Morgan Foundation on Nats’ planned climate cheat

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A useful report from the Morgan Foundation:

Climate Cheats III – Cook the Books

Not content with using fraudulent carbon credits to meet New Zealand’s international commitments, the Government has a plan to cook the books to cover up our growing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Morgan Foundation’s new report exposes the impacts of this covert plan to change the forestry accounting rules for New Zealand’s 2030 climate change target. The Government has refused to release information on the impact of the rule change, so we built our own forestry emissions model to find out. Our key finding is that the rule change will allow an estimated 79 million tonnes of excess greenhouse gas emissions. That equates to nearly one year’s worth of New Zealand’s emissions wiped off the books. …

Full report here.

9 comments on “Morgan Foundation on Nats’ planned climate cheat”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    National’s inherent corruption and need to avoid responsibility for their actions is coming through loud and clear.

  2. Justice T. McGovern 2

    Let’s plant trees so we can hang the politicians from them until they are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

  3. simbit 3

    My username seems inadequate…

  4. Keith 4

    Having read the first few pages there is a depressing familiarity about the way Keys National government does business.

    First up, hide information. The OIA doesn’t mean anything. It may be the law but who in National really care about obeying the law? I mean after all they are the government.

    Secondly, change the rules of the game to suit themselves, to hide the fact they have failed miserably at whatever objective they are supposed to achieve.

    And thirdly when you change the rules to hide your failings, you break the old ones, you cheat and you corrupt.

    This loathsome behaviour is endemic in New Zealand’s government nowadays and by virtue of such shocking leadership, the private sector is embracing it as well.

    You know any inquiry into any dodgy behaviour by National will be met with a Persil white whitewash.

    You know now that any official government stat is a lie. Hows about turning more than half a percent of genuinely unemployed persons into non persons by simply changing the rules and magically lowering the unemployment rate.

    How about changing nothing to do with tax havens but pretend you are.

    The thing is there is no regulation or law in this country that any official is willing to uphold, its simply going to keep on happening until the likes of big corporations and decent people with influence speak out and say enough. But while they are making a quick buck I won’t hold my breath.

    The Paris agreement was about saving the planet but to do that we need honesty, integrity and true leadership, words that are alien to the National Party. And for Key and Co that’s an impediment to making more money.

    • reason 4.1

      +100 keith …………. they treat climate change as an opportunity to commit fraud and scam money…

      We are being governed by ugly remorseless greed ……

      Turning us into a cheating little bag-man of a country …..

      It can only end badly.

  5. Bill 5

    The books they are cooking already guaranteed a future not really worth too much in terms of….well, living through with any sense of optimism.

    Can’t quite express how I view this fucked shit that involves stepping back and away from something that was already a blue million miles short of what’s needed.

  6. Macro 6

    Are the majority of NZer’s aware that now that NZ has ratified the Paris Agreement we have committed ourselves to a small but measurable reduction in GHG emissions, and should we fail to achieve those targets then we as a country will be required to fork up? Whilst the actual target is small – the government at this stage has no identifiable plan in place to achieve this target, and if the current growth in NZ emissions continues, we as a Nation (depending on the price of Carbon) could be up for a very hefty bill – currently estimated at around $72 Billion.
    Now the farming industry is responsible for around 50% of these emissions, but under the so-called “emissions trading scheme” they are not liable for any costs, and the government shows no inclination to make them so. What this means is that the rest of NZ will be required to foot the bill for the farming emissions (a direct subsidy to farmers), and the bill for this (taking other factors into consideration) could be up to 80+% of the total bill.
    People need to be aware of this – Brian Fallow has a good piece in the Herald recently. But it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. National are running this country into the ground. We as a Nation are leaderless, and have no direction at all, other than the short term pursuit of profit.

  7. pat 7

    ….speaking of corruption….

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