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Needed like a hole in the head

Written By: - Date published: 12:20 pm, February 1st, 2011 - 63 comments
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Judith Collins is an utter failure. She calls herself ‘Crusher’ but hasn’t crushed a single car two years after promising to. Crime has gone up under her watch and police deaths have increased despite her claim that the Taser would make them safer. So, there’s plenty of good ways to criticise her without dumb shit like this.

Apparently, these were done by a few teenagers. And I hope they realise it was stupid now. This kind of thing draws no-one to your side and only gives ammo to losers like Cameron Slater.

63 comments on “Needed like a hole in the head ”

  1. tc 1

    I recall her making a big PR effort about extra police on the frontline (ah that frontline slogan again) something like 300 (mostly for counties manukau) or so but how many actual new police have we had now nearly 2.5yrs into Crushers reign ?

    In fact how much ‘real’ extra funding have the police gained under the nat’s and their get tough on crime agenda etc and spot on Eddie what a stupid unhelpful poster…..she’ll actually enjoy that as she’s the kind of person who probably thinks I’m disliked so I must be doing something right.

    Yes judith you’re collecting an MP’s salary, aside from that NZ’s still waiting.

  2. marsman 2

    Crunchie Collins Minister for Private Prison Profits.

  3. marsman 3

    However extreme the poster may be at least those ‘few teenagers’ are politically aware and active.

    • Sid 3.1

      I see you’ve swallowed Eddies assertion it was teenagers who placed the posters.


    • Rich 3.2

      And are not buying the mainstream delusion that the police are on our side, we need more cops to hold down the Evil Criminal Underclass and it’s just a few bad apples that beat and rape people.

      • higherstandard 3.2.1

        Um actually the police are on our side (they are paid employees of the state charged with maintaining law and order) and in the main do a damn good job in the face of some very severe obstacles and crap that gets thrown at them.

        If you are suggesting that it’s more than just a few bad apples in the force that why don’t you report them to the Minister or the MSM, I suspect you’re yet another dick who likes to bait and disparage the police.

        • orange whip?

          Report them? Already done, investigated and reported back.

          Turns out it’s not just a few bad apples at all but a systemic problem with police culture.

          Have you not been paying attention?

        • millsy

          Do you think our cops should be given the power to torture and shoot on sight.

          If you were taken down to the local cop shop and had 500 volts put through your genitals then you would be singing a different tune

  4. Maria 4

    Do you actually know these were placed by teenagers? If so, I’d appreciate information on who they are. I’d like to talk to them about how this poster has impacted me and others who have lost loved ones to suicide and how trivialising the issue increases suicide rates. Any information or contact from those responsible can be made anonymously though our website at http://www.casper.org.nz

  5. Ed 5

    That is the sort of activity that all on the left should deplore. I hope all such posters have been removed.

    • Colonial Viper 5.1

      That is the sort of activity that all New Zealanders should deplore.

      Yeah fixed that for ya.

      • Inventory2 5.1.1

        Couldn’t agree more CV. And Eddie’s denunciation would have more credibility if it was unconditional, rather than having a go at Collins; after all, he was among the first to try and link Palin to the Giffords shooting

        • Blighty

          the denunication looks pretty unconditional to me.

          don’t cry just because your police minister is a no hoper and gets called out on it.

        • Colonial Viper

          EDDIE is plenty credible – Collins in general deserves all the criticism coming to her, however not in the US style of political violence. I think the post makes that pretty clear.

          As for a potential link between Palin and Giffords. The link is that Palin’s presidential chances have been put under the gun by the incident and the stock of other more moderate potentials has gone up as a result.

          • g says

            maybe, just maybe, the more distasteful responses are influenced by the tenor of the comments that are uttered by this minister following yet another death following a recently called off police car chase…

      • Ed 5.1.2

        Yes agreed. Thanks

      • Jum 5.1.3

        Captcha: TRAP

        The right probably posted it themselves – typical to betray a female colleague just to try to hurt the Left; I don’t know how women can stand for National, never mind vote for them. Idiotological.

  6. big bruv 6

    Well said Eddie.

  7. Armchair Critic 7

    Issue 1 – suggesting someone should be killed is wrong.
    Issue 2 – Suggesting someone should kill themselves is wrong.
    Excuses – there are only a few. “They were teenagers” is not a sufficient excuse.

  8. andy (the other one) 8

    was sitting in traffic this morning at Greenlane and Gt South road and spotted one.

    F^&kin idiots!

    As much as I dislike her knee jerk politics, she is still a human being, wife, sister, auntie….

    How would these twats like it if this was done one of their family members.

  9. Cnr Joe 9

    Politician. Guns. Tucson, Arizona, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords – rather pointed stuff considering, where are these posters up and about?

  10. tsmithfield 10

    Eddie: “She calls herself ‘Crusher’…”

    Do you have a link for where she calls herself crusher? Or did you mean that people refer to her as ‘Crusher Collins”…?

    • Inventory2 10.1

      Quite so tsmithfield, and likewise with Eddie’s contention that she “hasn’t crushed a single car”; might that not be because boy-racers have taken the threat seriously? If I had a $25k to $100k vehicle, I would not be going out of my way to behave in a manner which attracted the attention of the police.

      And speaking of the police; officers I have spoken to recently speak highly of Collins, and are encouraged by the appointment of Peter Marshall as Police Commissioner. A DI I spoke to recently told me that they are looking forward to a return to doing some “real policing”.

