Nat allegations about Michael Wood a pack of lies

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Labour’s Mt Roskill byelection candidate Michael Wood has been in the news recently over these allegations – Mt Roskill byelection heats up with claims of ‘manhandling’ and threats

Labour’s Mt Roskill byelection candidate Michael Wood has been accused of swearing at and “manhandling” the husband of his National Party rival after a heated candidates’ debate.

Wood has strongly denied physically touching the husband of National MP and Mt Roskill candidate Parmjeet Parmar – but has admitted there was a “robust” altercation after he took exception to comments about his wife.

National Party member and businessman Graham Collins told the Herald he was one of several people to see the confrontation, which he said came about when Wood approached Parmar from behind and, firmly gripping his arms, turned him around.

“I saw him man-handling Mr Parmar … I heard him threaten him,” Collins said. “He had a good grip on him, both arms. Mr Parmar had his back to him, he grabbed him from behind and turned him around. He kept swearing at him and threatening him.

Those are very specific and detailed allegations. Fortunately video of the event has just emerged, and we can see that the claims are complete rubbish. Michael Wood’s account is correct.

I trust the truth will be reported by all the media that reported the lies.

25 comments on “Nat allegations about Michael Wood a pack of lies”

  1. Sacha 1

    What a grubby desperate campaign Parmar and the Nats are running. No place for that in NZ politics.

  2. Guerilla Surgeon 2

    I don’t trust at all. If they do mention the truth – if it turns out he’s telling the truth because politicians can’t be trusted with the truth on the whole – then it will be reported in a tiny, tiny section miles away from the front page. Because not manhandling is not news.

  3. Bearded Git 3

    A pat on the back for whoever took that video.

    It is a shame but it seems in the upcoming election campaign it might be an idea to have someone ready to video any event just in case of National Party lies.

  4. adam 4

    Nicholas Jones a so called journalist, has hit a new low – in what is already known for it’s douchebagger, the granny herald. That was not reporting, that was out and out propaganda.

    Nicholas Jones should try a new profession, like spin doctor. No wait, he already is.

    Nicholas Jones, what a useless waste of space you are, a crack smoking gerbil would make a better journalist than you.

    • Sacha 4.1

      Nothing wrong with the journalism – the writer was lied to by Nat party members, is all.

      • Richard Rawshark 4.1.1

        BULLSHIT, if I went to the media and said a ufo had landed on Rangitoto do ya think they’d have a quick peek out the windows?

        This is why we have defamation laws, and why reporters are supposed to do the fucking basics of there job, ask and investigate.

        sorry anger not directed at you personally, but the statement you made.

      • adam 4.1.2

        Did the job description of a journalist pass you by Sacha?

        They are suppose to investigate, and not publish slander and lies. That means actually asking questions of other people, checking sources and information – before printing.

        Otherwise it’s a propaganda puff piece.

        Which is exactly what Nicholas Jones wrote, because he is either lazy, stupid or a combination of both.

  5. Richard Rawshark 5

    Well I toasted(completed posted out and flamed) her FB page yesterday, oh and today.

    I kind of thought they would be busy deleteing negative feedback so I was throwing them out as fast as I could.

    Um that’s the first time they in my experience haven’t done that..

    Looked today, it’s puckeroo’d


    Gloating self satisfaction after seeing the truth in, lays my conscious(not that I have one for the right) at rest.

    FU NATS!

  6. Cinny 6

    Well excuse me but, FUCK YES that there is now a video. And still the husband taunts Micheal as men stand between them, their backs to the husband. Proud of Michael, kudos to you SIR.

    I listened to Parmar and Micheal being interviewed by Garner yesterday. Here’s the interview..

    She wasn’t even there, she believes everything her husband says and like a good Indian wife (not a racist comment, just a cultural fact) she will do as she is told and not question him. And you could hear it in her voice. Garner tripped her up, she tries to deflect, but any fool can see she is lying, well her husband lies to her and she stands by him. Dang how many witnesses? How many LIARS all on Nats side?

    Meanwhile Micheal stands up for his wife, I’m proud of him. Apparently so called witness saw so many different things (probably in their heads) that allegations change from a push to a head lock. NONE OF WHICH HAPPENED, cause now there is a video. Thumbs up to whomever supplied it to Stuff.

