My Little Ponytail

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A rather strange story has been posted on The Daily Blog in which it is claimed that the PM has been physically harassing a female staff member in his local cafe in Parnell. According to the story, John Key has been repeatedly playing with the staffer’s hair, in particular pulling her ponytail. When challenged about the uncalled for behaviour, it is alleged Key tried to buy the woman off with bottles of wine.

While there is no independent verification of the claim, and the attached photo looks staged or photoshopped, it is consistent with some weirdness Key engaged in a few years ago.

The post says that the harassment began before the last general election when Key began frequenting the cafe more regularly as he began campaigning and carried on over the course of the summer:

“In the beginning, the first time he pulled on my hair, I remember thinking to myself he’s probably just trying to be playful and jolly, seeing as the general consensus of most who meet him is “he’s such a nice guy”.”

The behaviour was not welcomed:

“The next time he came up behind me and pulled my hair I was annoyed. Great, I thought, this wasn’t just a one off.”

The staffer claims she tried her best to avoid the PM when he visited again, but was stalked by him in the confines of the cafe:

“I began to avoid interacting with him where possible, if he entered when another staff member was also present I would promptly make myself busy somewhere else, I would ask someone to take the beverages or food to his table so I didn’t have to. I kept my distance when I could. It seemed as though the more I disliked it and made myself absent the more fun it became for him, the more he enjoyed the challenge of approaching from behind me, unsuspected.”

According to the staffer, he would pull her ponytail and try and pretend it was wife Bronagh who had done it, much as a primary school kid might do in the playground. Key is claimed to have said “that’s a very tantalising ponytail”.

The issue came to a head on Thursday, 26 March, and the staffer claims to have told Key directly that the behaviour was not welcome and should stop immediately. Bronagh Key is alleged to have told the PM to “leave the poor girl alone”. Key is supposed to have responded by pulling the woman’s ponytail again.

Shortly afterwards, Key is alleged to have returned and tried to make amends with a couple of bottles of JK 2012 PM’s Pinot Noir, saying “this is for you, sorry, I didn’t realise.” His staff followed up the following day to make sure the woman was suitably mollified. But apparently she was not satisfied and has decided to publicise the story.

I’m suggesting caution with this allegation. For starters, it’s one person’s story, and apparently not independently verified. And it’s on TDB, so quite possibly it’s just another Bomber brainfart. Further, every time the left tries and fails to land a hit on Key, he gains strength and our credibility takes a hit. So, please be careful in your comments and any defamatory suggestions such as linking the PM with the prominent New Zealander facing sexual assault charges should not be made. But the story is strangely compelling and is consistent with the video of Key playing with a schoolgirl’s hair, which was weird enough in its own right.

I simply don’t know if it’s accurate, but I do think we should be told Key’s side of the story. Or be presented with his head on a platter if it’s true.


UPDATE: Radio NZ are reporting that Key has just released an apology to the woman he harassed. Details as they become available.

Update: Key has apologised. See also The Herald.

407 comments on “My Little Ponytail ”

  1. Sanctuary 1

    DPF has commented in the most circumspect way possible.

    And since he is practically the online mouthpiece of the ninth floor, I think we can take his commentary as proof that the story is genuine.

    • Colonial Rawshark 1.1

      Yep. And circumspect because other notable people who frequent that nice Parnell cafe have seen the behaviour as well.

      • Tracey 1.1.1

        If others have seen it how can it be

        “While there is no independent verification of the claim, and the attached photo looks staged or photoshopped”

        It seems childish for sure but if the story were true (and TRP has said there is no independent verification) surely this

        “Key is alleged to have returned and tried to make amends with a couple of bottles of JK 2012 PM’s Pinot Noir, saying “this is for you, sorry, I didn’t realise.””

        ends it? IF true, Bronagh may have talked to him after telling him to leave the poor girl alone, and he saw the error of his ways?

        My concern is there is apparently, no independent verification yet here it is, being spread?

        • Colonial Rawshark

          Channeling Captain Spock – what we are looking for here from the waitress is not two pairs of gravity boots – but two bottles of wine from a special vineyard.

      • Chris 1.1.2

        Key exhibited the same belligerence when he and Bronagh were interviewed at their beach house before the election. He more than once waved a barbecue fork right in front of Bronagh’s face. It was disgusting behaviour. The guy’s a pig.

    • freedom 1.2

      “He eventually realised it, when he apologised with a couple of bottles of wine.”
      That is very definitive language for DPF to use when responding to what he says is an unproven allegation, before he goes on to say it’s just the PM “mucking around”

      • Tracey 1.2.1

        well, he is probably judging the PM’s actions according to his own moral compass. And yes the it’s a lie but it’s true contradiction made me chuckle too

  2. vto 2

    Over to John Key to respond really…

  3. Kevin 3

    Funny how those bottles of wine from a vineyard he doesn’t know about keep popping up…

    • felix 3.1

      Yeah that’s weird.

      Why doesn’t anyone in the media ever ask him about that?

      How come he is on record claiming that he owns the vineyard AND that he doesn’t know if he owns a vineyard?

      In what universe is it not worth ever asking the PM to explain this?

      They have totally normalised this type of obvious corruption.

  4. Puckish Rogue 4

    I’d personally give more credence to the story if they’d posted first at this site as opposed to TDB

    However having said that if (for the sake of arguement) its true then its a major dick move by Key and it’ll hurt him in the polls

    • James 4.1

      it’ll hurt him in the polls

      Nope. Nat supporters will just say that she can’t take a joke or some other misogynistic bullshit.

      Edit: I see someone has already been over to the Tory blogs and found comments just like this.

      • Redbaiter 4.1.1

        Look, I’ll admit this is weird, but to be fair to Key, the waitress let him pull her hair without any kind of verbal reaction at least three times and perhaps many more times.

        Some would say that this failure to express herself could be interpreted as a willingness to go along with the joke.

        Shouldn’t she have spoken out on the very first occasion? Or at least soon after.

        • DoublePlusGood

          And if you’re a waitress at a café, are you going to risk losing your job because you pissed off the PM?

        • Aaron

          Drop dead redbaiter, I wouldn’t accept an excuse like that from a child – most human beings can tell the difference between right and wrong – maybe you can’t, maybe the PM can’t.

          Or more likely you’re just living up to your name and you’ve successfully wound me up. Admittedly it’s quite easy to do, I’ve got two daughters and I get very antsy around idiots who try to excuse any kind of abuse of power.

          • Redbaiter

            I’m no fan of Key.

            In fact I am his biggest critic on the right wing side of politics in NZ.

            I’d like just one question answered. In today’s progressive political climate, where women are increasingly outgoing and assertive, how many of the women (or men) writing here would allow Key to pull their hair more than once before they spoke to him about it?

            • vto

              That’s not much of a question if that is all you got

              • Redbaiter

                That’s not much of an answer.

                • Pasupial

                  If my job was at stake, and there was an armed security squad hovering around the hair-puller, then I imagine that I too would be cautious about resisting.

                  The waitress evidently thought that avoiding Key and projecting hostile body language wood be sufficient to avoid a recurrence. But Key only regarded that as making her more “tantalising”. Empathy is not natural to a sociopath, though they do become practiced at feigning it.

                  • Aaron

                    Thank you Pasupial for spelling out the bleeding obvious to Redbaiter. It worries me that people can’t see how those things (plus the huge power differential) will dictate how people respond in these situations.

                  • One Anonymous Bloke

                    The members of Diplomatic Protection Squad are sworn police. They need to ask themselves why they didn’t prevent the Prime Minister’s assault, nor even caution him for it.

                • Tracey

                  well, the quality of the answer probably fits the quality of the question.

                • Shona

                  and you’ve clearly NEVER worked as a waitress. Here was I thinking isn’t great how much we’ve moved on as as society that a young woman employed as a waitress can be BELIEVED and have an avenue to express her experience. This was NOT how it was in the 1970’s and early 1980’s when I regularly had my arse pinched and groped and my breasts fondled by strange men when I worked in hospitality. THAT”S WHY WE HAVE SEXUAL HARASSMENT LEGISLATION> got it Redbaiter ??????

                  • Liberal Realist


                    I worked in Hospo for many years in my younger days (I’m male) and observed (and intervened) in very inappropriate (or out right disgusting) behaviour toward my female colleagues. This sort of thing must not be tolerated under any circumstances, in any environment.

                    As others have stated, this is most serious due to it being exhibited by the PM in a consecutive fashion. From the narrative of the OP on TDB, it strikes me that Key enjoyed tormenting this individual.

                    There’s one clear definition that springs to mind. Psychopath.

            • Kaplan

              “how many of the women (or men) writing here would allow Key to pull their hair more than once before they spoke to him about it?”

              There are plenty of people that would tell him to his face to stop it. I know I would, but I also know there are plenty of people who wouldn’t for whatever reason (fear of repercussion, just timid, whatever). That doesn’t mean they are allowed to be victimised though. The PM should have bloody known better.

            • Tracey

              Why is that your question? Your most burning question? And not, why would a Prime Minister think he could pull someone’s hair once, let alone several times, no matter what fucking hat he or she were wearing?

              • Redbaiter

                Because he’s an idiot who thought it was a joke the waitress was playing along with.

                I admit that pulling anyone’s hair is weird.

                However with the growing assertiveness of women these days, its still strange to me that she let him do it as many times as he did without just saying to him “Look sir, I don’t think this is funny, or any kind of joke, and I’d like you to stop doing it”.

                Tell me why she couldn’t have handled it like that?

                • Tracey

                  You haven’t read her post have you redbaiter? I know that because she answered your question in it.

                • Tracey

                  “Because he’s an idiot who thought it was a joke the waitress was playing along with and that should worry everyone in a Prime Minister who represents a nation locally and internationally.”


                • weka

                  “Because he’s an idiot who thought it was a joke the waitress was playing along with.”

                  I agree he’s an idiot, but I find it inconceivable that he truly thinks this was a bit of fun she was playing along with. The story reads much more like a man used to his power toying with someone less powerful who most likely wouldn’t fight back. That makes him an arse as well as an idiot. That he continued long after it was apparent she was unhappy, and that he did things like ask for her name etc, makes him a creep as well.

                  “Tell me why she couldn’t have handled it like that?”

                  Already answered multiple times, but again, that way of handling things takes assertiveness, presence of mind, job security, and a degree of confidence in that particular context (the man’s job, body guards etc). Lots of people don’t have those things.

                  It’s also worth adding that many women know from experience that saying something like “Look sir, I don’t think this is funny, or any kind of joke, and I’d like you to stop doing it” won’t be respected, and can up the ante, so anyone in her position with that experience would be taking into account the fact that this is probably going to be an ongoing problem not solved by the simplistic action you are suggesting.

                  The story as told about Key certainly makes me think he’s not someone that would respect a simple ‘stop doing that’. Where would be the fun in that? And by fun I mean, where’s the fun at someone else’s expense.

            • Anne

              If you’re a young woman with not much of life’s experiences under your belt you are/were often too frightened to respond. I’ve been there when a young woman and so have countless others. Sexual harassment was common place in the workforce and we were expected to take it and do and say nothing about it. Anyone who did complain would invariably find themselves bullied and intimidated to the point where they were forced to leave the workplace. Things are certainly better now, but its still hard out there for young women and girls. When the perpetrator is the prime minister that would make it doubly hard.

              If you’re an older woman you know how to handle it. But then most men know that so they’re not going to try it on in the first place.

              I hope that answers your question redbaiter.

              • Shona

                Thanks Anne. Damn right we were expected to take it. Laughing at men in my own age group has become an enjoyable pastime now I am officially elderly. Women generally have a far better response to the aging process and remain vital engaged and involved in life.

              • tracey

                no, not youActually the waitress answered that question, but RedB, Bob and another here didnt bother reading the post she made before beginning the attack on her.

            • Murray Rawshark

              Assertiveness would be doing something to a creepy middle aged man, not accepting him doing it to you.

            • David H

              This is nothing to do with politics. This is more to the true nature of the man. I don’t like the Politician. Now I too am ashamed he’s the bloody PM.

              • Anne

                Said it in a nutshell David H. Its the nature of the man. Many of us saw it from Day 1 but – she sighs – many can’t see it even today. Lack of insight I say.

        • miravox

          “the waitress let him pull her hair without any kind of verbal reaction”

          The waitress didn’t let him pull her hair…. The Prime Minister pulled her hair (and without verbally asking).

        • AmaKiwi

          No, she should have slapped his face, which would have gotten her a conviction for assault.

          Redbaiter, have you ever heard of “power”? Do you have any idea what it means to be in the zero power position against the leader of the pack?

          • David H

            No she should have slapped his face, and then had him for sexual harassment what assault charge???

      • Tracey 4.1.2

        ^^^^^ this

        it’s puerile but that appears to be part of his popularity

  5. Charles 5

    Ok so let’s say it’s all a fantastic lie.

    Let’s just get this straight right now. Because I had a look on Kiwiblog and apparently consistently pulling the hair of a waitress if you’re a fully grown man, is just a bit of completely acceptable socially-condoned slightly-maybe inappropriate “flirting”. It certainly isn’t a crime.

    How many people here agree?

    I don’t think I’m cut out for reading blogs. Real life is easier: Someone does something dumb, you sort them. Easy. But blogs, the reality is twisted. The people are… special.

    • felix 5.1

      Some pretty advanced victim-blaming going on there too.

      Apparently in that world it’s not assault or harassment if the victim doesn’t formally advise you of such in triplicate within 4 seconds of the first incident.

      Which is a bit weird really, because it means the first time you assault someone it doesn’t count.

