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Esteemed Tory Brit-econ-pop-enviro-guru Nigel Lawson, Lord of Blaby, dad of Nigella, is not bonkers. Lord Blaby (Ed: shurely not? Wot? It is true?), who is visiting New Zealand, allegedly to attend a Business Roundtable party, told TVNZ’s Breakfast that the world could adjust to global warming because people don’t find Singapore too hot to do business (Ed: really, he did, watch the interview). The Business Roundtable says it was ‘bloody marvellous’ to have such a genius in this country. Friends say Lord Blaby is not utterly bonkers and does not wear a hanky on his head. Even in summer. [see TVNZ]

10 comments on “Lawson not bonkers”

  1. Robinsod 1

    He seems reasonable to me – wasn’t he mates with Pinochet?

  2. Robert owen 2

    He called his daughter Nigella
    says much

  3. Leftie 3

    Mmmm? What was that? My head was in the sand.

  4. Luke 4

    Great to have people like this here in NZ. Shows what most of the Nats really think about climate change. They have a very narrow view of why we need to act. Of course even if NZ emitted nothing this would not stop global warming. This does not however diminish the need to act to greatly reduce our emissions. As well as us doing something to play our part we can set a example to other countries. If we can slash our emissions and keep our growth rate up then we can show the rest of the world that it can be done. That is one way we CAN make a real difference to global warming. There is also a direct economic argument that the Nats are ignoring because they are captured only by energy intensive heavy industry. If we cannot produce goods in a low carbon way then overseas consumers will start to reject our goods.

  5. Robert owen 5

    Surprised DPF/Santa hasn’t posted on him
    Although thinking about it Lawson had a big Barney with DPf’s fav person . which was the beginning of the end for the bitch

  6. Natural Party of Government 6

    Have you guys heard of the medieval warm period?

    It was like Singapore in Aberdeen back then.

    Even Greenland according to Ivar Bardson was warmer than Kerikeri:
    ” On the mountains and lower down grow the best of fruits, as big as apples and good to eat. There also grows the best wheat that exists.”

  7. Tane 7

    Well I’ll be, his daughter actually is called Nigella:

    Isn’t there a law against that kind of thing?

  8. Robert owen 8

    didn’t believe me then ? Tane

  9. Sam Dixon 9

    Natural Party of Government – quick, tell the IPCC!

    funnily enough, I just read something about the ‘what about the medieval warm period’ argument the other day on this very blog which links to this

  10. all_your_base 10

    Hey Sam, just as a heads-up, I think that WordPress auto-holds comments containing more than one hyperlink for moderation and I’m not sure many of us check the moderation queue that often – at least I don’t…

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