My five books for Donald Trump

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I know you don’t like to read. Bear with me. I’ve chosen a few for Easter reading that would be worth a shot at. And granted you’re American, so you’ll want to understand mostly American stuff. But just for Easter I know the first one will appeal.

1. Genesis.

It’s the first book of the Bible. Contains the global moral origins of’manifest destiny’. Sets out the common ethnic, theological, and geographical origins of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Explains why odd place names like Nineveh have popped up recently. And has a great lineage of resolutely moral leadership.

2. Team of Rivals.

Sure, you can still assemble The Best and The Brightest and it can still go to pieces.
But it would be better for your country and for the world if your team settled your decision-making processes, contested hard, and brought out the best in each other. The biggest problem your governmental system faces is gridlock. Successful leaders are unafraid to reach out to rivals, and in doing so strengthen your team.

3. A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defence of Equality.
American society frequently sees the claims of liberty and equality as pulling in opposite directions; the more you have of one, the less you have of the other. It’s a false dilemma. They are two mutually supportive aspects of a common democratic culture. Mitch will hate it, so I know you’ll love it.Then once you’re done, pass it on to Gorich.

4. Are You My Mother?

Now, I know you like pictures, so here’s a formative one for me. It’s the story of a chick who falls from the nest, gets really lost, and is eventually scooped up by a great big digger, raised high up the tree, and is delicately placed in the nest again.

That pretty much sums up the purpose of government.

5. The Bears’ Picnic.

Another childhood favourite, which I’m sure you remember with Ivanka. You’re in the job to make decisions, and this particular Father Bear takes a heckuva long time to find the perfect picnic spot, and that exasperates his family.

Your job is to make decisions: take guidance, but then decide, and move on. Don’t be Father Bear, Donald.

Happy Easter reading, Mr President.

9 comments on “My five books for Donald Trump”

  1. Tony Veitch (not the partner-bashing 3rd rate broadcaster 1

    Perhaps it would be a good thing if Donald read “The Lorax” too, or at least, looked at the pictures.

  2. red-blooded 2

    Trump reminds me a bit of The Cat in the Hat. He’s making a real mess in the house and letting damaging Things wreck havoc… I can’t see him having the inclination or the skills to clean up before he leaves, though.

  3. Fustercluck 3

    Condescension is rarely helpful.

  4. Skeptic 4

    Sorry but I think the suggestion that Trump can read books is somewhat anomalous with his abilities as demonstrated to date. While I have no doubt he can read and even write using a pen (or at least sign his name – does he use a cross or actually write D Trump?), I have serious doubts he can actually comprehend what it is he is reading and writing. There seems to be a neurological gap between the eyeballs and the brain stem that precludes his chances of attaching meaning to words that he can pronounce.

    In short I think anything beyond “Janet and John” would be a challenge to the current White House incumbent.

  5. garibaldi 5

    Genesis? Ricky Gervais does a good take on Genesis, exposing it for the crap that it is.

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