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Labour Opening Address

Written By: - Date published: 8:16 pm, October 28th, 2011 - 246 comments
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Amazing. Brilliant. I’ve seen a lot of political television, and that would have to be the best piece of contemporary political television by a political party I can remember. Could not have been better.

National utterly trounced.

246 comments on “Labour Opening Address ”

  1. pete 1

    This is bad for Ph… wait a sec.

    • aerobubble 1.1

      Labour causes debt and spending, despite National inheriting no debt and balance budgets.
      Key also promises if we vote Labour the economy will slow down, like he hasn’t
      already done that himself and plans more austerity to strangle the economy further.
      Everyone knows if you take money off consumers and give it to the top
      tier of tax payers then the economy slows!!!
      But wait the lies just get worse!
      Key claims to be competent. By what standard? Libya, Haiti????
      We have never had such high commodity prices, our nation should be
      Key will not call the problem out, private debt caused by the lack of
      a capital gains tax fueling demand for borrowing, causing the risk
      premium. Its ludicrious that National believe its doing us a favor
      attracting foreign investors at staggeringly easy terms. They
      have to pay capital gain in other mature countries, like the UK, OZ, US.
      National claims that with a CGT we’re we worse off, no we won’t,
      National rich mates will have to learn to manage the economy and
      businesses right, to serve NZ National interests and voters needs
      rather than themselves.
      The big lie, that markets will look after us, no, charity starts at
      home, and the markets charity goes primaryily to itself as it
      has no nation, no family, no community, nobody but shareholders.
      For fk sake why can National just lie and lie???

  2. aj 2

    I’m biased, but yes I agree. The contrast against ‘smile and wave’ was never so clear.

  3. Sunny 3

    At LAST!! At long bloody last Labour gets the trifecta…heart brain and back bone.

  4. Carol 4

    Very good, but also a very Pakeha focus. Already the Greens opener is looking much more culturally inclusive.

    • just saying 4.1

      That was my only gripe really. I don’t understand it – maybe pandering to the rednecks. Maybe this will be redressed in future ads.
      The contrast with national was stark. Finally Labour has stopped reacting to National and started setting the agenda. Really glad to see that labour doesn’t seem to be kow-towing to National dog-whistles. I’ll be interested to see Labour’s response to the upcoming benebashing
      This will be an interesting election

      edit- Credit where due – Goff came across well. First time I’ve seen that.

      • Bella 4.1.1

        Not sure why you feel it was too Pakeha. Kelvin and Carmel were both great, and as far as I can tell, not Pakeha!

        • Lanthanide

          I think the history segment was very Pakeha without any mention of other cultures at all.

          • Ianupnorth

            Jacinda talking about growing up in Murupara and how it has been allowed to spiral into oblivion would, IMHO, strike a chord with people living in similar places.

        • Carol

          Yes, I thought that was good, but, overall in the vid, the cultures of Carmel and Kelvin were marginalised.

          I did like the focus on the socioeconomic inequalities, and the personalisation of the Labour MPs awareness of the struggles of people on low incomes.

  5. DJL 5

    Really Great. I was always going to vote Labour( always have ). But now I’ll do it proudly.

  6. lefty 6

    My gut reaction to party political broadcasts in one word each.
    National = disgusting
    Labour = brilliant
    Greens = phoney

    • agreed, i thought the Greens’ ad looked contrived, insincere and boring

      • mickysavage 6.1.1

        It was sincere but looked like an enthusiastic Green member with a camera did a bit of filming.

        Labour had the benefit of love of a labour of love from a very talented film maker.  I could not fault the potted history.  Even the comments about the fourth Labour Government were appropriate.

        • Colonial Viper

          the near fist fight was so representative of the mood in the party…

          • mickysavage

            Yep.  Those were the days …

            Actually I thought that the 4th labour government segment was handled really well in the film.  In about 30 seconds they acknowledged Douglas (the bastard) and his movement to ACT, the major split in the party, recognized that activists were punching mad and acknowledged that Lange declared New Zealand Nuclear free.  I thought given the time constraint this part was very well weighted. 

            • Peak Oil is Near

              I had to go to the toilet in the middle of it, but I missed the bit where they talked about in Labour’s glorious history how Phil was a big supporter of Roger Douglas and he was a big cheerleader for state asset sales and introduced student fees. How did that part look to you micky? Oh and how come they had to go into the bush to find David Cunliffe? Why was he hiding there? Couldn’t they have got that beautiful backdrop of the Waitemata behind him from his multimillion dollar mansion in Herne Bay? Lots of shots of mining, too. Is Labour really pro-mining again?

              • RedLogix

                Oh and how come they had to go into the bush to find David Cunliffe?

                As a passionate tramper it worked for me buddy. Lot’s of New Zealanders, trampers, hunters, mountaineers, anglers and skiers who are very, very attached to our unique and special outdoors heritage.

                • Peak oil is near you are obviously a troll with an environmental name but running RWNJ attack lines.  David is mainly responsible for the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Act which provides protection for the Ranges.  A bush walk is well deserved. 

              • Lanthanide

                You’ll notice that Labour politicians aren’t afraid to get out into the country and community.

                John Key just hides away in a “town hall” somewhere and the rest don’t peek their head above the parapats for fear of scaring the “punters out there in punter-land”.

                • rosy

                  “You’ll notice that Labour politicians aren’t afraid to get out into the country and community.”
                  Yes, that’s because they live in the country and the community… I’ve just watched it, and to me that seems a very clear message.

                  • Peak Oil is Near

                    Oh really? Except for David Cunliffe who lives in millionaire row in Herne Bay. And Phil Goff who couldn’t find a spot that suited him in Mt Roskill, so he shifted to Clevedon.

                    And why is Jacinda talking about Murupara the whole time? I thought she was standing in Auckland Central?

                    • Troll troll troll troll …

                      If you cannot fault the message, attack the messenger … 

                    • rosy

                      The thing is I don’t have a problem with success – however one might define it. I do have a problem when the ladder that was climbed is pulled up. I also respect people who remember where they came from, and remember those who still live there.

                      And who knows? Phil may have it right, given an uncertain future, by choosing a bit of land that is not available in Mt Roskill.

                    • Peak Oil is Near

                      I had to laugh when Cunliffe started attacking the rich making money off the poor though. It just seemed not very authentic from somebody with oodles of money who’s been on the public tit almost all his working life.

                    • Ianupnorth

                      You mus have missed the bit where she told you she was raised in Murupara at a time when forestry was king and people actually had jobs – do keep up saddo!

                    • POIN

                      David worked for Boston Consultancy before he became an MP and was on about three times what he earns now.  Good attempted smear, shame about the reality. 

                    • mik e

                      Whale oil is near pathetic political diatribe

              • McFlock

                Meh – 2/10. Bit of a green angle, but given that they did actually mention Douglas head on your biggest gun was spiked from the get-go. 
                In order: 
                Oh and how come they had to go into the bush to find David Cunliffe?
                They were trying to point out that under Labour NZ will still have bush that hasn’t been strip-mined,
                Why was he hiding there?
                only a tory or a stoner would think “hiding” involves a camera crew,
                Couldn’t they have got that beautiful backdrop of the Waitemata behind him from his multimillion dollar mansion in Herne Bay? 
                not guaranteed – it might have been covered in oil when the film crew turned up,
                Lots of shots of mining, too. Is Labour really pro-mining again?
                Well, pro-mine safety, anyway. But still no mining on schedule 4 conservation land.

            • Lanthanide

              I was so so glad they said “New Zealand Nuclear Free” and left it at that.

              The little clip of Lange saying “I can smell the uranium on your breath!” is SO overplayed. Objectively, it doesn’t even make sense and isn’t that clever or funny.

          • the sprout

            it was clever to have included the scene.
            one of many

      • Ari 6.1.2

        I’m not sure about insincere, but it certainly didn’t punch as much as Labour’s.

      • Carol 6.1.3

        I thought it was sincere, not as slick as Labour’s vid, but largely I think the phoney/contrived element was due to Russel’s awkwardness and wooden delivery.

        I liked the general themes and issues addressed in the Greens’ vid.