    • Paul Campbell 5.2

      It’s all a question of terms I guess, on one person it’s “harassment”, while on two or more I think the word is “fetish”

      • Charles 5.2.1

        Not really, but I have an experiment that will return conclusive results if anyone’s game:

        Anyone who thinks it’s not a crime and simple flirting, please assemble a group of your best mates, locate your nearest café and, on arrival, grab the hair of the nearest male waiter. (Sorry guys, but I couldn’t say to do it to yet more unsuspecting women) Should you survive, inform all present who you are and where you can be found. Leave photos if you must. Return the next day and do it again.

        If you don’t get a visit from the police, then it must be harmless flirting.

        Remove the gender of the victim in this account.
        Remove the veracity of the account.

        Agree with “flirting”, and you’re still condoning assault.

        The NZ law of ad-hom attack that is applied on blogs every day says that if anyone condones breaking the law, anything else they say is worthless. Therefore the editor of kiwiblog, and all the commenters, are malicious liars.

        Oh but suddenly ad-homs are allowed, because logic isn’t “fair”.

        • Kevin

          Why would our married PM be ‘flirting’?

          • Tracey

            married people flirt.

            • Ron

              of course they do. But I wonder how long their marriages last when it becomes a habit.

              married people flirt.

              • Puckish Rogue

                (I’m not minimising what the PM did merely responding to this specific question)

                It depends on the type of flirt, I do minor flirting at work and the women I flirt with flirt back but its on the very lower level of flirting ie paying someone a compliment or noticing when someones changed their hair style (and commenting positively)

                What it does is makes both parties feel good about themselves and is a positive interaction

                However there is a line of course

                • McFlock

                  Yeah – the line is whether both parties feel good about it, or whether the recipient is professionally obliged to be courteous and polite and even smile. I.e. a power imbalance.

                  It’s not just “flirting” this principle applies to: I used to work at one place that had a lot of diverse groups going through. Some regulars were a Christian youth group that was heavily into converting us poor heathens. Most of the time it was okay, but the venue’s customer services manager went ballistic at the group when they started on the receptionists, explaining in no uncertain terms that the receptionists, because they were a captive audience that had to be there and had to remain polite, were completely and utterly off limits.

                • Tracey

                  is their a difference between paying a compliment and flirtng? Cos you described complimenting someone?

                  • Puckish Rogue

                    Thats where it gets tricky of course because then you get into areas of Non-Verbal Communication and what i type and what i mean can be two different things

                    But I’d say complimenting someone is flirting but at the lowest end of the scale and is the most socially acceptable form of flirting

                    A good rule of thumb is that you should only flirt to a level that you’re ok with your significant other

                    • Tracey

                      Fair enough. I guess I always think of flirting as being having slightly sexual overtones/intent, but if married or known to be in a a partnership a kind of “safe” playing…

                      Complimneting I guess can be seen that way when it is done by opposite sexes? Therein lies the confusion?

                      But a PM tugging s pony tail, imo, is not flirting, it is something else, whatever that is.

                    • Puckish Rogue

                      Yes tugging someones ponytail or “hugging” (like a certain ex-cera type) is way above what I’d do or consider ok

                • Jeeves

                  @ PR- but that’s not flirting. That’s being complimentary. Or its simple intergender rapport.

                  Flirting is where the words or actions are delivered with a deliberate backdrop of obvious or subtle sexuality.

                  • Puckish Rogue

                    The problem (well usually not a problem) is that those lines can become blurred

                    It all depends on how its given and recieved I suppose

              • Tracey

                and most don’t stroke other women’s body parts as “flirting”

              • AmaKiwi

                On her IRD tax return, his wife once listed her occupation as “stud screwer.”

                That should answer your question.

                • miravox

                  It appears that occupation was legit (tongue in cheek, maybe). As a teen, she did work in a shoe factory during the school holidays screwing studs into the soles of football boots.

                  John Roughan: Portrait of a Prime Minister

                  If people are using this anecdote from the book as if it says something about Key’s sexual prowess that’s tasteless and ego-driven imo. If it’s used to criticise Bronagh’s attitudes it’s probably a bit of a stretch.

            • The Pink Postman

              Not this one Tracey . I find the whole episode not only weird but quite disgusting.This is the PM we are talking about not a silly teen age boy. In fact if this had been a brown faced teenager the police would have been called in and Tasers used.

              • tracey

                I don’t flirt either, but I have friends who do, so I know some partnered folks do.

                It is weird, and revealing about our PM. It’s not like a celebrity or something this is a guy who runs the whole country…

            • The Pink Postman

              not this one Tracey . the whole episode is weird .This is the Prime Minister not a silly teenage boy .In fact if it had been a teenaged brown faced youth the police would have been called in and trunchions and Tazers would have been used. This strange business will once again bring us into dispute in the world .Key should call it a day and resign now.

          • Murray Rawshark

            I don’t think it’s flirting so much as an assertion of power and property rights.

    • Tracey 5.3

      Spend a moment on the world wide web and google Crimes Act 1961. Look for the definitions of assault. Then google Tort Law and Assault. You are welcome

  6. rawshark-yeshe 6

    If it has been her breast he touched repeatedly perhaps more people might have quickly reacted… or not, hard to say. But that it is her pony-tail is no different from it being her breast. He aggressed upon this young woman repeatedly not only without her consent, but against her clearly stated objections and requests for him to cease doing it. ( Rape culture anyone ? This is where it begins.)

    I hope she gets support to lay a formal complaint against him. ( Have to say, I am seriously anti-violence, but I would have had to slap or punch him and no doubt have seen a unexpected twinkle in the eyes of long suffering Bronagh. )

    Creepy compuslive liar we have as a Pry Minister isn’t it? He needs to be prosecuted for so many actions — this one has a chance imho.

    • Sabine 6.1

      no pity for long suffering Bronagh….she is well of enough to have left dear leader anytime she wanted too.

      what galls me is that dear Bronagh obviously was not able to tell her husband, dear leader, that pulling the hair of little girls is as objectionable as pulling the hair of a grown women.

      but then he pays for her lifestyle and that is all that counts.

      that tweet with the link of John Campbell interviewing a maybe 10 year old girl, and Dear Leader fondling her hair is creepy.

    • Murray Rawshark 6.2

      I’d love her to lay a complaint of assault, but I also understand completely why she may not want to. However, it should be up to all of us to see that the creep suffers the consequences, not just her.

  7. felix 7

    “DP” Farrar says:

    If the story is correct, then he should apologise for causing distress to her.

    But John Key says he only apologises for serious things.

    Not even for victims of attempted rape who were mistreated by his govt and Ministers, even though he promised he would apologise.

    So if this story is true, he’s in a very weird position regarding seriousness, isn’t he?

  8. Atiawa 8

    This is beyond comprehension. A young woman completely unknown to the Prime Minister is childishly harassed by him. Maybe he was pissed off that she hadn’t requested a selfie with him.
    I have always had the impression that he is nothing more than an attention seeking egotist.

  9. James 9

    To me, that video just shows the douche-bag moving her pony-tail off her shoulder, probably because it looked better for the camera.

    • felix 9.1

      And giving it a tug. Weirdly.

      • Pasupial 9.1.1

        Look at the woman at the back at the end of clip (I assume she is the mother); she certainly goes from smiling to frowning very quickly and says something to Key about it.

      • James 9.1.2

        I actually thought the gif had just paused for a split-second but watching many, many loops there is a deliberate tug there. Creepy.

    • Yep, it could be that he was wearing his MediaWorks TV Producer hat that day. But if you are correct, why does he rub the child’s hair with his thumb. It’s just … odd.

      • Hayden 9.2.1

        Well, he is the expert on everything, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he was also the country’s best producer.

      • Alpha z 9.2.2

        may be he is thinking it is kind of sum quick public pubic feeling or wotnot sicko! kick him out to jail or community service sentence. may be more dirty stuff coming who knows.

        • te reo putake

          Word ‘o’ the Day No. 94: trichophilia.

          Hair fetishism manifests itself in a variety of behaviors. A fetishist may enjoy seeing or touching hair, pulling on or cutting the hair of another person. Besides enjoyment they may become sexually aroused from such activities. It may also be described as an obsession, as in the case of hair washing or dread of losing hair. Arousal by head hair may arise from seeing or touching very long or short hair, wet hair, a certain color of hair or a particular hairstyle. Others may find the attraction of literally “having sex with somebody’s hair” as a fantasy or fetish.

          But clearly this does not apply to Key because “His actions were intended to be light-hearted.”. So nothing to see hair, er, here, move along …

          • Scintilla

            So nothing to see hair, er, here, move along …

            Ba-ha ha ha! Tickled my fancy no end after a hard day at the front. Seriously, though, this is just icky, downright creepy. Trichophilia indeed. I have wondered whether he is on meds of some kind that affect his judgement, I remember he keeled over at some dinner type event, maybe before the last election sometime?

          • linda

            hes guilty of serial tug perverted weirdos are called Johns

    • But don’t you see the little fondle as he moves it?

    • vto 9.4

      He runs it over through his hand.

      He was feeling it.

    • Murray Rawshark 9.5

      Despite what they seem to think, being a Tory politician does not give them the right to touch other people’s children.

      • srylands 9.5.1

        There are no Tory politicians in New Zealand.

        Do you have any evidence that the waitress in question is a child?

        • McFlock


        • tracey

          well, until a few posts ago you didn’t even think she was a real waitress…

          But really I think you need to catch up with the Leader’s behaviour. He fondled a young girls hair, the link is on here somewhere, or you could just go to 3 news, they have it there.

        • Murray Rawshark

          Most of us, unless found under rocks, are someone’s children.

        • tricledrown

          Just Tory charlatans ,Bullies,Predators,Corrupt Lying media manipulating 5 eyed philandering stalkers.

        • linda

          scum lands perverted weirdos are called Johns

  10. cogito 10

    Now that one person has bravely spoken out, it’s time for others to come forward…

  11. Stuart Munro 11

    Reptiles are naturally intrigued by hair.

  12. saveNZ 12

    I wouldn’t want a 50 year old man, fondling my daughters hair under any circumstances.

  13. Bill 13

    Oddly, given the general knowledge surrounding the alleged incidents (“even the local firefighters have asked me about what one of their guys saw. Other customers will sneak up behind me and say “Boo! Don’t worry, it’s not John Key!” or give my hair a gentle tug to see me panic and then say “I’m John Key”.), that the DB proclaims “We are protecting her identity so she is not punished by her employer or social media victim blaming.”

    Really?! Given the amount of info – some of it quite detailed – any attempted ‘protection of identity’ is a nonsense.

    Assuming the allegations are true, there will be media all over her within 24 hours.

    • tinfoilhat 13.1

      +1 bill …yes i was thinking much the same thing.

      • Tracey 13.1.1

        me too. It is odd… to say there is no independent verification then give examples of independent verification… odd… fishy… proceed with caution.

    • McFlock 13.2

      Frankly, what bomber should have done was asked her to get any regulars (like the firefighters) who saw it to contact him has confirmation. But then that’s the difference between a good journalist and a blogger 🙂

      John Key’s a dick, but I reckon I’ll sit on the fence on this one for a while.

      • TheContrarian 13.2.1

        Yeah, these sorts of unsubstantiated claims deserve a healthy dose of skepticism until more details/confirmation become available.

      • Tracey 13.2.2

        I’m with you Did Bomber put it to the PM’s office before publishing? That is what some journalists do.

        • Naturesong

          I wouldn’t consider Bomber a journalist.

          More a happy warrior in the activist space. One whose technical (journalistic ones) and strategic planning skills are not quite matched by his drive and passion.
          People do grow and develop, but I suspect the flaws that prevent Bomber from being as effective as he could be are embedded in the style or “brand” he presents.

          I used to look for and read his material, but since I have at least basic cognitive function in addition to a wide range of feelings and emotions, a diet of outrage that is often poorly written and under researched won’t hold my interest for very long.

          • Tracey

            Except he seems to want some kind of credibility, one way is to do some verification of his own…

            • Naturesong

              “Except he seems to want some kind of credibility”

              I’d like to run a marathon too – but unless I learn what is required to do it, and then put some serious time into it, it’s not going to happen.

              • Tracey

                So, the guy who was paid by DotCom to run a political campaign doesn’t know about verifying information before going public to enhance credibility?

                • Naturesong

                  I’d say yes
                  He seems to be completely blind to his faults, and takes any criticism as a personal attack.

                  It’s a pretty common affliction in New Zealand.

                  Edit: He was the one running Dotcoms campaign?
                  In which case, I wish to present Dotcom’s entire campaign in support my criticism of Bombers strategic planning ability

                • Naturesong

                  Well, it looks like my worry was unfounded.
                  Martyn Bradbury has done pretty well under the circmstances.

                  Respect just went up a notch.

        • Murray Rawshark

          Tracey, you are making exactly the same argument that the right used against Hager.

      • Bill 13.2.3

        More than that McFlock, what Bomber needed to do was not bullshit her on questions of anonymity, secure her agreement to ‘front’ to the media and then school her on dealing with it.

        From what the DB has said, I doubt that happened. So now the woman, who may not want to go anywhere near TV cameras or whatever is going to be under immense pressure.

        If she had come to him with the story and stated she wanted anonymity, then Bomber had a duty to inform her that wouldn’t be possible and then either drop the story or re-write it in the third person. Of course, a third person account would have went no-where, which would have left dropping the story as the only sensible option.

        • Tracey

          and if she had gone to MSM she may have secured the anonymity cos they would have sought independent verification (I hope).

          • Bill

            They’ll want to interview her Tracey. She should have been made aware that was going to happen and that it would be nigh on impossible to remain anonymous.

            I’d suggest if she’d gone to the msm and said she didn’t want to be identified, they’d have dropped it. It’s a human interest story from their way of looking at things. And human interest stories need…people.

