Meet Nanaia and Andrew in West Auckland this weekend

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Labour West are hosting an event this weekend where you can meet two of the Labour leadership candidates:

Meet Nanaia Mahuta and Andrew Little

5pm to 7pm Saturday 1 November

Ghazal restaurant, Glen Eden

An invite for westies to meet with Andrew Little and Nanaia Mahuta and chat with them about their aspirations for the Labour Party and what they want to achieve if they become leader.

Facebook event details here.

The West Auckland husting is a week and a half later, on 10 November at the Massey High School Performing Arts Centre. Facebook event here.

40 comments on “Meet Nanaia and Andrew in West Auckland this weekend”

  1. Clemgeopin 1

    The Facebook links do not work. Says, ‘This content is currently unavailable’

  2. AmaKiwi 2

    Here’s a link to a map showing the location of Ghazal restaurant at 9/5 Captain Scott Rd. in Glen Eden. Heaps of free parking in the public car park.

  3. vto 3

    A white middle class male unionist

    And a brown upper class female socialist

    fuck me that is going to be hard work…. as dave brown said just the other day ….

    despite the goodness of what they say and do

    they have my full support – go hard and fast

  4. les 4

    are these two a ‘ticket’ now to counter Robertson/Ardern?Who can be Parkers dance partner?

    • Manuka - Ancient Order of Rawsharks 4.1


    • Skinny 4.2

      Slippery Phil Tyford is positioning himself for the deputy roll with both Parker and Robertson. Remembering Phil was at Robertson side at a number of Husting meeting last time. I don’t really rate him and wouldn’t trust him either, far too sneaky.

      • Karen 4.2.1

        His name is Twyford and he refused to say who he would vote for during the last candidate election, but he was with Grant when the results were announced, so I assume he did support him.

        However I don’t think this is the case this time round. He stood with David Cunliffe on election night and was with Little last Monday. At no stage has he bad mouthed Cunliffe as far as I am aware, and I think he has been an excellent transport and housing spokesperson.

        I wish there were more like Phil Twyford in the Labour caucus.

        • Skinny

          Ok correction Twyford. Well I’m not as generous as you in reference to his spokesperson roles. Transport he is mediocre, a slight improvement on Shane Jones, however he plays second fiddle to Genter who is very good. Housing Phil comes across as smarmy. I recall he got totally dealt to on Q&A a while back.

          Let’s be clear Phil was never Cunliffe’s friend. He is merely running his only self interest campaign. Would not trust him not to run a knife through anyone’s shoulder blades. Phil is hovering around both Parker & Little. Robertson has made it clear he is looking to mop up soft membership votes. It also shows Grant doesn’t rate him as leadership material.

          • Karen

            Agree that Genter is much better than anybody in parliament on transport, including Phil.
            Don’t agree that Phil is smarmy, and I thought he did very well against Nick Smith on Q & A. He may not be a friend of Cunliffe’s but he is not an ABC and has behaved much better than most in caucus.

            • Skinny

              Ok yes I agree Karen bit critical on my part. Phil is not the enermy and is pretty good all round.

              Be interested in hearing what Phil U thinks? He tends to be able to critique Labour MP’s fairly accurately. Come in for comment Phil.

        • Anne

          Agree with you Karen. I have never heard Phil utter a bad word about anyone.

          He stood with David Cunliffe on election night…

          Which, I’m sorry to say, is more than Deputy, David Parker did.

    • felix 4.3


  5. Darien Fenton 5

    Has Labour West invited all candidates?

    • Darien Fenton 5.1

      I ask because I am a Westie.

      • mickysavage 5.1.1

        Grant has had a meeting out west already. David Parker is holding a meeting at the Polish Society in Sandringham at the same time as this meeting.

        • Darien Fenton

          Andrew also had a meeting “out west” last week. They were meetings in Te Atatu.

      • Not a PS Shark Sashimi 5.1.2

        Why don’t you organise one Darien?

        You have been bery busy organising for Grant. Have you tried to arrange meeting in the West?

        How is the North Shore going?

        • Darien Fenton

          I’m allowed to support whoever I think is the best candidate. Or at least, I thought I was in the Labour Party. I have voted for all four. There is a North Shore meeting this weekend if you want to come.

