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So Hekia Parata has been crowing 15% more teachers under National for months – but it turns out to be a combination of Nat lies and another Novopay fuck-up.

In fact the number she should have been quoting is 6.5% increase in teachers by headcount, but that of course is not the whole truth either.

A lot of those teachers are part-time, in National’s part-time economy, so the increase in Full Time Equivalents is 4%.  But of course that’s not the whole truth either.

Half of that increase has been funded independently from schools.  Just 2% increase from National Government – won’t even cover the increase in school population.

This on the back of National having their “best day of the campaign so far” – based on a lie, but they don’t care.

It takes a certain level of malevolence to purposefully misrepresent policies, but National are just happy to have the hit.

How long until people start finding out their lies about their economic management.

The country is not earning more than it spends – and the problem is getting worse, not better.  6 years of record debt means the Government books aren’t great either, and with the dairy price plummeting, probably won’t reach the promised surplus this year either.  9 years of Labour surplus previously have been churned through and more.

And now they’re promising unaffordable tax cuts.

JohnKey economic management


20 comments on “More Nat lies”

  1. paddy 1

    It seems that the media splash Cunliffe’s mistakes all over. Sure he didn’t know the CGT policy and couldn’t explain the baby bonus but that’s just small beer. When John Key speaks surely everyone knows he is always lying. Why do so many people admire John Key?

    • disturbed 1.1

      Paddy, you asked,

      Why do so many people admire John Key?

      are you joking?

      The reason these people vote for him is either they live in Auckland or a few chosen areas of NZ where house prices are wildly accelerating or they are in business,?

      No other sector of the population are benefiting from those artificial rises in personal wealth.

      I saw this in Toronto when house prices went sky high as is happening here in some areas.

      Just wait till the crash comes and will, how many will then admire this fiddler.
      Go see Toronto after 1992 crash one third of homes were bank repo’s and they still have not recovered.

      We have a big bang coming friend.

  2. hoom 2

    Tricky Hollow Nacts

  3. repateet 3

    So we have a Minister of Justice who lies. A Minister of Justice who is allegedly involved in other shady stuff. Incredible stuff if a Minister of Justice is involved. A Minister in charge of dealing with cyber-bullying who clearly has been involved in practising that.

    And a Minister of Education who is a liar as well. A Minister of Education who also has been prone to regularly comment on bullying who also clearly practises that.

    What planet are these scum living on? And I suppose they want teachers to go to school to be paragons and teach ethics and morals.

  4. ghostwhowalksnz 4

    Its a so called stable government when its : ??
    National, ACT, United Future, Maori Party, NZ First , Conservatives

  5. North 5

    Flibbertigibbet Parata is unmitigated in her vacuity. The seminality of her public service ? Being deeply in love with John Key. So powerful is this love that non-fact becomes fact according to the demands of that imperative – her deep love for John Key. Indeed in that dynamic there is no such thing as fact – there is only love. My God what will history say ?

    • Mac1 5.1

      History will be very harsh upon this government as the full discovery of its malfeasance becomes known. I hope that history will not be harsh upon the selfish, blinkered voters who continue to support their poor choices of the past and visit us with a continuation of this corrupt at many levels government, but rather blesses it with the approval of history as the time when a stop was put to all of it.

      But then, as I write these words of hope, I am hearing in the news of the absolute stupidity of the new craze of setting fire to oneself and then jumping into a shower………

      “O tempora, o mores”

  6. Karen 6

    On the topic of the National Party teacher-bashing education policies, and how it looks like Whaleoil hacked teachers’ emails, have a look at this:

  7. disturbed 7

    For the sakes of trying to get the petition ordering a Royal Commission to investigate all those criminal allegations I again post the petition site to help the petition reach it’s target of 10 000 signed to force Governor General to hold a wide ranging inquiry into criminal acts. Hope it doesn’t offend.

  8. paddy 8

    Cunliffe is too weak with his education policy. We also need to smash the private schools by taking away their state subsidies, Abolishing National standards is a no brainer but so many parents seem to like it. Are they brainwashed? Are the parents of the kids who go to charter schools all National voters? Anyone know?

    • kiwigunner 8.1

      I don’t believe that ‘so many parents seem to like them’. The are of little or no consequence in my school and only cause to make busy teachers more busy – a bloody waste of time.

      There are a tiny amount of children at Charter Schools (and this is reducing).

  9. NZJester 9

    Just curious are all those part timers actually teachers or is that headcount you mentioned based on the number of all new school employees?
    Many schools are employing extra staff to cope with the continuing problems and excessive paperwork from Novopay so there has been a lot of extra administration staff hired and some of them might be teachers with administration skills, but not hired for use as teachers.
    I get the impression that there is an enormous amount of money being spent due to Novopay by schools just to make sure all their teachers are paid and for the correct amount.
    I just wonder if you look a little deeper that %4 Full Time Equivalents increase in teachers, you might find even you are over estimating the actual situation of new teachers in schools.

    • Halcyon 9.1

      The number of teachers at any school is in proportion to the number of children. It is not unusual for a school to have a number like 6.4FTE (full time equivalent) teachers. Some Board of Trustees will fund the additional 0.5 position. However, many schools employ a teacher for part of the week.

