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Lame-duck PM?

Written By: - Date published: 7:08 am, September 12th, 2013 - 88 comments
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I was chatting with some friendly folk and they were saying how much the Labour leadership contest is making Key look like a lame-duck PM.

All the media is about appointing his successor.

There’s been a National agenda to use this contest to continue their narrative of how divided and dysfunctional Labour is, and there’s been a cast of willing journalists looking for that opening.  But barring Clare Curran’s small brain-fart there’s not been any opportunity.  Instead the contest is a brilliant display of democratically anointing a new PM-in-waiting (while adding 15-20% more activists to the cause).

As we get back to the real world next week we’ll get to continue with this as Key (despite his “massive” 2011 victory…) is unable to get one of his core manifesto pledges through – the RMA reforms.  Then Key’s got to fight to make sure that all his socially conservative MPs / MPs from socially conservative areas continue to back a massive increase in gambling and social harm for the net gain of 18 jobs with the Sky City Bill.. (campaign for Sam Lotu-Iiga here…)

Of course the Labour whanau (and that’s more than MPs) have to play their part too, and display some unity behind whomever is the new leader so that National can’t get traction with their old narrative of division; but with a new democratically elected leader, then a Labour Lenslide in Auckland / Dalzieluge in Christchurch, followed by a good by-election in Christchurch East* the rest of this year has the potential to get a real roll-on…

* we’ll find out today if he got it, but apparently one of  National’s 2 candidates going through their not-very-democratic board interview to stand in the by-election is David Carter’s nephew.

88 comments on “Lame-duck PM? ”

  1. vto 1

    Yep, the pendulum which began to swing back a couple years or so ago is now well-entrenched in its movement.

    The Nats are on the wrong side of history now and it will be a very interesting next twelve months.

    Key most definitely has an aura of lying treacherous scum – openly expressed by those not usually his type and impliedly expressed by the silence kept by those who would never vote anything but National.

    • Sable 1.1

      Don’t be too sure. Just look at Abbotts success in Australia. People have short memories and it often takes a lot to spur them into action. Anyone thinking National could not win this election should think again. Especially given they have the corrupt mainstream media firmly on their side.

    • dave 1.2

      watch the mighty river share price over the next week behave like a flat tire i think the markets will price in a change of government !

  2. big bruv 2

    My goodness you people really are delusional.

  3. chris73 3

    Its right about now you probably want to learn the lesson that hoping something is real doesn’t ackchully make it real

    or is this another spin on line that one day people will wake up and realise what the left has been saying about Key was right all along?

    I’d suggest Labour has a better chance of winning the next election by pretending they have unity rather then wishing on some pipe dream about JK

    • vto 3.1

      Funny thing is Chris73 – people are waking up and realising what the left has been saying about Key has been right all along. That was the point of my point above – it is now expressed in daily neighbourhood conflabs… deny it if you wish, no matter.

      • chris73 3.1.1

        Hey if you want to keep continuing the lefts mistakes of the last couple of years be my guest but my point is just saying it doesn’t make it so

        When you consider that audience that listens to Mike Hoskings waxing lyrical about national standards and even Marcus Lush saying Cunliffes win means another term for National then maybe you lot should consider fixing Labours numerous problems first and then worry about John Key second

        Or not

        • vto

          If you read carefully you will see that my point was that people are realising that Key is a liar and scum, and nothing about labours goings-on.

          You may wish to google “John Key is …” and see what comes up. You may recall a recent survey in which people said they don’t believe him.

          or divert and talk about something else, over to you

          • Akldnut

            Nice Chris73

            Use right wing commentators as your main reference points on a left wing blog.
            Obviously you think lefties are as stupid as you to believe their bullshit.

            FAIL on both counts.

        • geoff

          chris73, go read the comment sections of Stuff or NZherald for yourself. Most of them are filled with anti-Key or anti-National comments and that wasn’t the case only a few years ago.

          • The Pink Postman

            In fact its only a few weeks ago geoff . I’m amazed at the turn around. .However I notice the “Tory Dirty Trick Brigade \have already started their dirty campaigns with their bogus polling on TV3 last night They will be out in force after Sunday .

        • Sable

          You take Lush and Hosking’s seriously? Really????

      • felix 3.1.2

        Yes v, what I’ve been picking up from civilians lately is the idea that Key has changed. They even go as far as saying he used to have good ideas and good policies but now he doesn’t.

        Of course we all know he hasn’t changed at all and the policies are exactly the same as ever, but it’s easier to say “I like your old stuff better than your new stuff” than it is to say “oops I think I was wrong about you all along”

    • Steve 3.2

      I’d suggest Labour has a better chance of winning the next election by pretending they have unity rather then wishing on some pipe dream about JK

      Sorry chris 73 but no pipe dream. There is increasing unease around Key’s integrity, ability and respect for due process. However, up to now, Labour has not been seen as a viable alternative by many voters.

