Leave John Key Alone

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We have the right to know if the man we elect and pay to be our prime minister is saying different things in private than he is saying to our faces.

Whenever the PM is talking politics, that is a matter of public interest. If he doesn’t want to be embarrassed when private conversations become public, the solution is in his hands…

22 comments on “Leave John Key Alone”

  1. freedom 1

    This lady is my hero of the day

  2. BLiP 2

    Epic. Classic. Will she have my babies?

  3. I feel her pain…

  4. joe90 4


  5. marsman 5

    Hilariously perfect.

    • lprent 5.1

      Yeah I saw a pile of people like that this morning. I read the comments on a stuff article. It appeared to be populated with semi-hysterical young nats who thought that the world would disappear if John Key proved to have screwed up. They appeared to be immune to the idea that PR scrums are not private conversations and politicians shouldn’t say different things away from the cameras gaze to what they are willing to say in front of them.

      Meanwhile I have to echo the sprout. Who is advising Nationals political / media campaign? Melissa Lee?

      I’m getting incredulous at just how inept it is. Various authors around here have been saying for a while that the facade was fragile. But who’d have thought it was quite this easy to shatter once Standard & Poors moved it.

      • ghostwhowalksnz 5.1.1

        They also forget that Key had his chance to rattle of his lines on Trade etc for about 8 minutes before he then refused any other questions to do with his integrity

    • joe90 5.2

      For hilariously disturbing with bells on, PolitiChicks: Gays, Muslims & Gay Muslims…… overwhelming urge to headbut the desk……

  6. ianmac 6

    Absolutely brilliant. Satire Superior!

  7. happynz 7

    I love this line –

    ‘…all he wants is to lie without getting caught. Leave John Key alone!’


    • Tiger Mountain 7.1

      So evocative, a number of women with blond bobs and sunnies (female equiv of comb over) and office minions and contractors with shaved craniums sound just like this. Heh take them off the benefit (WFF in work tax credit) I say.

    • kriswgtn 7.2

      hahha nah the best line

      Youre lucky he even talks to you bastards


      is she the new blanket WoMan????


  8. infused 9

    She’s horrible (voice).

  9. (almost) Friday I’m in love……
    Reminds me of the two obsessed fans in the movie Bob Roberts.
    If you haven’t seen it get it know. It is so like John Key and his campaign.

  10. johnm 11

    Key has certainly got the ladies to suck his…… Maybe no hope for us!

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