Lunatic prophecies

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Cartoonist Guy Body in The Herald, with one of those pictures that is worth a thousand words…

10 comments on “Lunatic prophecies”

  1. Craig 1

    I’m sorry, but this is *really* unfair to Harold Camping. He’s not a member of a violently ideological governing party that’s destroying New Zealand’s social fabric, relying only on nebulous and unclear contingencies and postulations! He’s far more believable. And he really believed what he said, too.

  2. ianmac 2

    Though I think both Camping and Key/Joyce are laughing at the gullibility of their believers.

  3. ZeeBop 3

    Retaining wealth? How much is it worth to you?
    When a population has little, and loose morals, then it has no need for
    to pay for an army, an army that protects wealth, since the
    population has little to protect and will seize on the opportunity
    of new leadership that might change matters.
    So its quite looney for the shrinking number of very very
    rich people to bag the poor as worthless, they might just start
    believing it and consider ever the most repugnant invader
    acceptable, since they might have the opportunity to be the
    browner class.
    So I ask, how much tax is it worth the supremely rich to retain
    their massive unbalanced wealth?
    Remember this debate, many nations end in civil revolution when
    the elite think they should not pay a fair share.

    Now personally I don’t like communism but geez too listen to the
    right wing in this country they could not care less, goading the
    poor to give up more because they are ‘worthless’ as profit creators.

  4. At least Camping’s followers get to wake up on Monday and find out that none of it was true.

  5. ropata 5

    pulls predictions out of ass based on weird numerology – CHECK
    controlled by shriveled and discredited ideologue – CHECK
    utopia for the chosen few, tribulation and general crappy time for everyone else – CHECK
    cynical use of natural disasters to foment undemocratic mischief – CHECK
    followers not concerned about destruction of the planet – CHECK
    overblown marketing campaign to spread bizarre gospel of self-promotion – CHECK

    Camping = DPF !!


  6. Peter 6

    Love him or hate him Winston gets across the same message as only he can!

    • prism 6.1

      Good link. Winston’s speech is geared to get older people listening and enthused sprinkled with just the right unpleasant financial truths and not asking anything from older people themselves. One day some party will review what contribution we older types can be espected to make instead of seeing us as floating round our gardens, touring around NZ, going to keep-fit classes so we can live longer. Alternatively there is another approach which sees us useless and worn-out but with a halo above our heads which entitles us to decades of welfare with no automatic return of services to the provident country, with that being a matter of choice.

  7. Camping is just another witch doctor, I hope he crawls under the nearest rock. In a way I was hoping for a rapture so that these fundamentalist bigots won’t be on the streets ramming religion down our throats.

    I hope the fundamentalist churches DIE, and Camping is helping that, all he was doing was scaremongering and what has he actually achieved? Can anyone out there answer that?

    The fundamentalist churches are not real religions, they are just tribal mythological cults, who’s witchdoctors maintain their power from manipulating the gullable by criminal means of fear and false hope; ‘Heaven and ‘Hell’.

    When enough people buy into this it gets very ugly and dangerous, hence the cults of Jim Jones in Guyana in the early 70’s. That was an offshoot of a penticostal church in San Francisco.

    Stephen Hawkins believes that there is no afterlife and definately no heaven or hell ‘That is for people who are afraid of the dark’.

    We have a choice evolving the next peacefull millenia’s or going back to the inquisition !!!!!!!

    What will you choose?

    • Pascal's bookie 7.1

      . Religion has always been riddled with charlatans and lunatics, many of whom do very well and attract large followings. Doesn’t make them ‘not real religions’ though. Defining religion is a notoriously tricky business; and ‘real’ is not that much easier to get a grip on.

      “Is God real?” Depends on how you define all three words. God is certainly real in the sense that many many millions of people define their lives in relation to the concept, in the same way that others define theirs in relation to ‘freedom’ ‘justice’ ‘love’ ‘honour’ ‘duty’. Are those things real?

      On this Camping fella, he’s either a fraud or, and I think this more likely, a fearful, misinformed, and confused man. His ideas are certainly easy to mock, and I’ve mocked similar ideas mercilessly.

      Thing is though, right now, his followers are hurting. They may well be ignorant; misled; gullible; none too bright, or some combination of the set. But that doesn’t change the fact that they are going through a very real and significant personal crisis over this. That will include kids who are having to deal with the fact that their parents were/are wrong about something pretty central to their worldview.

      None of them really deserve, on a personal level, the mockery they are going to be getting for the next few days.

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