      The leadership challenge has re-invigorated the party and renewed the media focus on Labour. This is a fresh start for the party. By presenting a coherent and credible alternative in both policy and style, Labour can capitalise on the disquiet around Key.

      The tide is turning and Key looks rightly worried. As an ex-trader he knows all about momentum and what happens when the crowd starts to turn.

  4. swan 4

    “Instead the contest is a brilliant display of democratically anointing a new PM-in-waiting”

    Dreaming. The contestants have been pushed way to the left of the NZ public and will be unelectable (even Jones). That is the reality. Labour is not voting for a future PM. The loser will most likely end up the future PM I would say.

    • srylands 4.1

      “The contestants have been pushed way to the left of the NZ public and will be unelectable ”

      I agree with the first part, but I think MMP could deliver a left government.

      The “policies” being paraded are deeply depressing, and almost infantile. A good example is the “More money for taxi drivers” banner on D Cunliffe’s facebook page. How – specifically – is that going to happen? Increase fares? Subsidise taxis? Reduce the number of taxis? NZ has some of the world’s most expensive taxi fares. So unless we subsidise taxis (which would be regressive) you can forget that.

      • Te Reo Putake 4.1.1

        Interesting. What are taxi fares like in your country?

      • felix 4.1.2

        I went to a bar and ordered a beer. The bartender poured it in 30 seconds and charged me $10.

        Obviously this means bartenders in NZ are paid $1200 an hour and anyone calling for higher wages for bartenders must be insane.

  5. amirite 5

    On a trivial side, has anyone noticed that Key doesn’t look very fresh nowadays? He seems a bit worried, I wonder why it is?

    • chris73 5.1

      5 years of being the PM probably takes it out of you not that any current labour candidate would need to worry about that for a while

      • North 5.1.1

        That’s right chris73, ShonKey Python’s Flying Circus will last into the next millenium……..this we know and thanks for having us know. Thanks not for leaving out that it’s now universal knowledge, part of the nationwide consciousness, that your hero remorselessly lies. That is Brand ShonKey. See our friend Blip.

      • Craig GlenEden 5.1.2

        5 years of lying and spinning will do that for you, but he’s in the final leg now only twelve months to go but with more revelations of the dirty deals he’s done likely to be made known to the public. A public who has given you the benefit of the doubt but who has now decided he’s actually a liar.

        But no matter what comes out chris73 will cheer him to the end even if its not in his countries interest.

      • Greywarbler 5.1.3

        Is it cold wet and rainy up your way so you have sat down to a nice go at the sport of left-baiting to fill in time? Or did they give you an extra portion of raw meat this morning?

        • Chooky

          @ Greywarbler ….”an extra portion of raw meat this morning?”…you mean worms don’t you?

          • Greywarbler

            I am the Worm Appreciator, in a Green Way of course. RWNJs get fed on lumps of chewy gristle and bad liver.

            • Chooky

              @ Greywarbler…squawk ! squawk!…puke!….so you dont want to waste good worms on him!

              • Greywarbler

                You know I’m all for living in a supportive community – birds of a feather fly together as the wise kiwi says – I would naturally save any worms left over for you. Not for some RWNJ dog sniffing for tidbits on the ground.

                • Chooky

                  @ Greywarbler….you really are birdie mate Lol….just love worms!….next best thing to my Greens victuals!

                  • Ally

                    Sorry guys but your conversation is making me queasy. Though worms aerate the soil, rather see something more meaningful on line.

  6. Tony Moder 6

    Hah you know you are rattling the cages when JK loverz post at 7.23 Im not a traditional Labour supporter but sign me up I can see change coming and it has Cunliffe written all over it keep up the good work NZ needs it and him and all of you !

  7. burt 7

    The perfect cycle of socialism is in progress. Like in the 90’s, like in 2008… National elected after Labour root the economy with falling productivity and ever expanding welfare put the country into recession, get voted out… National get called nasty by the lovers of a failed ideology as National restart the economy and get it moving again… 2 terms of medicine and the people want the lollies again…. rinse & repeat…

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      No idea what planet you are talking about, but it bears zero resemblance to NZ.

      • srylands 7.1.1

        “No idea what planet you are talking about, but it bears zero resemblance to NZ.”

        That just confirms my suspicion that you know nothing about New Zealand, and probably have never been here.

        • Colonial Viper

          Sure, sure, that must be it.

        • Hayden

          Where’s “here”? You live in Australia.