      And there are some schools where two teachers will job share a position. I doubt whether any Board of Trustees would employ a teacher( at $50,000pa equivalent) when they can employ clerical workers (for about $25,000pa.) to carry out clerical tasks.

  10. BLiP 10

    Hahahahahaha!! Talking of National Ltd™ and its inherent propensity for mendacity, this is hilarious. As a precaution after having the last three digits of his phone number released in one of whaledump’s releases, John Key changed his number. Trouble is . . .

    . . . “It’s happened before [but] it’s a little bit frustrating.” [says John Key] Because when I ring people they don’t know who I am even though I tell them and when I text them to tell them I’ve changed my number they don’t believe me.

    . . . I wonder why.

  11. Tracey 11

    carrick graham wrote in a document for slater to pass onto collins

    “..MBIE advise to Bridges about “the issue is sensitive…” is a red hearing and can be counted. ”

    It’s red herring
    It’s advise not advise

    I know it seems nitpicking, he also mixed up advise and advice higher up, but

    Baby cheeses!

    It also showed that if you are connected to slater you could get documents in front of collins, even outside her portfolio…

    “.Rule 67 – Conflict with Government Procurement Rules

    Joyce announcement about Government Procurement rules (24/04/13) has hidden in the detail, Rule 67 which directly conflicts with the Government’s desire to “make it easier for smaller NZ companies to tender for Government contracts and provide better value for money for taxpayers”.

    The provision in Rule 67 is complete malarkey and is nothing short of a union rort – effectively forcing any company looking to apply for Govt contracts to be a member of the Building Services Contractors (BSC). Whale Oil has continues to expose the BSC.

    Officials in the Department of Labour that are being obstructive to MBIE efforts to remove this provision which directly conflicts with the Principles of Government Procurement No.2 which states “Be fair to all suppliers” and is protecting the BSC and its SFWU relationship.

    More information;

    Procurement Rules –Rule 67 Property Services Industry.

    Companies are being discriminated against and placed in an uncompetitive position due to a stated requirement that any companies tendering for government contracts must be a member of the Building Services Contractors of New Zealand Inc (BSC).

    Rule 67 of the Government’s Procurement (Appendix 1) relates to the Property Services Industry, and states that “agencies must recognise the Principles for a Sustainable Property Services Industry in their procurement of property services” and that “…agencies must only contract with cleaning providers who are members of the Building Services Contractors Association of New Zealand.”

    The Principles for a Sustainable Property Services was set up in 2008 by then Minister of Labour Trevor Mallard and had as its signatories the New Zealand Government, the BSC, the Service and Food Workers Union and the Property Council of New Zealand.

    In most cases, joining an industry association is a positive move and can facilitate easier engagement between government and industry participants. However there are a number of serious concerns about the BSC and this Principles Agreement, not the least being that;

    The BSC only represents a small amount of commercial cleaning companies operating in New Zealand, membership is believed to less than 50 companies out of over 6,000 businesses operating within the cleaning industry
    It has stymied competition in the marketplace by preventing numerous companies from being tendering for and securing government contracts as a result of the Principles agreement
    It charges $20,000 in annual membership fees that are exorbitantly high and unaffordable to smaller New Zealand commercial cleaning companies – OIA docs from MBIE show “the New Zealand Police have raised concerns about the BSC membership requirement” (MBIE Briefing paper to Simon Bridges meeting with SFWU 13/05041)
    MBIE have advices Bridges that “the issue is sensitive and any suggestion that the Govt will remove or alter its endorsement of the Principles will draw political, stakeholder and media attention. As such, officials have not yet engaged with stakeholders around the above concerns”.
    The Government and its departments are not benefiting from a broader and more competitive tendering process. This not only leads to unnecessary Government expenditure, but also results in an inequitable treatment of providers within the commercial cleaning sector.


    There are companies that are highly frustrated by being blocked from tendering for govt contracts due to Rule 67 and the provision that they must be a member of the BSC.

    The Govt is seen to be supporting compulsory membership of an incompetent body that is under investigation by the Registrar of Incorporated.

    MBIE advise to Bridges about “the issue is sensitive…” is a red hearing and can be counted that it is in line with Government’s desire to “make it easier for smaller NZ companies to tender for Government contracts and provide better value for money for taxpayers”

    Opposition Parties i.e. NZ First may seek to exploit this against the Govt, particularly as Simon Bridges is moving his Employment Relations Amendment Bill through the house

    Desired outcome

    Remove Rule 67… ”

    Rule 67 was removed

  12. Nic the NZer 12

    No, no, no, no, no.

    The tax cuts are definitely affordable (with unemployment at 5.6%). The government might not run a surplus due to them but there is no reason the government cant run a deficit indefinitely for New Zealand. The problem is that the government may not commit to them. It wants to make an unkept election promise here if it can.

    The best trick ever pulled by neo-liberals is the whole balanced budgets policy. The left needs to understand that this is unwanted and unneeded. The left should not be calling for more neo-liberal policy.

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