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Labour campaign launch this Sunday (Auckland)

Written By: - Date published: 1:00 pm, August 5th, 2014 - 56 comments
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David Cunliffe is officially launching Labour’s campaign in Auckland this Sunday and you’re all invited.

It’s at the Viaduct Events Center in Auckland and kicks off at 1:30 PM on Sunday the 10th.

If you weren’t able to be there for his spectacular speech to Congress in Wellington here’s your chance to be a part of political history!

Click here to reserve your seat.

56 comments on “Labour campaign launch this Sunday (Auckland) ”

  1. mickysavage 1

    Anyone wanting a lift from out West Auckland we are running a carpool from the campaign office, 10 Totata Ave, New Lynn.

    • indiana 1.1

      What happened to the good old days when you could bring bus loads of people in…

  2. Tombstone 2

    Does National have any policies at all? I’m hearing a lot of really good policies coming from Labour and even the Greens but all I hear from National is the same old bullshit – roads and brighter fucking future! I’m starting to feel more and more confident by the day that Labour can take this election and that National have really started to look increasingly more incompetent and quite frankly full of shit – of which they are of course. And no that confidence hasn’t come the last poll either although it was certainly a good shot in the arm that’s for sure. It’s come from what I’m hearing on the street, in the stores, reading online and in the many many discussions I have weekly with people who quite frankly are fed up with the lies and Key’s fucking ego. I can sense change is coming and I’ve got my local MP coming over and have invited them to place a hoarding in front of my house – happy to back Labour all the way on this. Time for Key to go. Time to take NZ back for the people!

    • infused 2.1

      The debates will decide it. mark my words.

      • Draco T Bastard 2.1.1

        National is going to have difficulty debating anything when they don’t have any policies.

        • AmaKiwi

          It depends on whether we have genuine debates (each speaker gets equal uninterrupted time to address the same question) or another bully boy session with Key constantly interrupting Cunliffe.

        • Clemgeopin

          They DO have an important policy as revealed today and it is that ‘Key will NOT debate the other candidates in his electorates!’ but is ‘comfortable’ with giving a speech or answering patsy questions pre-submitted before the Helensville meeting! How stupid and cowardly is that!! He might as well stay on a golf course in Hawaii or somewhere!

          He should be DEMANDING a debate against the electorate candidates that are challenging his position there, unless he is just scared for some reason!

      • fisiani 2.1.2

        Infused. You are right. However it will be the same debate winner as the last two campaigns.

        • tricledrown

          yeah right fishy business national only won the last election by 10,000 votes this time you may not be so lucky!
          thats not many votes National have cut a lot of services ie hospital services research funding road funding health and safety primary healthcare physio costs more now rugby players won’t like that education outcomes have declined across the board now even federated farmers are not happy with national selling valuable farm and conservation land dirty rivers where rural children used for recreation are an every day reminder of nationals lack of action on pollution.
          now commodity prices falling rapidly this is all going to hurt National!

          • Clemgeopin

            Not forgetting the stupid Asset Sales to help their wealthy mates here and abroad…..And……Wholesale cyber spying and collection of information on everyone and everything! Bugger that! GCSB and our other spy outfits need a thorough review and change.

    • poem 2.2

      +1000 Tombstone !!

    • lebleaux 2.3

      I dont understand the logic of your statement. Labour can not ‘take’ the election, All Labour can hope to do is to become the biggest looser. Only National is, perhaps, in a position to ‘take’ the election. It is a crazy scheme we operate when 70% of NZ dont want Labour, 80% dont want the Greens and 95%+ dont want the rest, but in fact, we might get them all.

      • Clemgeopin 2.3.1

        looser? What do they have to loosen? Obviously not your brain because it already seems to be a bit loose.

        But for your education, in reality, the trend is more like 45% (and falling) don’t want the RWN jobs in charge any more. while 55% (and rising) want the progressive parties to take back the country from getting further sold out to shadowy crooked interests living here and in foreign countries.