        • McFlock

          That just confirms my suspicion that you know nothing about New Zealand, and probably have never been here.

          Says the idiot who thought GST in NZ was only 10%.

        • tricledrown

          Schrillglands it must be very hard work making up lies about NZ in the Crosby Textor office !
          You have got so many Facts wrong on this site have you got any right !
          even your lies on the Australian economy were called out where do you live on planet key!
          It time you changed your name again and did some real research and got the ocassional fact right!

          • Colonial Viper

            I wonder how much CT is charging this new grad out for. He’s an embarrassment and if I were the client I’d be asking for another 40% off.

    • Craig GlenEden 7.2

      Oh burt Key has the country more and more in debt, he’s selling our assets but even thats not helping in fact its making things worse.
      Unemployment is high, people are working full time but cant make ends met. So tell us o great burt what is it that National have done that has restarted the economy to create that brighter future?
      The stage is yours, step up burt we are all waiting to hear what marvelous things Key and National have done.

    • locus 7.3

      How about this version:

      The gradual realisation that neoliberal ideology is a failure is in progress. Like in 1990, like in 2008… National elected, root the economy with increasing unemployment and debt, causing ever increasing social problems, put the country into depression, get voted out… people realise National’s ideology is nasty. Inclusive values and social policies begin to repair the damage, restart the economy and get it moving again… National voters have to share their lollies again….

      People get more lollies, forget where they came from, vote Labour out…. rinse and repeat

      • burt 7.3.1

        Yep, that’s a valid counter version.

        Who is this flip flop serving – other than the highly paid politicians making us pay to flip flop all the political footballs that should be managed via cross party consensus – in our best interest rather than in the best interest of electoral popularity.

        Law & Order

        The problem really stems from a predominately two party system. Partisan hacks for either team perpetuate this debacle.

      • Akldnut 7.3.2

        National promise more lollies with with their “North of $50.00” promise. .
        People forget where they came from, vote Labour out…. rinse and repeat then get the “Block of cheese budget”

    • geoff 7.4

      2 terms of medicine

      Fuck I hope youre not a doctor

    • thatguynz 7.5

      Your convenient cherry picking, nay blatant lack of understanding (or simply blind repetition of what you are told) of history is mindblowing burt but it certainly goes some way to explaining why you come across as such a twit here.. In fact, I probably didn’t need the “here’ qualifier – I suspect you come across as a twit everywhere.

    • tricledrown 7.6

      burt you been living in a yurt in outer mongolia!
      National in the 90’s high unemployment 160,000 + over 9 years with most long term 80% unemployed for more than 1 year!
      Volume of economic growth 8.3% total over 9years Pathetic!
      Labour 2000 to 2008 28% volume over 8 years!
      These figures can be found inflation adjusted in NZ statistics year books at your local library!
      Blingish and Lame ducKey have managed 1% volume in growth over 5 years including a huge stimulus package as well as CHCH rebuild!pathetic medicine!
      $52 billion Dollars of borrowed lollies!
      stop lying out loud burt get your facts right.

      • burt 7.6.1


        Are you the guy who said the economy was in good shape just before the BNZ had to be bailed out ?

  8. tracey 8

    its sad that for some no matter how key behaves or lies they still see him as untainted… unlike their views of clark and vice versa for some labour supporters. politics doesnt make something that is wrong, right

    • burt 8.1

      Key hasn’t killed off a standing court case against himself to keep his job YET !!!!!

    • chris73 8.2

      You misunderstand, its not that we think hes untainted (hes a politician so of course he lies) its just that we think hes a better leader of the country then anything the labour party can throw up and that the policies of the National party are better for NZ

      • Sable 8.2.1

        Keys actions as PM remind me a lot of Adolf Hitler:

        >Limited freedom of speech
        >Limited access to information
        >Spying on citizens
        >Unjust laws that undermine the principle of innocent until proven guilty
        >Media manipulation
        >Interfering in judicial process
        >Involving the military in unnecessary actions that cost lives
        >In the end selling out his own people for his own ends: money, power, etc.

  9. bad12 9

    Yes i am sure that Labour once in Government need only stop ALL funding by Government of any sort to this abysmal bunch of Jonolists deliberately interfering in the process of politics with distortions of reality instead of reporting the facts,

    That would sure as hell fix what ails them…

    • srylands 9.1

      Yes it would fix them. You could then have a monopoly in the distortion of reality.

      • bad12 9.1.1

        It would wouldn’t it SSLands, withdraw all Government funding of any type,(including NZ on Air) to TV3 and lets see just how long these supposed ‘free marketeers’ would last,

        My pick would be 6 months max and Gower,Garner et al would be lookin for a new job(hopefully in another country), you could just blink a couple of times for them SSLands to send them off on the journey,

        All that money saved from the kneecapping of what essentially are a pack of liars would make a great public service tv channel…

        • lurgee

          While srylands is a dim rightwing stodge, associating someone with the SS is pretty nasty – yet strangely pathetic at the same time.

