Minister flees from journos

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We’re used to Key and his ministers hiding from their duties. Now one of them has taken it to a new level.

Journos wanted to ask Pacific Affairs Minister Georgina Te Heuheu about the rumours her ministry is getting the chop. At the sight of them, Te Heuheu ran away. Fran Mold reportedly said she’d never seen anything like it. Dodging the issue is one thing. But actually running away?

For some reason a minister literally fleeing the media didn’t make the grade for ‘news’.

Fair enough I guess. It’s not like it was a homophobic dog-whistling* personal smear on a small time porn blog. Now, that would have got Te Heuheu on front page.

Or maybe not. Standards are different for National. We all know that.

*(Gotta love that ACT woman saying Chauvel wouldn’t know what it’s like to have a young family. A variation of the line the Right used to use on Clark. In fact, Chauvel has a four year old son. I know! A gay with a kid! Carter and Hague have children too. What a world!)

13 comments on “Minister flees from journos”

  1. Jim Nald 1

    In search of a minister being upfront and fronting up !

  2. lprent 2

    That is pretty freaking weird

  3. Jack 3

    On the Chauvel story. Apart from the ridiculous beatup, is anyone amazed at the poor quality of the 3 News piece? I haven’t watched too much NZ news lately but is this really the quality of the journalism?

    “But in politics there is an old saying never work with children or animals. For Mr Chauvel, he may want to extend that to include never sitting close to them either.”

    That is just an incredibly stupid misuse of an old showbiz adage in a misguided attempt to bring a clever close to the piece.

    • Marty G 3.1

      yeah, patrick gower hasn’t got the hang of tv journalism yet. i think it’s a pity he left print, he was a rising star

    • Big Mike 3.2

      Yea – I was gonna say something about that. I couldn’t believe it – this guy thinks he’s talking politics when in fact he is talking ‘show biz’. ‘Infotainment’ indeed.

  4. Mats 4

    Emerging trademarks of a typical Nat minister: running down the country and running away ?

  5. tc 5

    What mana

  6. Cnr Joe 6

    did she incorporate a wee smile or wave into her getaway?

  7. I found some video of the Georgina running away incident.

    Tis here.

  8. Methinks Georgie girl is taking the polynesian invisibility thing a bit too far.

    7 mil a year to keep Pasifikans from going mainstream with their multiple concerns is value for money…yeah ? Shut down the ministry and we’ll take our concerns to the street. I’m sure no one really wants that…OK so maybe i do.

    But I wonder how things are in the ministry ? I’d say it would have been pretty well stacked with Labourites after 9 yrs so rather than re stacking it with token brownies from Nats waiting list, it’d be easier scrap it altogether.

    Why have a Pasifikan focused ministry when you can make Michael Jones your agony aunt and what’s Sam ‘loves to linger’ Lotu-Iiga got to say ?

  9. Ian 9

    Funniest escape by a Minister was Lockwood Smith jumping out a window to escape students protesting tertiary education fees.

    • NickS 9.1

      Then again, uni students are pretty scary. What with their much better training in critical thinking than journalists and lack of cynicism, they can force upon Ministers “difficult” questions and debate given answers, rather than rolling over to present their belly when given an answer like certain news journo’s do.

  10. freedom 10

    maybe she really needed the loo?

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