Naming and Shaming

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Judith Collins naming the eponymous Simon Pleasants to Cameron Slater as the suspect in a document leak in 2009 is unconscionable behaviour.  She cannot now remain a Minister, otherwise Key’s claim to a high standard when it comes to Ministerial behaviour is in tatters. This time the John Banks  defence “I haven’t read it” and “I have taken his/her word” will not do.

Slater named Pleasants on his website. He got it wrong. I know Simon Pleasants well. He’s very straight and just like his name. He did not deserve comments like this:

Any news here Whale? Can we get the prat harpooned? And shamed, and fired, and tarred ‘n feathered?

Simon Pleasants talks about the effect on his own life in this clip from tonight’s 3news. I know what it feels like when your name is out there; when my home address was on billboards the length of the country in 2005 I took precautions with the help of the police for the very same reasons – your family is at stake and you never know what some disturbed person may do.

The shame is all on Collins and Slater. The blame will be on Key if he continues to bluster as he does here.

10 comments on “Naming and Shaming”

  1. ropata 1

    Cam Slater makes me ashamed to be a male mammalian creature… oh wait he’s an invertebrate

  2. disturbed 2

    Good article again Mike,

    “Slater named Pleasants on his website. He got it wrong. I know Simon Pleasants well. He’s very straight and just like his name. He did not deserve comments like this:”

    Judith Collins; to Slater.
    “Any news here Whale? Can we get the prat harpooned? And shamed, and fired, and tarred ‘n feathered??


    This is shocking, I did not believe this woman was so ugly in the head I am feeling sick, we cant go on having these people running our country.

    Can someone fire this to the MSM hoping they will fire it up in headlines please. Excuse me I have to go and throw up.

  3. andy (the other one) 3

    Glue on Espiner, dumb shunt Garner time to ‘Man up’. This is the most disgusting and lowest shanking of a innocent public servant doing his day job this decade.

    Dumb shunt admits to being the victim of attempted blackmail by Slater. But will never push back, so it must be grubby. Why did he leave the press gallery. Why does he refuse to tackle head on the the revelations in the book.

    He accuses Labor of the same tactics but refuses to attack his attakers.

    They are part of the problem not the solution, the small inbred village that is the Beehive and the press Corpes, people who rely on each other for access and favours is an incestuous puddle.

    They continue to look the other way because their mortgage and social standing is an impediment to truth. They are all complicit in the Slater lies and smears.

    This is virtually the only evidence that we have uncovered from MSM that the Key government is in actual power, 6 years of lamely telling us that its all Labours fault and the media beating the ‘Its 9 years of Labor’ drum for Key/Collins/Slater.

    Slater has dirt on them all (see John Key’s top draw dirt file), they are afraid and democracy is the loser, because they are too weak.

    F*&K them all…

    • kiwigunner 3.1

      I agree. Several good people in Education were targeted by Slater during the National Standards debate. Had to be ‘Dirty Politics’. I recall Garner just happening to be at Tikipunga School when two Northland Principals, one vehemently opposed to the Standards and one (a friend of then Education Minister Anne Tolley) pre standards were due to meet to allow the anti Standards Principal to apologise for some admittedly poor comments he had made about the other. Coincidence? I think not. I think Hager has scratched the scab of a very deep sore.

    • disturbed 3.2

      ++++++top class Andy TOO

      Garner has lost his manhood, he used to be great ten years ago he must’ve turned inside out and gone out his ass end.

  4. michael 4

    Slater posted up far worse comments about Pleasants than the one you cite. He kept them up until the Police told him to remove them or face “a trip to the police station”. As Hager observes, at page 51: “The police had taken the threatened violence and intimidation seriously and moved to stop it. Little did they know that their minister had helped to organize it.” The Hon Judith Collins was the Minister for Police at the relevant time; she was (allegedly) at the very centre of the smear campaign against Pleasant that included threats to kill him and his family that were posted on Slater’s blog.

  5. yeshe 5

    what Collins holds over Key must be substantial. can’t wait !

  6. lurgee 6

    I’ve seen it claimed by rotflcopter (?) that Pleasants’s name was already in the public domain. This seems fanciful as Slater would not then be asking Collins for it.

    But can anyone verify this is / is not the case?

    The point is it is 10000% worse if his name was not in the public domain. If it was, and Collins was just Slater of it that would be nasty, but she will probably survive as a minister.

    If she was identifying an individual already named as needing some ‘special loving’ from Slater, that’s a lot worse, and she will probably be sacked.

    And if his name was not in the public domain as a possible leaker, then it is truly appalling and she should not just be sacked but drummed out out parliament, and maybe (I may be thinking wistfully, here) jailed.

    Bit of a challenge to our right wing dirt deniers.

  7. disturbed 7

    Slater talked on Q+A to Susan Wood, from Israel sunday morning.

    My take is he was on the defensive and Susan Wood was berated by him when she asked “sticky questions” .A must watch.

    Susan then talked to Nicky Hager who said he did not get the file from, and added if he had he would have said go to someone else.

    More will come from this.

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