“Largely symbolic”

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According to TVNZ, the Prime Minister said section nine of the SOE legislation, referring to the Treaty of Waitangi,  was “largely symbolic” because it had not been enacted since it was drawn up in 1986. It wasn’t a felicitous phrase; he might well find Maoridom’s response is both symbolic and large, if not in the sense he meant.

We’ve had a few such large symbolic responses from Maoridom to perceived attempts to change Treaty rights in my time; the last being the hikoi against Labour’s foreshore and seabed legislation. Many pakeha also don’t want to go back to the old divide. The most “elegant solution” for the government  may well be to leave  Clause 9 as it is.

So early in the year this is National’s  first stumble on the path to privatisation. There will be many more.


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  1. “Largely symbolic” would be a good description for the current Prime Minister.  He is just there to provide cover for the looting that is happening behind the scenes …

  2. Treetop 2

    To go with Key’s “largely symbolic” comment is his other comments, you know the reassuring ones that everything is going well, is on track, was a success, e.g. talks with Gillard last week.

    But why do I not believe him?

  3. shorts 3

    “Conclusion: Key hadn’t bothered to read his own discussion document. What a lightweight.”


  4. Colonial Viper 4

    I want to know if Simon Power’s Westpac clients are going to be investing in these power generators through his wealth division. You can bet that last term Simon Power was involved in the exploration of the legalities and contractual arrangements behind these SOE sales. This rings up as a conflict of interest, to me.

  5. Hateatea 5

    I am sure that he will be reminded at the weekend just high highly iwi regard our ‘symbols’.

    The man is a highly educated ‘knows very little’ person. 

  6. tc 6

    ‘ Largely symbolic ‘ is an apt description of key and his government as they ram through the business round tables agenda.

    Key will front and be ‘courageous’ like all bankers have been with their investors as we’ve seen over the past few decades.

    It’s just a lowly paid gig in between higher paying ones to sideshow John, just another speech using other folks scripts and another meeting he will perform as the salesman he is.

  7. RedLogix 7

    The point you’ve all skated past is that in Key’s world ‘symbolism’ is a lost meaning. He chose that phrase to detract and minimise, yet from wikipedia:

    Symbolism is the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character. A symbol is an object, action, or idea that represents something other than itself.

    In Key’s ‘largely materialistic’ world the big ideas and values that shape our inner lives are shorn of power. If it cannot be measured in crudely monetary terms or economic ‘efficiencies’… then either it can be safely ignored or marginalised.

    This one little phrase is Key revealing himself as do all the Hollow Men. Full of sound but empty.

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