Maori Party ambushed

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As ACT is busy self destructing, more tensions between the Nats and its other supporters, the Maori Party, are bubbling to the surface. As reported (hat tip gobsmacked in comments) by Radio Waatea:


Associate social welfare minister Tariana Turia says the Maori Party did not see details of the welfare reforms before they were announced last week.

Mrs Turia says with many Maori out of work and whanau struggling to cope, it’s not the right time to be overhauling the system. She had no chance to object to measures such as making solo parents look for part time work as soon as their youngest child turns six. ‘They came out and then we asked to see them, they were sent over to us. We didn’t agree with the way they were couched,’ Mrs Turia says.

She was upset by Welfare Minister Paula Bennett’s statement the dream is over for many beneficiaries, as being on a benefit was anything but a dream.

Turia is also saying:

Turia: Time wrong for benefit reform

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says it’s the wrong time in the economic cycle to radically overhaul the benefit system.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett this week unveiled more active management of long-term beneficiaries, rigorous assessment of sickness beneficiaries, and a requirement domestic purposes beneficiaries seek work once their youngest child is six. Mrs Turia, who is Ms Bennett’s associate minister, says it’s a dangerous set of changes.

The Minister and the Associate Minister are at odds. So is this the issue where the Maori Party will draw a line in the sand, rediscover its principles, and finally start representing its people? Ummm – No. Radio NZ reports:

Mrs Turia says as associate minister she will vote for the legislation, but her colleagues might vote against it.

How long can this sort of thing go on? As long as the Nats keep delaying any decision on the foreshore and seabed I guess.

27 comments on “Maori Party ambushed”

  1. peter 1

    Babes in the wood…

  2. tc 2

    The co-jellyfish leaders are at it again…bet my spines more invisible than yours na na na na

  3. BLiP 3

    Very mana enhancing, ain’t it?

    • Kezia 3.1

      Why do you say that? Do you think the term ‘mana enhancing’ isn’t a legitimate thing to say? If the Maori Party had used a term that didn’t encompass a Maori word to describe their relationship with the National Party, would you still use it against them? Oppose their actions all you like – but this kind of jibe is skirting too close to racism for my liking.

      • BLiP 3.1.1

        The maori party entered into its relationship with National Ltdâ„¢ to enhance its mana – that was the stated goal at the time. Trouble is, the relationship has been far from mana enhancing; in fact, its been the opposite. The only racism here is coming from you.

  4. Lanthanide 4

    Apparently the foreshore stuff is coming out tomorrow:

    They’re lucky that tomorrow is the 31st, and not the 1st.

  5. I have made a number of comments regarding the Maori Party ,and I’m still not only confused but concerned at what is happening . If they do not implode soon then Maori are in for a bad time.What the hell are they playing at? National is treating them with utter contempt yet still no protest .This from the group who organized the succesful march on parliament that helped to bring about Labour’s defeat. In my opinion to their disgrace. Now they are reduced to a cringing shadow of the original party who if they had arranged a deal with their natural partners Labour would have immensely improved their living standards. They have now allowed themselves to become a cowardly disgrace to their supporters and Maoridom .

  6. Lew 6

    As Lanthanide says, the government isn’t exactly dragging their feet on the FSA, and so far the process has been robust and transparent.

    It’s bad news, though: Turia has to be against these measures as well, just like Sharples apparently is with regard to National Standards. This is the problem with being in government, as opposed to maintaining an arm’s length relationship supporting the government, as the Greens did through Labour’s time.


    • Bright Red 6.1

      transparent? yeah right. secret meetings with the Iwi Leadership Group, still no hint to the public of what the deal will be.

      • Lew 6.1.1

        I’m talking about the Review Panel and its process and findings. The public consultation on a replacement is yet to begin.


  7. I went to the job summit in Whanganui and watched in disbelief as Tariana got a standing ovation from the businessmen in the room as she waddled to the front. She seemed bemused, almost embarrassed, at the response from a group of pakeha suits who have for years loudly oppose her on everything she believes in regarding the advancement of Maori, nationally and in the region.

