Key’s secret emailer unmasked

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Key says an anonymous emailer told him that S&P said a Labour Government would make a downgrade more likely (more likely than ‘actually, already happened?’). S&P categorically denies saying any such thing. We can now reveal the identity of the anonymous emailer.

As well as being a reliable source on the made-up opinions of credit rating agencies, Moonbeam is also Key’s main economic adviser, now that Bill English is unavailable.

15 comments on “Key’s secret emailer unmasked”

  1. John Dalley 1


  2. freedom 2

    re the identity of the e-mail’s author

    “That attendee must have been either: 1. a fellow MP 2. a member of John’s or the Minister of Finance’s staff 3. a Treasury staff member, or 4. a Reserve Bank staff.

    I think we must assume that it wasn’t a member of the public (or the private sector) since S&P do not invite guests to their meetings with Government officials.

    That said, what is a supposed non-political public servant doing sending personal political emails to the Prime Minister? Hardly upholding the State Service Commission’s Code of Conduct for State Servants! Will Iain Rennie, the State Services Commissioner, therefore be seeking further information from Mr Key as to this unnamed person’s identity?”

    I stole all of the above from the DomPost Stuff comments

    Just because Key won’t tell us surely we have other means to deduce the identity. The attendees must be on record somewhere, if not why not? This is a meeting with S&P not DARPA. Those who are listed as attending are asked and whammo, the answers will be the breadcrumbs that lead out of Fumbling Forest. Those that cry ‘the public do not have a right to know’ should be asked to explain why not. Far too many of these meetings occur out of the public eye. More transparency may just be the silver lining to these gathering storm clouds.

    • Deadly_NZ 2.1

      Or, as a lot of us think, it’s a figment of his imagination.

      • freedom 2.1.1

        publishing who was there would lead to a flood of denials that would expose the lie once and for all. the mystery roundabout we are on will not have a conclusion, it will only fade into the memory hole. The PM lied to the House, knowingly and emphatically, and then attempted to cover it up.

        Yes there is a lot going on , and people should concentrate on more important immediate problems, not spend all this time dragging up the past ( even though the past is mere days ago)

        which is exactly what Shonkey is counting on

    • fmacskasy 2.2

      “1. a fellow MP 2. a member of John’s or the Minister of Finance’s staff 3. a Treasury staff member, or 4. a Reserve Bank staff.”

      My money is on #1 “a fellow MP”. I doubt if it was a staffer – employees can “blow the whistle” if they develop a grudge against their employer.

      So the author would have to be 100% trusted and be in a position to lose as much as Dear eader, should the truth ever come out. (By comparison, disgruntled or sacked staff have usually very little to lose.)

      So my guess; a senior Cabinet minister.

      Or Moonbeam.

      Same diff.

  3. James Rawiri Meager 3

    Why the use of the Gareth Hughes protest incident to try and make your point?

  4. Did Key really say that the emailer was anonymous? When the story broke I thought I heard Key say that he did not doubt the emailer. I took this to mean that Key knows the person (emailer) well enough for what the person said to be credible.

    • RJL 4.1

      Anonymous in the sense that Key won’t tell the general public who it was.

      There is no doubt that Key knows who Moonbeam is.

  5. fender 5

    Breaking news: Moonbeam has just been announced as the new leader for the Nats, pivotal to this decision was moonbeams ability to lie without looking like the cat who stole the cream.

  6. Moonbeam! Don’t look at us with those Uber Cute kittycat eyes!! We know you wrote that email!!

    Awwww… cute little kitty… we can’t stay mad at you for long. 🙂

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