    • redfred 5.2

      Darien, I saw you on the telly dragging grant around an sfwu site against the wishes of the sfwu executive. Did you invite the other candidates?

      • Skinny 5.2.1

        I heard Darien got Grant over the line with the servo’s. I bet she is smitten about that, it gave me a chuckle actually. It’s a very close fight between Grant & Andrew and every vote is going to count. I am easy on who wins and will do my bit when required. May even give my fancy a real hand with a nice crack at National when they come to town during the Husting roadshow.

      • Darien Fenton 5.2.2

        Not true Skinny. SFWU have made the principled decision not to endorse any candidate and are the only union who are allowing their members to cast their own votes at meetings. Their views will be mixed.

      • Darien Fenton 5.2.3

        I’m a Life Member, and taking Grant to meet a couple of North Shore Hospital delegates who I have known for more than 25 years is hardly the crime of the century. If other candidates want me to do the same, they should ask. None have.

  6. Sirenia 6

    I hope someone asks him about his wish to overturn policy that is democratically elected by the party. Party members should be very worried about this. This is how Rogernomics happened.

  7. Chooky 7

    I like Andrew Little’s letter of introduction to all Labour Party members…He sounds genuine and modest and ethical

    ( also like the picture of Buddy the cat reaching out for Andrew Little in the official photo)..I cant reproduce this unfortunately

    ( I hope he and Nanaia Mahuta become leaders of the Labour Party)

    Dear Labour Party Member

    While I’ve been out on the campaign trail I’ve had a few questions about who I am and what my background is so I thought I’d send an email to provide a few answers to those questions.

    I was born and raised in New Plymouth. That’s why I’ve kept running there instead of seeking a safe Labour seat, even though New Plymouth almost always returns a Government MP. It’s my hometown.

    I was a student politician, first as President of the Victoria University students’ association and then as NZUSA President in 1988 while I studied law, philosophy and public policy,

    I’ve always believed in justice – and hated injustice. That’s why, when I left university, I went for a job at the Engineers’ Union, using my legal training to help working Kiwis get a fair go.

    In 1997 I became the organisation’s chief legal counsel and developed and oversaw the legal strategy for negotiations with some of New Zealand’s largest corporates.

    In 2000, I became the union’s national secretary. I knew the organisation needed a shake-up – it needed to modernise so it could deal with the post-Employment Contracts Act world we were living in.

    In response to this I rolled out a project to bring all the parts of the organisation together, with a common purpose. I broke down the regional silos and built up our campaigning and public engagement and our internal democracy. This made the EPMU into a powerful force in New Zealand’s industrial relations. To this day it’s one of the strongest unions in the country.

    In that time I led the 5 in ’05 campaign, which delivered real wage growth not just for union members but to workers across many different industries. I worked with Air New Zealand management and frontline engineers to stop a plan to outsource their work overseas. That campaign kept hundreds of highly skilled and well paid jobs in New Zealand.

    I still maintain strong relationships with many of the businesses – small and large – who I worked with during that time.

    Then I turned to Labour Party politics. I became the party’s President in 2009 and oversaw significant change in the Party’s business operations. This has given me really strong insight into the way our Party is run, and what still needs to be done.

    In 2011 I was elected as a list MP, and I’ve spent my time in Parliament as our Labour Spokesperson fighting for Kiwis’ rights at work including the current fight against the government’s rolling back of rights to meal breaks and collective bargaining.
    As our Justice spokesperson I have fought for the victims of sexual violence. In all of my work as an MP I have been guided by two basic principles – justice and fairness. And yes, I did once dance Gangnam Style.

    Outside of politics, I’m a family man. I live in Island Bay, Wellington, with my wife Leigh, our son Cam, Harry the dog and the famous Buddy the cat.

    I believe I have the skills, life experience and strength to make a real change for the Labour Party. And Labour has to change if we’re going to win in 2017 and take New Zealand back from the mean-spirited individualism of the National Party. That’s why I’m running for Labour leader, and that’s why I’m asking for your first preference in this important vote.

    Andrew Little

    PS: If you haven’t already, please help make a stand against National’s attack on New Zealanders’ right to a tea-break at work by signing our petition:

    Get in touch with me online:


  8. paddy 8

    I’d put Little 1 and Mahuta 2. As a duo they would win in 2017

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