  7. gobsmacked 7

    I’d give Labour a solid 7/10. From a general viewer’s perspective, it was watchable, and no obvious toe-curling moments.

    But then again, after National’s mind-numbingly bad opener, anything would have looked good.

    To those who dismiss this as predictable partisan hackery, I’d just point out that the VRWC have produced some brilliant ads over the years. Thatcher and Reagan were evil, but their ad people were evil genius. John Ansell is a local example.

    National’s ad tonight must be the most forgettable political ad since … um, I forget. Why did they bother?

  8. Jared 8

    Phil claims that people that speculate on property transactions are not taxed, this could not be further from the truth. It is clearly taxed under the ITA

    • ed 8.1

      Where in the ITA? Don’t make statements without giving reference to specifics otherwise we will think you are a lying Nat party troll!

      • Jared 8.1.1

        CB6-CB23, there are a number of exclusions, however, if you are in the business of speculating in property (this is determined through time, intent, and purpose) then it is deemed taxable income.

        • Colonial Viper

          Which is why plenty of property speculators and house flippers go (successfully) out of their way to not be caught under those provisions.

          • Jared

            If you understood the Land provisions under the ITA you would know that it is nigh on impossible to get around CB6-CB23 unless you can successfully prove you aren’t in the business of selling land. Specifically CB6 which is a catch all for everything else assuming intent and purpose can be fulfilled (which actually has a low standard of proof). Put simply, Labour are scaremongering. There is already an effective CGT on land.

  9. PS 9

    Thank you Labour…amazing, wonderful, the truth…yes, yes, yes! The first time I have commented on Standard for fear of my job….but I don’t care anymore…thank you, it’s about fairness…what Labour has always campaigned for. Love you x

    [lprent: Don’t. Just avoid logging in from whatever hell hole you are working in. Log on from home. Read our privacy statement from the policy, and be assured that we (and particularly I) will take whatever action is required against the likes of Key, Slater, the fuckwits from operation 8, or the NZ Herald who attempt to subvert our democracy. They can jerk off all that they like, but the site will disappear into backups before they can find out who writes here. ]

    • r0b 9.1

      Good on ya PS, and welcome.

    • RedLogix 9.2

      The first time I have commented on Standard for fear of my job

      Welcome aboard. And I’m saddened to read that in this day and age people still feel they cannot express themselves politically without risking retribution.

      • fabregas4 9.2.1

        Just about every Principal in NZ is feeling this right now.

      • PS 9.2.2

        A turning point…a standout performance! And thank you for the welcome rOb and RedLogix….I expect those, like me, who are worried about who they work for, are now comforted by the fact that with that broadcast and the others that will sure to follow, that there will be a change…and for me and my colleagues that cannot come quick enough.

      • higherstandard 9.2.3

        Have chat to Peter Leitch.

    • Lanthanide 9.3

      I don’t think you should worry about posting here because of your job. The admin will not give out your email address or IP address unless forced to by a court. There are strict privacy guidelines in operation on this site.

      [Good point Lanth… I should have emphasised this sooner. The legitimate concern expressed by PS is one of the reasons why this site has always maintained a strict privacy policy. Your email and real identity will be actively protected by the site administrator and moderators to the fullest of our ability. We immediately delete any attempt at ‘outing’ a poster that speculates on their real life identity, and usually ban the offender permanently. This is one area of site administration where we never compromise…RL]

      Now if someone in your office saw The Standard on your screen, or a nosy network admin watched page requests, that’s another story.

      Actually walking around the office at work once I saw The Standard on another guy’s screen; funnily enough only a day or so after he had commented here with a username that immediately thought “I wonder if it’s him”. Hasn’t posted since (with the same name anyway), though. I wouldn’t be surprised if I weren’t the only person from my work visiting here often.

      [lprent: We won’t even then. There are exactly two people with database access. I am one and the other is not public. I have this unfortunate heart problem and an aversion to taking pills in custody. I am going to die sometime – what in the fuck are they going to do. They either have to tickle me to death or convince me that that it is worthwhile for society… Not that likely. ]

    • Deuto 9.4

      Hi PS

      Know how you feel. Took me a long time also for similar reasons and I believe there are many more like us out there. Although I have not got into any real discussions yet, I have had a real feeling of release since my first small attempts. So welcome from another newie!

      • PS 9.4.1

        Thanks Deuto

        Yes, an amazing feeling to be able to voice an opinion…one part of me has thought I CANNOT DO THIS – but hey, we can! Quietly excited, a change in government is in sight and it can’t come quick enough…three years has been a very long time.

  10. belladonna 10

    Labour has a heart again, yay. Great ad.

  11. Craig 11

    Anyone know where we can see these online?

  12. Bored 12


    Absolutely delighted, we have a battle, we own a winner. Fantastic, it took my breath away, the appeal to who we are, where we have been, to us, was emotional and real.

  13. Zola 13

    I cried! All those years in the wilderness and now Labour’s back. I’ve never commented here before but I want to be part of the celebration. Just wonderful.

  14. Draco T Bastard 14

    tweet from @caffeine_addict

    Opening TV broadcasts: Greens bit.ly/rLuRDk Labour bit.ly/uABeiA // National bit.ly/sNtNDv

    And it appears that the Greens stuffed up their upload.

  15. Pete 15

    I was so impressed I put my money where my mouth is and joined the party.

  16. Olwyn 16

    The Labour opening address was just brilliant, and presented with great conviction. And a group of people, each connected with an actual place, each concerned with justice, and all on the same page, certainly trumps fabricated “star” qualities.

    Key (like television) is not very good at gravitas, and anything less than an attempt at gravitas would look disrespectful this election. It was easier for him last election, when big smile + lavender tie + blue background could seem to be saying something.

    • Yep Jacinda Ardern I thought was particularly staunch.  Her visit to her old neighborhood and the realization that politics played a part in what happened and is so vital was really strong.

  17. Lazy Susan 17

    Well done Labour what a brilliant opening – really could not fault it – beautifuly constructed, honest and moving.

    As for National seems they couldn’t find a decent idea or editor – appalling. They really are a one trick pony and that pony looked real lame tonight.

    • RedLogix 17.1

      hey really are a one trick pony and that pony looked real lame tonight.

      Key was always going to be over-exposed at some point.

  18. McFlock 18

    Labour’s address was really good (can’t wait for the Alliance one tomorrow night though 🙂 ).
    The question that occurs to me, though is “where are the usual tory trolls”? Normally Labour does something and there’s *someone* jumping in almost immediately and talking it down to the extreme, or talking national up like nobody’s business, or rewriting history, and so on – even on a friday night. But here there have been a lot of lefties of various shades, and barely a peep of criticism.
    Possible answers:
    The cat is among the pidgeons and they’re brainstorming a new angle because Plan Key from Outer Space failed;
    They’re waiting for guidance from KB, but Farrar forgot and is on the piss;
    It’s so obvious that defending that pile of crap they called an election broadcast is impossible that even a tory has decided to just let it slide and hope nobody notices.

  19. wocktu 19

    You can’t accuse Damion O’Connor of being PC…Didn’t see the Nat one, but Labours ad humanized them and dispelled some of the crap the Nats have labeled them with. Well done team.

    • Colonial Viper 19.1

      Loved Damien O’Connor standing firm and getting stuck in. This is the straight talking Labour that people have been waiting for.

  20. Glory, glory, hallelujah! 20

    It may be time to arrange my affairs to avoid the envy tax and capital gains hoop la. Accountants and lawyers must be licking each others lips…

  21. Craig Glen Eden 21

    Yeah and thats why Im Labour and always will be, its about taking everyone forward, well done Goff and team.

  22. coolas 22

    Wow. Labour and National approach so different.

    Team Labour v’s President Key.

    The story told in Labour’s video was compelling, and spliced with MP’s backgrounds, came across as sincere and committed. And they set out very clear choices.

    Dead eyes Key answering patsy questions with rhetoric like, ‘National Standards is about leaving no Kiwi kid behind,’ came across as bland and phoney. And at the end the voice asked us the ‘vote for John Key and National.’

