have about the investigation into the Israelis and give a full and frank account of what happened to New Zealanders,” Phil Goff said.

              I very much doubt he would make such a request if there was any truth to the claims of Warren Tucker and Cameron Slater. Such a blatant attempt to discredit Phil Goff certainly gives perspective to the RWNJ’s recent unfounded claims that he’s a mudslinger and John Key is beyond reproach.

              You can read more about how I have attempted to get to the truth of the matter here.

    • Marjorie Dawe 1.2

      John Key didnt seem to respect the office of Prime Minister when Helen Clark was there. Besides that he cant hide behind an office when he is a liar.

  2. One Anonymous Bloke 2

    He might as well have put money on a horse called Rena at this point. The more things he does the more he looks like a Commie mole 🙂

  3. vto 3

    The funniest joke is that his jokes aren’t even funny.

  4. Carol 4

    Niwot? Drunken Sailor? What a loser!

  5. DS 5

    Maybe he’s going for the try-hard vote by being the best try-hard he can?

  6. Morrissey 6

    Key has a nerve calling anyone “drunken”. Who can forget the inebriated state he was in when he made his boorish opening speech at the World Cup?

  7. WARP5 7

    26th of November is not far away.

    Then guess what…. 3 more years 😉

  8. I see Key’s bet on Drunken Sailor lost to Red Cadeaux [Gift]!
    Portentious much?

  9. Rusty Shackleford 9

    Ha, that is kind of funny. I bet you lot would be scoffing if it were the other way around.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 9.1

      Come into the house of mystery Rusty, where I can show you the ancient tools of socialist prediction and pinko commie economic theory, that even works and actually makes testable predictions that match real world results. And then I’ll let you sacrifice a chicken.

  10. joe90 10

    Had a couple of dollars each way on Dunaden, you beauty !.

  11. Sacrificial_Chicken 11

    Aah, you are being too hard on the guy.

    Who in his right mind would want to be PM in these times .. ?

    [Flying feathers .. ]

    • Terry 11.1

      You are admitting that the P.M. is NOT in his “right mind”? Many a smiling face hides a nasty character.

    • mik e 11.2

      SC excuseKEY excusesKEY Can blame it on everyone else now his chooks have come home to roost . poetic justice aye headless one.Poultry excuse,PrimodonnaKEY takes all the limelight.Doesn’t have any answers to fix the mess he’s run up in three short years

      [lprent: groan: such puny attempts call out for enforced contemplation time. ]

  12. Tombstone 13

    neither horse came in – what a tosser! I said to my missus wouldn’t it be funny if Drunken Sailor came in first given that Key thought it would be a sign if it came in second. The guy is an idiot.

  13. Craig Glen Eden 14

    Key is clearly scared and it is becoming obvious the Tories smile and wave make believe world is paper thin Key has been nicely protected by a willing MSM. Lets see how it goes at some public meetings when they National are confronted with some truth, calling them on their lies is just what is needed.

    • mik e 14.1

      his lead in the polls is not that great given that there is still 20% undecided voters
      53% of 80%
      equals only 42.4% of 100%
      a long way from vicTory

  14. Irascible 15

    After campaigning for the hobbit vote in a fictional world Key is desperately trying to market himself as the “blokes bloke” by annoucing that he gambles on the gee-gees when all along he is just confirming his plonkerdom.

  15. Daveski 16

    Ye gods, peeps. Loosen up (or if you want to run with the first of many potential racing puns, Better Loosen Up).

    Key backed a horse in the Melbourne Cup. I’m sure that Saint Helen attended race meetings (I know because I bumped into her at the Great Northern Carnival one year deputising for the Minister of Racing). I’m sure that there would have even been a photo op for the prime minister’s punt.

    But look at the omens!!! Red Cadeaux. Beaten in a photo finish. Has Goff got a Kiwi-like performance in him??

    • the sprout 16.1

      Red Cadeaux. Beaten in a photo finish

      the thing is, given National’s lack of partner options, if they only beat Labour by a photo finish then there will be a change of government

      • Daveski 16.1.1

        Good point. However, I continue to point out that the focus of so many on the left is on the trivial and the pointless. Yes the media does ask trivial pointless questions of the PM but I’m sure Key is not the first and last PM to take a punt on the Melbourne Cup. It’s like the ridiculous reaction to the Mad Butcher and again some on the left getting precious for the wrong reasons.

        If this was a horse race, it would be poorly rated R70 race. The two top weights have been around a few time, neither are showing they are racing at the top of their game. One in particular could do with a new jockey or trainer 😉

        The lightweight chances are at long odds to win but could pop up in the multis and spice things up.

        I suspect this is more of a jumping race than a flat race too – there are plenty of hurdles to jump and the potential for one or more to fall at any time.

        And yes Sprout, if there is a photo finish, the left will win. However, they don’t pay out on races the first time past the finishing post in a stayers race.

  16. In Vino Veritas 17

    Hmm, maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t Key say Goff and Labour “would spend like drunken sailors”? I’m not sure I heard him call Goff a drunken sailor.

    • thejackal 17.1

      Shonkey actually said Phil Goff WAS spending like a drunken sailor… making me wonder if he’s aware that Labour hasn’t won the election yet. Interestingly that some of the media called Phil Goff the Prime Minister after the debate… maybe they aren’t aware either 🙂

  17. Oracle 18

    Might Key’s use of ‘drunken sailor’ been a reference to himself at the Rugby World Cup opening?

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