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With Key’s willful ignorance on Banks’ police report and the GCSB’s activities, and “brighter future” becoming a cruel joke as the job losses rack up, a new National slogan is in order.

23 comments on “National’s new slogan”

  1. Jokerman 1

    See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Just Speak Evil

  2. Glg 2

    You forgot do evil. Of course that’s just a side affect of doing everything possible to make as much money as possible for your friends before you get voted out.

  3. tc 3

    Ignorance takes us to a place with lots of holidays, many golf courses, lovely restaurants and shops with none of those annoying poor people wanting to wash the windows at intersections.

    • Dr Terry 3.1

      Be thankful for one thing. At Least Key is intelligent enough to know that he and his lot are ignorant!

  4. ianmac 4

    But the secret is to be buzzing loudly, even if not making progress forward.

  5. Tom 5

    “The latest nation-wide Roy Morgan Poll shows a rise in support for
    Prime Minister John Key’s National Party 46.5% (up 2%).”

    Source: Roy Morgan Market Research Update September 24th, 2012

    • Lightly 5.1

      um, that poll was released on September 13th – it was the first time since July that National had polled above Lab+Green in the Roy Morgan. Trend is pretty undeniable.

    • Dr Terry 5.2

      Tom. All this does is reflect the deplorable facts of human nature. Nearly half of voters endorse dreadful, punitive, biased, unethical human behaviour.

      • Populuxe1 5.2.1

        And your evidence for this assertion is?

      • Wayne 5.2.2

        Dr Terry,

        If you seriously think that about half your fellow citizens, then maybe that is why the Left has so many problems in understanding the appeal of the Government.

        Most people simply do not see the Government in such extreme terms (and nor should they). The PM has actually called for an Inquiry; he did not simply ignore the problem. At least you try aand debate the issues substaantively rather than indulge in invective.

        • blue leopard

          Dr Terry referred to “half of voters” not half of his fellow citizens.

          It is easier to see the marked effects of different governments/policies when one is in certain positions in society; such as being on welfare or working with the poor.

          I believe there is a great deal of frustration/anger in people who see these marked differences on witnessing the very destructive policies being voted in again, and at such a time as this.

          That “most people simply do not see the Government in such extreme terms” is really very frustrating and hard to fathom when one can see the damage that is occurring in NZ, because for people that do see the damage occurring, the situation is really extreme!

          Its not only what is happening right now; it is the direction things are going.

          I was really shocked to witness adverts for donations to New Zealanders played around Christmas time-truly shocked. I recall these ads being played for Africans in the 80s; and what a monumental failure it has been that with the wealth this capitalist system appears to create that there has not been an increase in the distribution of wealth, far from it, ever increasing concentration.

          Let us remember, not only is there enough food in the world to feed all, there is enough money; and that people voted for a Government that gave tax cuts to the wealthy at such a time. It really is hard not to come to the type of conclusions that Dr Terry is relaying.

    • Te Reo Putake 5.3


  6. Uturn 6

    “…making all his nowhere plans… for nobody…”

  7. blue leopard 7

    Oh yeah baby, play that game

    Ignorance gets you, Mr Key everywhere with plenty of $$$$ in your pockets to boot and those with any awareness knows that, which is why it serves your kind to keep as many in the dark as possible.

    Yet on the face of it I agree with your to-manipulate-opinion-favourably-for-you statement; which is precisely why we as a country are hurtling to nowhere and fast.

  8. Tracey 8

    Maybe he can’t read… Did that come out in the NS data? Number of illiterate MPs?

  9. When it comes to Banks – ‘ignorance is bliss’
    When it comes to National Standards – ‘ignorance gets us nowhere’

    Make up your mind JK. 

  10. Brian 10

    ‘Blight Your Future’

  11. captain hook 11

    your future is a blank chzek!

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