    I reckon this is a great start for Labour. Really bold. And provocative – very much: they serve the rich, we the serve you all. Back to the class struggle which is the seed of the party. Very clever.

  23. Terry 23

    Bloody Key had the nerve to talk about Labour “borriwng”, the guy who brought upon us greatest debt in our history! You would think in the past three years he had brought us into Utopia. How can New Zealanders of any kind stand with him on paying young people (up to age 20) less than pocket money?

  24. Dan1 24

    I felt better about that opening than winning the RWC last week. It took me back to the Kirk days, Lange’s victory and Clark at her best. Well done Labour team!
    What were the Nats thinking? Their arrogance in backing smile and wave is imploding.

    But we still have to win.
    Go Phil and team. You will have convinced quite a few tonight that your passion and motivation is what NZ needs.

  25. Crashcart 25

    National has tried to say Labour are hiding Phil. Then they say that the new add makes him look like he has no mates.

    What we saw tonight was a poorly edited poorly shot sad looking John Key answering patsy questions. He stood in a dark little room all on his own. He came off as weak and If I hear “Well actually what this is about” to avoid giving a truthful answer to even patsy questions I will blow up. National are doing their best to hide every one other than Key.

    On the other hand we had Labours add showing a strong team. Presenting issuse that relate to the electorate. I am still not locked in to where my vote will go. I know it won’t be national (first time as long as I have been voting). This went a long way to putting the tick in the red box.

  26. ed 26

    I played jonkeys opening to my kids and they went straight to sleep. Thanks for making my life better jon

  27. Dion Ramasami 27

    “A fairer system where everyone shares the load – and the rewards.” – This is actually what former Bill Clinton says in many of his speeches.

  28. Blue 28

    Wow. That was fantastic. I can only hope that as many people as possible watched it, either on TV or online, because that was seriously amazing.

    Full congratulations to the team who made that video.

    • Deadly_NZ 28.1

      Now wait for Brekkie tv ol Baggy should be able to gush something about Key. Unless the producers all of a sudden see the writing on the Wall.

  29. Lanthanide 29

    Caught the end of it on TV. Since everyone here was raving, went and watched it on Youtube.

    I liked it. The history at the start wasn’t laid on too thick and I loved the little stock footage clips they used throughout when talking about the state of the country, like the snippet about the railways and the power stations being the drivers of the country.

    Damian O’Conner was great! Also loved the anecdote about the US with the ambulance driver.

    I saw the Greens one on TV. Was pretty uninspired. Russel and Metiria did a hell of a lot of walking towards the camera. Came across sort of like a boring infomercial, while Labour’s was more like a documentary.

    Edit: Oh my god. I just tried to watch the National one. I watched about the first 4 minutes then clicked through. It’s a freaking lecture! Who the hell is going to voluntarily watch that!

    • Yep Damien has had some difficulties recently but with his performance I can think of no other MP I would like to have back.  He should also be the Minister of Labour and of Mine safety …

      • the sprout 29.1.1

        did he do the trickle down = golden shower gag? a personal favourite

      • Lanthanide 29.1.2

        They obviously wanted to trump up his straight-talking attitude. And fair enough too. I don’t think anyone in the current National lot has been quite as fresh as that when talking about anything, more just smarmy or creating innuendo in the minds of their listeners (Crusher Collins ‘double bunking’ being the stand-out for that).

    • Anne 29.2

      Oh my god. I just tried to watch the National one. I watched about the first 4 minutes then clicked through. It’s a freaking lecture! Who the hell is going to voluntarily watch that!

      I caught the last 10mins Lanthanide and thought it was an imposter taking the piss. Then it dawned on me it actually was John Key. I kid you not. Not watching the first half… don’t want to have nightmares.

  30. Kakapo 30

    I was thinking voting Green but the ad reminded me of why I was always a Labour supporter in the past. I actually clapped when a shot was shown of a leaking building coming down. A dazzling touch.

    Effective without being cheesy, sincere and impassioned, great choice of MPs, Phil Goff speaking from the heart …

    I enjoyed the poignant footage of the early days – whoever came up with the concept and executed it deserves a medal.

    The ads for the Nats and the Greens paled in comparison. The Labour ad actually tapped into a FEAR of National’s policies which is just what you want from propaganda. All credit to the makers.

    • Lanthanide 30.1

      I really want to see more of Sepuloni. I think she’s really great.

      Never seen what the fuss is about with Jacinda though. I guess I need to watch some of her debates with gNats and some of her interviews. Also her teeth are just so distracting.

  31. Craig Glen Eden 31

    That whole Labour team was exactly that a team, and that is what is going to be needed to give us all a truly brighter future. I agree their have been times when Damien has got off side with some in the party but what you saw tonight is my experience of him he is genuine Labour.

    The others were great to I reckon, I loved the fact that they showed the hard work put in by workers to create those assets and that they are our heritage and you dont sell your heritage.

  32. Tombstone 32

    Absolutely fantastic! National’s on the other hand bored me senseless within seconds. John Key is a dick. Good on ya Labour – I feel like a New Zealander again. Time to take our country back for the good of all Kiwis and not just the favored few.

  33. kriswgtn 33

    didnt watch the clown key but watched labour- fukin A —
    greens seemed contrived and phoney which was a pity

    I feel nationals tv ads so far are boring so keep it goin Key — packed ur bags yet
    vile piece of deleted it is

    [Try not to descend into pointless abuse. It doesn’t serve much purpose regardless of who it comes from…RL]

    • Lanthanide 33.1

      I thought the Greens seemed contrived and phony too. It’s funny because I can’t put my finger on what it was that made me think that. All the walking around the place didn’t help. Also their list of great achievements at the end had like 3 things in it, with only one of them being of any real note (the insulation scheme). Somehow they found funding for the cycleway? I guess they mean they voted for it – big woop.

      • Carol 33.1.1

        IMO, the problem with the Greens’ vid was Russel – awkward and wooden. Metiria needed someone more sincere and animated to engage with.

  34. Tombstone 34

    I’m not a high earner and have 4 kids to support but have made a small donation to the Labour Party because as another poster put it ‘I want to put my money where my mouth is’.

  35. Mac1 35

    I had to go out and play some music, so came in to just finish watching this Labour presentation on video.

    Absolutely brilliant. Mrs Mac1 though the same. Feisty, passionate, articulate, damn it was just soooo good.

    I did watch Key before this and had to fast forward after patsy question number four, political addict though I am and able to endure much. His presentation was poor and false, with inappropriate smiling and obvious editing.

  36. Lanthanide 36

    Labour PM stock on iPredict is now at 0.0832c, up 3c from start of today. It was around 7.5c for a while and dropped back yesterday after the retirement age policy announcement.

  37. Afewknowthetruth 37


    ‘You’ll notice that Labour politicians aren’t afraid to get out into the country and community.’

    On the other hand, they are very much afraid to get into reality.

    I didn’t bother to watch it (in fact I hope to get through the next month without having to see or listen to any of the lies candidates will tell in order to get themselves elected) but I think it would be a safe bet that Phil Goff didn’t mention:

    1. Peak Oil

    2. unravelling of Fractional Reserve Banking

    3.collapse of the derivatives market

    4. collapse of western civilisation

    5. the prospect of the Earth becoming uninhabitable in a few decades:


    I suppose that as long as Phil Goff can keep ‘the troops’ entertained and believing in false promises he makes about his version of ‘building better tomorrow’ he will be able to maintain his position at the top of the dysfunctional hierarchy and ensure that everything that actually matters gets much worse.

    It is looking very much like yet another election in which there will be no candidate worth voting for in my electorate, and it will make little difference who forms the next government because none of the crucial issues will be attended to.

    • Jenny 37.1

      It is looking very much like yet another election in which there will be no candidate worth voting for in my electorate….


      Who are the candidates and what electorate is it?

      Do any of them at all have a policy on climate change?

      Apart from the candidates who is getting your list vote?

      Do you intend to question them?

    • rainman 37.2

      AFKTT, I have a lot of sympathy for the views you frequently post here. I’d probably say I’m 95% in agreement with you, even. But surely you can recognise that even if a political party could understand the nature of the future, commenting openly on it in an election campaign, particularly when they’re coming second, would just be suicidal and actually serve no purpose at all?

