National / Maori ETS now law

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So, the National / Maori ETS is now law.

Waiho mā te Whakamā e Patu.

Shame on those who supported this appalling legislation and the anti-democratic process used to ram it in to law.

31 comments on “National / Maori ETS now law”

  1. I feel well rammed, for now.
    Oh to have to make up ground.

  2. no different to the Labour ETS, rammed thru under urgency.
    I am a pissed off National voter.
    No ETS is needed as we all know AGW is a myth.

    [lprent: You may very well think so. However I don’t. I just think this ETS is totally pointless because it doesn’t do anything except provide subsidies to polluters. Rare for us to agree, albeit from different viewpoints. ]

  3. Nick 3

    Shame on those who supported this appalling legislation and the anti-democratic process used to ram it in to law.

    Yep. Not ACT though. Good on them.

  4. I always thought they would do this. The “Labour lite” pretence has been well and truly exposed as one.

    If I can take any satisfaction from this it is that the nats have handled this so appallingly badly there will be an electoral consequence. If they had handled this properly Labour would have struggled at the next election. Now, anything is possible.

  5. It’s a shit sandwich r0b but the maori party didn’t cut the bread or lay the turd. The bullshit ets is a response to the way people have treated mother earth – and a very, very, very, small percentage of them are maori or the maori party.

    No point blaming the kicker for missing the kick and losing the game when the whole team has played poorly.

    • Geek 5.1

      The problem is Marty that you are using the same rational that National used to introduce this legislation in the first place.

      A very small percentage are Maori so its not their responsibility, well national said we shouldn’t lead the way because New Zealand is a very small percentage of the worlds polluters.

      The Maori party had the chance to stand up and do something good for their people that would have been good for us all. Instead they sold their votes for the benefit of a few to the detriment of the many, be they Maori or Non-Maori.

      • marty mars 5.1.1

        Good points Geek

        It may have been the time for them to make a stand to say that this is the issue that defines us, here we draw the line or maybe that time is coming up.

  6. Rex Widerstrom 6

    Ya know, on some days I just think “Sitiveni Rabuka had the right idea, just for the wrong reasons. This, however, is a right reason”. Today is one of those days.

  7. Andrei 7

    Sheer brilliance by the Nats – they have alienated people on both sides of the debate and irrevocably harmed race relations to boot.

  8. gobsmacked 8

    There’s an easy way to tell that this was a massive political failure.

    John “Camera” Key doesn’t seem to want to have anything to do with it. Not even a statement to the press, telling us how proud he is, and how “ambitious” he and his ETS are.

    No, he’s doing a “Mt Albert”. When the going gets tough, John gets going … as far away as possible.

    Says it all.

    • Key has been missing. I wonder why.

      The only other thing I would like to say is that they are fcuktrads and I hope in 50 years time my children or grandchildren will ask them for an apology and an acknowledgment that they were wrong.

      • BLiP 8.1.1

        He’s allergic to bad news

        • Zorr

          Well, there is a silver lining to this shit filled cloud.

          1) Greatly increases the chances for Labour next election already

          2) Phil Goff at least has said (we will have to hold him to his word though) that once Labour gets back in that this will be one of the first things to be repealed.

          Otherwise, yeah, I’m tasting the nuts in the dirt sandwich of life today.

      • Bored 8.1.2

        Our grandchildren might be tempted to dig up John Keys corpse and do a Cromwell on it (hang draw quarter)….problem is by then the ground will be too hardd to dig and under tons of sand in the baking heat. Shame on the MP for allowing this for short term gain.

  9. Macro 9

    If only we had a media that can see past the bullsh*t that National spin on this! “Oh it’s way better for the average person because it will be less expensive for petrol and electricity than the Labour ETS!” – but don’t mention the cost to the tax payer of paying for all those subsidies! We are going to have to pay those Billions of dollars one way or another – taxes or cuts in public spending! – No! the media are incapable of seeing or reporting that! No challenge to Smith on this aspect just let him repeat the spin of cheaper petrol and don’t question who actually pays! B*stards!

  10. mike 10

    Stop your whinging and crying lefties – you guys invented “appalling legislation and anti-democratic process”

    Seems a perfect compromise between burden on the tax-payer and retaining industry. No protest outside the beltway – sky not falling get over it and move on.

    • Draco T Bastard 10.1

      Industry isn’t quite as important as life.

      • infused 10.1.1

        Life isn’t at risk. While this ETS is shit, it’s still better than Labours ETS. I wish for NO ETS at all.

