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Key’s ‘Honour’

Written By: - Date published: 11:59 am, September 30th, 2011 - 41 comments
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John Key says we must stay in Afghanistan to honour the dead, leaving us to wonder who’ll be the last to die for a mistake.

But he’s shown before that war is not about principles, or people’s lives to him – he’s quite happy to exchange (other people’s) blood for money:

It’s not what’s right, it’s what will get us an FTA with the USA.

41 comments on “Key’s ‘Honour’ ”

  1. Jum 1


    ‘The fact that the SAS trooper was killed while climbing a ladder to gain a better vantage point on the compound in which the raid was taking place shows that even such basic tasks, usually assigned to the most expendable soldiers of lower-rank, are having to be done by SAS troops. This demonstrates a lack of faith in the competence or reliability of the CRU personnel and the need for first-responder pro-action on the part of the SAS in such situations.’

  2. My level of despair and frustration reached new heights over the last 24 hours!

  3. That photo is from Iraq and a terrorist bombing.

    • Jum 3.1

      brett dale,

      you don’t get it do you.

      ‘such basic tasks, usually assigned to the most expendable soldiers of lower-rank’

      I’m sure Key would love the parents of our soldiers (they aren’t all SAS) to understand that their sons and daughters are expendable, lower rank.

      Now he has put the SAS crack troops into that expendable range.

      I must say, at least he’s treating all soldiers the same, with total disregard for their lives or their reasons for being in combat, not to mention the sheer futility of Afghanistan given its quicksand politics. I’m not sure that their families will think that equality at the bottom under Key is a plus.

      Get them out of stupid wars and increase their equality of worth.

      As for helping the women; that was a joke too. They’re worse off than they ever were.

      • Brett Dale 3.1.1

        Do you really think he is that heartless? Seriously? I didnt like Aunty Helen’s policies near the end, (I voted for Labour my whole life except for the last election) but I dont think she is heartless and didnt care if people got killed.

        A person like that would have to be clinically ill.

    • Bunji 3.2

      Did you watch the video? It and the post are also about Iraq & John Key’s stance.

      • Jum 3.2.1


        My previous comments can be applied to Iraq just as much as Afghanistan. That is also what Eddie was alluding to.

        The women in Iraq were once able to go unveiled. It is much nastier there now. The west always pretends to attack on behalf of women. That is always a lie.

        Soldiers are treated as expendable wherever they are; that is the important point. Key has demonstrated that the wishes of the Americans are paramount, in everything he has said.

    • Afewknowthetruth 3.3


      When you talk about terrorist bonbing in Iraq are you referring to the bombing of civilians by US/UK aircraft and missiles- the so-called ‘Shock and Awe’- that went on as a softening up process prior to the actual invasion of Iraq by the agents of Shell and BP? That terrorist action killed more civilians than we will ever know because, being ‘good Christians’, we didn’t bother to count civilian dead if they were ‘ragheads’. Indeed, I believe the same philosophy still applies. “We’ only count our dead and injured. Of course we ‘only’ killed about half a million Iraqi children by imposing sanction of Iraq for a decade. Nowhere near enough by some people’s book.

      What is particularly pertinent is that suicides amongst US serviemen now account for more deaths than active service. Hmm. Wonder why?

      Rob Newman – From Caliban To The Taliban 1/9 – YouTube

      25 Mar 2008 – 10 min – Uploaded by rebellionsucks
      Live performance by Robert Newman of his show “From Caliban To The Taliban – 500 Years Of Humanitarian Intervention”.

      • Vicky32 3.3.1

        That terrorist action killed more civilians than we will ever know because, being ‘good Christians’,

        As an aside, and I realise this isn’t your main point, but don’t blame we Christians for it all! There are millions of us who oppose these fascistic military madnesses… 🙂

  4. Steve Wrathall 4

    How often do we have to learn the lesson that those who give their own people no peace will give the world no peace? We can fight terrorists in the hills of Afghanistan with professional soldiers with the best weapons, or we can fight them in the aisles of passenger aircraft with fire extinguishers. You choose.

    • IrishBill 4.1

      You’re being ironic, right?

    • mik e 4.2

      Why don’t you volunteer to go over and sort them out SW there is no age limit in the defense force . But there is a physical health test which you might pass but mentally you would fail.Rednecks always have simple uncomplicated answers.But they always want some one else {Working class salt of the earth everyday people ]to fight their wars because in the end they are cowards.If you fail the Defense force test no doubt a Mercenary outfit will take you let me Know how you do!

    • Draco T Bastard 4.3

      No we won’t. If we leave them alone instead of always trying to invade them and stealing their resources chances are that they’ll leave us alone. Of course, the delusional western civilisation would collapse a little bit faster without those resources but, then, they aren’t ours so that’s not their problem.

    • Morrissey 4.4

      Steve Wrathall is more than just a tad confused….

      We can fight terrorists in the hills of Afghanistan

      “We” can fight terrorists? “We”?

      Could you supply us with the details of your latest deployment in the armed forces?

      After that, you can tell us why you’re parroting the poorly thought out speeches of John Key.

