National Day of Action vs Asset Sales: Sat 27 April

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Aotearoa is Not for Sale is counting down to the National Day of Action this Saturday 27 April. Some people have posted explanations of why they will be participating in the Day of Action.

Martyn Bradbury:

My disgust at allowing those who have benefited most from tax cuts being subsidized to buy assets my mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, aunties, cousins, uncles and brothers have already paid for burns me with injustice but the main reason I am marching on Saturday is for my beautiful 3 year old daughter. (More at the above link)

Joe Carolan’s statement ends with:

“I attended the funeral of Folole Muliaga. We organised the protests outside Mercury Energy in solidarity with her family. She died because her electricity was disconnected, under a Labour government. When our assets are renationalised, it should not be under the failed Profit before People SOE model. Truly public assets controlled by the community, not the corporates, should provide cheap or free power, services and resources to the people, to ensure that the tragedy that befell Folole never happens again.

“Aotearoa is Not for Sale. The fight to take her back from Thatcher’s worshippers has begun.”

The statement by an Occupy Auckland spokesperson includes:

“All the things I had been promised began to be stripped away from us, in the attempt to line the pockets of the rich. Now I sit at 35 years old and I have nothing ,no future,no chances except for wage slavery and impossible debt from an education that I had to pay for, where our leaders didn’t. I see our government ignoring the people and destroying our country so to make profits for investors. I see a government hell bent on punishing the poor.our enviroment and our children aswell as our freedom and it sickens me.

I in good conscience simply cant let our tyrannical leader destroy my sons or any kids future. I cant look in their eyes and say I did nothing. And that’s why I’m marching on the 27th

Lisa Gibson of Glen Eden, and Mana Movement activist’s statement includes:

“I’ll be marching alongside other outraged New Zealanders on April 27th at the Aotearoa is NOT for sale national day of action not for myself, but for the countless number of ordinary kiwis who feel disempowered by this government.

Disempowered by a government hell bent on eroding the ideals that I believe New Zealanders hold dear. The ideals of being able to protest at sea, of being able to swim in oceans untainted by oil, tramp in mountains and national parks unspoilt by mines or private development, to earn a living where a fair days work means a fair days pay.

I’m glad this protest was announced well in advance, because I have been able to book some time off work on Saturday.  My reasons are the same or similar to the above people’s.  Also, I think that now more than ever we need to make visible the strength of opposition to the selling of our assets.

  • Now, at a time when Kiwis have been given the hope of cheaper power by the Labour-Green NZ Power proposal
  • Now when Key and his allies have responded to NZ Power by labelling such a sensible, moderate and fair policy as “far left” and “socialist”.
  • Now while Key and his allies are claiming their radical “neoliberal” asset theft is “centre right”
  • Now when Kiwis can see the threat of a privatised future when power will be even more expensive
  • Now when Key’s extremism will result in even more harsh fuel poverty

Now is the time to get out on the streets and protest.

  • Why are you going to join the National Day of Action on Saturday?
  • And/or Why do you support the Day of Action?
  • And/or What else could be done to stop New Zealanders “Brighter Future” being sold down the river?
  • And/or What else could be done to ensure all Kiwis have access to the affordable resources and services they need to live secure, quality lives within a responsible,, fair and sustainable community?

Information about local events on Saturday are available at the bottom of the page at the above link.  However, I do find it frustrating they are all to Facebook pages and require logging in.  I have found some notices of local events elsewhere online:

poster April 27 stop asset sales poster

Auckland, Britomart 2pm

stop asset sales poster AKL 27 april 2013

Wellington, Te Aro Park, Dixon street 2-5pm – 2pm Crnr Pigeon & Courtney Place

Nelson: Millers Acre to Trafalgar Street – 12-2pm

Nelson stop asset sales day of action poster April 2013

NapierWar Memorial Square, intersection with Emerson St – 2pm

Christchurch: 2pm Cnr Deans Ave & Riccarton Road, march to Shands Cresc Park

Also Picket John Key’s speech on Sunday 28 April at Hanmer – carpooling, check above link

Tauranga: meet @ the red square 10 am marching @ 10:30.. 27 April

Dunedin: March from Dental School 1.40pm, to rally in the Octagon, 2pm to 4pm April 27th (h/t risildo)

Hamilton: (from Augery) In Hamilton there is going to be a Not for Sale banner drop of the Bridge Street bridge at 12:00 followed by a 12:30 rally at the Rotunda on the city side of the  bridge.

