Leggett in Gollins’ pocket too!!!

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It gets worse – another property developer is rattling the tin for Porirua carpetbagger Nick Leggett for Wellington’s mayoralty. Chris Gollins has been asking for donations, with donors having to submit email addresses to nick@gollins.co.nz.

Gollins has form – the Real Estate Institute found him guilty of disgraceful conduct in backdating a sales agreement.

The tribunal said Gollins tried to deceive Price or Foodstuffs to obtain his commission. Attempting to pass off  an agreement signed two years after the event would be considered by members of the public and agents of good standing as disgraceful conduct. The tribunal also found him guilty of unsatisfactory conduct. Commenting on the decision, Gollin said “What I did was dumb, not dodgy.”

Disgraceful was the word the Real Estate Institute used.

It seems Andrew Little might have been right to warn Stuart Nash MP off association with Leggett’s campaign. In my opinion, Wellington ratepayers should also be wary of carpetbagger Nick and his property developer backers.


18 comments on “Leggett in Gollins’ pocket too!!!”

  1. James 1

    Emails addresses to Chris not nick@

  2. swordfish 2

    Property developers ran amok under Thatcherite Prenders’ decade as Wellington Mayor. It’s been a little tougher for them under Wade-Brown and a more Left (and Green)-leaning Council. Obviously, they’ve found their man in Leggett.

    Gollins is pretty high profile (some might say notorious) in Porirua. Apart from the dodgy real estate mentioned in the post (and bear in mind, Leggett worked in commercial real estate in the kapi-mana region for a few years before winning the Mayoralty, so obviously has close ties with Gollins), Gollins is perhaps principally remembered for campaigning (a couple of decades ago) to change Porirua’s name to the particularly bland and soulless “Twin Harbours” because of what he and other upwardly-mobile Whitby types deemed the City’s stigma (and, one suspects, its ethnic connotations). Clearly has a massive sense of entitlement.

  3. CC 3

    This is getting pretty close to dirty politics isn’t it? Could also be a bit of glass houses and stones stuff.
    Mike – are you sure the Lester team and supporters are cleaner than clean? Besides – how does the ‘double dipper of Dipton’s’ part in Jo Coughlan’s campaign rate on your purity scale? It might also help voters who are not happy about subsidising Infratil if you take some time to explain the ethics of Lester’s large hoarding on WIAL land.
    Swordfish – not sure what your evidence is for claiming that developers are being reigned in as that isn’t evident. Just a shuffling of the pack of developers, more subtle smoke and mirrors and less transparency on the part of the administration.

  4. Anne 4

    It might also help voters who are not happy about subsidising Infratil if you take some time to explain the ethics of Lester’s large hoarding on WIAL land.

    Before you start throwing connotations about with abandon CC, you might like to explain what you mean, or better still… link to a photo.

    • CC 4.1

      Anne – you obviously haven’t been to do a pick-up or drop-off at the airport over recent weeks. You can’t miss it. Sorry, I don’t propose to spend an hour going there and back for a photo for you but someone else might oblige.

  5. Chuck 5

    While the purge of moderates may excite the hard left in Labour, the public see it differently…Andrew Little arguing over just how far left a Labour party member has to be.

    It will turn off many potential voters for Labour.

  6. BM 6

    Why does Labour feel the need to shit all over Leggett?

    The guy was a Labour party member and only resigned because of Labour party rules conflicting with his mayoral campaign.

    As an outsider it looks really suss regarding how hard Labour is backing Lester, one has to wonder?, what’s the pay off?

    If I was a Wellingtonian I’d vote Leggat even though he’s a lefty.

    • Enough is Enough 6.1

      I have to agree.

      It a very ugly look how so many people have turned feral on him

    • mickysavage 6.2

      Leggett is not a Labour member and not a lefty. Simple really.

    • Nelson Muntz 6.3

      As usual, smearing someone is ok when the Left does it.

      What are you doing here if you don’t know the rules?

    • DoublePlusGood 6.4

      No, if you were a Wellingtonian, you’d vote Leggat because you know he’s a righty pretending to be a lefty.

    • swordfish 6.5

      Nothing “Lefty” about Leggett. He’s a good Blairite – right up your street, BM.

      And one of his closest chums is Phil Quin – known for attacking Labour at every opportunity in the media (as do all Blairites throughout the Anglosphere when their own particular Labour Party – British / Australian / New Zealand – is being led by a non-Blairite). They are, to all intents and purposes, a highly destructive right-of-centre Entryist group.

      I have no problem with Nats like yourself voting Leggett. But the majority of Wellingtonians remain left-of-centre and I don’t want them being deliberately misled every time Leggett mentions his on-and-off Labour membership.

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