      The truth would be a fine thing, I’m sure – but look at the society around you and the denial it is pickled in. Honest discussion on peak oil etc would not just be touching a third rail, it’d be bending it into a noose, tying it around their necks and jumping off a cliff!

      Don’t wait for government to solve the problems we face. They won’t. In fact they’ll probably make them worse. (Any government, that is). But don’t waste your vote – give it to the least evil, whoever that is for you. Either the ones who will be least obstructive when TSHTF, or those that will be most likely to be vaguely useful. For me it’s not the ones wedded to the same ideology that got us here.

  38. randal 38

    was john keys still going bananas?
    or has he already gone?
    bananas that is.

  39. felix 39

    Good work team!

    Now where’s the Nat’s one? Could do with a laugh.

    • Mac1 39.1

      You won’t get one. More like flagellation or onanism without the sensation.

      • felix 39.1.1

        Oh god I found it and you’re right, it’s not even worth laughing at.

        ps You know why I couldn’t find it? ‘Cos I was looking on the National Party site but it’s not there, it’s on John Key’s site.

        Says it all.

  40. Peak Oil is Near 40

    I was so excited when Damien started speaking. I was just waiting for him to talk about the gaggle of gays and self-serving careerist unionists. They must have edited that bit out.

    • felix 40.1

      It’s just not working mate.

      Pick another handle and start again.

      • Peak Oil is Near 40.1.1

        I was upset that Carol Beaumont and Darien Fenton and Andrew Little and Sue Moroney didn’t get a look in tonight. There was nobody representing the unions, the heart and soul of the Labour Party in there. And where were Nanaia Mahuta and Parekura? Have Labour given up chasing the Maori vote?

        It seemed very Waitakere man-chasing to me.

        • felix

          So vote for someone else.

          Seriously who gives a fuck?

          • the sprout

            😆 i reckon

          • Peak Oil is Near

            Look, Labour’s campaign opening was very slick and polished. Labour put a lot of money into it and a lot of effort, good on them for going to so much trouble. All their history and storytelling I think it speaks wonders

            [sprout: you know POiN, you are so right. i’ve helped you edit your comment to reflect your insights more effectively. time for your nigh nighs now. bye bye]

            [lprent: Looking at the comments by this handle, it looks like a old style line pusher troll. Predictable phrasebook showing hackneyed self assessed cleverness and no actual intelligence. Can’t see any value in any of the comments. Banning. ]

            • felix

              BAD TOUCH!

            • Pete

              Actually I don’t think it would have been that expensive at all. Most of the archival imagery would be out of copyright and the rest would probably have been too fleeting to be considered a substantial part copied under NZ copyright law (so not a breach of copyright). The graphics can easily be done in a software package like Adobe After Effects. The editing would have taken some expertise, but Labour’s support for the creative industries in their last term in government surely could have engendered someone to do it either for free or at mate’s rates.

        • pollywog

          I was upset that…

          POiN is having a wetty nui. Quick…someone call the Wahhhhhhhhmbulance !!!

    • The Voice of Reason 40.2

      You sound scared. Wonder why?

    • Colonial Viper 40.3

      Instead he talked about the rich giving the poor a golden shower and expecting them to open wide and drink down.

      On the other hand its clear that National are a bunch of profiteering kleptocrats, here to help the rich and fuck workers and youth.

    • McFlock 40.4

      Could this really be the best attempt by a national party troll after their traffic accident of an electoral message?
      Nice tweak with the peak oil handle, trying to drive a wedge between the Greens and Labour (obviously the leadership in the bunker is fantasising about a Nat govt propped up by the Greens – which assumes that come december the Greens will want to commit suicide a la the Maori party).
      Backing it up with all the wealth-hate is obviously what national party fucktards really believe all lefties and greens feel about anyone with money. “Call someone rich, the hippies and commies will hate them”, I guess the tactic goes.
      But you’re too caricature-ish – you need more diversity in your troll character, and look beyond just one or two personality attack lines. Commenters here tend to make assertions and provide sources, regardless of their subject matter. I suggest that as part of your troll-academy research, find comments by, e.g., travellerev, look at their links and watch all their linked videos or web pages. Do this for their comments over the last couple of months or so.
      Also, under your next handle, try not to shout out that you know exactly where National party HQ is, how long they’ve been there, and who’s in charge. Heck you should have just said what your pabx extension was.

      • Colonial Viper 40.4.1


      • mike 40.4.2

        Well said McFlock. I gave King Kong a D- for his troll work that had no connection to rationality whatsoever, so Peak Oil is Near guy, so you get some credit for your pot-calling-the-kettle-black when the colour of the kettle has nothing to do with anything that actually matters effort.

        Troll grade: C

        Better than King Kong, but that’s not saying much.

  41. flipside 41

    Wow. This is a brilliant reminder of why I am Labour. The feeling was always underlying, but had been buried under the anti-Goff rhetoric floating around the MSM and general public. Now it’s back in full force. I am inspired.

    • hawk 41.1

      Hi Flipside I have to post a comment. Yes Nationals presentation was rather poor being a Nat voter it didnt inspire me so they need to work on that.

      I think that the Labour one was ok but rather very much playing to the supporters they already have. A lot of it was looking back, yes I know they had the learn from historys mistakes aspect to it.

      The problem I see with it is that it may not gain new voters but more give heart to the loyal members it has already. that may have been what they were aiming at? The issue is that they need to drum up new people to support them and I dont know if they did that.

      National definately didnt, the Greens however with their joint leadership approach etc may have. So the winning opening presentation for me goes to the Greens.

      • Carol 41.1.1

        I disagree. The best vid all round was the Labour one. I do agree it is targetting their traditional support base, but think that IS the group of voters they need to get back on board. Plus Labour will also pick up some new voters who haven’t really seen the tradtional side of Labour before.

        The Greens vid came second…. well ahead of National’s failed Key opener. I will still be voting Cunliffe plus Green Party – the Greens have some policies and focuses that Labour is missing or weak on…. but I DO want the Greens to make stronger statements saying explicitly why they could never form an alliance (C&S or, god forbid, something stronger) with a National government.

        The Labour vid does well in stating what they most strongly oppose in National, while also clearly stating what they are for. The Greens should take note of that.

        I liked that the Greens had people giving embodied and personalised presence to the diverse kinds of people they represent (probably actors though). Labour’s vid was focused on Labour MPs and how they perceive the people they represent, which is both a strength and a weakness of their vid.

      • the sprout 41.1.2

        it may not gain new voters but more give heart to the loyal members

        even if it were true that that was the only effect, it’d be a valuable effect at this point in the campaign

        • Colonial Viper

          Yep. Motivating your activists to get out there and work at 110%. That kicks ass.

  42. ak 42

    What a beautiful day. Couldn’t give a fat rat’s toosh if I never see another or if we lose in a few weeks: because the soil for my mokopuna is warm again. At last Labour has embraced its hard-won roots and the great kiwi public has seen what has been so corruptly hidden and witheld for so long: the truth expressed by people of conviction.

    What a contrast. The mid-managed car salesman and his galloping tongue – a greasy-faced mannequin in a darkened cubicle of robotic shills, peddling half-truths and promises: versus passion, proud heritage and the truth.

    And what timing. Thank you NACT press, for stemming the tide so long: never-before-seen truth and passion just weeks out from an election. It’s NACT armageddon.

    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all involved.

  43. mike 43

    Holy crap. Thought the good folks here at the standard must be exagerating before I actually watched Labour vs National’s openning addresses.

    So I go to the Labour website and watch. I thought, no way am I gonna make it though a 20min party political broadcast, but I did and could have watched more! They had passion and soul, and they focused on a single clear message, the growing gap between rich and poor, and how National is doing all it can to make it worse. I.e they identified a real fear that people have these days, and rammed it home (and that’s um how you gets um votes folks). It was convincing and sincere, and brilliantly produced.

