Key’s hand-washing powers Phil

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I don’t know if the two are related but this is my theory du jour. John Key keeps washing his hands of both his own ministers and MPs and his coalition partners’ MPs. It seems like no misbehaviour, from rorts to racism can make a dent in Mr Easy Going.

Meanwhile, Phil Goff is having a power surge this morning. He was really good on Breakfast talking about Hone. Not shrill as he can sometimes be, nor pompous. He sounded like a real human being talking about somebody and something that’s pissed him off.

So keep it up, boys. I like the way this is heading.

30 comments on “Key’s hand-washing powers Phil”

  1. Pat 1

    It would help Phil if the 11% or so of Labour numptys who respond to Preferred Prime Minister polls with “Helen Clark” would stop living in denial.

    Once they do he will leap to at least 15%. Still not great, but it puts him in the two horse race.

  2. Herodotus 2

    How can he comment when one of his Mp’s (and I am sure Prasad told others within his causus) that what goes on tour stays on tour. Where is Phils & Johns condemenation on their Mps for assisting in yet another coverup of a rort?

    • gobsmacked 2.1

      Herodotus wins “desperate stretch of the day” award.

      Katrina Shanks should be hauled before the Privileges Committee. What did she know and when did she know it? We demand answers NOW.

      • Tigger 2.1.1

        I’d love to see Shanks hauled in front of something so she can prove she exists. She’s the Nat candidate in my electorate and apart from one pre-election pamphlet (that featured her with John Key) I’ve never heard nor seen her anywhere.

        • Jasper

          The same goes for Dunne. At least Chauvel is out and about.

          Irony = when the green party candidate splits the vote and Chauvel loses out on Ohariu, yet the Green candidate gets into Parliament…

    • Bright Red 2.2

      that’s a stretch herodotus. he can’t comment because some junior mp didn’t speak up earlier about the paris thing. weak, man, weak.

      Hey, there was a National MP on that trip too eh?

      you’re getting so far away from the issue you’ve lost all connection with it.

      • Herodotus 2.2.1

        My comments stated Phil & Johns Mp’s. I have covered nat & Lab how more encompassing could I have been?
        Or did you not think John was Mr Key?

        • The Voice of Reason

          The Standard had a post at the time potty mouth went to Paris (‘where’s Hone?’). The info didn’t come from nowhere, Hero, so it’s a pretty good bet somebody on that trip dropped a dime. Whether it was a Nat or Labour person doesn’t matter much to me and your argument is bogus to the max, dude.

          • Herodotus

            I am not omniscient so missed that one. Unlike some I can appol….oppp… say sorry/apologise.
            My comment (with limited info) was that to me there is a protection or no go towards The Moari party (also Greens) for either big party to review comments/actions made by these 2 parties. Almost like the Battle of Jutland. Let the big guns fire at each other, and the monnows get ignored, yet they possess greater power in some areas than what is warrented.

  3. Craig Glen Eden 3

    Nice work Mr Geoff, no spin say it how it is!

  4. Pat 4

    How come Goff’s maori pronounciation is worse than Key’s?

    “… Mr Harrar (rhymes with David Farrar) Wearer…”

  5. Bill 5

    Hone’s comments were clearly focusing on the ruling elite rather than all white people. What is the difference between that and commentators here (myself included) using terms like ‘white middle class wankers’? Am I racist for using the term ‘white middle class wankers’? If I am not, then why is Hone being branded as racist for using the term ‘white mf’s’? In both instances, the whiteness is an important factor in identifying or placing the dominant culture.

    See, if he had reversed the phrase and said mfucking whites….then, yup….racist because he would have been referring to all whites rather than referring to a subset of m.fuckers, ie white ruling elite m.fuckers

    He was being sexist. End.

    Meanwhile Goff is jumping on a particularly slimy band wagon. I’m not surprised and find it quite appropriate insofar as slimy situations might be said to attract slimy people. (Like attracts like) But is the man really so disingenuous as to believe his b/s comparing an imaginary utterance about brown m.fuckers coming from him being in the same league as what Hone said? What brown m.fuckers? There is no identifiable sub set so can only be taken as meaning that all brown people are m.fuckers….which is totally racist and totally different to what Hone’s targeted white m.fuckers outburst means.

  6. Daveo 6

    ‘Slimy’ – I think you’ve nailed it Bill.

    I find Goff’s crap about political correctness and his racist jibes with Paul Henry about our (white people’s) great works of art creepy. We don’t need this from the Labour Party. Goff is a constant disappointment.

  7. rocky 7

    I really don’t understand how you can think Goff didn’t come across as pompous in that interview. He’s lost any shred of support he might have had from me. I thought Clark’s comments about the hikoi being a bunch of haters and wreckers were, aside from language which Goff expressly said wasn’t the issue, much worse. Get some perspective.

  8. Tammy Gordon 8

    Well, Phil’s coming from a low base Rocky. I thought he sounded like a human. I’m not pretending I don’t get the politics going on here. Bottom line for me is Hone knew exactly what he was doing and how it was going to be picked up. He wanted this fight. So he’s got it.

    • i agree Hone knew what he was doing, but that doesn’t make Goff look any better for taking the bait. had he laughed it off he would have looked a much better man. instead he’s just milking the latent racism this petty crap has ‘inspired’.

      does Goff not have any better ideas to get the nation’s attention?

  9. Herodotus 9

    What concerns me is the effect Hone is having in the languauge on TV,Radio,here and many other places. Within a week how certain words have been freely expressed. I can only hope that this is a short lived thing otherwise we will become a lazy and foul mouthed country.

  10. Matt Andrews 10

    Bill – I find it strange that you can say” Hone’s comments were clearly focusing on the ruling elite rather than all white people”
    That’s not what he said and doesn’t seem to be what he means.

    Harawira’s comments were disgustingly racist. All NZers should join together in condemming these kinds of comments.

    Pakeha should rightly be ashamed of the horrors of colonization and the terrible injustices wrought against Maori.

    But to try to say that this in someway justfies the appalling comments from Harawira? No. Not good enough.

    Harawira’s comments are up there with Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers of Blood Speech
    Nasty, cynical and abhorent in a pluralistic society.

    We need to treat each other with respect. Part of this means we need to be honest about racism when we see it and condemn it regardless of where it comes from.

    There is no excuse for Hone Harawira’s comments and it saddens me greatly that people on the left seem to try to justify them.

    The socialist movement should stand up for the dignity of all human beings and reject the hate speech we’ve seen in the last 2 weeks from Harawira.

    • Bill 10.1

      Matt, rather than retype an entire comment, I’ll link you to the comment I made here on the ANGRY BLACKMAN thread and maybe your strangeness or puzzlement will disappear

  11. illuminatedtiger 11

    Don Brash, eat your heart out!

  12. mike 12

    I can’t get enough of Goff and Hone ripping into each other.

    It’s kinda like watching two inmates on death row having a knife fight – ones just going to bite the dust slightly earlier than the other..

  13. Insightful Tammy! However, with all due respect, you are not exactly non-bias in judging Goff. Let’s have a look at the next set of polls! 🙂

  14. Trader Jack 14

    I can’t see how you find this interview positive. As someone who’s consistently defended Goff, my esteem of him has dropped considerably after the way he’s handled this. It just seems like a very cynical manipulation no better than Harawira’s.

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