    Disgusting tactics from a desperate national politician and her husband. Hope the husband doesn’t discipline the wife too much, you all know what I mean, their culture regarding equality and how they treat women is vastly different to ours.

    Mainstream media better cover this on the news, they sure gave a lot of airplay to the allegations yesterday. Let’s see how fair they will be about it.

    Cause it’s not the first time Parmar has had a go at Micheals wife via the media. This from back in May.

    DIRTY POLITICS via the National Party, what a fucken surprise.

    Excuse my language but I’m really fucked off about this circus. I’ve a feeling many Indian women in Mt Roskill will secretly vote for Wood, because he is the type of man that sticks up for his woman because he respects her, something that is probably missing in many Indian marriages, a real man.
    Lolz after that outburst, i better hope her husband is an Indian, I’d be embarrassed if he was a kiwi, one thing I detest are liars, that is one thing he obviously is. I’m not a racist, just a realist.

    • Chuck 6.1

      Reading your comment Cinny its hard not to come to the conclusion that you have an issue with people of Indian decent, especially Indian men.

      “Hope the husband doesn’t discipline the wife too much”

      “I’ve a feeling many Indian women in Mt Roskill will secretly vote for Wood, because he is the type of man that sticks up for his woman because he respects her, something that is probably missing in many Indian marriages, a real man.”

      This must be dirty politics the lefty way? bring out the race card…

      • One Anonymous Bloke 6.1.1

        Or dirty politics the “right” way: pretend that the Left is a hive mind that believes whatever Cinny thinks.

        • Cinny

          Yes agree with you OAB

          Mhmm the wise come to their own conclusions, the brave voice their thoughts, the fools follow blindly.

      • Cinny 6.1.2

        Hey Chuck… doubtful I love all races, I do have a good understanding on how their culture is towards women and it’s vastly different than the NZ way. Like I said, am not a racist, just a realist.

        Didn’t bring out the race card, just said what some may be thinking, mhmmm. The trivialization of gender-based discrimination leads to a culture of silence that strengthens existing discriminatory social systems.

        How odd I can have all this inside me and to you it’s just words?

        “Indian women have lived under the patriarchal system of our society for so many centuries that today sexism has become normalized. Interwoven into our culture is the belief that women have a second-class status in society; that we are disposable, exploitable and abusable. This is obvious in the high rates of female infanticide, dowry deaths, domestic violence and marital rape. According to an International Men and Gender Equality Survey, more than 65% of Indian men believe that sometimes women deserve to be beaten.”

        Why did they lie?
        Worries about race, worries about sexism and castes.. WHY LIE?
        And why did she perpetuate that lie?
        THEY LIED, I just voiced some of my thoughts, I don’t know these people, but turns out they LIE, no headlock or assault in sight, JUST LIES.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 6.2

      Chuck’s right. What has ethnicity got to do with misogyny?

  7. Gabby 7

    I’m sure the reporter will get back to National Party member and businessman Graham Collins and ask him why he lied.

  8. mosa 8

    Looks like the friends of the National party will use incitement to start violence or a possible provocation to discredit their opponents.

    Same tactics that was used in the 1981 springbok tour and other campaigns.

    And an eager media with a penchant for destroying and discrediting their masters opponents will gladly comply.

    This byelection campaign is a frontrunner for what to expect in twelve months time.

  9. Richard Rawshark 9

    Jones has corrected, but check it out., .he still trys to spin that woods the instigator..

    I’d sent him a few links and in my special way, some encouragement to do the right thing.

    Especially as his twitter pick is of him skulling a drink that he’s a drunk..

    and no doubt is.


    as usual the herald doesn’t give a fly fuck when they try to ruin peoples careers.

    ban him, press council complaint. He should have his license revoked.

    • One Anonymous Bloke 9.1

      Yep. Framed as an accusation that Wood has been cleared of, rather than Collins being forced to apologise for and retract his lies.

      Of course, if the National Party were an ethical or honest cult, Parmar would be extracting Collins’ apology right now. Be good press too.

      • Cinny 9.1.1

        She needs to add comment to this whole story now the video is out.

        • dukeofurl

          Theres a Graham Collins Dr on the Shore , behind Rangitoto College. Could he be a wealthy property developer ?
          Seems to have cleaned his slate of his property empire directorships recently ?

  10. Keith 10

    The National Party lying, say it isn’t so!

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