            • Tracey

              Dont journalist frequently keep sources anonymous though? They would have named the cafe and interviewed other staff and maybe customers. She may have ended up in the same place she will be now BUT with that independent verification first and foremost she wouldn’t start under the gun, but with time and effort from certain people, would have ended up there…

              AND look how quickly after reading TDB post the MSM got comment and confirmation from PM”s office to remove the notion she is an extreme left wing activist making stuff up…

              • Bill

                My point concerns the reality rather than a pile of ‘what ifs’ and ‘might have beens’.

                Some-one, who apparently wanted anonymity, wrote an account of being harassed by the PM of NZ for a blog. It appears from what prefaced the post that the blog suggested she could remain anonymous. Therefore my questions revolve around either the apparent lack of ethical standards, or the stupidity, of that blog.

                Was some-one so anxious to run a story that they didn’t give a flying fuck for the consequences of the person telling the story?

                Or was some-one so stupid as to not realise the likely consequences for the person telling the story?

                • Tracey

                  Ah, I get you. It did strike me as a lil Slater-esque…. that is, spread the message and to hell with the collateral damage.

                  • McFlock

                    Following on from the Mana News debacle about the phone call, it appears that some folks are getting dragged down to the tory level.
                    But that would be another thread entirely.

                • Huginn

                  I think she says that she posted her objections to having her hair pulled on Key’s Facebook, and also the National Party’s Facebook.

                  It also sounds as though several other customers were aware of Key’s weird behaviour.

                  If so, then it was always a matter of time for this to come out.

      • McFlock 13.2.4

        Oh. My. God. It’s true.

        For fuck’s sake.

  14. Pasupial 14

    As I said over on TDB – her anonymity rather depends on how many waitresses in how many cafes have been the focus of Key’s sociopathic attention:

    He then asked her my name and later, as he passed by me upon leaving, he spoke my name

  15. Hateatea 15

    After spending nearly 30 years telling children that bad touching is ‘below your shoulders and above your knees’ am I now going to have to say ‘and playing with your hair’ ?

    I am still of two minds as to the veracity of this claim but whether true or false, it has generated some heartening and some disappointing comments, on the three sites I have visited.

    Perhaps I need to don my HAZMAT suit and visit the blog of ‘he who shall not be named’ for his spin.

  16. weka 16

    “I’m suggesting caution with this allegation. For starters, it’s one person’s story, and apparently not independently verified. And it’s on TDB, so quite possibly it’s just another Bomber brainfart. Further, every time the left tries and fails to land a hit on Key, he gains strength and our credibility takes a hit.”

    A couple of points.

    One is that the need express the opinion that Bomber is unreliable when it comes to the truth may be undermining someone speaking truth to power.

    The other is that this isn’t about landing a hit on Key, it’s about a woman speaking up about harrassment from a man in a position of considerable power (and showing him to be a creep).

  17. James Thrace 17

    I believe the story. There was a one news clip from last year where Key fondled a little girls hair. Anyone else recall it?

  18. veutoviper 18


    Jessica Williams, RadioLive political reporter, asked John Key’s office about the allegations in the DailyBlog post.

    Their response does not deny that the ponytail pulling happened at a local cafe Key and Bronagh go to regularly; it was intended to be lighthearted; it was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable; and he has apologised to her.

    • Hateatea 18.1


      Now let the fun begin!!!

      Bring on the spinners. Fisiani? Gosman? Where are you?

    • Bill 18.2


      So,okay. Now I’m reflecting on his ‘boys will be boys’ comments surrounding roastbusters, his relaxed attitude towards sexual harassment claims against (guys position and nationality?)…

      • Tracey 18.2.1

        That was a very revealing comment in my opinion. It makes me wonder if he has seen this campaign begun in London?

      • adam 18.2.2

        The ‘boys will be boys’ comment sickened me at the time, now I feel he was leaving the door open for himself. I’m just going to repeat my usual and people can take it as they wish.

        This is a government with no moral compass, no sense of decency – no commitment to anything but a love of cupidity and do as we please.

        I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel more – than just a little uncomfortable.

    • veutoviper 18.3

      Cannot edit above – but special item discussing this now on Nine to Noon.

    • Tracey 18.4

      He has, in person, delivered wine and an apology, so that is a step in the right direction, compared to the past? Not sure why his office followed up cos he has told us that his office is not him, and he would be in his John key (cafe goer) hat for this?

  19. RedLogix 19

    Absolutely unwelcome behaviour. And very difficult for the young woman involved – an invidious position to be put in.

    Difficult for any employee to complain about any client, much less one as powerful and visible as the Prime Minister, worse still when ‘gifts’ suddenly become involved. If this story is true there will be all sorts of pressure being brought to bear on her.

    None of which is of her making. If this does unravel in the worst way possible then I would hope everybody keeps this in mind.

  20. Paul Campbell 20

    Well I guess that’s confirmed then …. I wonder if he knows which waitress he’s appologising to

  21. EOFB 21

    Misplaced “toupee envy” I say.

    • Tracey 22.1

      He confirms the story. He did apologise. He only apologises for serious things. is it cos it was in public and witnessed… or cos Bronagh told him to stop being a dick when they left the cafe on one of the occasions?

      IF he did this as John Key (the man) – which I believe he did, and not with his John Key PM hat on, why is the PM’s office (which he says is not him) following it up on his behalf and answering for him? I’m confused about all these different roles and which ones my money supports?

      • One Anonymous Bloke 22.1.1

        It’s not an apology when it’s accompanied by immediate minimisation and self-justification – “just horsing around”.

    • Murray Rawshark 22.2

      “Prime Minister John Key has dismissed his hair-pulling pranks as “a bit of banter”,”

      That’s not an apology.

      • tracey 22.2.1

        Cos, like some men in NZ, it is all about the man’s perspective. It was fun for Key, so therefore it must be fun for the victim.

  22. James 23

    The way the article is written makes it sound like he did it once, got a disapproving glare and then apologised. Nothing like the impression I got from the original article.

    • freedom 23.1

      did you not read the first line ?
      “The Prime Minister has apologised to a waitress who accused him of repeatedly pulling her hair at an Auckland cafe. ”
      -bold mine

  23. notowenglenn 24

    It’s a serious matter when he couldn’t trust Steven Joyce to fix it. I guess Joyce wasn’t in a position to tell her to let her hair down with the PM like he does.

  24. Hateatea 25

    Now up on Stuff

    A lot more from Bradbury on how he came to publish

    Oops, beaten to the punch 😀

  25. Tracey 26

    Also proves, beyond doubt, that political blogs are read daily by journos in mainstream for stories.

  26. The Murphey 27

    I’m suggesting caution with this allegation. For starters, it’s one person’s story, and apparently not independently verified.

    And yet you use absolutes when it comes to naming and labeling others under such circumstances

    And it’s on TDB, so quite possibly it’s just another Bomber brainfart.

    Q. Due to the updated statement will you retract this comment ?

    [If you have examples that back up your allegation then post them. Fast. As for your question, Bomber’s record speaks for itself, so no. TRP]

  27. vto 28

    pfffttt…. apology …..

    the important thing here (alongside the actual harassment of the poor waitress) is what it indicates about the mind and judgment of Key. His behaviour is exactly that of teenage boys in puberty – teenage boys with a bully attitude. Completely and utterly wrong and inappropriate.

    That it is the PM is just off-the-planet …… maybe Key has left Planet Key for Moon Key

  28. Bob 29

    What a pathetic article, Time waster. I hope the Keys change their local café. The waitress need to grow up very quickly. She should have kindly asked him to stop on day one. It shows to me the John felt safe and comfortable in the café. Interested if she got any money for the article . Think they should name and shame the café and the waitress

    [Let this through so we know what to expect from the right as this plays out. TRP]

    • Hateatea 29.1

      Dear Bob, Your attitude is part of the problem re work place bullying and harassment.

      Should that have been your mother, sister, partner, daughter who was treated in this fashion, would you still have been so sympathetic to the perpetrator of this offence?

    • vto 29.2

      No wonder Key attracts supporters like this – Bob is off the planet as well

    • Tracey 29.3

      Yeah, it’s the victim’s fault Bob, not the paid-more-than living-wage millionaire who is Prime Minister of a country.

      You are on this continuum Bob

      “A short skirt is not a yes.
      A red lip is not a yes.
      A wink is not a yes.
      A slow dance is not a yes.
      A walk home is not a yes.
      A drink back at mine is not a yes.
      A kiss on the sofa is not a yes.
      What I wear and how I behave are not invitations.
      There’s a myth that surrounds women, a myth that embroils them:
      women who dress or behave suggestively,
      women who are playful or who act provocatively,
      women who flirt or openly discuss sex – they’re ‘asking for it’.
      It’s an insidious fable, and it needs to stop.
      Every woman has a right to freedom of expression.
      No woman deserves to be raped for it.
      No one should be able to blame rape on a short skirt.
      A short skirt can’t talk – a short skirt can’t say ‘yes’.
      the only yes should be an active and embodied ‘yes!’

    • Kevin 29.4

      What if the Commander In Chief came up to you and goosed your balls Bob?

      Happy with that are we?

      If not, can we name and shame you for being unpatriotic?

    • felix 29.5

      “It shows to me the John felt safe and comfortable in the café.”

      Sure does. But then he’s not the one being assaulted by a very powerful person with armed bodyguards standing beside him, so his level of comfort isn’t really the issue now, is it.

      “She should have kindly asked him to stop on day one.”

      Even if that was relevant- and it’s not – he would have already assaulted he by then. You’re saying the first assault doesn’t count. It does, and so do all the others.

      “The waitress need to grow up very quickly.”

      Funny, that’s exactly what Key said about the “roastbusters” incidents.

    • Tracey 29.6

      Another one who didn’t actually read the DB post but felt able to cast aspersions. Cos if you HAD read the post your question would have been answered.

      “What more could I do? How humiliating would it be to have to stand before the Prime Minister, his wife and security personnel and a handful of customers and say John, Mr Prime Minister, Sir, could you please stop tugging on my hair, I don’t like it, please stop, please… I felt I shouldn’t HAVE to do that. I certainly couldn’t reciprocate his actions, maybe see if he liked to have his hair pulled. Who would dare do that to a man with his own personal security? I told his security that I was sick of having my hair pulled and one day I’ll snap and i’ll punch him in the face. I hoped that maybe they’d tell him that enough’s enough and it’s time to draw it to an end. I posted on the National Party and the John Key Facebook pages a message along the lines of “Stop pulling my hair – I don’t like it!”. Maybe between social media and his security buddies and my body language and his wife’s advice he might finally get the message?

      The next time I saw him I managed to successfully avoid facing him throughout his visit, what a huge relief! Friday, 13th March, however, I wasn’t so lucky. I was stood at the main entrance to meet and greet customers, I saw his security personnel enter first and I quickly turned myself to place my back against the wall, then John entered. Despite my best efforts to avoid the situation, without literally running away, he just couldn’t help himself and still attempted, from directly in front of me, to reach around behind me in search of my hair, as he walked by. That was too much, even for me. I had remained professional for absolutely as long as I could and this time I put my hand out in front of me, a barrier between John and myself, and I said “No! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” as I wagged my finger at him and he reluctantly backed away. During this visit he said to my manager “she really doesn’t like me pulling her ponytail?” and she responded “well, …no!””

      Thursday, 26 March, and once again he was at the cafe. I continued to keep my distance, dreading any unpleasantries. Unfortunately, I found myself at the door when it came time for him to leave, which meant, besides passing him, I had nowhere to go. As he approached me he thought it would be fitting to raise his hands high and make scary, suspense sound effects, like the music from the movie Jaws that we all know so well, and still gestured as if to reach behind me. As he towered overhead I slunk down, cringing, whilst Bronagh told him to “leave the poor girl alone”. I looked him in the eye and asked “is it self defence, with your security here, if I have to physically stop you from touching me?” and he countered, with a smile, “defence against what?”. He then changed the topic to the settling of his account and bid me politely farewell, but, as he motioned to leave and I turned towards the computer, he couldn’t resist that satisfying tug and once again he pulled my hair.”

  29. shorts 30

    I’m as disgusted at the PM’s attempt at an apology as his creepy behaviour – he is the sort of man who feels that a gift will excuse his behaviour and make amends as opposed to the sort of man who will change his behaviour and stop bullying others

    typical tory in other words

    • I don’t think Key has actually apologised a second time. His spinner has used the past tense, so I think it’s a reference to the apology he made in the cafe with the wine. Key’s in London, on route to Gallipoli. So probably asleep, dreaming sweet dreams of running his hands through the luscious locks of flaxen haired young women. Or something.

      • shorts 30.1.1

        I figured it wasn’t a new apology, he’s far too busy moving forward trying to reach the ever elusive end of the day

        • Jeeves

          ” he’s far too busy moving forward trying to reach the ever elusive end of the day ”


      • Tracey 30.1.2

        I also got the impression he used his office, which is for when he has his PM hat on, for dealing with a problem arising from when he had his John Key – citizen hat on. The fact that he wears no hats, ever, makes it very confusing to follow.

  30. He might has well have said ‘do you know who I am’. That was National MP Aaron Gilmore abusing waiting staff as reported by TV3 on 2 May 2013. Gilmore was apparently drunk at the time.–aaron-gilmore-2013050217#axzz3XzLRu3UE

    There was the issue of the MBIE emails as well, but that related to conduct before Gilmore was an MP.

    Gilmore announced his resignation from Parliament on 13 May 2013

    Will Key do the same? If not, an unparliamentary word staring with ‘H’ would be appropriate.

    Is normal in Key’s government for backbench MPs to be held to a higher standard of accountability than the Prime Minister?

