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Lusk/Slater to run negative Auckland campaign

Written By: - Date published: 3:49 pm, July 15th, 2013 - 58 comments
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According to the tip line the farcical duo of Lusk and Slater will soon be kicking off a large negative campaign against Len Brown. (Apparently John Slater is right-wing candidate John Palino’s campaign manager.)

Recall that Lusk was after big American money trying to interfere in NZ politics. Now Lusk/Slater are going to run an (expensive?) negative campaign. Wonder where the funding will come from?

This is exactly the kind of thing that has turned politics cancerous in the US, and Lusk wants to bring to NZ.

58 comments on “Lusk/Slater to run negative Auckland campaign ”

  1. Anne 1

    Wonder where the funding will come from?

    The American Tea Party? Or maybe our very own Tea Party… the Pakeha Party are going to cough up something too.

    We can look forward to trumped up ‘scandals’ and innuendo about Brown and his fellow Councillor supporters emerging over the next couple of months on the sewer blog site.

    • Rosetinted 1.1

      the Pakeha Party are going to cough up something too.
      Eewwh! Something yellow and smelly maybe.

  2. King Kong 2

    They will be doing it for free just like I can’t imagine the Standards authors are getting paid for the negative campaign they run against John Key.

    Anyone who actually hands cash over to Slater is an idiot. He craves attention, so promising him notoriety is the only currency you need.

  3. Green Viper 3

    Hardly need to trump up anything on Brown. The performance has simply been lacklustre at best..

  4. mickysavage 4

    Do they really think that through their extraordinary powers of bullshirt they can unseat Len?

    This has all the making of the most effective political campaign since the Exclusive Bretheren decided to back Brash in 2005 and look at how that ended …

    • Murray Olsen 4.1

      With Key as PM and Banks in Epsom? Not a bad result for the Exclusive Brethren in the end.

  5. tarkwin 5

    Why would they bother? Brown is a shoo in, not that he’s done a particularly good job but because everyone knows his name. I can’t honestly think of anyone who has a high enough profile to stroll up and take him on. Has anybody in South or West Auckland even heard of john Palino?

    • lprent 5.1

      I keep an eye on local politics and I have no idea who in the hell he is?

      • karol 5.1.1

        It looks like he should just stay in the kitchen.

        What talk show?

        What a joker – keep the intensification in South Auckland? Just another NIMBY.

      • Tim 5.1.2

        You have no idea who the hell ….. etc.
        Who do you mean? I mean who do you mean?
        You have no idea hu da Brown is? …. or da Slator Lusk?

        You could be excused for not knowing hu the “Ladies and Gentlemen ……. heeeeeeeeere’s Lennie” B b b brown,

        But! the famed Lusk and Slator. How could you not notice!

        I’ve been well informed (by reliable sauces) that – Cameron Slator is some pig that’s the result of 3 minutes of pleasure between a ferral couple, and that his bromancer Lusk, together with some other wet nancy boy from Vic Uni law are devoted to ensuring the piece of blubber continues to exist.

        I’ll keep watching NatGeo, History, BBC Knowledge in the hope that there’ll be a definitive explanation for their existence soon

        (There’s got to be a better explanation than this:

        Maybe King Gerry knows)

        • lprent

          John Palino?

          I know who Slater and Lusk are…

          • Tim

            Funny that – someone once suggested I look a lot like him. I think I’m a bit older – so he must look like me.
            But back to it – who the hell is HE, and where did it come from.
            (other than HE being the answer to the question “why is the rest of Nzill so cynical about Auckland”?; or even “why did Leanne Malcolm and other ‘Jaffas’ move to Queenstown – (to get away from it all) – THEN immediately begin to try and create an Auckland of the South”?

      • David H 5.1.3

        Had some crappy TV show saving kitchen businesses around wellington on tv 3 a few years back tried to mimic the American shows folded pretty quickly.

  6. Cactus Kate 6

    I doubt this is happening.
    Well I know it isn’t
    I support Len Brown
    Road tolls and asset sales.
    He’s the best right wing Mayor Auckland has had!!!

    • Marty 6.1

      I wish you were wrong. But his silence during the Ports of Auckland debacle spoke volumes. I’m not surprised Williamson decided not to run. Brown is well and truly captured by the right already.

    • Skinny 6.2

      It took Len a year or so but he worked out when dealing with Central Government it’s better making the right noises, like his 10 year plan for Auckland. Eventually his tactic’s made the National Government look clueless & quite stupid, after their monumental turn around on the City rail loop. Oh those quotes of Joyce, Brownelee & co are golden, hope Len uses some of those video clips in his mayoral campaign, I would imagine it will turn a few swing voters away from National in disgust. Nice try Kate, all be it a rather churlish attempt to paint Len as something he is not.

       Lenny is wily old fox who will out smart any light weight, right wing challengers not a problem.

  7. tinfoilhat 7

    Despite being utterly hopeless Len Brown could sleep walk to victory.

  8. irascible 8

    I await Duncan Garner tweetering about the leaks coming from these two practising fallaciors as being gospel truths.

    • McFlock 8.1

      He’s heard that Gower has a letter that says Len Brown will be pilloried in council tomorrow. Espiner doesn’t want to feel left out, so made up is predicting that Brown could well be pilloried sometime in the next six months.

