Key’s lies on Police training

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Key and Collins say police training next year hasn’t been cancelled. They say fewer new cops are needed because fewer are leaving. All lies. The attrition rate is rising, not falling. There is 1 training wing booked next year, not 4. Cause is cuts. 5% nominal to the training college, 15% nominal to Police HQ. Meanwhile, Key is wasting Police time over the tea tapes.

8 comments on “Key’s lies on Police training”

  1. infused 1

    Quick Zetetic, post about the re-routing of the plane to pickup the PM! Don’t forget to add some spin and how Goff would never do that. Go!

    • bbfloyd 1.1

      infilled…you know it’s not hygenic to type with the same hand you work yourself into these unseemly frenzies with? don’t you?

      i hate to think you are simply exposing a childish nature to whoever is unlucky enough to notice you……

      you could counter it by writing something a grown up would write…

  2. dv 2

    Are you serious.
    Air NZ rerouted to pick up the PM
    Have you a source for that.

    • ianmac 2.1

      Nor is the fact that they could persuade Air NZ to divert the Nelson Auckland plane to call in at New Plymouth this morning around 8am, to pick up National Party staff, (and John Key?) Arrogant? Desperate? Risky?
      Air NZ say it happens that when one plane breaks down they divert another to adjust. But if Key can divert police to protect his rep, he can intimidate ANZ to prop up his team.

  3. deemac 3

    Every govt dept has an annual cuts target, for the Police it’s 5%.
    As 80% of their costs are personnel, this can only be met by having fewer police.
    Collins repeats the dishonest mantra that the Commissioner can avoid this by “managing resources” better.
    I can’t understand Labour has not made more of these across the board cuts – do they really think our public services are unpopular?

    • ghostwhowalksnz 3.1

      Its hard to pin down. Jobs arent abolished , they are just unfilled ( Rena disaster showed this up)

      Has shown up in the Police refusal to step in on the Occupy movement. Once they would have gone in at the drop of a hat but this time the expected legal battles and the payment of damages to protesters unlawfully detained has convinced them of the correctness of doing nothing

  4. John Dalley 4

    Front page of the Herald or Radio NZ.

  5. Well isnt it reasonable that the aspirationals who are pigging in the trough of windfall assets should want to keep the ‘outsiders’ out? Stealing land and sacking villages in the 1800s becomes stealing power stations and ghettoising the hoodies in jails or cemeteries.

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