          Grow up, little man/woman.

  10. Sable 10

    Keys is no lame duck. I personally think he’s the most vicious but also one of the most crafty PM’s we have had. To underrate him is a mistake and I do not think Labour should let their guard down for a second.

    What the Greens have done is kept the pressure on Keys, forcing his mistakes and questionable dealings out in the open where they cannot be excused or whitewashed. Labour have a role to play here too but to date they have failed to capitalise on Keys antics in the same effective manner. Its important Labour do so too as the mass media are corrupt and are very much in Keys corner.

    A combined on going media campaign by Labour and the Greens exposing National for what the are would do a lot to galvanize support and push past the mainstream media lies. Leaflets, newsletters, billboards, more blogs….

  11. Wayne (a different one) 11

    Deluded – but I guess if contributors to this rag continue to drag up and write the same old diatribe over and over again – the great unwashed amongst you start to believe it.

    Fact – John Key and the National Party are riding the crest of a wave and, yes the tide is turning, but sadly for Labour it’s going the wrong way – just look at where National and Labour are polling respectively.

    Labour is struggling to get above 30% in the polls.

    Bring on the silent “t” that will be an interesting dynamic – he is viewed as smarmy and arrogant by the majority of the wider NZ public (from the left wing TV 3 Poll), so how does that help turn the tide?

    • scotty 11.1

      Sorry to burst your bubble Wayno.
      But You, Key and National are riding of a wave of BS.
      Best not look over your shoulder, as there’s a ground swell of reality coming your way.

    • bad12 11.2

      Diatribe and delusion are you if you consider TV3 to be left wing, Campbell Live may be slanted at times to a left wing view but the rest of the political reporting has a hard right bias,

      The Political polling organization used by TV3, Reid-Poll are said by the Heralds Armstrong to skew their results to the right by using leading questions,

      My view is that the next Labour lead Government should cut off all funding to that TV channel and let us all see how this bastion of the free market suffers when wrenched from the tit of public funding…

  12. Appleboy 12

    Chris 73 – “National policies are better for NZ”.

    What a load of horses hit.

    Better for the top 5%. The other 95% get the power companies they own sold off, to 4% of kiwis who are already well off. AND we pay them a bonus. AND it’s about to happen again, and selling when the market is low so those 4% get an even bigger windfall. You right whingers are devoid of any thought for anyone outside your little bubble of greed. You have no shame in your utterances. Still amazes me after all these years how you people think.

  13. Arfamo 13

    The results of the Housing debate on The Vote last night were, I reckon, a pointer to the electorate finally deciding the Key regime is not to be trusted and benefits only the wolves of our society. As Key gets increasingly nasty his blatant lies and jibes at Labour and the Greens are showing him up for the shallow casino capitalist he is. All that was needed was an articulate leader of Labour.

  14. Crunchtime 14

    Cunliffe: “New Zealanders deserve better than quick one-liners and a bad memory”. Priceless quote 😀

    • Arfamo 14.1

      Exactly. 🙂

    • Blue 14.2

      Irony, Cunliffe delivers a one liner and forgets why he lives in a $2million house.

      • Sable 14.2.1

        Nothing wrong with being rich Blue as long as your goal isn’t to make everyone else poor….

        • Arfamo

          Exactly. 🙂

        • vto

          Great paint Sable but do you mind if it is adjusted such…..

          “Nothing wrong with being rich Blue as long as you [don’t] make everyone else poor [in the process]….”

          • Sable

            Sounds good to me vto (wink)

          • Arfamo

            +1. Good edit. I doubt the goal is to make others poorer, it’s just an attitude of “who cares about anyone else as long as I’m getting richer” that drives the wolves.

            • Sable

              Arfamo consider this: keeping people in their place (poor/uneducated/igorant) means reduced competition which equals sustained wealth over time.

              Look, for example, at the poverty of accurate information (media lies) the ever climbing cost of tertiary education and the exponential growth in regressive taxation. That’s not happening by chance.

      • tricledrown 14.2.2

        Blue Good thing he remembers not to support Nactional!

  15. Pasupial 15

    While I personally believe Key to be a sociopath, Gordon Campbell has an interesting take on why getting all ad hominum may be self-defeating for the left.



    • Sable 15.1

      Ha! Very funny, had a good chuckle reading through but lets be honest could apply to a good number of politicians, tax inspectors, journalists, CEO’s, lawyers, sales reps and parking wardens….

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