        • lebleaux

          Ah … the ol’ typo strikes again. I bow to your superiority in all things literary and linguistic. Progressive Parties ….. hmmm ….. I did not realise that Jim Anderton still had reach, let alone some kind of unbrella holding over all the left leaning organisations. Still … cant argue with your logic – if you want to be progressive, Anderton is the place to go. Good luck with that.

          • Clemgeopin

            You go crawl back under the RW ‘unbrella’ bro and try and get a bit more ‘looser’ matey.

          • lebleaux

            On second thoughts … my typo is a winner. The definition of ‘looser’ is ‘not firmly or tightly fixed in place; detached or able to be detached’. This is a very good description of David Cunliffe’s position in the Labour Party now and and even better description of what his position will be if, post election, through no fault of his own, he finds himself in charge of a Labour lead government. A looser loser he will certainly be.

            Sorry about the ‘unbrella’, that was unforgivable.

  3. Looking forward to the campaign and the debates. I’m sure DC will do those in the party who are solidly behind him proud.

    Thanks the stars DS is gone, what a mumblefuk clusterfuk that would have been.

  4. TheContrarian 4

    Hope they can get more than 12 people this time :-p

  5. Ad 5

    David Cunliffe will knock it out of the park.

    I am liking the volume of fear from the right commentators.

    Once more into the breach, my friends.

    • Rob 5.1

      Yes he will probably “knock it out of the park” for this audience, and then promptly put it back in the park for the next.

      • Ad 5.1.1

        Come along and find out.

        • phillip ure

          last time..in west ak..i went..

          ..i read the transcript of the speech he was to give..

          ..and was underwhelmed..so i walked off and left them to it..

          ..will this one be any different..?

          ..i dunno why labour don’t ditch that name..and campaign honestly on what they are..

          ..a centrist-party…

          ..they are what dunne tried so hard to be..during his worm-period..

          • The Al1en

            Piss off thread derailer, this is about Labour’s campaign launch, not your anti Labour agenda.

            pu, vote positive.

          • Clemgeopin

            Phillip, Your thinking is so wrong! You seem to want Labour and every other progressive party to be similar to Mana. Just look where Mana is at! Struggling to get even a single electorate win, and party wise at about 2%….i.e, only about 2 people out of 100 people supporting it! Think a bit better dude. You want that sort of thing to happen Labour and to every progressive party too?

            • phillip ure

              “..You seem to want Labour and every other progressive party to be similar to Mana. .”

              ..in policy-matters..yes…

              ..care to tell me which mana policies you object to..?

              ..and as for yr numbers..?..election nite will be a shock for you..

              ..and what you are now saying about mana..was said about the greens..

              ..and before them said about the labour party/movement..

              ..you may be quite ‘relaxed’ about a continuing of the neo-lib status quo..

              ..i ain’t..

              • Clemgeopin

                I LIKE Mana policies. It is not about ME, mate! It is about getting 51% of the vote to be ABLE to implement lots of different progressive policies!

                • and if mana get near what many think..just shy of 10%..

                  ..and the greens get 12-14%..?

                  ..u do the math..

                  ..and/but u wd rather have faith/trust in winston peters not to do the dirty on you..?

                  ..good luck with that..eh..?..

                  ..hope you’ve got all yr fingers/toes crossed for that one..)

                  (i cd ask u ‘why?’..but you seem to so so believe..i’d feel churlish..)

                  ..hope..for all our sakes..u/we don’t end up crying before bedtime..eh..?

                  • Clemgeopin

                    Jeez!…You did not even understand or try to understand what I wrote!
                    Don’t worry. All good!

                    • i totally ‘understood’ what u wrote..

                      ..what don’t you understand about that math..?

                      ..and on what grounds do you have such blind faith in peters..?

                      ..to do the ‘right’ thing..?

                      ..(see what i did there..?..)

    • Clemgeopin 5.2

      Don’t be too over confidant. It ain’t over until the smiling assassin
      cries on Sept 20!

  6. Puckish Rogue 6

    Yes the right fear Cunliffe, the fear is that cunliffe will remove his foot from his mouth for 5 minutes during the campaign 🙂

    • Rodel 6.1

      PR-wow! We’re so impressed!
      I used to vote Labour but I’m so impressed with your deep intellectual ‘centre right’ debating skills but now I think I’ll — oh why bother?..

