More Rawshark Rachinger Slater stuff

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Keith Ng has been wading through some not-previously-released material on the Rawshark Rachinger Slater affair. No useful way to summarise it – go read it on Keith’s blog.

24 comments on “More Rawshark Rachinger Slater stuff”

  1. Pascals bookie 1

    and this, feat ONE MILLIONS DOLLARS in bitcoin, g.tiso and L.Prentice all going to jail:


  2. mickysavage 2

    Fascinating so a picture sent to Slater appeared on a website the authors of which, who do not live in New Zealand by the way, claim to have nothing to do with Cameron Slater.

    • Pascals bookie 2.1

      It’s an internet miracle.

      The most striking thing is just how much of a fucking chump whale is.

      • Anne 2.1.1

        Doesn’t it also indicate how much of a bunch of f*****g chumps the police and John Key were…?

        • Tracey

          It shows Key doesnt just talk shit he listens to it and then repeats it…

          • Anne

            It is beyond my comprehension that so many people in power and in the media actually listened to Cameron Slater. It’s been obvious for years he’s a fantasist and a crook.

            1.Prime Minister, John Key.
            2.Former SIS boss, Warren Tucker ( although to be fair he may have been pressured by the PM’s office to release the [false] information about Goff.)
            3.Former Justice Minister, Judith Collins – Justice minister for god’s sake.
            4.High level police personnel – gobsmacking.
            5.Mike Hosking and co. and that programme telling us what a fine fellow Slater was – early last year was it?

            Truly unbelievable.

  3. Ovid 3

    Dim Post gives a TL;DR

  4. BLiP 4

    Heh! The plot is almost thicker than Slater himself. I’m not too sure about Keith Ng’s conclusion regarding NH025 for the simple reason that it relies on the detective’s affidavit as being truthful. Otherwise, all very interesting for us Rawshark trainspotters. Also, nice to have more proof positive that Slater and the Nottingham Knuckle Draggers are in cahoots.

  5. Sirenia 5

    So why is Story on TV3 now giving a lot of publicity and credibility to their colleague Simon Lusk? Is it some sort of way to provide a distraction from all this boys own stuff? After all the woman presenter did a very cosy interview with WO last year.

  6. NZ financialz 6

    The people this little shit contacted suggests to me that the police, or someone, was giving him tip offs. Or it may be that he simply contacted (and attempted to entrap) virtually everyone on NZ Twitter, and people associated with various activist groups, etc. Whatever the case, Thankfully, word has been out on “Rachinger” for quite some time. playaz gonna get played!

    • Anno1701 6.1

      “The people this little shit contacted suggests to me that the police, or someone, was giving him tip offs”

      maybe Vice Versa, is he an Informant ?

  7. Jay 7

    Fascinating. It seems to me that the common denominator between far right and far left is. . . hatred. Politics sure is a dirty game.

    Was this Ben chap feeding a habit though or what?

    Either way he sure did a number on Cameron Slater and made him look very foolish.

  8. CnrJoe 8

    Heather DuPlessisallens 7Sharp Slater oiling:
    and bonus shit from Keith Ngs twitter

    • Anne 8.1

      From the Ngs twitter link:

      CS : Oh, I hope Prentice gets done

      And Bradbury too


      • lprent 8.1.1

        For what? Contrary to the paranoid delusions of the pathetic fuckwit blogs of the right and that ridiculous paranoid idiot, I don’t hack computers illegally without a particularly good reason (and I haven’t found a good one for more than 30 years). Nor do I take money or influence for anything that I do in politics or anything else.

        Anyone who has been around me in a political or work or personal spheres is aware that I simply don’t care about getting excited about anything that simpleminded. I express my own opinions, do the work I feel is required to do tasks, and never bother with deliberately walking over the bonds of laws (apart from petty ones like parking or WOFs). I also do whatever I can to make sure that others have the same opportunities to express their argued and thought about opinions into the public sphere.

        Sure it’d be easy enough to do political and commercial ‘wetwork’ if I could be bothered – I have all of the skill sets required to do the things that Cameon Slater tries to do (and he seems to automatically attribute that others must be doing). Everything from skills in politics to management to programming. But they are all minor attributes of my existing skills that I have built for a completely different set of purposes. Having the capabilities to be a more effective arsehole is not the same as wanting to use them.

        The reason I’m uninterested in them is that I earn enough, have interesting work to do, and generally have better things to do than waste time with stupid stunts. The results of such simple-minded antics are pretty useless anyway over the medium to long term. They are tactics that aren’t effective in anything apart from the very short-term.

        But as well as my completely arrogant and rather self-centered approach to living my life, I also happen to have a social conscience and an awareness of the kinds of silly structural inequities that prevent others from being able to express their talents and skills. The kinds of ones that are so brilliantly if inadvertently espoused by untalented frustrated arseholes like Cameron Slater.

        It means that when I notice an opportunity to help trip up such scum who abuse such tactics, then I do so. But these are usually by simply expressing an opinion or pointing out obvious opportunities to others. In other words using their own stupidity to help them fall. What I do on this site is part of that general philosophy. It is part of making sure that the commentary on such idiots is transparent, open, and not subject to petty intimidation by such scum.

        But generally Cameron Slater and others like him are usually so obsessed with chasing their own obsessions and so self-entitled that they don’t bother watching the boundaries that are set in society specifically for fools like themselves. Pretty damn easy to help them to walk into some fairly obvious nose shattering pratfalls.

        Of course if I ever did feel the real need to actively disrupt something, then I’m pretty sure that I could do much more effective Dirty Tricks quite openly, quite legally, and without all of the time that dimwits like Cameron Slater and his mates seem to require in court to validate their miserable existence. So far I haven’t needed to do so.

        Which to my mind seems to indicate that our society has generally gotten the balances correct. They could be better, and that is worth working towards. But trying to get them with foul means isn’t currently effective. As Cameron and his scum associates seem to be finding out.

        • Anne

          @ lprent
          … my comment was in response to the stupidity and absurdity of the claims against yourself in particular. Worthy of nothing more than a belly laugh. I think we are on roughly the same wave length.

    • FAB Mouse 8.2

      I had never bothered to work out why Slater’s blog was called that, one useful thing from the 7sharp item was to suggest there was a reason!
      I think he was being prophetic about himself … not expressing surprise.

  9. Anne 9

    So, what’s going to happen now?

    Will Key – ably assisted by the police – try to smother the story and stop it from getting into the MSM? They all have a dozen broken eggs apiece on their faces. An early twenties juvenile hoodwinks the lot of them. Truth stranger than fiction!

    Might be worth buying shares in the popcorn industry.

  10. Muninn 10

    For a while there was a “flaw” in Google maps, that enabled one to enter a Twitter account name and be given a location. I found it very odd that one of Ben Rachinger’s old accounts linked to an address in Hong Kong near where Cathy Odger’s has worked from.

    Although perhaps it was just a glitch in the Matrix. An error.

  11. Richard Christie 11

    Good material for David Attenborough’s upcoming The private lives of bottom feeders.
    Or not.

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