    So I go to over to johnkey.co.nz, scroll down past ‘Video Journal No.47’ and ‘The PM’s life in pictures’ (fighting back the temptaion to ‘View All’), (aw shit I just clicked on it, there’s a folder called ‘John Key MP’ with 311 pics, and another called ‘John Key PM’ with 372 pics, god that says it all, and I’m reminded of one of my favourite websites: http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/ ), and I find the National party openning address.

    Wow. That’s embarrassing. A really naff openning with a gay acoustic guitar pop song and some clips of John Key’s fav photo-ops that looks like it was put together with editing software from the 90’s on a laptop over a few drinks at The Backbencher. Then, 20mins of John Key, alone, on a dark, badly lit stage, with his hands at his side, twitching fingers and all, talking.

    Really?! At one point it truly flashed into my mind that a deal had been made such that National had agreed to throw the election. It was that bad. After a few minutes I could not remember a single point that Key had raised. It all just melted together in a big mushy pile of dung. He looked like exactly what he is: a con-man. A guy who talks a bunch of stuff that vaguely sounds like it might kind of be related to something that actually has some connection to a guy that a mate told you about who read something in an email about this other guy that knew exactly what to do.

    He stood there looking like a dead-eyed used car salesman on an off day, the kind that thinks that if he can just just keep saying stuff, a few empty slogans here, some “What we need to do is make the New Zealand boat go faster,” rhetoric there, some fast-talking statistics (remember it was Mark Twain who said: “There are lies, damned lies, and John Key using statistics.”), and some ‘us good, them bad’ statements, and just keep on doing it a long time, then he can essentially bore people into believing him. No emotion, no passion, nothing. Then cue exactly the same naff introduction as the ending.

    I nearly died when he ended by saying that he had been ‘doing this at town halls up and down the country’, as if we might believe that this was not a staged event with National party members reading prepared questions. Wow. That’s how stupid he thinks we are. I think he might actually be losing it.

    Heads should roll in the National Propaganda, I mean PR department because the only message I got was: National is John Key, and John Key is a lying sociopath, so vote for National if you want to be ruled by a lying sociopath.

    I thought National would at least come up with something glib, superficial, and slick, but this… so bad…

    Bring on the debates. He’s cracking up.

    • Colonial Viper 43.1

      It all just melted together in a big mushy pile of dung. He looked like exactly what he is: a con-man. A guy who talks a bunch of stuff that vaguely sounds like it might kind of be related to something

      Did you call the phone number at the end? 0900 SELL-OUR-FUTURE?

    • Lanthanide 43.2

      Wow, you actually watched the whole thing?

      • felix 43.2.1


        • mike

          I was mesmerised by the crapness. I just kept expecting it to cut away to some slick promo, but it never did. After 10mins I would been excited about a pie chart on an overhead projector! Nothing.

          It was like propaganda from a 3rd world dictator. Robot ‘questioners’ whose faces don’t get seen, the ‘applaud now’ feeling, and John ‘Trust Me’ Key. If I had never seen him before I wouldn’t have believed he was an elected PM. I would have believed that this was a David Lynch surrealist art film about the darkness inside. If he had sacrificed a baby at the end it would have worked.

          It was stunning in it’s awfulness. Is this a joke? What were they thinking? It was like they forgot to make it until the day before and then went “Oh sh*t!” And threw it together in 12 hours.

          And no CV I didn’t call the number, I’m not THAT stupid. But I did get and email from a guy in Nigeria with $100,000,000 trapped in a bank account, he will give $1,000,000 to anyone that sends him $1,000. If any of you guys want in on this let me know I’ll hook you up.

  44. Irascible 44

    Just watched the NACTional opening broadcast… filmed entirely in darkness with a plastic marionette mouthing words from an autocue. At first I thought it was an advertisement for an undertaker but then realised that the speaker was not offering an after life – merely perpetual darkness and bleakness. The audience looked and sounded like those condemned to sisyphus like labours in a PR created Hades.
    Labour’s broadcast did offer policy and a vision for the future that didn’t rely on borrow, sell and hope that no one notices the asset stripping before rationality sets in.

  45. CrosbyTextor 45


  46. LynW 46

    Totally agree, this really is magnificent! Labour parliamentarians clearly identifying with their roots and beliefs, championing the heart and soul of the Labour Party and working as a team to do so. The genuineness of the speakers is obvious and the messages clear. Congratulations to all involved. Labour, this is what I thought you were about, I just needed to hear you say it!

  47. Ianupnorth 47

    Meanwhile, on TV One News the election bias is firmly out of Kilter with not one, but two pieces on The Hobbit, from the birthplace of about half of cabinet, Matamata.
    Peter Jackson lying out of his arse that “my film was so at risk”, pan to smiling assassin, and back to fat beardy boy.
    Then later on key going on about how this is wonderful for tourism. Seriously, deflecting all thought back to brand Key.
    People, it is our time – get that labour video posted everywhere – your personal blog, your Facebook, e-mail the link to your mates, especially the young first time voters. It is game on!!

    • Carol 47.1

      As far asI am concerned Peter Jackson does not exist. He’s just a media construct, a bed time story that NAct tells to distract people from the dire direction NAct is trying to take NZ.

      And Jonkey is the wooden puppet that the CT puppeteers are trying to insert himself in someone else’s fairytale.

      • seeker 47.1.1

        Totally agree Carol. Can’t bear the sight of Jackson after the Hobbit debacle. It was such a successful aversion therapy that I will never be able to watch any of his films unless I am prepared to put up with extreme nausea as I do so.

        And to IanupNorth -if you thought tv1 was bad – tv3 was far, far worse. It was, in reality, a four minute free party political broadcast for national with Pete J. saying he “wasn’t political”, having virtually endorsed Key and his government; and this was topped off by Kate Rogers doing a film ‘news’ update on The Hobbit finishing with a sentence which include the unbelievable phrase…”and John and Peter….”. Can’t remember what followed as I was so stunned by this newly made public ‘extra close chummy relationship’ announcement.

        Later, still feeling slightly queasy, I tuned into opening addresses on tv1. My gloom was compounded by catching the last few moments of something almost spectral which vaguely resembled Key, no it was a hologram of Key. – Had he been transformed in Hobbiton where I had last unfortunately seen him cavorting with Peter? If he had, it wasn’t for the best. I eventually came to realise it was actually him, trying to appear leaderlike and relevant. Fortunately it finished as I did my double take.

        Then it was Labours turn…….WOW! Twenty minutes later I felt as though I had shifted light years into a world of possibility and hope. What an address!. New Zealand still has a chance Brilliant. Just what we needed to give us heart to push forward and pull down the final curtain on Key and his asset strippers (for good I hope this time.) and bring in a restorative Labour Government.

        • Sunny

          Peter Jackson couldn’t announce that ‘The Hobbit’ will be premiered in Wellington without John Key smarming all over him?

          ‘Not Political’ Peter? Yeah right.

          Made me sick to my stomach.

          Sock puppets.

          Disgusting, fawning, cringing, manipulative display from two ultra rich men who never seem to have enough of their drugs of choice….money, fame and public adoration.

          Cold turkey time for both of them!

          • marsman

            Saw that bit on the news last night. Jackson ‘grateful’ for Key’s help re the the Hobbit. A scumbag thanking a slimeball!

            • Tiger Mountain

              Lord Jackson won’t ever get a cent out of me again at the box office or video store after:
              1. Indulging in and inciting scabby behaviour including sponsoring an anti union march on Labour Day. His underlings, Taylor, Walsh, SPADA et al did a lot of the dirty work for him and lied their arses off on National Media.
              2. Tarnishing a childhood fave book by squeezing two bloated features out of the slim ‘Hobbit’ volume.
              3. Chumming up with local tory swine like ShonKey.
              4. Enabling international entertainment corporates to plunder our skills and assets at
              bargain rates and slave conditions.

              Oh, and well done Labour on the launch, evocative stuff. ShonKey doesn’t like it ‘up him’ (hard questions, facts and policy) so go Phil. Watch out for the networks attempts to play interference though during the debates.

    • millsy 47.2

      It never had to be this way. The actors werent asking for gold plated pay and conditions, or their own trailers, or anything like that. All they wanted was to be classed as ’employees’ and for Jackson to recognise their union. It was a very small concession that he had to make.

