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When we published the results of our MP survey on John Key’s “we would love to see wages drop” quote last week, we knew that we would not be getting any more responses. The MPs, especially the National ones, would to told in no uncertain terms not to reply by their media people. But there’s one MP who is always a little behind the play and just responded today. Since he made the effort, here is Gordon Copeland’s reply in full:

“I strongly disagree. In fact it will be a core Kiwi Party policy to lift wages in NZ considerably.”

I don’t want to be churlish, but note there is no mention of how the Kiwi Party would actually lift wages, which reminds me of the National responses. The Labour, NZF, Maori, United Future, and Green responses nearly all included some mention of how wages had been and should be lifted, whereas National’s MPs either didn’t say wages should be lifted or offered no detail on how they would lift them.

Maybe National and the Kiwi Party should consider campaigning as an alliance with an appropriate name: ‘The Warm Platitudes Coalition’ maybe? Or ‘The Policy Vacuum Front’? Any more ideas?

14 comments on “Lucky last”

  1. Wilson 1

    Has Gordon Copeland ever been on time for anything?

  2. Matthew Pilott 2

    “the vision of a kiwi party”? taken literally…

  3. burt 3


    Since you linked back to the “changing stories = lies” thread, I’ll drop an update (from yesterday) about the Winston First changing story. As you say, changing stories…

    NZ First donation mystery deepens

    Looks like that Owen Glenn story still has a bit of life left in it yet, can I assume that when the Gleen story concludes you will take the “Key wants to drop wages” fiasco off the respirator?

  4. Steve Pierson 4

    burt. I don’t care whether or not NZF got a one-off six-figure anonymous doantion and whether they know who gave them it. It was perfectly legal at the time for Owen Glenn to give the moeny (if it was him) and it was perfectly legal for NZF to get it. What’s more, the order of magnitude is tiny compared to National’s systematic use of trusts to hide the identifies of the big business men who gave them millions.

    captcha: speak TRADE – captcha must be hanging out for a good left-wing analysis of the FTA with China.

  5. burt 5

    Yes the FTA with China, Lets get that Coal moving – If it’s burnt in China can we pretend that it has no environmental impact while we profit massively from it’s sale or are we responsible for it’s carbon debits because we extracted it from the ground for profit?

  6. Phil 6

    “I don’t want to be churlish”

    Comedic Gold!

  7. Steve Pierson 7

    We aim to please, Phil

  8. Phil 8

    Hey, I’m probably not the only one getting a good laugh out of you and this little crusade.

    I’m not sure what’s funnier, the fact that you keep posting on this, or the fact that many commentators here are getting so angry at the MSM not running with this.

  9. Dale 9

    The dead horse is really really starting to stink.Cant you smell it? Give up while your behind.

  10. burt 10


    It was perfectly legal at the time for Owen Glenn to give the moeny (if it was him) and it was perfectly legal for NZF to get it.

    And the Exclusive Brethren acted entirely within the law at the time of the last election as well. Laws were changed because of their deeds.

    I guess you won’t be resisting National unilaterally amending the electoral funding laws when they next take office to prohibit people who are not tax resident (or enrolled voters) in NZ from donating to political parties. Just remove the amendment put into the EFA by Labour to allow foreigners to fund political parties.

  11. burt 11


    I don’t want to be churlish, but note there is no mention of how the Kiwi Party would actually lift wages, which reminds me of the National responses.

    So how will Labour do it?

  12. Scribe 12

    I hope you choose to title this thread “Lucky Last” because it’s the last time you’ll quote “we would love to see wages drop”.

  13. burt 13


    I think I know why you haven’t answered my question above:

    So how will Labour do it?

    See: Solution to wage-gap in hands of business

    Dr. Cullen has no answer – yet you seem to be insisting that National should have an answer. You are such a looser – you can’t even remember what is posted on your own blog, by you!

    Ha ha ha. Point gun at foot – pull trigger!

  14. randal 14


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