National on personal attacks

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Greenwoman just flicked us this:

13 comments on “National on personal attacks”

  1. Billy 1

    Ssomeone’s got some serious access to archive footage and video editing skills. The sound mix is very professional. “Greenwoman” is certainly well connected.

  2. Are you kidding? The cuts are linear, the sound is all over teh place and it finishes mid sentence. I could do better with the free copy of microsoft moviemaker that came with my OS.

    Oh and are you Matt from KBB, Billy? Like I said to him you’ve both got very distinctive and similar styles and I never see you over there or him over here. I’m not too worried if you are but I figured given our special relationship it would be nice to know…

  3. Billy 3

    No, I’m not. I hope you haven’t started a special relationship with this Matt. I am proceeding on the basis that our special relationship is exclusive.

  4. Tane 4

    You two creep me out…

  5. Billy 5

    I have just read some of his comments, and I agree, the guy writes well.

  6. Oh it is so you! Why? Billy, Why?!

    Ha! Captcha is “Narrow Canadians” – I’m assuming it’s never meet John Candy…

  7. Billy 7

    No. It really isn’t. For some reason they wouldn’t let me be Billy over there, so I did sign up as Billywhoisbilly but I never really got into it.

  8. Can you two please leave your covorting to someother time?

    Back on topic: yawn – this video bored me.

  9. hmm 9

    the cuts aren’t particularly fluid.

    What is obvious is that there is a lot of footage from parliament in that clip from over a relatively long period of time (atleast a year – well beyond the realm of someone’s mysky) The main repository of parliamentary footage now is the Parliamentary Library so I wonder how they gained access to that …

  10. AncientGeek 10

    Who cares. The irony is great. Prefers to dish it out rather than receive.

    It is called politics

  11. Ted 11

    Playing the victim is as much a part of politics as personal attacks and both sides do it. It’s really the only viable way of responding without launching a counter-attac.

    This is a bit off topic but am I the only one who finds the clip of Duncan Garner and the lady whose name escapes me at the end somewhat disturbing?

    I’m not sure if it’s Garner’s fidgeting, staring at the ground and head bobbing, the distorted background or the altogether too close positioning of the two but it just rubs me up the wrong way.

  12. Dancer 12

    i personally don’t really like the personal jibes that emerge when mps get carried away – but it seems pretty universal across parties (except maybe the greens?). what i don’t like is a leader saying we won’t go there – and then going there! btw it seemed to me that most of that video was from within the last few months. The only old stuff looked like bits question time(Collins’ pevert comment and Key’s “twitching”) which I think have been televised/ streamed for ages?

  13. deemac 13

    the point is it is weird that people get upset when Labour politicians say something “personal” but when the Nats do it it’s considered normal. Presumably cos National is perceived as the “Nasty Party”

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