Local Bodies: John the Don and the Family

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This is a re-post of one on the Local Bodies blog by bsprout, originally published there on 30 November 2014.

John the Don and the Family

Head of Dark Ops (Jason Ede)
The Hit Man (Cameron Slater, father John Slater)
Corporate operative  (Carrick Graham, father Doug Graham )
One of the family (Judith Collins)

Slater was then asked what he would do about Collins’ resignation. He said: “I always give back double” and “Judith always gives back double”

You don’t mess with the family!

19 comments on “Local Bodies: John the Don and the Family”

  1. Whateva next? 1

    What about top cop friends of Slater?

  2. Dont worry. Be happy 2

    Need to add in The Enforcers (cops, spooks, pliant judges).

  3. Manuka AOR 3

    NZ – a small island nation where one of the governing elite, effectively “married to the mob”, was until recently the Minister of Justice.

    We urgently need an Independent Commission Against Corruption!

  4. fambo 4

    No need for a horse’s head in the bed of a Hollywood mogul as they are already co-operating

    And New Zealand’s casinos are already owned by the family so no need for a Moe Greene moment

  5. Whateva next? 5

    More like a hobbits head than a horses head in the bed

  6. Manuka AOR 6

    The Crusher pic above should be the one of her holding the gun.

    eg half down this page: http://wheelerscornernz.blogspot.co.nz/2014/04/the-rise-and-fall-of-john-and-judith.html

  7. Oh and the links to the construction industry and the Catholic Church

  8. Marty 8

    Anyone know if Key, Slater and/or his old man etc are masons? It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they’re all part of that dodgy handshake club.

    • Actually I don’t think that the Masons (I know a few) would have anything to do with them, ethics and morality are actually important to them and they actually like helping those less fortunate.

      • adam 8.1.1

        I agree, never met a mason who was a amoral as the NZ right wing leadership.

      • Lan 8.1.2

        Dodgy Masons inhabit senior Local Government elected positions I suggest, from experience.

      • felix 8.1.3

        Don’t know if Key is one, but I know he and John Hayes were presenting scholarships on behalf of them at a ceremony in Wellington a few years ago.

  9. Jones 9

    Key owes his tenure as Prime Minister to the Slater family and the rest of the Auckland mob. That’s why he continues to text and chat with Slater.

    It was John Slater (Cameron’s father) who first approached Key about coming back to NZ to be PM and once Key agreed the pieces were slowly moved to install Key as the leader of the National Party. That fitted nicely with Key’s mates on Wall St who are always on the lookout for good technocrats to do their (“God’s”) work, so he was probably encouraged to do so, in the full knowledge that when his tenure is over and having done good work, a cushy consultant’s job awaits at one of the many big-financial institutions they control… IMF, World Bank, Goldman’s, JP Morgan… maybe even back at the Federal Reserve.

    If it becomes politically expedient to do so, the Auckland mob will ditch him. John Key’s instincts being what they are, he may jump before he’s pushed. If last week is any indication of the next 3 years, the odds on Key lasting the full term just got shorter… why put up with this crap when he could make loads more on Wall St than he ever could as PM? But it’s early days yet and I’ll concede that for Key, being PM was never about the money… it’s about ego.

    I believe the plan was (and may still be) to have Collins succeed Key as leader of the National Party… let’s see how that goes, as PM she would make Margaret Thatcher look like a socialist. Regardless, when Key vacates watch the National Party descend into the same in fighting that we’ve seen from Labour over the last 6 years.

  10. A Voter 10

    Lovely bunch of gangsters, fascists ,Zionists or just complete arseholes who would be better off homeless

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