      We didnt have to go down the cheap labour road, given that our country is more or less the perfect backlot. We have rainforests, windswept plains, alpine vistas, and arid deserts (to a point), all in conveneint locations, not to mention a very innovative team of experts.

      Ill probably end up going to watch the Hobbit, the original LOTR was something I enjoyed, though I really recommend the extended versions, which have important things that Jackson left out of the theatrical release (Dont blame Cristopher Lee for being shitty at being chopped from ROTK, slightly disrespectful of the cinema great IMO), Jackson’s Tolkien adapations are really his only movies worth watching. King Kong was dragged out, with the ape put in as an afterthought (the film could have worked simply as a ‘mysterious island’ adventure).

  48. Awesome – the best ever such broadcast. If this was viewed by all New Zealanders national would be out. Who honestly, apart from the right ideologists and the ignorant and the greedy, could vote National after this?

  49. Uturn 49

    Congratulations to the Labour team – an excellent composition. As a presentation it had a perfect blend of policy, attitude and held the audience with gold star production.

    The Nats… oh lord. Whose pix phone did they do that one on? And those questions… “John, is NZ in trouble?” What a disaster. Enough said.

  50. Redbaron77 50

    New Zealand Herald poll on “Which political party had the best TV opening election broadcast?” currently has National leading by 37% against Labour 22%. Looks like an organised turnout by National because unless one third of New Zealanders are completely gripped by a zeitgeist of non-aspiration and insipidity there is no way one could honestly claim JK’s bland and contrived effort trumped Labour’s.

    • Colonial Viper 50.2

      Great to see the Herald taking the piss out of itself.

    • Uturn 50.3

      So even if those surveys had any connection to election outcome probabilities, National would be polling 37%, Labour/Greens coalition 28%, with a whopping 35% undecided. Game most definitely on, I’d say. Labour went from silence to blood-thirsty hunters inside a week.

    • Mac1 50.4

      Nah. This poll points out Key’s point about Neschinal Stanz and the lack of ability to read. More Nats, being of a lesser IQ as people who vote conservative are, misread “best” for “first.”

      By the way, did you get John Key’s definition of “literacy and numeracy” as being the ability to read and write?

      • ed 50.4.1

        Gee if I ever meet jonkey I’d like to shake his hand. I just hope someone else isn’t already shaking it.

    • RedLogix 50.5

      I know that’s a truly bizzare result. But never forget the power people have to delude themselves; that people will bath in raw sewerage and yet vehemently declare the Ganges to be ‘pure and holy’.

      I think the left has consistently underestimated the power of the methods used in the media to undermine them. For example on one of the TV channels this morning, the National ad was described in very Key friendly terms although suggesting Key was let down by a ‘tedious format’. In other words Key was great but Nats PR team could have done better.

      When it came to the Labour ad it was all about ‘superior production values’ and ‘much better creativity’… but with the implication being that Labour was just being made to look good with watchable TV. (They also couldn’t resist a nasty dig along the lines that “Labour shouldn’t remind people too much that it’s best days are long behind it”.)

      Notice how, ‘poor production values’ is used to smooth the way for National, while ‘good production values’ are used as a trap laid in Labour’s path.

      On the surface it all looked harmless and fluffy enough; superficially balanced even. But the subtext, the critical emotional message was anything but. It was carefully crafted by someone who knows exactly what they are doing to get a result. I’ve always understood this to be the essence of really good propaganda.

      It’s this sort of emotional framing technique that directly creates the poll result you are seeing on the Herald site this morning. At the end of the Cold War there was a famous interview with a senior ex-Soviet leader who said that the difference between the USA and the USSR was that the Americans had Madison Avenue and that their propaganda was believed, whereas the Russian propaganda was not.

      • ed 50.5.1

        jonkey is a monkey who cant stick a hand shake… Now it seems that his production team are even more useless than he is… A clumsy fool leading a bunch of clumsy fools..

      • mike 50.5.2

        Well said RL. People need to educate themselves on Edward Bernays. The true godfather of propaganda. Goebbels based his work on Bernays’ book. After WWII Bernays had to come up with a new term for propaganda because the Nazis had made given it negative connotations. He came up with: Public Relations. He was an advisor to US big business and presidents. Check out the doco ‘Century of the Self’ on youtube.

        Bernays believed that people were idiots who should be made to believe whatever was necessary to keep them under control. For their own good you understand. He believed that an elite at the top who ruled through propaganda was necessary for civilization to function properly. He taught presidents and corporate PR departments how to do it by tapping into peoples deeper irrational emotions and fears. Lying to the public is now standard practice.

        Human beings are now indoctrinated in a materialistic world view from birth, with the consequent decline in values and caring for others. At the top, corruption and elitist arrogance and contemptuous manipulation of the masses is the norm.

        A propaganda genius who has had a profound effect on the world. But you don’t get taught about Edward Bernays in school.

    • ed 50.6

      You’ve gota hand it to the nats, they know how to rig a news paper poll. Just like they rig the economy!

  51. Bella 51

    How do we vote in the Herald poll?

  52. vto 52

    That was certainly very good. It was also simply interesting and a good watch. And had stacks of images and events and times that virtually every New Zealander could relate to.

    Keep at it. Don’t relent.

  53. locus 53

    Brilliant and inspiring opening – factual, passionate, respecting New Zealanders who built what it is that makes us proud to be New Zealanders. You have my swing vote… I hope thousands more watch this video and that the rest of your campaign follows honestly, decently and proudly from this lead. Thank you to the Labour team for supporting my belief that politicians are there to serve the people and help build a better society.

  54. Thomas 54

    Labour has a history that it should be proud of. However, the current Labour party is a disgrace to that legacy. That’s why their clip focuses on the past, rather than the present.

    Most of Labour’s policies are a throwback to the 70s or earlier. We need policies for today and for the future. The contrast to National’s “building a brighter future” slogan couldn’t be more clear.

    • Colonial Viper 54.1

      Sell our country out!

      Sell our assets off!

      Farm land for foreigners!

      Bonuses for bankers and big bosses!

      Champagne glasses up to a brighter future – for the 1%!

    • ed 54.2

      The nats say “Building a Brighter Future” but what the nats really mean is “Building a Cheaper Workforce and Forceing them to Smile for their Slave Wages”.

    • RedLogix 54.3

      That’s why their clip focuses on the past, rather than the present.

      1. It’s not a ‘clip’. It’s a 20 min long program. You’ve just used that word to detract and minimise it.

      2. Only about 30% of the material was historical, the other 30% was 8 Labour people giving their stories and explaining their values, and the balance hit the big policy issues like asset sales.

      On each point you are factually wrong. But that of course is not your purpose. You are here to run the “Labour is past it’s best” meme which is an attack line cobbled up as an interim response to this program. I’ve seen it twice already in other places this morning… so you are neither original nor on the ball buddy.

    • millsy 54.4

      “throwback to the 70’s”.

      I dont know about you, mate, but IMO living standards were a lot higher then than they are now. The streets were also cleaner, houses were tidier, and our representatives from domain board up to cabinet were devoted to building things up, rather than tearing them down to save a few dollars. Plus we had decent stuff to watch on TV even if it was 2 channels (only 1 if you didnt live in Auckland and Christchuch).

      Things back then werent perfect, but compared with now, I know what I would pick.

    • seeker 54.5

      What is wrong with you Thomas? National had no policies in 2008 except Act’s. It’s only vague policy mentioned, National Standards, wasn’t even a planned out policy, in fact it barely made a sentence.

      National has made everything up as it has gone along or done PhilO’Reilly and Business NZ’s bidding ( on a news report I saw O’Reilly almost push John Key towards the podium to make some announcement to a gathering, can’t remember what specifically, probably telling the minions that they could not have a tea break or breathe or something – Key actually had the grace to look a bit unhappy about it).

      And there are no comprehensive policies from national this time around either-just a few bits and pieces like an identity card and just recently, taking approx. 5% of a young person’s wage back (ironically a similar percentage of tax cut they gave to millionaires ).