  31. TheBlackKitten 32

    Key behaved like a goofy dick. I can remember when he won his first election as they interviewed him coming into Skycity to do his victory speech thinking that he came across as a bit of a goofy nerd.
    Key misread the situation which was dumb and what was even more stupid, is that his minders also misread the situation and failed to tell him to cut it out or it could blow up in his face.
    This is a case of a goofy idiot and disorganised minders not reading the situation correctly. Lesson learned from Key is that you do not touch anyone in any way unless they are very close to you because if you do, all kinds of scenioros can be interpreted as this situation has proved.
    Why the girl did not tell him to naff off the first time I don’t know. If he had pulled my ponytail (and yes I do have one) I would have politely but firmly asked him not to do it again. If he had persisted, then I would have followed the correct channels of reporting inappropriate behaviour to my employer. Why did she instead tell her story to a left wing blog? Surly if she was too frightened of taking the correct channels due to consequences then she must have realised that telling her story to a blog would reap more grief for her unless of course she is now in a better financial situation where she no longer needs to work as a waitress at this cafe anymore.

    • RedLogix 32.1

      Why the girl did not tell him to naff off the first time I don’t know.

      You and I probably would. But as I mentioned above, a young female employee who had gotten to know the Key’s reasonably well – and given the immense social power gradient going on – might well be unsure about exactly what to do initially.

      • Tracey 32.1.1

        I wouldn’t at her age. But then the PM’s when I was her age would not have thought it a good idea to do that over and over again. So let’s re-frame the question.

        Why on earth would our (any) Prime Minister think this was appropriate behaviour for someone in his position? What does it suggest about how he sees other people in relation to himself?

        • RedLogix

          Lets put it this way – at the risk of TMI.

          Last year my partner and I were in the habit of a Sat morning visit to a local cafe. As it turned out one of the waitresses lived right next door to us – so we subsequently became quite good friends over the last year. (Recently she moved away to Perth to be with family). So it’s a pretty parallel situation, except the woman involved was more our age.

          But never, ever in a million years, can I imagine touching her in public in any fashion whatsoever. Even in ‘fun’. Where exactly people draw these lines is going to vary from person to person and context to context – but this is definitely way over mine.

          • Tracey

            Yup. I have a great “relationship” with people at a local cafe, two in particular, when I am visiting to get my Hot choc. We laugh, share jokes etc, share news BUT none of us has ever touched each other. IF something arose, like one of them leaving, I would say “C’mon, can I give you a goodbye hug”?

    • Tracey 32.2

      Are you a male or female?

    • Tracey 32.3

      You didn’t actually read the post at TDB did you TBK?

    • Bill 32.4

      If he had pulled my ponytail (and yes I do have one) I would have politely but firmly asked him not to do it again. If he had persisted, then I would have followed the correct channels of reporting inappropriate behaviour to my employer.

      Maybe so. But while we’re on the topic of role playing, (yup, I’ll put myself in that odious man’s shoes for a second) you wouldn’t have had to object to your pony tail being fondled or pulled because it simply would not have happened.

    • swordfish 32.5

      Ahhh, BlackKitten, so it was all some sort of ghastly misunderstanding, was it ?, with faults on both sides, so let’s hear no more about it. It that the official spin now ?

      Like your fellow Tory spin-meisters (Redbaiter and Bob above), you profess to be utterly mystified that (to quote Redbaiter) “the waitress let him pull her hair without any kind of verbal reaction at least three times and perhaps many more times. Some would say that this failure to express herself could be interpreted as a willingness to go along with the joke. Shouldn’t she have spoken out on the very first occasion ? Or at least soon after.”

      Well, if you’d actually read her original post, you would have known, wouldn’t you ?

      The waitress argues that:
      (1) On the first occasion she gave an “unimpressed expression”.
      (2) Second occasion: “my obvious annoyance.”
      (3) Third: “I didn’t respond verbally, but everything about my body language screamed I DON’T LIKE THAT”

      She then gives a clear explanation of why she didn’t react verbally:

      “No one else had ever thought it was OK to walk into the café and pull the waitresses hair, so why did the Prime Minister think it was OK ? My reasoning was simple. I could tell him that I didn’t like it – but I shouldn’t HAVE to. He was like the school yard bully tugging on the little girl’s hair trying to get a reaction, experiencing that feeling of power over her. I would think to myself, even a five year old could tell you that if you pull a girl’s hair she will not like it. I shouldn’t have to tell THE PRIME MINISTER that I don’t like it when he pulls my hair – talk about stating the obvious !”.

      And again, after going out of her way to avoid him “What more could I do How humiliating would it be to have to stand before the Prime Minister, his wife and security personnel and a handful of cutomers and say John, Mr Prime Minister, Sir, could you please stop tugging on my hair, I don’t like it, please stop, please…I felt I shouldn’t HAVE to do that…..I told his security that I was sick of having my hair pulled and one day I’ll snap and I’ll punch him in the face. I hoped that maybe they’d tell him that enough’s enough and it’s time to draw it to an end.”

      She (probably rightly) felt that being forced into such a potentially humiliating conversation would only end up further satisfying and re-inforcing Key’s controlling tendencies.

    • Jeeves 32.6

      “I would have followed the correct channels of reporting inappropriate behaviour to my employer.”

      “….correct channels…”

      Christ this could almost be a line from Chapter 1 of Animal Farm.

      • Colonial Rawshark 32.6.1

        going to the public and not going through “channels” is one thing that the NSA/CIA always complain about re: their whistleblowers. It’s like they all read off the same play book.

    • Delia 32.7

      Well looks like it is all the woman’s fault, Bronaghs fault, the security men’s fault , the Manager’s fault, anyone but the stupid Key and I mean that sincerely, he must be from the Ark if he does not know how unacceptable this is, than again he takes abuse of women pretty lightly…cutting funding to sex abuse services, barely caring when a diplomat assaults another young woman…says a lot about this ‘man’

      • One Anonymous Bloke 32.7.1

        Bullying with a smile. Apart from the staffer, the only person who appears to have called the creep out for it was Bronagh.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 32.7.2

        the security men’s fault

        They are Police, after all. Preventing assault is part of their core business.

    • Murray Rawshark 32.8

      “Why did she instead tell her story to a left wing blog?”

      I don’t care why. It’s irrelevant. I’m glad she told it. I would be interested why she chose Bomber rather than The Standard. There may be a story there as well.

  32. Wait for the smears to run on this woman….Key has a “top drawer” after all….and what a crowded place that must be with compliant cops and snoops and tame media all willing to sniff around for dirt to protect their ‘man’.

    • Bob 33.1

      Unfortunately for her, the smears will run because she broke the story through a political blog. The whole thing is Len Brown/Bevan Chuang-esque.
      This story should be told, and the PM should be shamed for his actions, but running through a political blog has left her wide open to abuse and Bomber should have known as much!

  33. Alfie 34

    Would Key have done the same thing to a male waiter with a ponytail? Of course not, this is misogonistic behaviour unfitting of the PM’s office. Was he possibly wearing his “creepy John” hat at the time.

  34. felix 35

    Hang on, where’s the apology?

    According to stuff:

    In a statement, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said:

    “It’s a familiar cafe which he regularly visits with Bronagh and both have a good relationship with those who work there. His actions were intended to be light hearted. It was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable and he has apologised to her.”

    That’s the PM’s people saying he has apologised to her. So does that mean when he gave her the wine?

    Where’s the bit where John Key actually says sorry?

    • Tracey 35.1

      According to the waitress

      “A short while later he reappeared holding not one, but two bottles of JK 2012 PM’s Pinot Noir. He scurried over to me in the very centre of the cafe and hurriedly handed me the bottles, with big smiles, really big smiles, saying “this is for you, sorry, I didn’t realise.” Before I could say a word he’d already hightailed it out of there, the grinning assassin appearing as if he was the nice guy, whilst no doubt following someone else’s advice to contain the situation before it really got out of hand, and I pretty much felt like in my hands was a bribe.”

      • Tracey 35.1.1

        “grinning assassin”…. smiling assassination. That she is no John Key fan before or after this is, yes, IS, irrelevant, before the right-wingers trot it out.

        • felix

          So when his office says he has apologised, they don’t mean he has apologised to her today in a public statement. I think they’ve tried to imply that, but he hasn’t done that at all.

          So they really mean “it’s all good he already apologised ages ago”

    • shorts 35.2

      He doesn’t actually use the words sorry… that would be an admission of guilt, the wine conveys all he intends I would guess

  35. Westiechick 36

    sexual harassment 101. Power imbalance= keep your hands to yourself even if it is just a non-creepy bit of fun for you.

  36. Kevin 37

    I wonder if Judith knew in advance?

    Works in rather well with her opening gambit for leadership of the National Party.

    • Tracey 37.1

      Who TOOK Collins and replaced her with this “caring” clone. God forbid she advocate for valuing the work (unpaid) women do at home.

      It’s like she wasn’t even there when Turei was derided for her clothing

      “Justice Minister Judith Collins has stepped up the war of words with Green co-leader Metiria Turei, saying she dresses badly and is a “sensitive wee sausage”.

      It’s like the media didn’t know about it, except they led with it…

      “…Collins said last year on Twitter that a speech by Turei was “vile, wrong and ugly, just like her jacket today”. “

  37. Tracey 38

    “I exclaimed “Really?!!”, to my manager beside me, and shot him a look of utter disbelief and frustration.”

    So, the Manager didn’t take any action despite seeing inappropriate behaviour upsetting a staff member. Now, WHY didn’t the Manager step in on behalf of the employee? I don’t see people demanding that answer?

    • Hateatea 38.1

      I did but on open mike at 2.6 at 8.58

      ‘If this is true, it is appalling. No person should have to tolerate such behaviour once let alone repeatedly. Where were her co-workers and management in this?’

      • Tracey 38.1.1

        Good for you. I was kind of angling it toward those asking the question “why did she just not tell him to stop”

    • Dave 38.2

      In his defence, in this case, he’s just as powerless as her. I don’t think I could correct the PM’s behaviour, and I’ve worked in hospo for 15 years now.

      • Tracey 38.2.1

        The Manager is a she.

        However your point is well taken. If the Manager didn’t feel she could respond why would the waitress. I think Bob et al live in a parallel universe or are just deliberately trying to deflect by focusing on why the waitress didn’t stop him. Especially when she writes why she didn’t. They didnt even read her account before slamming her.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 38.2.2

        The people who really let them down were the sworn Police officers Key surrounds himself with. It’s their duty to prevent assault.

  38. risildowgtn 39

    He touched her inappropriately

    No one has the right to do this to anyone.. regardless of who the person thinks he/she is

    Its wrong its AN OFFENCE and he should resign.. o and be charged for it…

  39. Maui 40

    Is this the first time he’s apologised for anything?

  40. freedom 41

    Over an hour after confirmation has been released
    and DPF still hasn’t updated his post
    must be a long spin call with CT

  41. Tiger Mountain 43

    well all good hard working god fearing Key loving kiwis will know that this woman should have kept her “tantalising” pony tail to herself and stopped forcing it into the PM’s hand

  42. Morrissey 44

    Exactly what is the problem here?

    Yours in utter mystification,

    William Jefferson Clinton
    David Lloyd George
    Cecil Parkinson
    Anthony Wiener

    [I’m not taking the risk that you might be defaming people so I’ve removed 4 names. TRP]

    • McFlock 44.1

      No wonder you’re mystified. You seem to not be able to tell the difference between “scandals” that involved consenting, even willing, adults, and those that allegedly involved blatant sexual assault.

      • Morrissey 44.1.1


        As even the most bewildered ACT supporter could have seen, my post was nothing more than a lighthearted jab at a few other serial predators from the political sphere.

        Surely—surely— that would have been obvious to even the meanest intellig—-

        Oh, sorry, I’ve just realized who I’m responding to.

        • McFlock

          ” a lighthearted jab at a few other serial predators”

          While you might be lighthearted about sexual predators, see above.

          • Morrissey

            While you might be lighthearted about sexual predators….

            I’m not. I was placing Key—“weird” and “creep” were the two most common descriptors for him today—in the context he has made for himself, viz., powerful men who feel entitled to abuse women.

            • McFlock

              You even called your own comment a “lighthearted jab”.

              How was [Deleted] or [Deleted] a “sexual predator”, oh great and noble defender of womens’ rights?

              [Good question, McFlock. I’ve removed the name until Moz proves that he’s not exposing TS to the risk of a law suit. TRP]

              • McFlock

                Also, TRP, I think [Deleted] was the former us state governor who was a client of expensive prostitutes – definitely not “predation” in NZ.

                • Morrissey

                  You mean: definitely not predation in YOUR mind.

                  • McFlock

                    The Prostitutes’ Collective might have a better idea than you.

                    But basically you have no idea about the difference between consenting adults and sexual predation, at least half your list is wrong, but either way you merely regard it as fodder for “lighthearted jabs”.

                    Do you ever get the slightest suspicion that your ego is writing cheques that your IQ can’t cash?

        • Rawsharkosaurus

          McFlock is probably confused because you have, in the past, sought to minimise sexual assault when it’s done by someone you look up to.

          I wonder if Key is going to end up holed up in an Ecuadorean embassy any time soon…

          • Morrissey

            McFlock is probably confused because you have, in the past, sought to minimise sexual assault when it’s done by someone you look up to.

            No I have not. Due to your extraordinarily inept writing style it’s not absolutely clear, but I presume that you are (foolishly) endorsing the British Government’s black propaganda operation against Julian Assange.

            I wonder if Key is going to end up holed up in an Ecuadorean embassy any time soon…

            Are you trying to be funny? You should not.

    • Morrissey 44.2

      You’ve removed the name of a [Deleted] National Party former president, a[Deleted] National Party former MP, and as for the New Zealand First MP, you might remember this….


      You might recall that the [Deleted] former National MP was the subject of some particularly sanctimonious denunciations by….Prime Minister John Key.

      I appreciate your caution, and I note that, unlike our bewildered and humour-challenged friend, you recognize [Deleted] indeed belongs on the list.