  5. You know, no matter how much you blow up that picture, its still from a terrorist bombing in Iraq, while Helen Clark was still prime minister.

    • IrishBill 5.1

      You know, no matter how many time you try and distract from the post it’s still audio of John Key making it very very clear he’s angry Helen Clark didn’t swap Kiwi blood for a free trade deal with the states.

      • HC 5.1.1

        Helen Clark and Phil Goff were though quite happy to sign a free trade deal with Mainland China, which occupies Tibet, Inner Mongolia, the Uigur territories and is run by a one party dictatorship suppressing free opinion, human rights, freedom of expression, the rule of law and many other things we still to a degree take for granted.

        NZ also signed away its own future by guaranteeing Mainland Chinese investors the same rights as local NZ investors, so that there is NO guarantee that any assets offered for sale here cannot be sold to any companies that are based in, run or owned by Mainland China!

        So instead of being so “smart”, perhaps get more honest about what was done. See the following link for details, and check who signed the deal for NZ!



        So ask yourselves, how much BLOOD was spilled to keep the CCP in power to run that country as it is? I would say, very, very much, but nobody cares to ask, think and bother.

        Blinkers are worn by many, and turncoat politicians now denying all responsibilities to have jumped on the bandwagon of Roger Douglas and other traitors should better be very mindful and careful.

        I know who voted against that agreement, and there are only two parties I can think of that took a clear stand! Good night dreamers!

        • Jum

          And John Key recently signed a deal with Julia Gillard to enable Australia to own even more of New Zealand – since we are not judging on whether they are Chinese or Australian or even that the Chinese are bad people to those under their umbrella and the Australians not looking after the Aboriginal people – your point is?

          • HC

            My point is hypocrisy and neglecting the true interest of NZers. That is not to be racist, because I have less objection to investment from friendly countries with at least a somewhat better human rights and democratic value background in Asia or anywhere else. Ultimately we are facing the challenge of traditional capitalist enterprises from certain “western countries” being replaced by a more nationalistic minded, self serving lot of enterprises from a country that has a very dim view of human rights, freedom of association, free speech, the rule of law, etc.. I know we have those very things under threat in NZ, and I am presently involved in a major legal challenge, but at least we still have some rights here, which I am very afraid of losing and giving away, merely for supposed “economic advantages”, fowl compromises and rotten deals.

          • HC

            Jum – it may interest you that I met a fair number of Chinese migrants (predominatly from Mainland China) who had a “very dim view” of Maori and Maori rights here. They also had a downputting view of Aboriginals. According to them this is dealing with “primitives”, and in Mainland China they would not even put up with Treaty of Waitangi claims, I was told. They often had little or no knowledge or interest in the Treaty of Waitangi and NZs history, but loved to rub in the dependence on “the Crown”, meaning the British Imperialists. So there is a view that some have, there are other views, but how does that fit in with human rights, equality, respect and sharing values?

            • Jum

              Yes HC,

              I well remember some Chinese businesswoman on television stating how lazy the New Zealanders were and not interested in making lots of money. We will see a lot more of that if we let go of what little sovereignty we have left.

              Please accept this Bomber dvd as a slight relief and not as some sort of sop to cheer you up; that is not what Bomber is about – but you will, I hope, still laugh out loud. It will make you stronger to fight for what you believe in, strange as that sounds! Bomber does motivate people.


              I hope you will laugh out loud as much as I did at the sheer cliff of problems New Zealand is facing. It will comfort you that there are many people, including me, out there that understand your disbelief, anger, discomfort and even sense of hopelessness, but you and they must work to stop anything worse from happening in New Zealand. People like you who really think and relate to what is happening will be needed here soon.

      • Brett Dale 5.1.2

        Irish Bill

        Its false to use that picture though oh and get the chip of your shoulder about the USA.

    • Zetetic 5.2

      Yeah, Brett. It is a photo from the war that Key wanted us involved in.

      If Key had his way, it might be a Kiwi soldier bleeding there.

      Or are you blaming Clark for the war?

  6. Jum 6

    IrishBill, very good point:

    ‘John Key making it very very clear he’s angry Helen Clark didn’t swap Kiwi blood for a free trade deal with the states.’

    Key is getting his revenge on us all now, except for the likes of Brett Dale, etc. that will gain from the bloodletting.

    • Jum:

      You do know im nor rich or wouldn’t even be considered middle class, not sure how i will benefit from what happens in any war overseas.

  7. HC 7

    We have been and are being lied to, day by day! That also happened under the previous government! I totally agree with Hager and Jon Stephenson that the SAS is much more involved in the actual fighting in Afghanistan than what the public gets told. This is nothing new, but under Key this has now become common practice. So we still have mainstream media NOT talk about it, deny it or simply distract from the truth. I do not like the photo shown at the headline for this thread, because it is not just the ISAF forces in Afghanistan committing acts of violence. There are regular suicide attacks by supposed Taleban and others, which rip people apart, kill and maim. So I do NOT share this glorified story of Taleban being “freedom fighters”. What disgusts me most though, is the lies we get told every day and week by the government, the media and bureaucrats in charge. NZ has one of the worst media in the world, it resembles almost that of a benign dictatorship, where you toe the line and rather report nice things like sport successes, than seriously inform, discuss and offer investigative journalism. This country is so screwed, I would rather pack up and leave tomorrow, had I the money to do so. Good luck everyone that bothers to stay in this backward, rugby obsessed, ignorant and backward place on this planet!