        Another National voter that’s pissed off. I know many other National voters are too.

  11. mike

    You ignore one little minor thing, the environment. Taxpayers can pay less, actually they will be paying $155b more, and industry will be retained. But the world will be destroyed.

    The sky is not falling right now. But the icebergs will be floating past soon and after a while Australia will become inhabitable and they will all want to come over here.

    Perfect compromise? Crosby and Textor bullsiht.

    • QoT 11.1

      Hear bloody hear, micky. The utter silence in media coverage on the fact that who’s going to bloody care about paying power bills when there’s a few billion ecological refugees to find homes for is amazing.

      And the self-congratulatory “your mokopuna will thank you” bullshit in Parliament … I really wish very, very long lives to our current National and Maori MPs; long enough for their actual mokopuna to say “thanks for royally screwing us for a dollar, guys”.

    • gitmo 11.2

      “But the world will be destroyed.

      The sky is not falling right now. But the icebergs will be floating past soon and after a while Australia will become inhabitable and they will all want to come over here.”

      Because of a poxy ETS in NZ ?? I think you’ve soiled yourself.

    • mike 11.3

      And when do we start eating each other mad micky?

      Your alarmist bullshit gets better everyday…

  12. outofbed 12

    Nick Smith is a very clever operator, I even heard Rahui Katene in parliament praising the way them M Party had been treated by the Minister, Talk about naive.
    Its not the MParty’s fault, you expect people to be honest and negotiate in good faith.
    You can NOT do that with Smith he is not to be trusted
    If he could shaft them he would and probably has.
    Smith is extremely convincing knows his stuff and is always comes across as very confident but is prone to extreme bouts of anger (I had an interesting chat with someone who once worked in his office ),
    A few of us in Nelson who have had dealings with him know he is a sly dishonest and devious person, but there are many who do not see that side of him it is extremely frustrating , campaigning in the 2008 I met a few people who were party voting Green and were voting for him as the constituency Mp as he was such a good bloke. WTF
    As an aside in 2005 because of there racist nature,I wrote criticising the iwi/kiwi billboards that were be put up in Nelson by the National Party .
    Smith was comfortable with them and very dismissive of critics
    He is either mad. bad or both

  13. I have this creeping feeling that Richard Long will be right and that the ETS is going to be the “electoral finance act’ of the National Party.

    I bet if you vox popped people on the street, asking them what impression they had about the ETS people would say “oh i don’t really know what’s going on but I get the feeling Maori tribes are getting some massive concessions from it .. and isn’t this supposed to be about cutting emissions, not doing deals?’

    And those who know a bit about it would say “i’m a bit worried that it won’t actually reduce emissions much aye, cause all the polluters seem to have an easy ride, so what’s the point?’

    I’m not sure who will actually _like_ the legislation, apart from a few Maori foresters.

    I guess this is consistent with National’s private view they don’t like the ETS or any of this bullshit, they see it as a European issue that they just need to be seen to be doing a little about, without imposing much costs on farmers and the energy sector.

  14. Lanthanide 14

    I’m wondering if this’ll have any serious impact on Peter Dunne, since he also voted for the bill.

    • He shouldn’t be worried about his ETS vote so much as the fact that Katrina Shanks now has a much, much bigger presence in Ohariu than him. Which means that Charles Chauvel will probably win in 2011.

  15. vto 15

    r0b “Shame on those who supported this appalling legislation and the anti-democratic process used to ram it in to law.”

    Labour did the exact same thing with the EFA.

    Now the Nats and Maori have done it with the ETS.

    They are both as bad as each other, as I and others keep pointing out. Agree r0b? I don’t imagine so. I’m sure you will have some creaky old excuse lurking amongst the cobwebs. I would be most curious to know if, and how, you distinguish between the two crappy laws and their processes.

    Key and Clark now live on the same page in the history scrapbook.

    • Craig Glen Eden 15.1

      None so blind as those who choose not to see aye VTO .
      What did National change when they got into power on the ETS. Jack shit, why? Because fundamentally it did not cause the end of democracy as National and its Granny Herald Supporters said it would.

      The real reason the Nats don’t like the ETS is because it stops them trying to buy elections.

      Lets face it this is standard stuff for the Nats they were never going to give a rats about the environment. The real hypocrites in this are the Maori Elite Party.

      Shame on them!

    • r0b 15.2

      vto – addressed in another thread

      Our word is our bond

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