More fossil awards for NZ

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Turns out that the earth’s climate is more sensitive to warming than we thought, and: Climate change may be escalating so fast it could be ‘game over’, scientists warn. In this “game” New Zealand will be on record as among the most useless of players:

NZ takes home ‘Fossil of the Day’ awards at Marrakech climate conference

New Zealand has been labelled a hypocrite, yet again, for its lack of action on climate change.

At the 22nd annual UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech (COP22), the Climate Action Network awarded New Zealand two Fossil of the Day awards for blocking action on climate change.

The first is for “talking a big game on fossil fuel subsidies at COP22 but failing to live up to its own (good) advice on the home front”.

New Zealand’s second Fossil of the Day was awarded over its continued use of “dodgy” carbon credits. …

Bravo New Zealand, bravo!

In other reading, see: Nicholas Stern: cost of global warming ‘is worse than I feared’. All estimates of the pace of change and the likely damage have been too conservative.

12 comments on “More fossil awards for NZ”

  1. Garibaldi 1

    Great ,We’re punching above our weight yet again. What a fabulous world beating little country we are. Maybe a chance for our switched on CC Minister to have a photo op with Richie in his helicopter?

  2. Wensleydale 2

    100% pure… bollocks. They’ll burn the world to prop up our grotesquely inflated house prices, keep foreign investors happy and cosy up to multinationals. Actually, why don’t they change their name to the Multinational Party? It’d be the first honest thing they’ve done in an age.

  3. Clump_AKA Sam 4

    It started with Lotus and now Hy-Vee’s. Tesla continues its take over of the energy sector. The technology is cheap because it’s mass produced so this will spread. No matter what any one says over the next ten years, combustibles are officially dead. All hail Elon.

  4. Murray Simmonds 5

    Somehow, I don’t think we’ll see that as a headline in The Dom Post or The Press, or The Herald.

    Might make it onto the Drudge Report, or Zero Hedge, though, with a bit of luck.

  5. Clump_AKA Sam 6

    All any one does is let there money do the talking, Elon raised 2 billion in a month. That unprecedented for the renewable sector. And timing is everything in this market

  6. Newbie 7

    In reply John Key said “everyone is entitled to their opinion but at the end of the day he was comfortable with NZ’s action on climate change”?

  7. Scott 8

    Who goes to these things?

    If they think NZ is the key to solving climate change issues they are being distracted by irrelevancies. Regardless of what you think of our policies, the answers rest in the hands of governments such as the US, China, Russia and India.

  8. Lloyd 9

    Well at least Rodney Hyde was happy that a climate change denier was elected president of the United States – see the Sunday Herald.

    And on the same week reports of the weather over the Arctic Ocean being 20 degrees Celsius warmer than normal for this time of year! 20 degrees!!!

    Both Rodney and The donald are intellectual giants.

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