      [Don’t waste my time or expose TS to similar risk in future, Morrissey. And definitely do not tell me what I think. TRP]

  43. Clemgeopin 45

    This despicable behaviour from Key is simply NOT excusable. He is the guy in charge of the country! If one can not trust him with basic common sense conduct, how can anyone trust him in his capacity as Prime Minister of the country? I think he HAS to resign or be replaced or be charged immediately. He should not be allowed to carry on as if it was nothing to worry about! He can not simply give the girl two bottles of expensive wine and hope to fool her and every body else.

    Key is a disgrace. I think everything revealed about him, his office and associates in the book ‘Dirty Politics’ by Hager is also true.

    Both Stuff and NZH have articles on Key’s hair pulling fetish and his Clayton’s apology where he only said ‘sorry’ because, he ‘did not realise’ and not for his hair pulling bad conduct at all!

    From the Stuff article:

    “The waitress said she told him to stop, “or I will actually hit you soon”. It was a “short while later” she said the Prime Minister reappeared at the cafe and handed her two bottles of his JK 2012 vintage Pinot Noir saying “this is for you, sorry, I didn’t realise.”

    Strangely, both articles (in Stuff and NZH) do not have provision for readers’ comments. I wonder why!

    Key should be thrown out and the key thrown out.

    • Naturesong 45.1

      Key will survive this, and may in fact enhance his “brand” amongst that well known undercurrent of casual misogyny in NZ.

      I hope that this does not cost the waitress too much for speaking out – she’s about to find out how much effort goes into controlling the public speaking space in NZ.

      • McGrath 45.1.1

        I reckon she’s going to find out the hard way. The name of the cafe is already out there, and the media will be chomping at the bit to get an interview. Don’t know if she still is working at the cafe, but I can see her being forced out of her job if she is;

  44. weka 46

    sorry, haven’t caught up on all the backlog yet, but when people and the MSM say Key has apologied, are they talking about the bottles of wine? Or has he come out with an actual apology today since TDB broke the story? Because the bottles of wine isn’t an apology, it’s a PR move after they realised the big mistake they’d made.

    • I think the consensus is that Key’s office are referring to him bunging plonk at the woman, not a fresh apology. That might have to wait until breakfast time in the UK (around 6 hours from now). There will be heaps of media accompanying Key so he’s going to have an interesting time as he orders his Full English. Hope the female hotel staff stand well back, he may not have learned his lesson yet!

  45. repateet 47

    Oh no! Another distraction is bound to come. What do you reckon the possibility of a new National Anthem is announced just in time for Parliament resumes?

    • miravox 47.1

      Nah, Paula will bash a few more parents. This time about their housing ‘choices’.

  46. Plan B 48

    JKs career in politics started with a bottle of wine, maybe it will end with two bottles and some ‘casual sexism’

  47. peterh 49

    He was just trying to be himself, a proper dickhead

  48. halfcrown 50

    If it is true, when do you think we will see an article by Armstrong calling for his resignation?

  49. The Murphey 51

    If you have examples that back up your allegation then post them. Fast.

    Q. You need reminding of your ‘absolute’ position on Assange ?

    As for your question, Bomber’s record speaks for itself, so no. TRP

    Q. Would you feel a lesser man for admitting your prejudice was out of order or are you ok comforting yourself citing ‘historical perspectives’ and a smear ?

    [Last chance. Come up with some examples, retract or take some time off. Up to you. TRP]

    • The Murphey 51.1

      You asked for an example of where you had used ‘absolutes’

      I provided an example

      Now you’re threatening me to retract my verified comment while at the same time stating you are unprepared to retract smears against Bradbury when the post on TDB was verified as being an ‘actual event’

      [You were asked to provide an example and you didn’t. Take a week off. TRP]

      • One Anonymous Bloke 51.1.1

        Bradbury’s pronouncements are frequently inaccurate. He’s given to hyperbole. TRP urging caution as a result is hardly a smear.

      • McFlock 51.1.2

        This day has so many nice surprises 🙂

  50. Brendon Harre 52

    OMG what a dork of a PM we have. This is the sort of behaviour you might see from an attention seeking socially inappropriate teenage boy.

    • tracey 52.1

      they have rules against it in…


      • linda 52.1.1

        in kinder garden you turn round punch the little git in the hooter and what huge hooter on end of the Johns face

    • emergency mike 52.2

      You hit the nail on the head Brendan. Key doesn’t have a great concept of ‘socially appropriate’. He’s faking it. Making it up as he goes along. And as such sometimes he’s going to get it wrong in a ‘WTF’ way.

      That’s what happens to psychopaths, sociopaths, and antisocials – most of the time their behaviour falls within socially acceptable boundaries because they have observed others enough to learn what is ok. But that method has its limitations, we understand what is acceptable at a fundamental level because of our ability to empathize with others. They can’t do that. Thus the antisocial’s understanding of socially acceptanced boundaries rests on flawed foundations.

      So every now and then the mask slips. And everyone scratches their heads and says “What was he thinking?”

  51. Kriss X 53

    Key will emerged unscathed. He is more skilled at spin than any of his opponents, which always come across as petty and hysterical. Kiwis warm to his folksy style.

    His opponents need to come down to earth a bit if they hope for the dirt to stick.

    • cogito 53.1

      Key is certainly skilled at spin, but there will be no shortage of skeletons in his cupboard. Sooner or later people will start talking, just as they did with eg Rolf Harris, and then his “folksy style” will be revealed as something else.

  52. The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 54

    Is the Left using a blogger to smear the PM? Sounds like more of that dreadful dirty politics we need to be worried about.

    [It’s not a smear if it’s true. And if you are going to use the word dirty, then it’s probably best used in the phrase dirty old man. Stop trolling. TRP]

    • appleboy 54.1


      key admitted it and apologised. What fucking smear are you talking about.? The smear you right whiners call reality and truth? Dick.

      • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 54.1.1

        So, it wan’t a smear to point out Goff lied about being briefed about the Israeli backpackers?

        • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

          Hager thinks it was a smear, despite being true.

          Whether Goff deserved this or not, the point here is the nature of the attack politics. Goff is a conservative on foreign policy and intelligence issues who would not naturally question or criticise the intelligence services. The aim from the start was to cause him political trouble…

          [See Tracey’s comment below. Last chance. TRP]

          • Tracey

            you are now seemingly deliberately dragging this off topic, take it to open mike. You are deflecting from an important issue or 2.

            1. The unacceptable behaviour of the Prime Minister;
            2. The tendency to deflect away from the appalling treatment of women and girls by many in NZ.

            If you continue I will ask a fellow author to ban you.

          • The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell

            Last chance for what?

            This is the problem. The left only likes talking to itself. Which is why no-one else is listening to it.


            • tracey

              Take it to Open Mike, is not shutting you up. Reading is a skill you are struggling with today.

        • McFlock

          Let’s put it this way:
          If Little or someone in his or his caucus members’ office had apparently leaked confidential information to bomber in order to coach him on exactly how to phrase an OIA request which was then fast-tracked so Bomber would have a scoop within hours, and Bomber’s stories were then picked up by more legitimate commentators and media outlets that have close links with the Labour party, then your comparison might not be full of putrid shit.

          However, as absolutely none of the above “if” is true, then bomber’s completely true allegation is in no way comparable to “Dirty Politics”. You utter tool.

        • appleboy

          That’s really relevant here. Typical distraction crap from bats when they are in the shit.

    • Tracey 54.2

      Yes, that is absolutely the most important point about this story, that maybe TDB indulges in Dirty Politics. Nothing to do with how women are treated or perceived by the Prime minister of New Zealand. Note how when someone else writes the post it is called a guest post. On WO it’s signed by Slater as if he wrote it. You need to go to Pete George’s website where you can both bemoan how you two are the only ones who

      a. don’t really understand two-track strategy with the use of bloggers; and
      b. focus on the peripheral stuff to ensure nothing really changes in the appalling treatment of many women and girls in NZ

  53. kalyfornia 55

    As a teacher i know its not cool to touch others hair…especially younger girls hair. I would be suspended by the teachers council. This is just plain weird (and very revealing of jk mindset).

  54. Delia 56

    I doubt National voters will care, most are already explaining it all away as only they can.

  55. McNicholl 57

    Is a pattern starting to emerge here. He doesn’t mind his daughter posting [revealing] photos of herself online. He has supported his Ex MP Sabin in his [family difficulties]. He didn’t really give two hoots about the roast busters case. And then there this.

    [Small edit, because your original word was probably a bit judgemental. And replaced a legally dodgy phrase. TRP]

  56. Malconz 58

    Just think, in a parallel universe somewhere the waitress smacked him in the mouth in front of his astonished bodyguards. She was charged with assault, but laid multiple counter-charges of her own and was acquitted.
    Because the Dear Leader was PM, the court went easy on him and discharged him without conviction, but his reputation was shot and he retired soon after to devote himself to a semi-permanent holiday in Hawaii….
    Meanwhile, back in the REAL world, don’t you just love the new Gilded Age and the unbridled sense of entitlement it brings to the toffs? Sigh

  57. NZJester 59

    Apparently the “He apologised – case closed” lines seam to be all that key supporters want to post about this.
    The fact he felt entitled to do this to a stranger seams to be of no concern to them.
    This is as bad as when YouTuber Sam Pepper tried to say his pinching of female bottoms was all in jest.
    Is not pulling a strangers hair assault even if you claim it is in jest?
    I very much doubt he would have done that to a man with a ponytail!
    It is not only creepy but sexist!

  58. Jeeves 60

    Leave Him alone!!!!
    He has steered us out of the mess that the socialists left us in, what with Maori and everything- not to mention the Global Financial Warming thing- and taken us to Rockstar status Quo, almost single handedly. He loves Bronagh, and she’s a loyal wife. If this is all you greenie obama Bin Ladens can get him on- No wonder you lost!

    Anyway- from what I hear- that so called ‘waitress’ is not all that she says. And why would she tell just her side? Theirs two sides to this- and John’s away when this comes out- very suspicious indeed.

    THe whole things seems very anti american, Hager- moment of truth-betray-traitor-Leftie radicals Lefty radicals- Snowden did it- Kim dot com- Korea. John Loves you.

    This free public service comment is brought to you by the National Party.Use it in blogs to put those Lefties in there place.
    Remember- we say what you think- and that proves you are clever. You voted for us, and we won- that’s makes you a winner too.

    • mac1 60.1

      His version.

      “She thanked me for that and said “That’s fine, no drama.”” -perpetrator.

      Her version.

      “He scurried over to me in the very centre of the cafe and hurriedly handed me the bottles, with big smiles, really big smiles, saying “this is for you, sorry, I didn’t realise.” Before I could say a word he’d already hightailed it out of there.” -victim.

      Which to believe?

    • NZJester 60.2

      Oh yes that big socialist mess of having paid off our international debt and making sure this country had assets that would pay the NZ tax payer good dividends. How could Labour have done such a thing to us?
      John Key worked fast after getting into power of fixing that by getting us right back into debt and then sold off half those assets that previously paid us good dividends.

      I agree that we have a Rock Star economy in this country.

      It is just such a pity though that the Rock Star it takes after is one that has spent all their money, borrowed heavily from the bank and sold of a lot of their recording royalty rights for some quick cash.

      • lprent 60.2.1

        You forgot that they pushed that quick cash up their nose or into their arm. In our case into a property bubble.

    • halfcrown 60.3

      Have you read Alice in Wonderland? also another very good juvenile story.

    • Poe’s Law! Poe’s Law!

  59. halley 61

    Key the ‘prom monster’
    Acted like an adolescent teenager.

  60. finbar 62

    Continuous harassment of a worker and a member of the public by our John,after repeated requests to to desist is the stuff of resignation of the position of Prime Minister,and without doubt John ,does not now deserve the respect title of being known and addressed as our Prime Minister.
    Do the only road for your honour and resign John,for you have shamed your position of power as our P.M. over a lesser POWER.

    • srylands 62.1

      You are being ridiculous. I think he mad a slight error of judgement. Get some sense of proportionality when you propose a penalty. Losing the nation’s PM over a pony tail pull is nuts. Pony tails get pulled every day.

      • Kaplan 62.1.1

        “I think he mad”
        Freudian slip there?
        I think key IS actually mad to have participated in this childish behaviour. Fullstop.

        Whether you think it’s warranted, acceptable, fair or not, it’s a massive distraction I’m sure he wishes he didn’t have.

        The story will be remembered well outside the beltway for a very long time. In fact in twenty years I think we are now more likely to all remember Key the hair puller than Key the flag changer…

      • appleboy 62.1.2

        Yeah pony tails get pulled every day but not by adults. Even less defendable when it’s repeated behaviour by a PM. My god you right whiners have no shame. It’s CREEPY!

      • tracey 62.1.3

        You get to “think” whatever you like and the beauty of you being able to post it, is that you do far more to make yourself look foolish than any of us could in a retort.

      • tracey 62.1.4

        Not in Kindergarten and not without learning how wrong it is and suffering consequences.!discipline/cee5

      • Huginn 62.1.5

        No. He made an enormous error of judgement, again and again and again over several months.

      • Atiawa 62.1.6

        ” Pony tails get pulled every day”
        Yeah just like your dick.

      • tricledrown 62.1.7

        Arron Gilmore to you spylands trying to defend a rabid socialist like PerveKey for being Creep!
        Shame on you .

      • finbar 62.1.8

        Not when you hold the highest position in the land that demands grace integrity and respect of those your position is their to represent.
        This invasion of this young ladies personal space in her place of employment on numerous occasion!s after being requested to cease is just arrogant and putting it as mildly as possible bullying arrogance,then for it to be passed off as harmless fun and arrogantly by the perpetrator appeased by a couple of bottles of debatable plonk,is insulting.Just one of the minimum wage workers,what would she know.She should be grateful that i the Prime Minister pay her personal attention

        What i do know is one Arron Gillmore got the sack for treatment of a service worker for his arrogant verbal abuse,and NOT THE MORE SERIOUS charge of physical abuse.