    • Jum 7.1


      This is your point? We already know that. Governments lie – they have feet of clay; we find the government we can stomach and sometimes even admire because most of what they do is genuine do-good stuff.

      It will generally be a left or a right government. To me the right is never right which only leaves the left. If the left lets us down when we have done so much to get it back into Government, then we join up the smaller parties of the left and strengthen those. What we have to do also is to stop Key’s backers from influencing the MMP vote.

      You want to leave New Zealand? Go where? You think elsewhere is better?! We’ve got more chance of changing our government for a better one than finding a better government in another country so stay and fight for that result, HC.

      • HC 7.1.1

        What has and continues to frustrate me is the indifference, slackness, poor level of informedness, the self obsessed attitude with what goes on around the smallish horizon here, there is no wide view, not much information, not even much interest, and worst of all, a total inundation with stupidifying, numbing commercialist consumerism, so that few even have basic knowledge and understanding about where their food, other products and services come from. It is a laissez fair, selfish, indifferent and over casualised attitude that abounds, and that is not promising for the survival of this society. It is simply too short sighted, blind, ignorant and indifferent, so let in overseas investors, buy all up and take over, that is how I see it. Those not happy rather jump on the next plane and fly to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to try a better life there. That is hardly “staunch”, patriotic or even promising for any country.

      • HC 7.1.2

        For me Europe has more to offer, despite of economic doom and gloom. That is where history will once again be lived and written about, not in a post colonial back stop called NZ – Aotearoa. We are going to face one of the most upsetting and revolutionary times in history, where the world economy will collapse. In NZ you can feed yourselves (those that can buy or get food subsidised), but there will be nothing much else happening. Europe and Asia will determine the future of humankind, one way or another, that is for sure. So it is best to be there, where it will all happen, rather than live on an extended farmyard run by Fonterra and a corrupt goverment, that charges people exorbitant consumer prices for food and sells everything to overseas investors wanting to make a nice profit.

  8. HC 8

    Yes, I still find the photo of the girl with the ripped off feet on top of the page revolting and totally inappropriate. I feel this goes much too far and is not justified, no matter how much I hate and object to John Key and his government. The SAS should not be there, but they are known to not act as ruthlessly and abominably as some of the US and other forces there. They are instructed to minimise civilian harm and deaths. That still does not justify them being there, but I feel I need to draws that line. Photos can be very emotional and also misleading. This is not right, Eddie. It is not John Key who is responsible for that fate of the girl in picture, although he has enough else to answer for. Do not get me wrong. I do NOT like Don Key, but be objective when reporting!

  9. Colonial Viper 9

    Apart from Brett Dale, who is thick as pig shit, the rest of the Righties have been well advised to stay clear of this blast zone. The PM is finally proven as a thoughtless, amoral bankster like the rest of his colleagues.

    • HC 9.1

      CV I totally agree with you on many things, but not on everything. This thread goes a bit beyond left and right arguments, so I made a statement i felt necessary. So this does not mean I condone what goes on. I gust wanted to state this!

    • Colonial Viper:

      Class all the way, I stand by what i have said at my posts over at the du and on several blogs thruout the years, I believe the usa going into Afghanistan, but was against the decision to go to Iraq.

      I also believe, that most people were against both wars, simply because it was the USA.

      I dont if you would of made a fuss if say a nation with a different ideology had of gone in.

      • Jum 9.2.1

        Piss off, Brett Dale. People are actually talking real pain here. You are just a Key-lightweight.

  10. Afewknowthetruth 10


    That is worth repeating:

    ‘What disgusts me most though, is the lies we get told every day and week by the government, the media and bureaucrats in charge. NZ has one of the worst media in the world, it resembles almost that of a benign dictatorship, where you toe the line and rather report nice things like sport successes, than seriously inform, discuss and offer investigative journalism. This country is so screwed,’

    The only problem with the next part:

    ‘I would rather pack up and leave tomorrow, had I the money to do so. Good luck everyone that bothers to stay in this backward, rugby obsessed, ignorant and backward place on this planet!’

    is that most of the western world is just as bad as NZ or worse.

    The banksters and the corporations have tightened their stranglehold on most societies. For instance, just look at the crud Americans are fed on a daily basis by their government and their media, as their society rapidly implodes. (nearly 1 in 6 Americans are now dependent on food stamps).

    Thank goodness for the Internet (though we don’t know how long that will be freely available: governments and corporations would love to censor it and control it)

    I’ve just watched Mike Rupperts 2011 speech in Portand:
    15 Sep 2011 – 78 min – Uploaded by collapsenet

    I don’t agree with everything he says but most of it is spot on. ‘Everything the government tells you is a lie’ (or is predicated on a lie).

    I have to agree.

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