      • Tim 8.1.1

        …. one of Hooten’s talking points too for next week’s NinetoNoon. His ‘reliable sauces’ will then be Garner and Espiner, after planting the notion in a Tory Boy MP’s sconce – and all made more credible by a Mike Williams chipping in with a ” I tend to agree with Mathew “.

        Clip the ticket, … move on, … next

      • Tim 8.1.2

        …. one of Hooten’s talking points too for next week’s NinetoNoon. His ‘reliable sauces’ will then be Garner and Espiner, after planting the notion in a Tory Boy MP’s sconce – and all made more credible by a Mike Williams chipping in with a ” I tend to agree with Mathew “.

        Clip the ticket, … move on, … next

    • David H 8.2

      Yeah I too await the next installment from Garners rather limited imagination. Was a giggle when he got screwed up over the non existent letter. When is Media works going to have a clean out of it’s supposed political Journo’s?

  9. BJ 9

    Cactus Kate’s right, Brown is a right wing mayor through and through. Negative campaign against him might give Minto a little more traction. Go for it Whaleoil.

  10. Yes 10

    Will at least Len Brown was elected not like most of the MP’s in Parliament

    • QoT 10.1

      I’m so sorry that you have no idea how New Zealand elections work.

      • Yes 10.1.1

        List MPs are not directly elected. Len brown is…why can’t you work that out?

        • Draco T Bastard

          Two things:
          1.) There are more electorate seats in parliament than list seats
          2.) The people on the list were also directly elected

        • felix

          “List MPs are not directly elected.”

          Voting forms in NZ do indeed allow you to directly elect the people on a party’s list.

          If you were given a form without such facility it is your duty to report this to the police as you have obviously fallen victim to an electoral fraud.

          They’ll probably ask you a few basic questions to determine whether you’re a moron, so be prepared and get a good sleep before you go in.

        • framu

          so who were you VOTING for when you filled out the party VOTE bit of your electoral form you cretin?

          or did you think it was a lucky dip and you would get a prize or something?

  11. dumrse 11

    I’m gob smacked anybody would think there is a problem with trying to unseat Brown. That said, you Jaffa’s deserve every bit of him and long may he rein for you.

    • Anne 11.1

      I didn’t know Len Brown was into racehorses.

      • lprent 11.1.1

        Nah, just an incorrect handle – I’m sure it was meant to be “horses_arse” rather than dumb_arse

      • Rosetinted 11.1.2

        Well some instructions on horse training using lunging might be useful for reining in Len Brown or other recalcitrant ma(yo)res.
        Thanks to wikihow.
        “Lunging, sometimes known as longing, is a very useful training tool. When lunging a horse,the handler in a circle. The handler controls the horse by using aids that ask the horse to move faster or slower, bend on a circle or move closer to or farther away from you.

        Aids include your voice, the lunge rope, and your body language. By lunging your horse, you are given the ability to watch it from the ground, so you can monitor its movement, soundness and natural frame. Lunging before a ride can decrease the inherent risk of riding a hot horse, therefore increasing your safety. However, lunging incorrectly can be very dangerous for both you and your horse.”

  12. Rosetinted 12

    I read your comment and got the bit between my teeth. Must stop horsing around.

    • Anne 12.1


    • lprent 12.2

      I’m sure she won’t try to goad you further. Of course it could just spur you to greater efforts, or rein you in.

      (ever think about how much of the horsey language is about inflicting violence on the organic motor bikes)

  13. mickysavage 13

    The one comment I have from the headline is do they know how to run a positive campaign?

    • lprent 13.1

      Well they have been running that long brownnose campaign attempting to lift Judith Collins… I keep worrying that they will stress the dummy, break the inadequate stitching and spill a godawful mess in public. The ‘Crusher’ debacle was bad enough. Still only one pre-stripped car so far I think?

      • Colonial Viper 13.1.1

        Does that include the wrong car they took to crush?

        • lprent

          Nah – they never crushed that one…

          While I’m sure that her PR people/fanBoyZ will rush to cleanse such allegations off of her wikipedia pages as being “defamatory”, it is pretty well documented. Presumably they take this silly action based on Collin’s own rather pathetic attempted and failed redefinitions of the local laws of defamation.

          I really have to ask if anyone in her office has ever read up on the laws of defamation in NZ because they all seem to know fuckall about the topic. Mind you anything she touches seems to reek of a thoughtless and ill-informed stupidity, especially her fanBoyZ and her boorishly dumb twittering. Seems designed for the tragically short attention spans of some of our esteemed brat pack of journos in Parliament, but when you read it as a whole looking for coherent thinking, it is clear she is a weak flashlight rather than a laser.

  14. David H 14

    Slater and Lusk Don’t you mean Dumb and Dumber? or even Beavis and Butthead.

  15. tracey 15

    Its funny how those that bash the vulnerable the most dont seem to generate anything if value to society themselves.

  16. tracey 16

    Its funny how those that bash the vulnerable the most dont seem to generate anything if value to society themselves.

  17. tracey 17

    Its funny how those that bash the vulnerable the most dont seem to generate anything if value to society themselves.

  18. Winston Smith 18

    When I saw the headline I thought it said: Left to run negative campaign again

  19. Sable 19

    Yep the far right are bad for this country, no secret there.

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