      National is the disgrace as the negligent,untruthful and opportunist government it has turned out to be. It has done just what it and its cronies wanted to do, profit themselves and sod the people of New Zealand. This is gratuitous,selfish, government. National has built us a tarnished present, never mind having another go at building a brighter, oops sorry, blighted future.

      Last night’s opening addresses reflected the difference between a lacklustre, shallow, passionless,
      selfserving artifice of a government as represented by Brand Key (certainly only a brand not a leader) as compared to a vibrant, intelligently aware team of Labour people with a quietly forceful and strong leader. This team had a comprehensive set of policies which had been carefully thought out and planned for the welfare of us all and was presented to us in the most meaningful and heartfelt way.

      Labour’s address showed us that a Labour Government can resuscitate the heart of New Zealand before we sink without trace. Now we have a chance to revive from the last three wasted years so we can grow into the strong, creative, caring, supportive ,unified country we are meant to be.

      And this, Thomas, is what you should be realising if you had any commonsense and if you really valued your country and your countrymen.

    • KJT 54.6

      And National’s are not a throwback to 1916??

    • Galeandra 54.7

      Thomas, are you John?

    • mik e 54.8

      Jinxedkey Just borrow and hope

  55. So the person responsible for this Labour Opening Address is Creative Director Jeremy Taine from String Theory.


    Outstanding work, a modern day Leni Riefenstahl (only unlike Riefenstahl and Peter Jackson, Taine is putting his talents to work to fight evil rather than promote it)

    • Colonial Viper 55.1

      String Theory are very very good at what they do. And they have more coming out for Labour, much more.

      But they are hired mercernaries lets be clear. Whether you are selling beer or ACT policies, they will work for you under contract, and have done so before.

  56. ed 56

    The nats have put their whole election campaign in the hands of a professional speculator with the charisma of the average accountant… And wasn’t it rampant speculation that caused the economic depression in the U.S. and Europe? Are the nats throwing this one intentionally?

  57. One Anonymous Bloke 57

    Key on New Zealanders: “They don’t fully understand what we’re doing. My experience is when I take audiences through it, like I did just before, no-one actually put up their hand and asked a question.”
    He thinks this is a good sign? Kick him now while he’s down!

  58. Jum 58

    Absolutely bloody brilliant – team work is what New Zealand needs. Not prima donnas like Key.

  59. ed 59

    Slow Mo of jonkey the shonkey monkey botching that handshake

  60. dave 60

    Could our great leader (not) be the lameist person in world politics today.

  61. Bella 61

    People should vote on the Herald digi poll. Labour’s opening was so great, educational, entertaining and inspiring. Everything it should be. National’s so terrible it was almost impossible to watch. But for reasons I can’t understand (beyond National organising their troops) their opening is winning the “who had the best opening” poll. To vote just go to http://www.nzherald.co.nz/ scroll part way down the page, the poll is on the left.

    • ed 61.1

      I just voted. Can you vote more than once? That must be how the nats are so far in front!

      • One Anonymous Bloke 61.1.1

        Or perhaps it’s just plain old confirmation bias. One great tv spot isn’t going to win an election. Two ratings downgrades, lying to parliament and the nation about them, humping Richie McCaw’s leg, pretending to be unable to see the connection between the Rena and deep-sea drilling, attacking workers’ rights, selling assets, widening the pay gap, plus boring insipid delivery of all of the above, plus a few great tv spots might go a long way though 🙂

        • ed

          I think New Zealand is in for a huge wake up call. Gaddafi was the first rich man to die in this global class war, and I think jonkeys political career will die in November as well.

          • Colonial Viper

            The wealthy are realising that the poor and middle classes have little left to give up.

            And are beginning to turn against the less favoured amongst themselves. Especially Gadaffi who ran a more socialist state than the capitalist bankers would ever be comfortable with.

  62. rob 62

    Do you guys realise that if the national party lose this election it will be the first one term national party in its history! In these historical times I think this would be a good sign for the world.

    • thejackal 62.1

      Although I think National losing is a good thing… the dynamic would ultimately be a bad thing. It would point at incompetent and unstable governance, which is not particularly good for the country.

  63. ed 63

    When jonkey the monkey won the election back in 08 he was riding the wave of Obama charisma (ie: he just copied Obama’s style and rhetoric (jonkey see, jonkey do)), but now Obama is going hard left jonkey has no one inspirational to copy. This is why we are now seeing him for the bean counter he really is.

    • Colonial Viper 63.1

      Agree in general, but Obama is definitely not going ‘hard left’. Obama is under the sway of the bankers as much as Bush was, and Obama definitely does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize that he was awarded due to continuing Guantanamo Bay, expanding the war in Afghanistan, and broad use of extra-judicial Predator drone killings.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 63.1.1

        Horrible isn’t it? Don’t lose sight of the fact that fewer people have died in military conflicts in the last decade than in any decade of the last 100 odd years. It’s important to acknowledge improvements – which is a big part of Labour’s message this election. Citations one and two.

      • ed 63.1.2

        His campaigin took a hard turn left is what I ment. His policies aren’t much different from Bush. Thats the problem with puppet presidents.

      • millsy 63.1.3

        Too bad that next year his supporters will have little choice but to vote him back in, as the alternative — a Tea Party white house — would be much, much worse..

      • Lanthanide 63.1.4

        To be fair, if Obama hadn’t been saddled with such a horrendous mess from Bush (say he was elected in 2004 instead of 2008), then he would have been able to do a lot more.

        But his presidency has been overshadowed by the huge deficit Bush ran up, preventing him from really focussing on much left-wing policy.

  64. millsy 64

    Well, that was good. Loved the historical footage. Seeing the shots of Fraser and Savage, and the workers marches, and banners brought shivers down my spine. To me this is Labour the way it should be — In 1935 and ’38 people had had enough of being soaked in rich people’s urine and went to Labour, and they thanked them by building the greatest nation this world has ever seen or ever will see. No country even came close (apart from perhaps the UK — Australia took a fair while).

  65. Kty 65

    Last night labour gave an opening address that far out classed the preceding national attempt to start the final run down to the election, and with that there is no doubt that labour is definatly showing that it is a force to be recond with, (good on you team labour nice to see). The sweet smell of victory is in the air with the aroma of fresh red blooms taking over from the stench of the dead and rotten weeds that would wish to take over and control everything and every body.

    The opening salvos in the election have been fired and the battle has comenced, but is anybody else of the opinion that national are being just a little bit too quiet in their responses and appearing to give an I couldnt care less attitude. If last nights under achieving attempt to woo voters was anything to go by national are not realy interested in being serious contenders in the upcoming election, surly they are not so self opinionated and arogant as to underestimate the fact that labour can and will knock them for the preverbial six and out of the ground.

    Although I anticipate and very excited about team labour reclaiming there rightful position on the government benches, there is a slight feeling of concern with in me that national seem to be giving a false front and not even attempting to achieve any damage control. This attitude is somewhat unnerving and makes me wonder like a parent does with their young one when they are being too quiet.


  66. National opens with Bullshit

    I thought it was pretty disgusting to see John Key spout rhetoric in his opening address for the 2011 election last night… particularly because he blatantly and obviously bullshitted his head off…

    • Lanthanide 66.1

      John Key isn’t a career politician because he had a career first. Phil Goff is a career politician.

      • ed 66.1.1

        jonkey isn’t a career politician because he’s going to quite after he loses.

      • Colonial Viper 66.1.2

        John Key had a career as a currency manipulator and speculator. Improverishing the productivity of countries and of exporters.

        That’s amongst the low of the low.

        • mik e

          Merrill Lynch were doin the toxic ponzi scheme with currency.Key has been lying about that he was head of currency trading, looking back at enquiries into the collapse of derivatives recent senate reports shows Merrill Lynch were among the worst saying these derivative were nothing more than gambling with no ability to pay out.

  67. Afewknowthetruth 67


    Q’ Who are the candidates and what electorate is it?

    A. Jonathan Young: When I attempted to discuss the issues with him he went straight into denial and asked me to leave.

    Andrew Little: I did have some dialogue with him, but after he failed to keep two appointments and failed to respond to someone I know on another crucial matter I gave up on him, regarding him as unreliable.

