Nat vs Nat on National policy

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National wants to introduce a 90 Day no work rights period for new employees. Now, in the face of very strong opposition to the policy, they have been forced to scale it back to only workplaces where there are 20 or fewer employees. But big questions still remain – not least of all whether teachers would face 90 days with no work rights every time they move to one of the thousands of small school or early childhood education centres. And asking the Nats is no good because they give different answers:

22 comments on “Nat vs Nat on National policy”

  1. yl 1

    I really hope that it doesn’t include teachers if Nats do scrap into power. Successful teaching is about engaging with students, and a class to have potentially 4 teachers in one year is terrible.

    Also, i heard Anne Tolley speak at support staff conference. She called support staff workers unskilled people on rehab. It was amazing the crowd went nuts and started to stand up and yell the qualification that they held. She ended up sitting down and collapsing her head into her hands. I have never seen a political meltdown like that. It was amazing.

    It really goes to show how out of touch national are with education. We cant trust them to educate our future, we cant trust them to run the country. Lets get rid’em

  2. Pascal's bookie 2

    “She called support staff workers unskilled people on rehab.”


  3. Andrew 3

    The policy has only ever been for workplaces with 20 or fewer people.

    [wrong. National’s original 90-Day Bill (the ‘Mapp Bill’), which was defeated in 2006, applied to all workers. It only has one operative clause and before select committee it didn’t even protect human rights . SP]

  4. IrishBill 4

    “workplaces with 20 or fewer people.”

    That’s a hell of a lot of country primary schools and intermediates.

  5. Tane 5

    Andrew. Their policy last election, and in the bill Wayne Mapp put up a couple of years back, applied to all workplaces. The limit to 20 or fewer employees is a softener National introduced only this year.

  6. Felix 6

    Sorry for the off-topic

    The Nats are in Raglan at the moment and they’ve parked about 8 or 10 billboards on trucks in the main street without visible authorisations.They’re up and down the street handing out flyers and meeting and greeting so it’s definitely part of an election advertisement.

    Can anyone in the area get some pics? My camera is out of action.

  7. Andrew 7

    You are just plain lying now Steve. This has always been the policy and if you dont believe me, here are a few links. You may find the top one interesting. I dont mind serious political debate beteween the National and Labour, but please dont make stuff up. People will just think you are stupid with a short memory.


    [if you call me a liar when I’m not lying again you’ll be banned. I have provided a link to the Mapp Bill. Read it. It applies to all workers. After it was defeated, National came out with a softer version. That is exactly what I said before, and if you read the Mapp Bill and the current policy, you’ll see that it’s true. SP]

  8. Andrew 8

    Tane, that was the last election, not this one. Im sure Labour brought out a few that have been changed in the last 3 years.

    just because it was nationals policy at the last election does not mean that you can automatically take this policy and say it’s a flip-flop. New leader, new policy, simple as that.

  9. Felix 9

    Andrew do you realise that you’ve just posted a bunch of links supporting Tane’s assertion and providing no evidence to support your own?

  10. Felix 10

    Jesus Andrew, it’s like you can’t read. Or comprehend what you read.

  11. Concerned of Tawa 11

    Felix, about time National finally broke the “chilling ” EFA. Labour and it’s stooges have managed to breach it numerous times. Get with the game National, this election is about trust….

  12. Andrew 12

    Not at all, all these articles say that the 90 day probation period is for workplaces with 20 or fewer workers. National didnt come out with a policy for this election saying that it would be for all work places then change it as Steve suggested.

  13. Tane 13

    Andrew. In this term of government, with John Key as leader, National’s policy has been to apply the 90 day period to all workplaces. It was amended earlier this year to soften it in the leadup to the election.

  14. Felix 14


    Anyone who breaks the law should be held to account.

    That goes for all laws, not just ones you agree with. You disagree?

  15. Andrew 15

    Thats fair enough steve and i have no problem with as you point out, the policy from 2006.

    But in the post you say “Now, in the face of very strong opposition to the policy” implying that the current policy has been changed very recently. thats what i was getting at. The policy as it stands has been out since june/july.

    [‘now’ does not mean ‘only recently’ it means ‘at present’, and, anyway I’m using it as an attention grabber, like one uses ‘see’ – I’m sure there’s a technical term. Basically, you’ve got your knickers in a twist and wasted my time because you can’t read closely enough. SP]

  16. Tane 16

    Andrew. Given how long National has been pushing for a 90 day fire at will period, and given for a long time it was their only work rights policy, July is pretty bloody recent.

    To underline that, there’s still huge confusion over exactly who it would affect and what limited avenues of recourse they might have left to them.

  17. burt 17


    Anyone who breaks the law should be held to account.

    Or retrospectively validated if that is politically more expedient. Move on….

  18. Concerned of Tawa 18

    Sorry Felix
    I agree with Burt/Clark
    Just retrospectively legislate, ignore The Electoral Commission, Human Rights Commission, Law Society or any other foreign-money backed bible-bashing neo-con.
    Remember its all about trusts…

  19. mondograss 19

    You’re right about one thing C of T

    Remember its all about trusts

    It is all about trusts, and all the secret money that National gets from them.

  20. Felix 20

    Not sure what you’re on about burt, I suspect as usual you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about something you’ve already been schooled on but won’t shut up about because you’re too thick to realise how thick it makes you look.

    Go have a valium and a nap and get on with what’s left of your sorry little life.

    As for you CoT, you said above that it’s about time national broke the law. Are you standing by that or are you are you just another sniveling little pants-wetter like burt?

  21. r0b 21

    Or retrospectively validated if that is politically more expedient. Move on .

    Once again Burt, after our long discussion months back we know you understand this issue, so choosing to continue to lie about it now is pretty sad.

  22. Felix,

    Yuk, Nats in Raglan. I should have gone down there and handed out some 911 DVD’s. LOL. Raglan is so not a Nats town.

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