Key’s fantasy?

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Bonus question for a week’s supply of kudos: what is the link between a Roman official’s ceremonial bodyguards, like the ones in front of the emperor in the picture, and a major 20th century political ideology? And why?

19 comments on “Key’s fantasy?”

  1. spot 1

    Fasces lictoriae….

  2. Gosman 2

    Godwin’s law much?

    • felix 2.1

      You still don’t really understand what Godwin’s Law is, do you?

      • Gosman 2.1.1

        It’s about how fast a internet discussion thread about a reasonably controversial subject degenerates in someone comparing somebody or something to the Nazi’s. This one just jumped right into the Fascism stage.

        • felix

          Not really.

          It states that the likelyhood of such a comparison increases with the length of the discussion.

          • Gosman

            Semantics Felix. I stated pretty much the same thing but if you want to be a prick go ahead and be my guest.

            • the sprout

              comparing somebody or something to the Nazi’s

              comparing somebody or something to the Nazi’s what?

    • Blighty 2.2

      fuck you’re stupid.

      1) the question is just about the link between the symbol of Roman officials’ power, the fasces, and the name of an ideology, fascism.

      2)It doesn’t imply that Key is a fascist just that, like Roman leaders, he likes the powerful symbolising entourage.

      3) Big H wasn’t the only fascist ruler.

      • Luxated 2.2.1

        Indeed it was Mussolini who used the Fasces most notably in recent history.

        Curiously the US seems quite fond of the symbol with it appearing on many national insignias there. So according to Gosman the US is Nazi Germany/Fascist Italy? Can’t say I’d go that far personally…

  3. Mac1 3

    The DPS and John Key?

    Why? Well, there are a bunch of fellers out front saying how important the guy on the horse is, and how they help his feelings of insecurity and …… oh, bugger, not a minor 21st century political idiot, Sorry!

    I like the story of the fasces and how they demonstrate the idea of unity- something the political left needs to address in New Zealand in terms of cohesion and developing unionism as an industrial and political force again.

  4. GorjusGeorge 4

    The Fasces – bundles of sticks with an axe stuck in the middle – were symbols of office carried by Roman Lictors (ceremonial body guards) – and was the symbol of the Italian fascist party.

    • Blighty 4.1

      which is where the word comes from.

      on what Mac1 says about them symbolising unity – yup the bound rods do represent the combined power of the people – strength through unity.

      But it also represents the right of the magistrate (office holder) to use that power to impose discipline – the rods represented the right to judge people and impose punishment, when the axe was added – provincial governors, dictators and later emperors – it symbolised the right to impose capital punishment

  5. ianmac 5

    The boys feel comfortable wearing dresses but would act ruthlessly should anyone so much as smile.
    A modern PM is comfortable wearing nothing but a smile but will be vengeful on those who say he has no clothes.

  6. M 6

    Maybe Key has the entourage to protect him from all the women who just can’t resist throwing themselves at him, y’know like Liz or maybe his belt is unreliable and they are there to form a modesty shelter.

    Or perhaps it’s John’s triumphant entry into parliament after his anschluss with Brash.

  7. One hopes that no-one plans going out on March 15th (hat tip: J. Caesar)

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  8. Craig 9

    Hey, if you feel like adding my Proclamations of the Red Queen blog to your Left Blogs section, BTW, go right ahead:

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