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So I have an opponent now: Maggie Barry.

She’s found the ‘lovely electorate’ she was casting about for.  And I congratulate and welcome her to this side of the bridge.

However, it might be polite if kiwiblog, whale oil, the young Nats and even the New Zealand Herald didn’t all take North Shore voters so much for granted – it’s nice to assume they’ll have some say before pronouncing she’ll be an MP on November 26.

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  1. Deadly_NZ 1

    Christ it’s like Eeenee meenee minee mo ill have that one!

  2. happynz 2

    OK, I know she was a TV presenter on a gardening show, but other than that, I know nothing about her. What’s her take on the issues of the day?

  3. ron 3

    Maggie came through radio (started in the Wairarapa I believe) eventually ending up on 9-Noon on RNZ National. Did she ever do Morning Report?

    She was an astute and informed presenter/interviewer but had a fair bit of the “jolly hockey sticks” about her.

    She’s made a career for herself out of gardening and good on her.

    I was surprised to hear her standing for the Tories. Most people in her position who have had an opportunity to interview pollies and base their angles on facts rather than blind ideology tend to sit a little further to the left.

    But Maggie has been oit of that loop a long time, spending time in rich people’s gardens. And, as I say, their was always a little of the silver spoon about her.

  4. Rainer 4

    Ben, our assumption that Maggie will be the next MP for North Shore is not taking the North Shore for granted. Quite the opposite, it’s a mark of our confidence in their intelligence.

  5. North 5

    Maggie Barry aye………what a farce New Zealand politics has become !

    Get yourself on the telly and once you’re a household name in connection with gardening or whatever irrelevant pursuit else then ipso facto – “I believe I have a great deal to offer…….”.

    Will anyone give me odds on the next “I’m on the telly blah blah blah……” being the perspiring, hectoring, “Bloody bloody bloody” Paul Holmes. Or maybe the lispy Guyon (“I’ll tell you what ya gotta think……”) Espiner.

    God Save Us !

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      I knew she was a fraking NAT when she was on National Radio. Right wingers love to co-opt the media, and are better at it.

      • Tel 5.1.1

        Kathryn Ryan’s interview of New Zealand’s leading social fruitfly John (when the economy picks up) Key earlier this year sounded like working at Nine to Noon is a rebound job, while she awaits a career in National Party politics.

      • sweetd 5.1.2

        Chris Fafoi and Fran Mold. Short term memory issues CV?

  6. Ron 6

    She said: ‎”As I have travelled around this electorate I sense the community understands National’s plan to grow the economy, to start living within our means as a country, deliver enduring jobs, and build the critical infrastructure to future proof New Zealand and our region.”

    If she was still on 9-Noon she’d hopefully herself “So – what exactly has this government done to grow the economy and future proof NZ? Isn’t it actually true that they’ve done sweet f.a.”
    Ok – she probably wouldn’t say “f.a”

  7. Anne 7

    She said: ‎”As I have travelled around this electorate I sense the community understands National’s plan to grow the economy, to start living within our means as a country, deliver enduring jobs…

    Well. I have news for you sweetheart. I’ve lived on the Shore for many years (unlike sweetheart) and I am in a position to hear the thoughts of quite a lot of the inhabitants. I do not “sense” much understanding of National’s plan to grow the economy. To the contrary, most are bewildered by the fact there is no plan and never has been – apart from tax cuts for their wealthy mates.

    Sock it to her Ben.

    • Jim Nald 7.1

      ”As I have travelled around this electorate I sense the community understands National’s plan to grow the economy for themselves, to start living within our means as a country closing the gap with the third world, deliver enduring con jobs…”

  8. Bored 8

    Photogenic Maggie. Nowadays the photo op is King, votes come from 3 seconds on TV and Womens Day photos. It must be a Tory trait, first he Royals have improved the looks by adding Lady Di and Kate Middleton to the gene stock, now the Nats add a floral display of a lady to the grey drabness of their ranks. We ugly buggers will never be able to make it, all our substance and intellect wasted. Woe is us.

  9. RobC 9

    Pity she’s not standing a bit further north. There she could help the locals grow a pumpkin for a bit less than $317,000 😀

  10. todd 10

    She could’ve shown us how to dig a bottomless pit to throw all our money in, if National hadn’t done that already. They’ve been so proficient at digging this country further into an economic grave that the hole goes all the way to China, who will own us if we’re not careful. Maggie’s Garden could have a special segment on how Climate Change is good for your vegetables, being that National are doing nothing to reduce our CO2 emissions. I wounder how she sleeps at night, knowing that John Key and co are defecating all over her daffodils.

  11. richard bartlett 11

    Oh Maggie, I wish I’d never seen your face………..

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