      • Draco T Bastard 62.1.9

        I think he mad a slight error of judgement.

        BS sslands. A slight error of judgement is when someone does something once, apologises profusely for being an arsehole and then never does it again. When the PM does the same thing over and over again after being told that it wasn’t appreciated nor wanted then we’re not talking about an error of judgement but a continuous and purposeful assault on someone.

        Losing the nation’s PM over a pony tail pull is nuts.

        It’s not over the ponytail but over the psychopathic behaviour.

        Pony tails get pulled every day.

        And out comes the But they did it tooooo excuse that RWNJs always revert to once they realise that they actually don’t have an argument.

  61. northshoreguynz 63

    From a poster on Kiwiblog
    Earlier today Cameron Slater commented –

    “Sensible journalists looking for a good story should ask senior Nats why they are never seen wearing a white ribbon, and the Prime Minister should be asked why, when he wears a white ribbon, why it is he tolerates a wife beater holding his position in the party.
    I wonder if the “Dream Team” of Steve Joyce could actually spin their way out of it if Labour or Winston got up the courage to name him under parliamentary privilege.”

  62. srylands 64

    I think the reaction I am seeing is OTT. He was just mucking about – people do that stuff all the time socially. Plus the waitress got a couple of bottles of decent wine out of it.

    Lets face it – Bill Clinton did far more than play with pony tails – think of the cigar. And he is remembered still as one of America’s best Presidents in the last 50 years.

    I think we should just move on.

    • mac1 64.1

      srylands- your analogy is false. There was a power imbalance between Clinton and lewinsky, but their action was consensual. Key’s actions were not, repeatedly.

      And no, people I know don’t “do that stuff socially.”

      But I guess that’s the best defence available for the defenders of the Prime Minister- “they did it too”, “false analogies” and “it’s not that serious, everyone does it.”

      I’d love to see a jury rule on those defences on a charge of harassment, sexual impropriety or repeated assault.

      • te reo putake 64.1.1

        Yep, you can bet C/T are desperately trawling the net to see if they can find a picture of Andrew Little in close proximity to a woman with a ponytail. See! Labour did it too!

      • Huginn 64.1.2

        srylands, you think it’s trivial, I think it’s a massive error of judgement – but let’s put this aside for a moment.

        Key is now the object of global attention. Newspapers all over the world – from Delhi to New York – are reporting that he pulled the hair of a waitress and she didn’t like it.

        And this is happening as he makes his way to Anzac Centenary commemorations in Gallipoli, an occasion of deep significance to New Zealand; a solemn occasion where we need him to represent us with dignity.

        He can’t do that now because he is the object of scandalized attention. He is bringing the country into disrepute.

        Key has brought this upon himself and he needs to resign. That’s what he would expect anyone in the same position as he is in now to do.

        • finbar

          As his control has always done,not shame my brand,my office said that,my advisers said that,i don!t know my office do these things.

          Ponsious,is John and his hand was of what did i do controlling our corporation control of N.Z.nothing they let me do it.

    • Jeeves 64.2

      Yes please do srylands- move on.

      “think of the cigar” lol.

      Christ, their sickness is endemic.

    • tracey 64.3

      The first two words of your first and last sentences are thoroughly disproved by everything in between. Thanks for doing our work for us, and so succinctly.

    • Sable 64.4

      What does it take mate to change your mind about Keys? Unbelievable….

    • Huginn 64.5

      srylands, you think it’s trivial, I think it’s a massive error of judgement – but let’s put this aside for a moment.

      Key is now the object of global attention. Newspapers all over the world – from Delhi to New York – are reporting that he pulled the hair of a waitress and she didn’t like it.

      And this is happening as he makes his way to Anzac Centenary commemorations in Gallipoli, an occasion of deep significance to New Zealand; a solemn occasion where we need him to represent us with dignity.

      He can’t do that now because he is the object of scandalized attention. He is bringing the country into disrepute.

      Key has brought this upon himself and he needs to resign. That’s what he would expect anyone in the same position as he is in now to do.

    • Skinny 64.6

      Hey look I am not prepared to rip John Key too bits he has a deep seeded insecurity thing going on from childhood. It’s definitely a fetish thing as a result.

    • appleboy 64.7

      Your hypocrisy is breathtaking. You know damn well if Helen Clarke repeatedly pulled the belt of a male waiter in a cafe you and your right whinged mates would be all over this like a rat up a drain pip. pathetic. I don’t believe even cab really even fool yourself with this denial bullshit.

  63. Murray Rawshark 65

    All the concern for Key because this was alleged to be one woman’s unsupported allegations makes me sick. Bomber seems to be owed a few apologies from some on here.

  64. rawshark-yeshe 66

    Audrey Young on her shame at Key being Prime Minister !!!! OMG ! Well said indeed.

    • Sabine 66.1

      and this is the only thing she is embarrassed about. Not the homeless or soon to be homeless, not the hungry kids, not the kids that are’nt going to a doctor because they dont have the money to pay for the services, not the missing surplus, not the economy on the rocks, not anything……but this.

      And frankly the only reason she is writing this is because it is mentioned overseas in the news. If they could have hushed hushed it she would be writing another screed about how good it is in NZ, cause she and her ilk are doing well.

      • Sable 66.1.1

        +100 Sabine. Well said…

        • rawshark-yeshe

          Agree 100% Sabine, but Audrey Young has to start somewhere and I think this piece is a major slap in the face for Key. I think she wrote it like she believes it, so credit where credit is due for at least catching up to the reality of him .. no matter how late we think it is.

      • miravox 66.1.2

        +1 Sabine

    • Sable 66.2

      Still calls Keys and his other half “the first couple”. No wonder he’s so full of himself.

  65. Sable 67

    Its all pretty bizarre in my estimation……

  66. JanMeyer 68

    TDB cited in the bloody Guardian! “Bomber” Bradbury is going to be even more insufferable after this heady experience

    • Murray Rawshark 68.1

      Why worry about Bradbury? FJK is the problem here, or do we once more have to purify the ranks before we can attack the secondary enemy that is Torydom?

  67. Lloyd 69

    I am more than a little upset at this website showing FJK wearing that T-shirt.

    FJK has said Bronagh gets a man in to drive nails when needed. The corollary of that comment is that when FJK is home there is no man in the Key household. Therefore FJK is not a man.

    Rest of the story goes on to describe actions of a child.

    It is obvious then the the country has a child as Prime Minister.

    God help us.

  68. NZSage 70

    This type of behaviour would not tollerated in a workplace.. as for tollerating it from a PM there is not an argument on earth that could justify his actions.

    Sleeze of the highest order from the highest office.

  69. peterlepaysan 71

    Well, for once he has not claimed the opposition do it too.

    Apparently it is not a Nicky Hager inspired left wing conspiracy.

    Maybe he did it.

    If so, why?

    Would the member please answer the question?

  70. whateva next? 72

    If there is too much more reaction to this it will simply become a story about the reaction, and Key will be off the hook, people might even start to feel sorry for him.(aaaaagh)

  71. Plan B 73

    ‘That creepy small man’

  72. NZJester 74

    Key is apparently a serial Ponytail puller!
    The NZ Herald has a clip from Campbell live from 2014 of an interview with John Campbell asking two young girls if they know who this man is referring to the PM who is standing behind them. You see in the video the PMs hand pull one of the girls ponytails.

  73. Paul 75

    Have just read the waitress ‘s full account.
    Then I read Key’s apology.
    It is not an apology.
    It is a lie.

  74. Michael 76

    More oafish, insensitive behaviour by our Prime Minister. This time it reaches the world’s attention. He really does represent us, doesn’t he?

  75. finbar 77

    Why are our Labour noise not claiming resign you arrogant shame of what our Prime Minesters knowing.What shame do they have to be scared aside from the run down the road.What is the required sounds unusual,Green ,what it sounds like diffrent.What has happened to the sound resign,opps some of our power freeks do that sort of stuff also.

  76. jenny kirk 78

    I’ve come late into this discussion but what I find most disturbing is that on Facebook pages there are photos of the PM pulling or handling the hair of young girls – first of all on a Campbell Live clip and secondly on a photo of 4 young girls (11-13 years maybe) in school uniform. Its on a FB page “John Key has let down NZ”. This is NOT good behaviour on the part of the PM —- its creepy, it could be called sleazy …. it could also be called something else….. and as an older woman who has gone through all those experiences of women in younger days with inappropriate approaches (assaults ?) from older men, I find it very disturbing that the PM is indulging himself in this way — and that some adult people are letting him do it.

  77. RedBaronCV 79

    Really creepy by JK. But did you see that Audrey Young in the herald – has this story been changed ? I thought there had been a line something like ” those who know key may not be surprised” ..

    And so much for the culture change by the cops. The DPS stood by condoned the assault and let this happen, Can’t even recognise crime staring them in the face.

    But you can bet your last dollar that if she had kicked him in the shins or better still kneed him the DPS would have taken her down pronto and charged her.

  78. Redzone 80

    Key: ‘born to pull!’ In more ways than one.

    And this time Key can’t defend this behaviour.
    It’s abusive and explicit. Intimidating and frankly unacceptable from anyone, let alone the PM. An abuse of positional power and that’s why this will be/already is a big hit on Key judging by the global and social coverage. Much more so than political hits which tend to slide off his slippery reptilian exterior. Thank you to the cafe worker who had the guts to call him out on this – thats brave.

    It’s also a personal violation and it looks to be serial seeing the multiple images emerging today of key fondling just about any ponytail he can find. Especially young girls. It’s fucking obscene quite frankly.
    As a father of a young (pony tailed) daughter this looks exceptionally creepy and deeply disturbing.

  79. fisiani 81

    Lots of faux outrage on display. The hatred of Honest John runs deep in the sewer. Apology given , apology accepted. Misinterpreted banter. Get a life.

    • Pasupial 81.1


      It is real outrage. If you could comprehend human emotions, you could understand why; but that is evidently beyond you. If you read the TDB post then you will see that no apology was given nor recieved. But all you do is fire off your slogans without understanding. A waste of space.

      • John 81.1.1

        You’d have to be pretty naive to believe it to be real outrage.

        She now says other people have been pulling her pony tail to tease her about it, but she hasn’t shown any outrage towards any of those people.

        So why is she outraged at one pony tail puller, but not all the rest?

        Of course it’s faux

        Backed up by the fact that she used specific derogatory labels for Key that you’ll only ever hear from extremists on the left.

        And the fact that she went to a far left blogger to spill the beans.

        • Colonial Rawshark

          John, it seems very easy for you to dismiss bullying and unwanted touching by turning the tables on the female victim. Just like that other John. You two must be related.

          She now says other people have been pulling her pony tail to tease her about it, but she hasn’t shown any outrage towards any of those people.

          Maybe they weren’t being creepy and abusive about it like the Prime Minister was, and whom you are making sad ass excuses for.

        • Murray Rawshark

          “She now says other people have been pulling her pony tail to tease her about it, but she hasn’t shown any outrage towards any of those people.”

          Do you have a source for that, or did Lynton just make it up? All I’ve seen from her is what she wrote on the blog and no one knows who she is. Even if other people have, I bet they would be friends, not powerful men whom she is waiting on. There is a real difference, but I wouldn’t expect you to realise it. I think you’re lying anyway.

          By the way, you give me the shits. You remind me of creeps who’ve justified rape because the victim had been screwing other guys. You right wingers have real weird and dangerous ideas about how to relate to people. You could keep them to yourselves.

    • linda 81.2

      fuck off fisiani PerveKeys a serial tugger hahahaha

  80. Mr In Saiif 82

    Hey fisiani

    The Urban Dictionary most liked definition of pony-tailed is:

    “Ponytail; verb. To grab a girl by her ponytail and remove her from whatever current situation she is in.

    After drinking too much, Maddie began dancing with the wrong guy. Noticing the situation, Erin ponytailed her outside to safety.”

    Maybe we could change that to:

    After trying to crib the waitress he ponytailed it out of there

    (or was that hightailed)

  81. linda 84

    PerveKey goes rock on pony tails ,you watch the curtain is open it will be like tiger woods lolololololol

  82. Stuart Munro 85

    This one’s for John, who I guess is losing it

  83. Clemgeopin 86

    From Chris Trotter’s article : (See link below for full article)

    But, it makes you wonder.

    According to Bomber’s informant, the hair-pulling antics of the PM began in September of 2014, during the election campaign. So let me leave you with this little thought experiment. Had the man doing the pony-tail pulling not been John Key, but the Leader of the Opposition, David Cunliffe, and the story had broken before election day (let us say, for the sake of argument, on the Whale Oil blog) how do you think the mainstream news media would have responded? Would David Cunliffe have been permitted to get away with an admission and an apology? Would his political opponents have conceded that he was guilty only of a little playfulness, a little friendly fun?

    Of course not! Every honest New Zealander knows that if it had been David Cunliffe who’d repeatedly pulled a waitresses pony-tail, and been found out, then the story could only have ended one way – with his resignation.

    What does it say about John Key and his relationship with both the news media and the wider New Zealand electorate that, public admission and apology delivered, he will almost certainly walk away from this scot free?

  84. ruby 87

    This is absolutely bogus , the women is stirring things up and purposely attacking the pm , maybe to seek some sort of compensation.i believe key hasnt done anything wrong and this is just a bogus stunt to attack him.i mean would this be a issue if someone else rather then key pulled her hair

    • “i mean would this be a issue if someone else rather then key pulled her hair”

      Good question, but I think it’s more relevant to ask if anybody else a) would have done it at all or b) done it when they were Prime Minister.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 87.2


      The Crime Act, for example says

      assault means the act of intentionally applying or attempting to apply force to the person of another, directly or indirectly, or threatening by any act or gesture to apply such force to the person of another, if the person making the threat has, or causes the other to believe on reasonable grounds that he or she has, present ability to effect his or her purpose;

      The best way for the Prime Minister to avoid being “attacked” is for him not to assault people.

