Mining secret agenda emerging

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It’s becoming clear that National had their policy to mine on protected land all planned before the election and hid the truth from the public because they feared it would make them unelectable.

Both Gerry Brownlee and John Key have admitted pre-election meetings with the mining industry took place but have not elaborated on what was discussed. Mining sources are saying that National was very keen on the idea of mining on Schedule 4 land. The excuse from National, that they couldn’t have formed such a policy before becoming government, is crap – the presence of mineral deposits on the selected land was well known and Glass Earth has been doing exploratory work to get a better fix on what is there for several years.

There’s nothing wrong with starting a new policy in reaction to new events during a government’s term but this is something else, they appear to have deliberately kept the public in the dark on a core policy so that it wouldn’t be an election issue.

National needs to front up with the records of their pre-election discussions with the mining industry. Labour should challenge them to come clean in the House today.

12 comments on “Mining secret agenda emerging”

  1. Ianmac 1

    Good stuff Marty. Maybe it should be connected with the Election suggestion that John Key had a hidden agenda?

  2. Bunnykinz 2

    Oh, you guys are such spoil-sports. You’re blowing the surprise! This was going to be like an episode of “Extreme Makeover : Mining Edition”, where they take us on trip to Westfields while they dig up all the crap, and leave all New Zealand with a spiffing new patio, or BBQ area, or something. ‘Cause according to Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson, they are going to leave it “in a better condition than we got it”.

    Trust her, it will be like they say on TV, “Wow! It’s so different! You almost wouldn’t recognise it as Schedule 4 conservation land!” (Okay, they’ve never actually said that, but give Brownlee, Wilkinson, and Key time, believe me, they will).

  3. Peter Johns 3

    just like labour hid the ACC accounts before the 2008 election.
    We are a fucked country as Labour/Greens is the alternative.

  4. tc 4

    Add it to a list of issues they deceived the electorate about but unlike others this one is a powder keg if handled properly by labour could blow their lying butts out of office……step up phil, leave the economy to cunliffe, energy to parker etc etc and take sideshow john on in the house and outside… is the hour.

  5. Jim Nald 5

    Is this like a case of exclusive mining brethren?

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    Definitely a part of the hidden agenda that the Nats have. All the rest such as selling off our assets are still there just deferred while they prepare them for sale (make them seem worth less than they are).

  7. sunny 7

    Now I know this is not mining, but it does sort of think to Draco T Bastard’s post about selling off assets and it does sort of smell fishy…The ODT ran a story today (30th March) about the buy up of NZ farms by overseas companies (taking advantage of ‘the indebtedness of some NZ farmers’ a la Crafer farms.) Advising one group and assisting with purchase, divestment and overall business strategy decisions is an ‘unnamed’ group of people one of whom the ODT stated is a former prime minister. ‘Access to water is a key consideration’ the article stresses for these big foreign companies. Now that ‘former prime minister’ would never be Shipley would it? Rumoured to be in line for allocating Canterbury’s water….

  8. Mining shares!Mining shares and more mining shares .Mostly overseas owned by overseas business .Except of course those in secret trusts ,with you know who!. Plus Crosby/Textor and the USA Republican dominated International Democrat Union. Then of course Lord, Bloody, Michael Ashcroft!. Well that’s what its all about .It would be interesting to find out how much overseas owned mining money went into the Nats election funds.Lets those who who are able delve deeply.

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