      • Armchair Critic 10.1.1

        might that not be because boy-racers have taken the threat seriously?
        Might be. Hell may also have frozen over. It’s a well documented fact that boy-racers respond well to authority. Oh, wait, it’s nothing like that at all.
        If I had a $25k to $100k vehicle…
        The vehicles are generally much cheaper than that, most I’ve seen are less than $10k and the worst seem to be the less than $2k ones – because the drivers have very little to lose. Hence the “Hi officer, put it on my tab” stickers. The few young car enthusiasts that do own $25k plus cars tend not to drive like idiots, often, because they do have something to lose.
        What’s more likely is that Collins has focussed on words and avoided deeds. Which does not justify these posters at all.

      • KJT 10.1.2

        Police always like politicians that give them more power.
        When she lets them have guns/penis substitutes they will be even happier.
        we will just have to get used to more innocent bystanders getting shot.

        • g says

          the policy officers must be cock-a-hoop with the current administration. the amount of rights that have eroded under smile an wave and co, under urgency, will be mana from heaven for them.
          as an institution the policy officers dont need guns to kill the public, their pursuits policy is going well.
          all this could be tolerated if there was accountability factored into all participants in a car chase, not just the (generally) young member of the public held to account either with their life or the contract collection agency of the state (justice system).

      • millsy 10.1.3

        real policing = torturing brown people.

        Our police force is riddled with torture and corruption.

        Do you really want a police force that has the power to shoot people on sight? That is what WILL happen if the cops get guns,

  11. bbfloyd 11

    amazing! things must be getting dire in the nat supporters club bubble when they can’t even get up a good personality based abuse session started… reduced to insignificant hair splitting… i suppose that can be taken as asign that, even when she is the target of the sort of mindless attacks highlighted here, they can’t find anything she’s actually done to use as a leg up on to the high horse they like to yell from.

  12. Rharn 12

    The poster appears to criticize Collins for ‘not’ arming the Police. Poor taste either way.

    • IrishBill 13.1

      Almost as sad as a forty two year old man spending his life trying to be hard on the internet really.

    • Ed 13.2

      Whatever their politics, this sort of poster is unacceptable – I am sure you would disapprove of a similar poster from the far right about a senior politician of the left, wouldn’t you Whaleoil?

  13. orange whip? 14

    Ok this is pretty bad taste but if that’s the same Malcolm France who landed a lammington on the boy-child Boscowen’s head then he should get a free pass.

    Why? Because it’s a cake on Boscowen’s head. Why do I need to explain this?

    Also, Collins – pffft what a joke.

    • higherstandard 14.1

      Ah I see you are indeed retarded.

      • orange whip? 14.1.1

        Hmm. If you don’t understand “cake/head juxtaposition humour” then I can’t really help you.

      • Jum 14.1.2

        You need to change your moniker, hs. I used to give you the respect of capital letters and the full name; I can see now why even you don’t use them; what a shonky operator.

        The police hate women; remember Louise.

        [lprent: enough you two… ]

        • higherstandard

          The police hate women .. really …. how about the female officers do they hate themselves and what about the members of the police force with wives and daughters.. do they hate them as well ?

          • Jum

            You obviously didn’t read my post about Collins referrring to “my boys”, forgetting there are zillions of women cops. See 8.17pm below.

            They’ve learned nothing from the Louise Nicholas case; the police women are still having to put up with closed guy shops and don’t try to pretend otherwise, hs.

            Misogyny will out, and it outs frequently in jobs that exhibit the love of the gun, the power, the control.

            Like I said there, too, hs, Grow Up.

          • orange whip?

            Hahahahaha! Hey higherstandard, what about the ones with mothers?

            Obviously there are no misogynists anywhere! (either that or you’re a moron)

  14. millsy 15

    jeez, you guys really need to grow some balls.

    Collins is fair game, seeing as it is her that is more or less in support, with her coppers union boy toy, of a police force that is similar to the one found in third world countries, such as Sudan, North Korea, or Iran.

    Do we really want New Zealand police officers torturing suspects, or killing brown people indiscriminately?

    Collins is a nasty, evil horrible bitch. She doesnt care if our cops torture brown people to death.

    [“Collins is fair game” to be analysed, opposed, ridiculed, even (if you must) hated, as you hate her. She is not, and no one is, “fair game” for calls of violence, and images of a bullet in the head. Your comments above are ambiguous, but if I see anything that is clearly a call to violence I will delete it. — r0b]

    • Chris73 15.1

      Yes, yes we do

    • Inventory2 15.2

      Nice to see the moderators hard at work …

      [Must take you ages to moderate your own blog eh? Oh no – wait… — r0b]

      • Bright Red 15.2.1

        millsy posts in the middle of the night and up pops Inv2, another whining rightie, to have a whinge because one of the volunteer moderators hadn’t managed to moderate the post before his sensitive little eyes were exposed to the big horrible words.

        this site has hundreds of comments a day and the authors their own lives. you can’t expect instant moderation. If you want it, you should probably donate so they can afford someone to do the job.

      • millsy 15.2.2

        Hey Inventory, who yanked your chain. Perhaps if Collins decided that police actually must be accoutable to the public and not swagger round like they are in some kind of shitty third world nation, and perhaps if she decided that prison rape is actually not needed in this country, we wouldnt have this stuff.

        But then again, you cant wait to be able to lynch niggers.

    • Jum 15.3

      She refers to them as ‘my boys’. How creepy is that? Never mind the complete shutting out of women police officers.

    • millsy 15.4

      She thinks that prison rape is OK, R0b,

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    speech to Tourism Industry Aotearoa annual summit Te Papa,  Wellington Introduction Nau mai, haere mai Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, Ka nui te mihi, ki a koutou. Thank you Tourism Industry Aotearoa for hosting today’s Summit. In particular, my acknowledgements to TIA Chair Gráinne Troute and Chief Executive Chris Roberts. You ...
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