  85. ruby 88

    te reo putake

    24 April 2015

    “i mean would this be a issue if someone else rather then key pulled her hair”

    Good question, but I think it’s more relevant to ask if anybody else a) would have done it at all or b) done it when they were Prime Minister

    A- school teachers do it all the time to students ,even uni but havent seen anyone making this into a huge deal.

    B- hes a human being first then a prime minister.

    As i said earlier this is just a stunt to attack the pm and gain a little fame and compensation.

    • b waghorn 88.1

      A- any teacher did it to one of my girls he’d be getting a visit from me

      B- If a prime minister is incabable of understanding the fact that it would freack a young lady out to pull her hair it’s frightening that he got elected .

      But as long as you’re making a profit all good a???

      • felix 88.1.1


        And Ruby, I totally disagree. He is the PM at all times when he’s dealing with the public. That’s just the nature of the job and if he doesn’t like it he can fuck off back to whatever corporate rock he crawled out from under.

        But it doesn’t matter. He fails as a human being AND a prime minister by grabbing girls’ hair when they don’t want him to.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 88.2

      …a little fame and compensation.

      Compensation for what? Oh, yeah, that’s right: assault.

    • Anne 88.3

      @ ruby
      There has been talk of pedophilia or serial sex abuser on the internet and I agree this is extremist language. But to suggest that it’s just a stunt to attack the pm and gain a little fame and compensation is equally puerile and extreme.

      You have absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the distress that harassment can cause when it is repeated again and again even though the perpetrator knows (and john Key knew that is obvious) the attention is not welcome. He also knew he had the power and status of his position behind him and therefore to confront him directly was going to be difficult for her. That she eventually plucked up the courage to do so and then told the story was a brave and admirable thing to do.

      Nothing would please me more than to see ignorant individuals like you suffer a similar fate. And in the unlikely event it happened… you ended up being “victim blamed” and suffered the humiliation of having the persecutor/persecutors labeling you as a liar and cheat? How you would cope? You wouldn’t.

      Btw, it happened to me so I know a genuine case when I see one.

  86. dv 89

    Say you have long hair,.
    say when ever i saw you I came over and fondled you hair.

    That would be OK then.

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    Save some money, get rich and old, bring it back to Tobacco Road.Bring that dynamite and a crane, blow it up, start all over again.Roll up. Roll up. Or tailor made, if you prefer...Whether you’re selling ciggies, digging for gold, catching dolphins in your nets, or encouraging folks to flutter ...
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  • Skeptical Science New Research for Week #29 2024

    Open access notables Improving global temperature datasets to better account for non-uniform warming, Calvert, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society: To better account for spatial non-uniform trends in warming, a new GITD [global instrumental temperature dataset] was created that used maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) to combine the land surface ...
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    Trump Writes His Own Story: Would the “mainstream” media even try to reflect the horrified reaction of the MAGA crowd to the pop-pop-pop of the would-be assassin’s rifle, and Trump going down? Could it even grasp the sheer elation of the rally-goers seeing their champion rise up and punch the air, still alive, ...
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  • Dodging Bullets.

    Fight! Fight! Fight! Had the assassin’s bullet found its mark and killed Donald Trump, America’s descent into widespread and murderous violence – possibly spiralling-down into civil war – would have been immediate and quite possibly irreparable. The American Republic, upon whose survival liberty and democracy continue to depend, is certainly not ...
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  • 'Corruption First' Strikes Again

    There comes a point in all our lives when we must stop to say, “Enough is enough. We know what’s happening. We are not as stupid or as ignorant as you believe us to be. And making policies that kill or harm our people is not acceptable, Ministers.”Plausible deniability has ...
    Mountain TuiBy Mountain Tui
    5 days ago
  • The Kākā's Chorus for Thursday, July 18

    TL;DR: The top six things I’ve noted around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy today are:The inside stories of KiwiRail’s iRex debacle, Westport’s perma-delayed flood scheme and Christchurch’s post-quake sewer rebuild, which assumed no population growth, show just how deeply sceptical senior officials in Treasury, the Ministry of ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    5 days ago
  • What's that Jack Black?

    Ah-rah, deeSoo-guh-goo-gee-goo-geeGoo-guh fli-goo gee-gooGuh fli-goo, ga-goo-buh-deeOoh, guh-goo-beeOoh-guh-guh-bee-guh-guh-beeFli-goo gee-gooA-fliguh woo-wa mama Lucifer!I’m about ready to move on, how about you?Not from the shooting, that’s bad and we definitely shouldn’t have that. But the rehabilitation of Donald J Trump? The deification of Saint Donald? As the Great Unifier?Gimme a bucket. to re-iterate, ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    5 days ago
  • June 2024: Earth’s 13th-consecutive warmest month on record

    This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections by Jeff Masters and Bob Henson June 2024 was Earth’s warmest June since global record-keeping began in 1850 and was the planet’s 13th consecutive warmest month on record, NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, or NCEI, reported July 12. As opposed to being focused in ...
    5 days ago
  • Connecting the dots and filling the gaps in our bike network

    This is a guest post by Shaun Baker on the importance of filling the gaps in our cycling networks. It originally appeared on his blog Multimodal Adventures, and is re-posted here with kind permission. In our towns and cities in Aotearoa New Zealand, there are areas in our cycling networks ...
    Greater AucklandBy Guest Post
    6 days ago
  • Webworm Down Under Photos!

    Hi,I wanted to share a few thoughts and photos from the Webworm popup and Tickled screening we held in Auckland, New Zealand last weekend.In short — it was a blast. I mean, I had a blast and I hope any of you that came also had a blast.An old friend ...
    David FarrierBy David Farrier
    6 days ago
  • The Kākā’s Pick 'n' Mix for Thursday, July 18

    TL;DR: My pick of the top six links elsewhere around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day or so to 6:30 am on Thursday, July 18 are:News: Christchurch's sewer systems block further housing developments RNZ’s Niva ChittockAnalysis: Interislander: Treasury, MoT officials' mistrust of KiwiRail led ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • The Kākā’s Journal of Record for Thursday, July 18

    TL;DR: As of 6:00 am on Thursday, July 18, the top six announcements, speeches, reports and research around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day are:Verbatim: Climate Change Minister Simon Watts held a news conference in Auckland to release the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan, including ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • The politics of managed retreat

    Climate change deniers are now challenging the Government over a key climate change adaptation policy. That begs the question of whether New Zealand First will then support Government moves to implement processes to deal with a managed retreat for properties in danger of flooding because of sea level rise and ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    6 days ago
  • Some changes are coming

    Warm welcome again to those who are here. The Mountain Tui substack was officially started on the 2nd of July. I wrote about what led me here on this post. Since then, it’s been a learning to navigate the platform, get to meet those in the community, and basically be ...
    Mountain TuiBy Mountain Tui
    6 days ago
  • About fucking time

    The US Supreme Court has been rogue for years, with openly corrupt judges making the law up as they go to suit themselves, their billionaire buyers, and the Republican Party. But now, in the wake of them granting a licence for tyranny, President Biden is actually going to try and ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Climate Change: False accounting and wishful thinking

    National released their draft 2026-2030 Emissions Reduction Plan today. The plan is required under the Zero Carbon Act, and must set out policies and strategies to meet the relevant emissions budget. Having cancelled all Labour's actually effective climate change policies and crashed the carbon price, National was always going to ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • The Enemies Of Sunshine And Space.

    Our Houses? The Urban Density debate is a horrible combination of intergenerational avarice and envy, fuelled by the grim certainty that none of the generations coming up after them will ever have it as good as the Boomers. To say that this situation rankles among those born after 1965 is to ...
    6 days ago
  • Still the 5 Eyes Achilles Heel?

    The National Cyber Security Centre (NZSC), a unit in the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) dedicated to cyber-security, has released a Review of its response to the 2021 email hacking of NZ members of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC, … Continue reading ...
    KiwipoliticoBy Pablo
    6 days ago
  • Britain's Devastating Electoral Slip.

    Slip-Sliding Away: Labour may now enjoy a dominant position in Britain’s political landscape, but only by virtue of not being swallowed by it.THE BRITISH LABOUR PARTY’S “landslide victory” is nothing of the sort. As most people understand the term, a landslide election victory is one in which the incumbent government, or ...
    6 days ago
  • Gordon Campbell on why right wingers think all governments (including their own) are incompetent

    Since open denial of climate change is no longer a viable political option, denial now comes in disguise. The release this week of the coalition government’s ‘draft emissions reductions plan” shows that the Luxon government is refusing to see the need to cut emissions at source. Instead, it proposes to ...
    WerewolfBy lyndon
    6 days ago
  • The Kākā's Chorus for Wednesday, July 17

    TL;DR: The top six things I’ve noted around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy this morning are:Chris Penk is set to roll back building standards for insulation that had only just been put in place, and which had been estimated to save 40% from power costs, after builders ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    6 days ago
  • Open Letter to Pharmac

    All this talk of getting oldIt's getting me down, my loveLike a cat in a bag, waiting to drownThis time I'm coming downAnd I hope you're thinking of meAs you lay down on your sideNow the drugs don't workThey just make you worse but I know I'll see your face ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    6 days ago
  • A blanket of misinformation

    Two old sayings have been on my mind lately. The first is: “The pen is mightier than the sword”, describing the power of language and communication to help or to harm. The other, which captures the speed with which falsehoods can become ingrained and hard to undo, is: “A lie can ...
    Greater AucklandBy Connor Sharp
    7 days ago
  • The Kākā’s Pick 'n' Mix for Wednesday, July 17

    TL;DR: My pick of the top six links elsewhere around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day to 7:00 am on Wednesday, July 17 are:Scoop: Government considers rolling back home insulation standards RNZ’s Eloise GibsonNews: Government plans tree-planting frenzy as report shows NZ no longer ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    7 days ago
  • The Kākā’s Journal of Record for Wednesday, July 17

    TL;DR: As of 6:00 am on Wednesday, July 17 , the top six announcements, speeches, reports and research around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day were:Simon Watts released the Government’s draft Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP), which included proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    7 days ago
  • “Shhhh” – National's 3 Waters is loaded with higher costs and lays a path to ...

    This is a long, possibly technical, but very, very important read. I encourage you to take the time and spread your awareness.IntroductionIn 2022, then Labour Party Prime Minister Jacinda Adern expended significant political capital to protect New Zealand’s water assets from privatisation. She lost that battle, and Labour and the ...
    Mountain TuiBy Mountain Tui
    7 days ago
  • Plugging a video channel: Dr Gilbz

    Dr. Ella Gilbert is a climate scientist and presenter with a PhD in Antarctic climate change, working at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). Her background is in atmospheric sciences and she's especially interested in the physical mechanisms of climate change, clouds, and almost anything polar. She is passionate about communicating climate ...
    1 week ago
  • Some “scrutiny” again

    Back in 2022, in its Open Government Partnership National Action Plan, the government promised to strengthen scrutiny of Official Information Act exemption clauses in legislation. Since then they've run a secret "consultation" on how to do that, with their preferred outcome being that agencies will consult the Ministry of Justice ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Crashing New Zealand's health system is not the way to prosperity, Prime Minister

    Another day, and yet another piece of bad news for New Zealand’s health system. Reports have come out that General Practitioners (GP) may have to close doors, or increase patient fees to survive. The so-called ‘capitation’ funding review, which supports GP practices to survive, is under way, and primary care ...
    Mountain TuiBy Mountain Tui
    1 week ago
  • Closer Than You Think: Ageing Boomers, Laurie & Les, Talk Politics.

    Redefining Our Terms: “When an angry majority is demanding change, defending the status-quo is an extremist position.”“WHAT’S THIS?”, asked Laurie, eyeing suspiciously the two glasses of red wine deposited in front of him.“A nice drop of red. I thought you’d be keen to celebrate the French Far-Right’s victory with the ...
    1 week ago
  • Come on Darleen.

    Good morning all, time for a return to things domestic. After elections in the UK and France, Luxon gatecrashing Nato, and the attempted shooting of Trump, it’s probably about time we re-focus on local politics.Unless of course you’re Christopher Luxon and you’re so exhausted from all your schmoozing in Washington ...
    Nick’s KōreroBy Nick Rockel
    1 week ago
  • How the Northwest was lost and may be won

    This is a guest post by Darren Davis. It originally appeared on his excellent blog, Adventures in Transitland, which we encourage you to check out. It is shared by kind permission. The Northwest has always been Auckland’s public transport Cinderella, rarely invited to the public funding ball. How did ...
    Greater AucklandBy Guest Post
    1 week ago
  • The Kākā's Chorus for Tuesday July 16

    Luxon has told a Financial Times’ correspondent he would openly call out China’s spying in future and does not fear economic retaliation from Aotearoa’s largest trading partner.File Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The KākāTL;DR: The top six things I’ve noted around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy on Tuesday, ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    1 week ago
  • The Kākā’s Pick 'n' Mix for Tuesday, July 16

    TL;DR: My pick of the top six links elsewhere around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day or so to 6:00 am on Tuesday, July 16 are:PM Christopher Luxon has given a very hawkish interview to the Financial Times-$$$ correspondent in Washington, Demetri Sevastopulu, saying ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    1 week ago
  • The Kākā’s Journal of Record for Tuesday, July 16

    Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on UnsplashTL;DR: The top six announcements, speeches, reports and research around housing, climate and poverty in Aotearoa’s political economy in the last day to 6:00 am are:BNZ released its Performance of Services Index for June, finding that services sector is at its lowest level of activity ...
    The KakaBy Bernard Hickey
    1 week ago
  • The second crisis; assumption was the mother

    Late on the night of July 16, 1984, while four National Cabinet Ministers were meeting in the Beehive office of Deputy Prime Minister Jim McLay, plotting the ultimate downfall of outgoing Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, another crisis was building up in another part of the capital. The United States ...
    PolitikBy Richard Harman
    1 week ago
  • Can we air condition our way out of extreme heat?

