Moore than you can chew

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Madness is a key ingredient in politics. Always has been. J’accuse. Far queues. I think, therefore I am. Martin Luther King went to the mountain top. I have been to Geneva. Good things ought not be rushed. Freshly cooked meat ought not be rushed. Masticate it well, and never lick a very new steak knife. I say that we risk becoming a banana republic without the bananas. People say I am bananas. I have only ideas. I’ve just had one right now. Damn. Forgotten it. I write more books than I read. We need to be seizing opportunities. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming. Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?

17 comments on “Moore than you can chew”

  1. Benodic 1


  2. Mike Moore – D4J?

  3. This is actually quite funny. Well done. Please, can we have some moore?


  4. Matthew Pilott 4

    I wish I was drunk too. Oh well, only a few hours to go!

    Classic stuff 🙂

  5. Ruth 5

    Sounds like someone I used to know from a sharemarket site…very similar.

    Freshly cooked meat ought not be rushed.

    But never rest a steak. Say some. Allegedly.

  6. DrunkDrunkDrunkDrunkDrunk ?not while flying sir!

  7. Tane 7

    Sod, your impressions are very funny, but there’s a good reason Dad’s not allowed here. Wanna settle down a bit bro?

  8. Dean 8


    Now do one of Helen.

    Bet you don’t.

    You could even do one of IrishBill. I think we all know what it would contain.

  9. Tane 9

    Feel free to do one of Helen and post it up here Dean. If it’s funny we might even put it on our front page. Just a tip though, “Hullun KKKlark”, “Liarbore lickspittle” and the rest of the Kiwiblog Right’s lexicon don’t count as humour round these parts.

  10. Dean I can’t do an impression of Helen because I’ve never seen her post a comment. I’m sure I could do one of Irish but let’s face it he’s just not as much fun as dad. I’ve an idea though – how about you do an impression of someone who contributes to the debate? I’ve seen you do it before and it was very funny.

  11. lawyer dude 11

    [Deleted – don’t come back Dad, you’re banned.]

    [lprent – junk warning – this is probably dad4justice under yet another alias. It is in his usual IP range and with the usual comment type.]

  12. Dean 12

    Tane – the people who use those terms are bland and unimaginative, and personally I’d ban them purely on principle, seeing as how they have none.

    Robinsod – touche. I didn’t put two and two together before I replied, or realise the context, so point taken.

  13. Robinsod – touche. I didn’t put two and two together before I replied, or realise the context, so point taken.

    Aww Jeez, now I just feel mean. Sorry Dean.

  14. milo 14

    Outstanding. Best piece of writing and political satire this year. Onya.

  15. Dean 15

    Robinsod, no need to feel sorry. You had a point. If I can’t admit where I made a mistake then I’d feel even more stupid than Bill English must be feeling today.

  16. Mike Moore 16

    That post is so bloody stupid only a chimp could’ve written that.

    Unfortunately there is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

    Are the authors of the standard establishing a modern day crusade against myself?

    [lprent – junk warning – this is probably dad4justice under yet another alias. It is in his usual IP range and with the usual comment type.]

  17. admin 17

    It is a good point by the last commenter.

    This post is in poor taste and quite stupid. I’ll explain why later in detail to the poster(s).

    It doesn’t relate to any policy, it just satirises a person, and doesn’t explain any point in doing so.

    I’m closing comment on it, and I’ll contact Mike to see what he wants to do about it.

    Lynn Prentice

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