McCully backs down – for now

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Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully says “we don’t need to have winners and losers here” but he has had to bow to the decision of the ARC to keep at least one of the sheds on Queen’s Wharf.

While this may appear to be a change to the construction of “Party Central” it is still possible that the wharf could still become a parking structure for the cruise ship behemoths instead a unique and picturesque public space on Auckland’s waterfront.

When the ARC ceases to exist in a few months the plans could be changed by the new authority responsible for the wharf.

Following the election of Barack Obama, politicians the world over sensed the call for negotiated practical solutions and an end to bitter partisan squabbling by elected officials. However, New Zealand politicians, like those in the US, have of late returned to “wallowing in the mire”. Friday’s decision is in keeping with that “wind of change” but this cynical voter doubts we could be so lucky.

William Joyce

9 comments on “McCully backs down – for now”

  1. comedy 1

    “Following the election of Barack Obama, politicians the world over sensed the call for negotiated practical solutions and an end to bitter partisan squabbling by elected officials”

    Are you drunk ?

    • Marty G 1.1

      substantive critiques or go back to bed.

    • William Joyce 1.2

      You’re right, I did over state the case (tho you could have challenged what I said with more grace – play the ball not the player and all that).
      I did notice there was a change in tone from politicians here, across the Tasman and in Britain, when they saw which way the wind was blowing. However, it was naive of me not to think this change through – politics/elections are by their nature partisan and the politicians (Obama included) always promise heaven on earth knowing that it’s more than they can ever deliver. That’s the nature of elections.
      Still, I don’t think it wrong to state my expectation that politicians, once all the hoopla of the elections are over, put aside ego, self-interest and adopt the role of servants to the people and aim to work together to achieve some good.
      Looking for Utopia? – I don’t think so.
      Banging my head against the wall? – Probably.
      Going to be disappointed? – Most likely.
      But still I’ve said it and tried to let them know what I expect. Perhaps others some day will also join the chorus.
      *he said reaching for another bourbon – the ultimate breakfast food!*

  2. ghostwhowalksnz 2

    What about the solution that there is no party central – nanny state if there ever was one.
    The public wants the $30 mill spent on more important issues, ie not the RWC.
    Why is it every piddling little ‘event’ seems to want to wallow in public money.
    The so called benefits are all bullshit. Hotels/motels and bar owners can live or die like panelbeaters or flour mills.
    Why are these ‘events’ so special, oh yeah the pollies get free tickets.

    • vto 2.1

      You make a good point mr ghost. “Events” are today overblown and imo the public is no longer as enthralled with them. They are simply a commodity today and I think the public are becoming a little jaded, especially as almost all events are participated in by fully-blown professionals – which further turns people off – why should my hard-earned tax and ratepayer dollars go to supporting other business people??????

      • Tigger 2.1.1

        Yes, this has a stink of ‘you shall party here and have a good time while doing it’. It’s clearly Key’s idea of a party but he seems unaware that you cannot dictate people to enjoy themselves.

        The commoditisation around Slug Central will be interesting – what will be the price to sell your wares at the event?

        • loota

          Another chance for Jonkey and his mates to sit in the VIP section and get served.

        • spot


          …or you could take a look at the bid for RWC 2011, what the Govt of the day and and RU pitched for and guaranteed, examine the business/profit drivers of RWC Ltd, the operation of its commercial partner IMG and in turn their committments to majors sponsors like Heineken…

          …or yeah, it could just be John Key on the p*ss with the boys….

    • William Joyce 2.2

      Personally, I don’t give a tinker’s cus about Party Central. It’s a contractual obligation that follows from hosting the RWC (a whole other debate). Once you decide to host then you’ve got to take the whole package.
      What I don’t like is the unecessary destruction of heritage (shabby tho the shed is in its current state) in the name of making a buck or impressing tourists. Not when it is possible to do both.
      Just because Murray doesn’t have the imagination to see what that space could be for the people does not mean the everything has to be bulldozed.
      Alain De Bouton makes an interesting point with regard to our experimentation with modern architecture is that in the face of ubanisation, and the other ills of the modern world, detroying the old architecture and structures to replace them with boxes of steel and glass leaves us with no sense of belonging, of our roots, of community, of continuity, of human expression. We become dislocated form our own environment.
      Even if it is just the retention of the facades and a more practical structure is built that includes and acknowledges what went before.
      The creation of a people-friendly, event-friendly, public space on the waterfront is the future of urban development. In in so many countries it is the present and still attracts tourists (if that is your commercial aim). Look at Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, London etc.

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