    • Hanswurst 6.2

      If five minutes is all it takes for Cunliffe to annihilate the electoral prospects of the right, then you must indeed be shaking in your boots.

  7. Ad 7

    Puckish, I’ve got your ticket for the campaign event here with me.
    Meet us at the New Lynn headquarters and we’ll proceed from there.
    You and I already know how good Key is on a stage – unless you prefer terminal ignorance you now have the chance to find out live that actually, Cunliffe is even better.

    • Puckish Rogue 7.1

      As tempting as it is to go and listen to a Labour campaign launch I don’t think its worth the cost to travel up to Auckland

      • Clemgeopin 7.1.1

        Ask Banks to take you there on his helicopter. Banks says he is into public service. He is good like that.

    • AmaKiwi 7.2

      But Key says such insightful things: “Can’t recall”, “Don’t remember”, “I’m comfortable with that.”

      • dave 7.2.1

        fact of the matter is, well its like this ,this is important, no comment ,no i dont want discuss that ,and the labour party, those muppets over there

  8. philj 8

    Topics for the TV debstes?

    ” The importance of smiling and waving to the economic future of New Zealand”

    A Keys promise is a Claytons promise!
    Stand Up NZ.

  9. dave 9

    The act of being, and acting like a wanker.
    Also included, subtle wankerism. The variety of wankerism where people don’t understand that you’re being a total wanker and taking the piss out of them, until a little while after the said act of wankerism has been performed. a day in the life of john key

  10. RedBaronCV 10

    So tell me where exactly are the NACT meetings.
    I can see labour and the greens and manaip and winston travelling the country meeting the troops. Are NACT going to front up in open meetings to any voters anywhere? Or are they too scared too since we seem to have reached the part of the electoral cycle where Nact ministers get chased from meetings by angry voters. Somehow it only seems to be NACt that provokes this response. I honestly don’t ever remember politicians from other parties having this problem.

    Are we going to have a campaign where no Nact candidate is going to be sighted anywhere?

    • Clemgeopin 10.1

      “We seem to have reached the part of the electoral cycle where Nact ministers get chased from meetings by angry voters’.

      That is interesting! I am sure Key is not ‘comfortable’ with that. Is he?

    • Clemgeopin 10.2

      I don’t know about other NACT candidates, but I read that during the last election, people DID sight Paul Goldsmith in the Epsom electorate at night at least, pulling his own hoardings out! What was that all about!

  11. trainman 11

    Sorry I cannot be there but I hope it goes well

  12. Sable 12

    Keen to hear what he has to say about the TPPA. Oh that’s right….nothing….

  13. alwyn 13

    What a dreadful photograph at the head of the article.
    He spent too long in The United States, and is getting delusions that he is Barack Obama with his bullet proof lectern to get down behind if shooting breaks out.
    A US President is, very sadly, a possible target David. You aren’t. Be grateful for it.

    • Clemgeopin 13.1

      How come you RWN jobs are getting more and more nutty?

      • Colonial Viper 13.1.1

        Do these idiot wing nuts even realise that John Key is the one who spent most of his career in the USA?

        • Clemgeopin

          Gambling away foreign exchange currency, without even having the time to go to the toilet as I remember watching a video about his corporate life.!

        • alwyn

          Really? Please enlighten me as to your evidence for this claim.
          Key worked for a US based company from 1995 to 2001, originally in Singapore and then in London. He would certainly have travelled to New York a lot but he didn’t ” spent most of his career in the USA”.
          You mean David Cunliffe don’t you? He would have spent more time in the US working than Key did.

    • felix 13.2

      How dare he use a lectern, the uppity bastard.

      Wish he was more down-to-earth. You know, like John Keys who refuses to debate with opponents and threatens to have them thrown out if they mention his name.

      • Kiwiri 13.2.1

        John Key and the NACT politicians are not fronting up for the public debates, and may only turn up if protected by the speaker or host.

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