Needs a caption?

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From the Flicker pages of William Joyce, we have this cogent visual comment on Murray McCully.

It has been suggested that when it comes to diplomacy, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister and Minister for the Rugby World Cup, should take sometime to learn the skills necessary for someone in his position.

His attitude to changes in the plan for the development of Queen’s Wharf was not to negotiate but to “spit the dummy” and insist things be done his way or he would take his party to somewhere else.

The cartoon is great, but I think that the caption could do with a bit more work..

26 comments on “Needs a caption?”

  1. tc 1

    Come on Banksie time to pay the piper or we’ll redeploy Boagsy and stop funding Ralston.

  2. comedy 2

    Perhaps he could seek advice from Trevor Mallard on how to improve his communication skills.

    Oh and if you wnat a caption how about this.

    “Auckland ratepayer, having completed his voting, demands immediate penetration from the next council”

  3. ianmac 3

    “Party Central just here!”

  4. You want a caption for Murray McCully’ cartoon;-

    “We are the Authoritarian Daddy round here, so you will do as you are told, until the rights to you are sold”.

    • lprent 5.1

      Oh – so cruel…. 😈

      • michaeljsavage 5.1.1

        Have you ever looked closely at his lips?? First time i met him was in Wellington when he started a PR firm in the mid 70’s … his lips bothered me then and thats just plain scary considering the age i was.

        Its like looking at a shrivelled nectarine.

        But i digress and im starting to become offensive again.

  5. Rharn 6

    The new ‘Party Central?’ My ARSE Or Auckland Rugby Sloshtipplers Emporium

  6. michaeljsavage 7

    New Zealand – bend over and take it up the ass from your elected Government.

  7. Herodotus 8

    Trev I’ll have a heinney, I’ll just drink it where any of my sensible ideas come from.

    • michaeljsavage 8.1

      that is absolutely classic Herodotus … hahahaha – that is very funny!

  8. don’t ask me – ask my leader

  9. Rex Widerstrom 10

    If you put your ear right here… and listen very carefully… you can hear the sound of the ocean washing away John Key’s hopes and dreams.

  10. Pascal's bookie 11

    ‘Consultation time peasants.’

  11. kriswgtn 12

    Your tongue goes here



  12. BLiP 13

    “Democracy – this is what I think of democracy!”

  13. Mac1 14

    So I said to the Irish president, “Is this what you mean by good crack?”

  14. Nick C 15

    As opposed to the materful conflict resolution skills of out last Minister of Foriegn affairs…

    • comedy 15.1

      Feck he is indeed wearing Winnies hairpiece…… good spotting.

      Obviously some strange amalgam of Winnie, McCully and a desire to join the rainbow Labour faction.

  15. eye saw 16

    “this is where the idea for the vuvuzela started and this is where it should be inserted”.

  16. Armchair Critic 17

    “you just need to be relaxed about it”

  17. moa 18

    Tim Bum at the green room.

  18. hnz 19


    Where do I get my statistics? I’ll tell ya maaan. I pull my statistics from right here!

  19. Antz 20

    At the end of the day
    He’ll have his own way
    With ideas that do come
    From his rather big bum
    The arse end of a cliche

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