    A. New Plymouth

    Q. ‘Do any of them at all have a policy on climate change?’

    A. As far as I can tell the poilicy of both major parties is to ignore the science and promote financial scams like ETS. There is certainly nothing connected with reality in any of the literature they distribute.

    And the Green Party have been away with the fairies for years and continue to promote non-solutions to all the majot predicaments, so they won’t be getting my vote.

    Q. Apart from the candidates who is getting your list vote?

    A. I probably won’t bother to vote. But if someone turns up out of the blue who has something sensible to say I might consider voting.

    Let’s face, every significant political party is awash with lawyers and economists, and none has anything to offer other than disaster-as-usual policies.


  68. Pete 68

    Throng reports:

    “Last night, Labour, National and the Greens had their opportunity to put their message across to New Zealand voters. We’ve taken a look at the numbers to see how they performed.

    Overall, in the 5+, the average audience was 256,240 viewers. This ranged from approximately 284,000 viewers when the advertisements started with Labour and approximately 227,000 viewers when the Greens ran their ad. National sat in the middle with approximately 255,000 viewers.

    Unfortunately there isn’t an 18+ category which would have been incredibly useful for this particular event.”

  69. Afewknowthetruth 69

    The disaster-as-usual capitalism which Labour endorses is gradually, gradually wiping out families one at a time, wiping out cities one at a time, wiping out regions one at a time, via the torrential rain and drought that are an inevitable consequence of out-of-control CO2 emissions.


    And. of course, there are the disasters that are a direct consequence of industrial activity, such as the Rena, the Pike River mine, the fracking that is now being carried out around NZ and the off-shore drilling that Labour was so much in favour of when it was last in government (and will presumably be in favour of if it regains power.)

    I think it is the hypocrisy of Labour that I detest more than anything else:

    • ed 69.1

      Im so scared im going to vote national cause they are the only ones that can make everything alright, so I can sleep through the night. Don’t forget to leave the night light on.

      Why did Don Brash lose you nats the election in 05? Oh thats right, he lied about campaigin funds. I see a pattern forming.

  70. The Voice of Reason 70

    Comments on the Standard about the opening addresses: 200+. Comments by David Farrar on the opening addresses: nil.
    My initial thought was that he must be on yet another junket, but he has posted this morning on a matter of major political significance; a Herald poll that is just like every other Herald poll. The poor bugger must dumbstruck at the worst launch of a National Party electoral campaign since Piggy Muldoon had one too many from the top shelf and called the ’84 snap election.

    • the sprout 70.1

      yep, buggered if i’d know how to spin out of National’s disaster.
      trying to ignore it is probably the penguin’s best strategy right now.

  71. Anthony 71

    Labour absolutely smashed it, awesome.

  72. ed 72


    • TT 72.1

      They should all be arrested. The Tory scum are all criminal banksters, or criminal bankster enablers. All are vile crooks, thieving off the nation to feather their own nests. Corrupt the lot of them, and without a shred of humanity. They need to be locked up for good, and their ignorant and greedy supporters put on notice.

  73. RedBaron 73

    The Labour clip was a cracker.
    Tell me are those coal car shots at the beginning taken from the Denniston Incline? I was sad to see that the Doc conservation site there is going to be heavily compromised by the NATS issuing a mining licence for the area. I’ve always enjoyed my visits there and feel it’s a much underated tourist site.The tourists I have met there seemed to love it, particularly the males, and even more so it they had an engineering or industrial background.
    About 15km north of Westport and up the hill.

  74. ianmac 74

    A bit redundant now but great Labour presentation. Dismal National.
    (I always thought it was wise to keep the Labour powder dry against a later campaign. Go Labour!)

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    ***Please check against delivery***   E te tī, e te tā, nau mai rā [To all, I bid you welcome]   As you will have seen earlier, today there are 22 new community cases to report; three of which are in Whakatiwai in the Hauraki area, and the remainder in ...
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    School holidays in Auckland will continue to be held at the same time as the rest of the country, starting from Saturday, 2 October, Education Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “I’ve carefully considered advice on the implications of shifting the dates and concluded that on balance, maintaining the status quo ...
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  • Government continues crackdown on gangs and organised crime
    Operation Tauwhiro extended until March 2022 Since it was launched in February, Operation Tauwhiro has resulted in:   987 firearms seized $4.99 million in cash seized 865 people charged with a firearms-related offence Gangs and organised crime groups will continue to be relentlessly targeted with the extension of Police’s successful ...
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  • Speech to Body Positive 'HIV Treatments Update Seminar 2021'
    E ngā mana E ngā reo E ngā iwi Tēnā koutou katoa Ka huri ki ngā mana whenua o te rohe nei. Tēnā koutou. He mihi hoki ki a tatou kua tau mai nei I raro I te kaupapa o te rā. Nō reira tēnā koutou katoa Acknowledgements It’s a ...
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  • Power bill changes bring fairness to charges
    A key recommendation of an independent panel to make electricity charges fairer across all households will be put in place, the Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods has announced. “Phasing out the regulations on ‘low-use’ electricity plans will create a fairer playing field for all New Zealanders and encourage a ...
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  • NZ economy’s strong momentum will support rebound from Delta outbreak; COVID fund replenished
    The economy showed strong momentum in the period leading up to the recent Delta COVID-19 outbreak, which bodes well for a solid economic rebound, Grant Robertson said. GDP rose 2.8 percent in the June quarter, following on from a 1.4 percent increase in the previous March quarter. This was a ...
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  • Projects create benefits into the future
    Making a well-known lake swimmable and helping to halt the decline of the endangered hoiho/yellow-eyed penguins are among a suite of new projects being supported by the Government’s Jobs for Nature programme across the southern South Island, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “It’s no secret that many of our most ...
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  • Opening statement for Whāriki Indigenous Small Business Roundtable
      Kei ngā tōpito e wha o te āo e rere ana te mihi maioha ki a koutou nō tawhiti, nō tata mai e tāpiri ana ki tēnei taumata kōrero mo te ao hokohoko arā mā ngā pākihi mo ngā iwi taketake Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa – Pai Mārire.  ...
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  • New members appointed to Kāpuia
    The Government is adding four additional members to Kāpuia, the Ministerial Advisory Group on the Government’s Response to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques. “I’m looking forward to having Pamela MacNeill, Huia Bramley, Melani Anae and Katherine Dedo  join Kāpuia and contribute to this group’s ...
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  • Timeline confirmed for Emissions Reductions Plan
    Cabinet has agreed to begin consulting on the Emissions Reduction Plan in early October and require that the final plan be released by the end of May next year in line with the 2022 Budget, the Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw confirmed today. “Cabinet’s decision allows organisations and communities ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pay parity pathway for early learning teachers confirmed
    Pay parity conditions and higher funding rates for education and care services will come into force on 1 January, 2022, Minister of Education Chris Hipkins confirmed today. The Government signalled this work in Budget 2021. “From 1 January, 2022, centres opting into the scheme will receive government funding and be ...
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    1 week ago
  • Speech to the New Zealand Nurses Organisation Conference 2021
    Kia Ora tatau katoa.   Ka tuku mihi ki nga nēhi, He pou Hauora o Aotearoa, E ora ai tatou.   Whakatau mai  I runga i te kaupapa o te ra Te NZNO conference.   Tena koutou tena koutou Tena tatou katoa   Good morning, and thank you inviting me ...
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  • Government investment in farmer-led catchment groups sweeps past 150 mark
    171 catchment groups have now been invested in by the Government 31 catchment groups in the Lower North Island are receiving new support More than 5,000 farmers are focussed on restoring freshwater within a generation through involvement in catchment groups  Government investment in on-the-ground efforts by farmers to improve land ...
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    1 week ago
  • Fight to protect kauri on track
    The Government is pitching in to help vital work to protect nationally significant kauri forests in Auckland, Minister of Conservation Kiri Allan says. “Ensuring the survival of these iconic trees for future generations means doing everything we can to prevent the potential spread of kauri dieback disease,” Kiri Allan said. ...
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    1 week ago