See Facebook here.

I’ll add details of actions in other places if people add them to the comments below.

17 comments on “National Day of Action vs Asset Sales: Sat 27 April”

    • karol 1.1

      Thanks, risildo. But those links just take me to a Facebook login page. I can’t remember when I last logged into FB. And when I did back then, it had changed so much it just looked like one big muddle to me. I get sick of constantly having to reset my privacy options and everything else.

      I’m looking for alternative websites with details on the Day of Action.

      And I wonder why the organisers of the action are so wedded to FB?

      • risildo 1.1.1

        Sorry Karol:: auto assumed you would be on FB

        Dunedin: March from Dental School 1.40pm, to rally in the Octagon, 2pm to 4pm April 27th

        Christchurch: Cnr Deans Ave & Riccarton Road 2pm April 27th

        Tauranga meet @ the red square 10 am marching @ 10:30.. 27 April

        Hamner Springs National Party Conference April 28th – Keep Our Assets Christchurch has decided to hold a protest at the National Party’s regional conference, which is being held in Hanmer on the weekend of April 27 & 28

        • karol

          Thanks Risildo. I am on Facebook, but rarely go there. I had just updated to include a link to the Christchurch events, plus some images of posters. Will add those others you’ve put here.

          • risildo

            awesome thanks heaps Karol…… you rock

          • riverstogo

            Hi Karol. I think your post is excellent. Regarding the choice of Facebook as an activist platform I just thought I’d mention the alternatives are somewhat limited. There is a somewhat underground movement to keep the internet free enough that it can be used effectively for organising protests, sharing opinions and data, etc. You probably should focus on the issues that most effect you but it’s worth remembering the internet is a global space built on the same foundations as places all around the world. If you would like to know more about this I would suggest this page as a starting point:


            • karol

              Thanks, riverstogo. Yes, I became dissatisfied with Facebook a while back. It does have the advantage of being free and connected too a large number of networks, so I can see it’s attractions for some.

  1. Rich 2

    In some ways, NZ Power makes asset sales moot.

    Right now, the excess profits from power prices go back to the taxpayer. After the MRP sale (if it happens), a chunk of them will go to (foreign) shareholders. But if Labour get back in and implement NZ Power, there won’t be any excess profits, and it’s better for MRPs private shareholders to take the hit than the taxpayer.

    In other words, come on up Mr and Mrs Retarded of Tauranga, sign up, fork over your dollars and prepare to be royally rooted. It’s just like giving your money to that nice Mr Hubbard…

  2. Tanz 3

    so, now you’re for a binding referendum? Only on the issues you don’t agree with.

    • karol 3.1

      Tanz, are you talking to me?

      Where did I or anyone on this thread mention binding referendums?

      • Lloyd 3.1.1

        Lets have a binding sale of stolen goods charge slapped on donkey and the rest of the knee-aws. Those electricity companies belong to me and my fellow taxpayers. The government owns them only as a trust. No-one asked me if they could be sold. Don’t tell me the last elections were a referendum about this issue. It wasn’t. It was an election about who had the nicest smile.

  3. fambo 4

    Don’t forget to bring something to make lots of noise with

  4. lenore 5

    Thanks for publicising this and linking to where it is happening as I missed it last time. Can forward it on to workmates and friends – great to get the numbers!

  5. Tautoko Viper 6

    I’m looking forward to taking part. Could we start a thread for suitable banner ideas?

    • karol 6.1

      Well this tread will do for now – any new thread will slip down the page as the week progresses.

      I reckon some banners could say “NZ Power: there is an alternative!

  6. Augery 7

    In Hamilton there is going to be a Not for Sale banner drop of the Bridge Street bridge at 12:00 followed by a 12:30 rally at the Rotunda on the city side of the bridge.

    • karol 7.1

      Thanks Augery. I had been wondering about what was happening in Hamilton, I’ll add it to the post.

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