Left brain or right brain?

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Apparently most people see the dancer spinning counter-clockwise. If you see her going clockwise you’re possibly right-brain dominant.


12 comments on “Left brain or right brain?”

  1. Lee C 1

    And which part of my brain am I thinking with when I focus only on her boobies?

  2. Robinson 2

    We’re not going to believe you’re a man Lee. No matter how hard to try.

  3. Yeah ok apart for her anatomical appeal, she started spinning anti-clockwise and then changed and now I can only see her spinning clockwise… WTF…

  4. Nih 4

    Apparently I’m right-brain dominant. It took me a couple of minutes to see her spinning in the opposite direction for a moment, now I can’t do it anymore.

    Pattern recognition is a function of intelligence however and both of those columns have it under different names.

  5. Lee C 5

    Robinson, I think you prefer to think I’m a woman you twisted f**K. This is from a man who on his last job application listed ‘Going into chatrooms masquerading as a lesbian’ under the section labelled ‘Hobbies’. Needless to say he didn’t get that job with the Human RIghts Commission…

    PS Right brain people also belive that ‘gullible’ had to be withdrawn from the latest OED, because the term might offend the citizens of Gullston, Pennsylvania.

    And of course that the EFB is a giant leap forward for democracy….

  6. Lee C 6

    Now that’s diss! Amateurs.

  7. You’re going to tell me that if I don’t see her moving at all I have some issues, huh?

  8. Nih 8

    Lee C: My brother is named Lee and our last name begins with C. I’ve assumed you’re really him from the beginning.

  9. Sam Dixon 9

    definitely clockwise/right brain but if i concerntrate on her standing leg, trying to see it as her right leg, the image fips and she’s going anti-clockwise. gives me a headache, though, trying to think like a leftbrainer, bit like trying to think like a rightwinger feels.

  10. Lee C 10


    “gives me a headache, though, trying to think… ”

    yeah we know.

  11. Sam Dixon 11

    Good one Lee C – the height of tory humour

  12. Robinsod 12

    Lee – I’m not sure if This is from a man who on his last job application listed ‘Going into chatrooms masquerading as a lesbian’ under the section labelled ‘Hobbies’ is aimed at me or is your usual self-deprecating humour (a very feminine trait by the way). Alas you’ve left now so I guess I’ll never know, just like I’ll never know if you were serious about dinner. You sexy MILF you.

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