Nasty negative Nats

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The Nats are nasty as well as dirty. Here’s todays example:

Former minister Judith Collins isn’t pulling any punches at critics after she quit last weekend – calling Labour leader David Cunliffe a “moron”.

Keep talking Judith, please, keep talking!

Meanwhile Nat “affiliated” groups are planning another Ansell negative billboard campaign, as covered in detail by Chris Trotter (with the help of others) at Bowalley Road:

DIRT ALERT! – Are The Greens And Labour About To Become The Targets Of A Major Negative Advertising Campaign?

WE’VE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE. In 2005 pamphlets began appearing all over New Zealand attacking Labour and the Greens. … Could history be repeating itself?

Yesterday evening (Thursday, 28 August 2014) I received an e-mail from a sender styling himself “Charlie Taylor” advising me that “a group of concerned citizens just like you are paying for billboards like this”.


Anti-Green 2

Whatever the explanation, we now know that the campaign is real, and that it is being run under the collective identity of “The Opinion Partnership” among whose members are Mr Third and Owen Jennings – former head of Federated Farmers, former Act Party MP (1996-2002) and currently the joint owner (with Mr Third) of the registered private company Ideal Energy Holdings Ltd.

Propaganda supremo, John Ansell, confirms his involvement in The Opinion Partnership.

The Nats are nasty as well as dirty. If only there was some positive alternative…

20 comments on “Nasty negative Nats”

  1. Sable 1

    What a delightful person Collins is. A true National party politician.

    I feel sorry for right leaning voters, their choices are limited. Perhaps Winston Peters? He at least keeps his promises and seems to have integrity.

    I see the latest from the MSM shows Shonkey is trying to scavenge votes with tax cuts (which will no doubt be quickly followed by GST hikes post election).

    • framu 1.1

      “is trying to scavenge votes with tax cuts”

      keep waiting for the MSM to point out that there is no such thing as tax cuts for middle and low income earners under a progressive tax system – if you cut a lower bracket of tax all people who earn above that get the same cut

      there is only tax cuts to tax bands

      • Sable 1.1.1

        Keep in mind that this is not about tax realities but about “marketing”. In the eyes of mum and dad average voter all they hear is less money for the parasites in the Beehive and more for them. Tax cuts are ALWAYS going to win hearts and minds….

        • framu

          oh i know that – the way key and the nats marketting their “tax cuts” is nonsense, and the media should bloody well know this

          im staggered at the number of times i have to explain to people that a tax band only applies to $$ earned in that band, and not $$ earned above or below that.

          These are grown adults who hold senior skilled professional jobs as well

          • Tracey

            Its why the meme about so much tax for people who earn 140k.. When it fact it only kicks in then. But Key doesnt let the truth get in the way of good governance

    • Tom Gould 1.2

      MSM and particularly the APN (All Pro-National) News and Media group, comprising the Herald and Newstalk ZB. The Tories are panicking and the thing they know best is negative nasty sleaze and dog whistle dirt and character assassination and name calling. Will the public fall for it, again?

      Tui billboard: “I’m not a crook – Yeah right.”

  2. hoom 2

    Nasty, negative, tricky, corrupt & dirty.

  3. Bill 3

    That negative positioning might have worked if the incumbent government was Green/Lab and had been in power for some time. But they’re not and haven’t been. So I just can’t see this shit having much of an effect.

  4. Tracey 4

    Whales? Whales? I guess they didn’t think to factor in the Whale Oil factor… possibly reminding people of the nasty blogger inadvertantly.

    I want to see the following billboard

    “They just wanted Food but National gave them a $85bn Debt”

  5. Acting Up 5

    A huge billboard from this crowd has just appeared beside the urban motorway where it starts entering the CBD region. “RED ALERT: Labour gets you 30% Green”, or something like that.

    Some seriously freaky fears of “reds under the beds” going on here.

    It uses a commercial billboard that would cost about $15 to 20 K per month, at least.
    Some big dollars behind these guys.

    The promoter statement – not obvious, although I was driving at 90kph.

  6. hoom 6

    Of course, when I see these I’m like ‘hell yeah thats the kind of govt I actually want’ so…

  7. sabine 7

    maybe the left should look at Daily Kos in the States, that crowd funds independent ads to offset some of the Koch Brothers money that mainly funds candidates for the Tea Party.

    It seems to me that our National Party is turning itself into the Tea Party. The same as happened in the States to the Republican. It is not a pretty sight, and yes paranoia is everywhere…the communist/environmental terraist threat is coming for ya 🙂

    • Sable 7.1

      You are right the left simply can not sit back and be a punching bag for the right leaning political parties and their sleazy supporters in the corporate media.

      We are indeed heading towards a US based political model, dragged their by the likes of National and their cronies. This needs to be stopped before it gets any worse and we loose our sense of social integrity and become completely blind to the worst of government corruption.

  8. word 8

    David Cunliffe on Public Broadcasting. FirstLine September 3, 2014.

    “Well the proposal that we want to explore is to build a public broadcasting center of excellence around Radio NZ and have a new public broadcasting channel attached to that, potentially using things like the broadcasting of parliament and other things, are would build a true public broadcasting center of excellence.
    Now I have never been more aware, especially with all this dirty politics and sleazy websites going on, the importance of professional, reputable, independent journalism. The labour party is not looking for any soft reporting, what we are looking for is independent journalism, that upholds the finest standards of that profession, and we think public broadcasting is essential for the nation’s good, its part of a healthy democracy, as they say, ‘sunlight is always the best disinfectant”

    <a href="

    • ianmac 8.1

      Hear. Hear David!

    • karol 8.2

      Having a strong section of the media focused on good research, and a well considered use of sources, will provide a core that will suck some of the life from the spinners and malevolent bloggers and undisclosed sources.

      Some stories are likely to break in the public service media, that will get picked up by the commercial media: a better source for breaking stories than WO.

      • Tracey 8.2.1

        For example carrying the taxpayer unions rant about public funding of nz on air without bothering to research. In this instance research means a phone call

  9. philj 9

    Why refer to MSM? Let us call it what it is, RWM, right wing media. Using MSM gives it a legitimacy it does not have IMO.

  10. Rodel 10

    Ogden Nash poem for Judith Collins.

    ‘See the happy moron
    He doesn’t give a damn
    I wish I were a moron
    My God. Perhaps I am’

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