My Daddy Was Killed at Work

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Can you help us share this clip?  It’s powerful and about the reality of workplace deaths for families that suffer them. The health and safety law going through the Parliament will betray these families if it is changed as the Government is proposing.

12 comments on “My Daddy Was Killed at Work”

  1. Weepus beard 1

    That is powerful, particularly the father of Joseph Dunbar talking about the men and boys at Pike River being chippies who’d be used to building a deck, and sparkies who normally work on houses, none of whom had knowledge of mine work.

    Also, the raw stats – a worker is eight times more likely to die in the workplace in New Zealand than in the UK. That is something the minister in charge must be very ashamed about.

    Thanks for the good work on this.

    • Chooky 1.1

      +100 Weepus beard…it is part of a jonkey Nact culture which does not value New Zealand workers

      ….but only ways they can personally make more money for themselves and their friends by exploiting New Zealand and New Zealanders…. to line their pockets and overseas bank accounts and blind trusts.

      …We need a government that doesnt emulate the over-populated third world where life is cheap and the environment is expendable in pursuit of money and profit

      We need a government which once more is for New Zealanders and values the lives of New Zealanders…and conducts and enforces health and safety laws

    • RedLogix 1.2

      @Weepus Beard

      And being recently involved in the industry I cannot but add my total agreement. Mining is a dangerous and specialised business. Coal mining even more so by an order of magnitude.

      Its completely beyond my comprehension how these inexperienced and under-trained men were even allowed anywhere near the place.

      • Draco T Bastard 1.2.1

        Its completely beyond my comprehension how these inexperienced and under-trained men were even allowed anywhere near the place.

        In NZ it’s all about not spending money and training people requires spending money and so it doesn’t get done. And then people get surprised when they hear of the cost in lives of that not spending money.

        Over the last 30 years, NZ has become cheap and nasty and we need to reverse that and start holding governments responsible for the deaths that they cause through policy changes.

  2. David H 2

    This a Damming indictment on the present government. You watch this and you should feel angry at this governments inaction, and callous indifference, to the health and safety of the workforce, they are supposed to protect.
    Share it on Facebook and where ever you browse. Maybe that will Shame the govt into doing something decent. I doubt they can be shamed, but its worth a try, or 268 tries.

    And what about the thousands injured each year at work? Who will spend the rest of their lives taking a cocktail of drugs and Physio to get through the day?

    We have to stop the killing and injuring of people at work.

  3. adam 3

    Making laws that let employers kill their staff, even through basic neglect – is moral corruption at it’s worst.

    We have gone down the rabbit hole, to embrace a new low.

    These Tory Bastards have made the workplace so dangerous, you can’t be sure you will come home, after a day’s honest labour.

    Working people need to realise, we have nothing in common with this morally corrupt Tory government. Nor any of their hangers on – morally bereft – the lot of them.

  4. maui 4

    Nice clip, although pretty sobering. Another one of NZ’s dirty little secrets that is swept under the rug. A “developed” nation that sends people to work to die.

  5. CC 5

    It is to make it more dangerous to attend work in the Parliamentary chamber than to work on a farm, go down a coal mine or toil in any other location where workers cannot guarantee they will arrive home safely at the completion of the working day.

  6. AmaKiwi 6

    In neo-liberal theory, we are all “work units” utilized to maximize corporate profits.

    I’m told this is different from slavery.

    • HumPrac 6.1

      It reminds me of the term “human resources”, with which human BEINGS are classed as human OBJECTS.
      It’s shameful, but vastly excepted, particularly amongst people with business qualifications.
      It’s part of the implementation of a ‘psychic dictatorship’, where people are not ruled through swords or guns, but rather through ‘mind control’ and ‘brain washing’. They except (and even love) their dictatorship because it provides them with a false sense of security. It is accentuated by the fear induced within their minds, instilled by the oppressors/rulers.

  7. Sans Cle 7

    Very poignant video. Kia Kaha to all those fighting for those who have lost their voice, while working for a living.

  8. Capn Insano 8

    And who were the revolting Nats likely to be causing a watering down of the legislation again?

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