    It was a cringeworthy moment, but probably an apt reflection of what she and her colleagues had done; they sold out their principles and cheaply at that. The suits were applauding not because of who Turia is or purports to represent, but because she was now one of them. They knew that Key played the Maori party hacks for suckers, but I’m not sure that Turia gets it, even now.

    And I’m still keen to know if its true that the Maori Party were given the choice of seats on the Soopercity or rugby on Maori TV and chose the latter, not realising that it would not be exclusive to MTV and therefore of little value. Anybody know?

    • Lanthanide 7.1

      Why on earth would a political party ever choose a short term deal like rugby on maori television over a long-lasting deal that would actually affect people’s lives like having maori seats on the supercity?

      Obviously there was never a tradeoff between rugby on TV and seats on a council, because the council option would surely have won.

      • That’s why I’m asking, Lanthanide. It makes no sense to me that the Maori Party would choose short term glory over long lasting results, but that seems to be exactly what they’ve done on every issue where they’ve had a choice. It may not actually be true, but it seems consistent with their failures in other negotiations with the Nats. If anyone can confirm or deny it, I’m all ears.

        Anti-spam: corrupt. Spooky or what!?

    • were you one of the “pakeha suits who have for years loudly oppose her on everything she believes in regarding the advancement of Maori, nationally and in the region.” or were you there for another reason Reason?

  8. And on RNZ news earlier this afternoon.
    John Key & Paula Bennett. “Tariana and the Maori Party has been kept fully informed”
    Translation, Tariana is a a big fat liar. Hows that f0r Mana Enhancing.

  9. ambushed yet 4 are voting against – that is very mana enhancing indeed – well done maori party

  10. Lindsay 10

    Don’t you think that under whanau ora Maori will be making their own rules anyway? Turia is against work-testing single parents but voting for it. She has bigger plans afoot.

  11. tc 11

    One thing’s obvious to me the MP is the maori division of the national party not a party in its own right with a set of policies and outcomes it sticks to…….I don’t agree with it but I’ll vote for it….FFS how sold out can you get and I bet no-one in the msm calls her on being in the loop and claiming otherwise as sideshow and basher stated on RNZ.

    Gotta hand it to the nat’s…..the easiest 5 votes they’ll ever blag……credit where it’s due.

    • Lew 11.1

      TC, given that four out of five are apparently opposed and will probably vote against, how do you square that?


  12. gingercrush 12

    Oh Lew the left are still bitter because they thought the Maori Party was a very left-wing party. Which is why SP and all the rest prior to the election predicted that the Maori Party would never go with the National. The fact they did means they are betrayers.

    Its the same old, same old. Though I do find the Maori Party weird.

  13. Ron 13

    The Maori Party are getting everything they deserve. They went with the Tories. .
    Yes it did surprise many of us and many of us said before the election that if they went with the Tories it would be the end of them. It’s the end of them. idiots.

    • Lew 13.1

      It’s not the end of them yet. The Foreshore and Seabed Act replacement discussion document is being released today. That issue’s the peg they’ll hang their reputation on. Jilted honkey Marxists might not like it, or care about that issue, but that’s not the contituency which matters in those five (seven) seats.

      I agree there are problems with consistency and adherence to principle. Just that they’re not fatal wounds, and there’s a lot to play out yet.


  14. tc 14

    Yup fair point Lew, will get back to you as I thought mostly the block of 5 carries with most of them not having to be there so face saved by individual members but their vote’s still used by those left sitting in the house who form the party quorum….TBA unless I’m beaten to it by those more knowledgable on parliamentary process.

  15. Thomas 15

    Your’re right Turia, it’s not the right time for benefit reforms….never the right time for that eh haha
    Seriously though, what gets to me is that Paula Bennett conceded that cutting benefits is to save the National government money, then a short time later I see that National is extending MP’s travel privileges to include their kids as well,
    So National is going to clobber those in society that can least afford it, & increase the good life for those that can most afford it, but aint this so typical of these one term National governments though….so Turia & her party needs to pull the plug on National as fast as.

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