    This is a re-post from The Climate Brink by Andrew Dessler Air conditioning was initially a symbol of comfort and wealth, enjoyed by the wealthy in theaters and upscale homes. Over time, as technology advanced and costs decreased, air conditioning became more accessible to the general public. With global warming, though, ...
    1 week ago
  • Review: The Zimiamvian Trilogy, by E.R. Eddison (1935-1958)

    I have reviewed some fairly obscure stuff on this blog. Nineteenth century New Zealand speculative fiction. Forgotten Tolkien adaptations. George MacDonald and William Morris. Last month I took a look at The Worm Ouroboros (1922), by E.R. Eddison, which while not strictly obscure, is also not overly inviting to many ...
    1 week ago

  • Charity lotteries to be permitted to operate online

    Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden says lotteries for charitable purposes, such as those run by the Heart Foundation, Coastguard NZ, and local hospices, will soon be allowed to operate online permanently. “Under current laws, these fundraising lotteries are only allowed to operate online until October 2024, after which ...
    5 hours ago
  • Accelerating Northland Expressway

    The Coalition Government is accelerating work on the new four-lane expressway between Auckland and Whangārei as part of its Roads of National Significance programme, with an accelerated delivery model to deliver this project faster and more efficiently, Transport Minister Simeon Brown says. “For too long, the lack of resilient transport connections ...
    5 hours ago
  • Sir Don to travel to Viet Nam as special envoy

    Sir Don McKinnon will travel to Viet Nam this week as a Special Envoy of the Government, Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced.    “It is important that the Government give due recognition to the significant contributions that General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong made to New Zealand-Viet Nam relations,” Mr ...
    8 hours ago
  • Grant Illingworth KC appointed as transitional Commissioner to Royal Commission

    Minister of Internal Affairs Brooke van Velden says newly appointed Commissioner, Grant Illingworth KC, will help deliver the report for the first phase of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into COVID-19 Lessons, due on 28 November 2024.  “I am pleased to announce that Mr Illingworth will commence his appointment as ...
    8 hours ago
  • NZ to advance relationships with ASEAN partners

    Foreign Minister Winston Peters travels to Laos this week to participate in a series of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-led Ministerial meetings in Vientiane.    “ASEAN plays an important role in supporting a peaceful, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific,” Mr Peters says.   “This will be our third visit to ...
    9 hours ago
  • Backing mental health services on the West Coast

    Construction of a new mental health facility at Te Nikau Grey Hospital in Greymouth is today one step closer, Mental Health Minister Matt Doocey says. “This $27 million facility shows this Government is delivering on its promise to boost mental health care and improve front line services,” Mr Doocey says. ...
    9 hours ago
  • NZ support for sustainable Pacific fisheries

    New Zealand is committing nearly $50 million to a package supporting sustainable Pacific fisheries development over the next four years, Foreign Minister Winston Peters and Oceans and Fisheries Minister Shane Jones announced today. “This support consisting of a range of initiatives demonstrates New Zealand’s commitment to assisting our Pacific partners ...
    9 hours ago
  • Students’ needs at centre of new charter school adjustments

    Associate Education Minister David Seymour says proposed changes to the Education and Training Amendment Bill will ensure charter schools have more flexibility to negotiate employment agreements and are equipped with the right teaching resources. “Cabinet has agreed to progress an amendment which means unions will not be able to initiate ...
    10 hours ago
  • Commissioner replaces Health NZ Board

    In response to serious concerns around oversight, overspend and a significant deterioration in financial outlook, the Board of Health New Zealand will be replaced with a Commissioner, Health Minister Dr Shane Reti announced today.  “The previous government’s botched health reforms have created significant financial challenges at Health NZ that, without ...
    1 day ago
  • Minister to speak at Australian Space Forum

    Minister for Space and Science, Innovation and Technology Judith Collins will travel to Adelaide tomorrow for space and science engagements, including speaking at the Australian Space Forum.  While there she will also have meetings and visits with a focus on space, biotechnology and innovation.  “New Zealand has a thriving space ...
    1 day ago
  • Climate Change Minister to attend climate action meeting in China

    Climate Change Minister Simon Watts will travel to China on Saturday to attend the Ministerial on Climate Action meeting held in Wuhan.  “Attending the Ministerial on Climate Action is an opportunity to advocate for New Zealand climate priorities and engage with our key partners on climate action,” Mr Watts says. ...
    1 day ago
  • Oceans and Fisheries Minister to Solomons

    Oceans and Fisheries Minister Shane Jones is travelling to the Solomon Islands tomorrow for meetings with his counterparts from around the Pacific supporting collective management of the region’s fisheries. The 23rd Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Committee and the 5th Regional Fisheries Ministers’ Meeting in Honiara from 23 to 26 July ...
    3 days ago
  • Government launches Military Style Academy Pilot

    The Government today launched the Military Style Academy Pilot at Te Au rere a te Tonga Youth Justice residence in Palmerston North, an important part of the Government’s plan to crackdown on youth crime and getting youth offenders back on track, Minister for Children, Karen Chhour said today. “On the ...
    3 days ago
  • Nine priority bridge replacements to get underway

    The Government has welcomed news the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has begun work to replace nine priority bridges across the country to ensure our state highway network remains resilient, reliable, and efficient for road users, Transport Minister Simeon Brown says.“Increasing productivity and economic growth is a key priority for the ...
    3 days ago
  • Update on global IT outage

    Acting Prime Minister David Seymour has been in contact throughout the evening with senior officials who have coordinated a whole of government response to the global IT outage and can provide an update. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has designated the National Emergency Management Agency as the ...
    4 days ago
  • New Zealand, Japan renew Pacific partnership

    New Zealand and Japan will continue to step up their shared engagement with the Pacific, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.    “New Zealand and Japan have a strong, shared interest in a free, open and stable Pacific Islands region,” Mr Peters says.    “We are pleased to be finding more ways ...
    4 days ago
  • New infrastructure energises BOP forestry towns

    New developments in the heart of North Island forestry country will reinvigorate their communities and boost economic development, Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says. Mr Jones visited Kaingaroa and Kawerau in Bay of Plenty today to open a landmark community centre in the former and a new connecting road in ...
    4 days ago
  • 'Pacific Futures'

    President Adeang, fellow Ministers, honourable Diet Member Horii, Ambassadors, distinguished guests.    Minasama, konnichiwa, and good afternoon, everyone.    Distinguished guests, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today to talk about New Zealand’s foreign policy reset, the reasons for it, the values that underpin it, and how it ...
    4 days ago
  • Delivering 24 hour pothole repairs

    Kiwis and freight operators will benefit from the Coalition Government delivering on its commitment to introduce targets that will ensure a greater number of potholes on our state highways are identified and fixed within 24 hours, Transport Minister Simeon Brown says.  “Increasing productivity to help rebuild our economy is a key ...
    4 days ago
  • Peer Support Specialists rolled out in hospitals

    Five hospitals have been selected to trial a new mental health and addiction peer support service in their emergency departments as part of the Government’s commitment to increase access to mental health and addiction support for New Zealanders, says Mental Health Minister Matt Doocey.  “Peer Support Specialists in EDs will ...
    5 days ago
  • Consultation opens for the Emissions Reduction Plan

    The Government’s draft Emissions Reduction Plan shows we can stay within the limits of the first two emissions budgets while growing the economy, Climate Change Minister Simon Watts says. “This draft Emissions Reduction Plan shows that with effective climate change policies we can both grow the economy and deliver our ...
    5 days ago
  • Benefit stats highlight need for welfare reset

    The coalition Government is providing extra support for job seekers to ensure as many Kiwis as possible are in work or preparing for work, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston says. “While today’s quarterly data showing a rise in the number of people on Jobseeker benefits has been long ...
    5 days ago
  • School attendance continues to increase

    Provisional school attendance data for Term 2 2024 released today has shown more students are back in class compared to last year, with 53.1 per cent of students regularly attending, compared with 47 per cent in Term 2 2023, Associate Education Minister David Seymour says. “The Government has prioritised student ...
    5 days ago
  • $22.7m of West Coast resilience projects underway

    Transport Minister Simeon Brown has welcomed news of progress being made by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) on the first of several crucial resilience projects underway on the South Island’s West Coast.“State highways across the West Coast are critical lifelines for communities throughout the region, including for freight and tourism. ...
    5 days ago
  • Migrant school leavers to get part-time work rights

    The coalition Government is providing migrant school leavers with greater opportunities, by increasing access to part-time work rights for those awaiting the outcome of a family residence application, Immigration Minister Erica Stanford has announced.  “Many young people who are part of a family residence application process are unable to work. ...
    6 days ago
  • Funding to support use of NZ Sign Language

    Seven projects have received government funding totalling nearly $250,000 to maintain and promote the use of New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Initiatives that received an NZSL Board Community Grants this year include camps that support the use of NZSL through physical and sensory activities, and clubs where Deaf people and ...
    6 days ago
  • Inflation data shows progress in economic recovery

    Today’s Consumer Price Index data which has inflation at 3.3 per cent for the year to July 2024, shows we are turning our economy around and winning the fight against rampant inflation, Finance Minister Nicola Willis says.  “While today’s data will be welcome news for Kiwis, I know many New ...
    6 days ago
  • Experts to advise Minister on Oranga Tamariki

    The Oranga Tamariki Ministerial Advisory Board has been re-established by the Minister for Children, Karen Chhour. “I look forward to working with the new board to continue to ensure Oranga Tamariki and the care and protection system, are entirely child centric,” Minister Chhour says. “The board will provide independent advice ...
    1 week ago
  • Expectations set for improved medicines access

    Associate Health Minister David Seymour says he has set clear expectations for Pharmac around delivering the medicines and medical technology that Kiwis need.  “For many New Zealanders, funding for pharmaceuticals is life or death, or the difference between a life of pain and suffering or living freely. New cancer medicines ...
    1 week ago
  • Regional Development Minister to host summits

    Regional Development Minister Shane Jones will hold a series of nationwide summits to discuss regional priorities, aspirations and opportunities, with the first kicking off in Nelson on August 12. The 15 summits will facilitate conversations about progressing regional economic growth and opportunities to drive productivity, prosperity and resilience through the ...
    1 week ago
  • Government delivers new school for Rolleston

    The Coalition Government is addressing growing demands on Canterbury’s school network, by delivering a new primary school in Rolleston, Education Minister Erica Stanford says. Within Budget 24’s $400 million investment into school property growth, construction will begin on a new primary school (years 1-8) in Selwyn, Canterbury.  Rolleston South Primary ...
    1 week ago
  • New speed camera signs to improve safety

    The Government is welcoming the rollout of new speed camera signs for fixed speed cameras to encourage drivers to check their speeds, improving road safety and avoiding costly speeding tickets, Transport Minister Simeon Brown says. “Providing Kiwis with an opportunity to check their speed and slow down in high crash areas ...
    1 week ago
  • NZ, Korea strengthen relationship

    New Zealand and the Republic of Korea continue to strengthen their relationship, Foreign Minister Winston Peters says.   “New Zealand and Korea have a long history – from New Zealand soldiers fighting in the Korean War, through to our strong cooperation today as partners supporting the international rules-based order.    ...
    1 week ago
  • Investing for future growth in tourism and hospitality

    The Government is moving forward with recommendations from the Tourism Data Leadership Group, beginning with establishing a Tourism Data Partnership Fund says Tourism and Hospitality Minister Matt Doocey. “The Tourism Data Partnership Fund is funded through the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) and will provide up to $400,000 ...
    1 week ago
  • 4000 more job seekers to get case managers

    A new over-the-phone employment case management service will see thousands more job seekers under the age of 25 supported to find work, Social Development and Employment Minister Louise Upston has announced. “MSD case managers provide valuable support to help people into work, but less than a third of those receiving ...
    1 week ago
  • Trade Minister to attend G7 meeting in Italy

    Trade Minister Todd McClay will attend the Group of Seven (G7) Trade Ministers meeting in Reggio Calabria, Italy next week. This is the first time New Zealand has been invited to join the event, which will be attended by some of the world’s largest economies and many of New Zealand’s ...
    1 week ago
  • Ministers reveal consequences for unruly Kāinga Ora tenants

    Ministers are pleased to see Kāinga Ora taking a stronger approach to managing unruly, threatening or abusive tenants, Housing Minister Chris Bishop and Associate Housing Minister Tama Potaka say.    “For far too long, a small number of Kāinga Ora tenants have ridden roughshod over their neighbours because, under Kāinga ...
    1 week ago
  • Prime Minister wraps up US visit in California

    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has finished a successful four-day visit to the United States with meetings in California on his final day focusing on innovation and investment.  “It has been fantastic to be in San Francisco today seeing first-hand the deepening links between New Zealand and California. “New Zealand company, EV Maritime, ...
    1 week ago
  • Prime Minister leads Indo-Pacific Four at NATO

    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon today chaired a meeting of the Indo-Pacific Four (IP4) countries – Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and New Zealand. The IP4 met in the context of NATO’s Summit in Washington DC hosted by President Biden. “Prosperity is only possible with security,” Mr Luxon says. “We need ...
    2 weeks ago
  • District Court judges appointed

    Attorney-General Hon Judith Collins today announced the appointment of three new District Court Judges.   The appointees, who will take up their roles in July and August at the Manukau, Rotorua and Invercargill courts, are:   Matthew Nathan Judge Nathan was admitted to bar in New Zealand in 2021, having previously been ...
    2 weeks ago

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