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Welcome to a new political blog, Corner Politics – “a point at which significant change happens – by Lamia (@LI_politico).

11 comments on “New blog: Corner Politics”

  1. Saarbo 1

    Excellent….well worth a read.

  2. Glenn 2

    Good reading. Well done.

  3. Magisterium 3

    I do so enjoy reading about NZ racial politics as viewed by a non-Maori non-resident who has spent most of her life outside NZ.

    • Maybe it is because of that or maybe it is because I view the Treaty as a legal and political document that is the basis for the foundation and continuation of our nation. Maybe it is because I spent a lot of time my time looking at the impact of our justice and welfare system on Māori. Maybe it is because I’m a minority and I’m forced occupy many uncomfortable spaces. But I do not find what happens on Waitangi Day uncomfortable or upsetting. There can be no partnership without dialogue and there can be no dialogue without marginalized folks having the opportunity to protest those in power. We live at a time when Pākehā actively refuse to learn the official language, learn about the culture, learn about the history, learn about the constant and enduring effects of colonialism.

      Nicely put. Good luck with the blog.

  4. ropata 4

    Already follow @LI_politico on the tweet machine, she’s damn good

    • shorts 4.1

      same – she’s great

      I do wonder if we need another left leaning blog (that chances are will stop within a month)

      bookmarked with a sense of deja vu

  5. Smilin 5

    We have to get past the questions that Natcorp pose in their political position on what they do in govt .It creates indecision in the minds of those fundamentally opposed to Natcorp as to their governance of the country over the last 2 terms and what it will look like in 2017 .

    The oppositions needs to establish an exact scenario of the consequences of this govts tenure to present and in 2017 to enable voters to be able to know for sure where this country stands from then
    If they dont then all the factual evidence will be gone in the same vein as what natcorp was able to do in relation to Dirty Politics

    Unless we as a nation can see just how much of the govt power for the left has been eroded no one will feel empowered to act against this regime which in my mind is a highly organised take over by Keys mentors in reestablishing some kind of quasi 1950 s security borne out of WW2 which doesn’t exists but Key and his public posturing is an obvious sign that Natcorp believes it does

    And as was stated by Eisenhower he feared the growth of power by those in the military as the end for what he achieved .And the same will be the fate of those who have fought for all forms of equality in opportunity in this society if this govt is allowed to continue

    100 BILLION DOLLAR GROWING NATIONAL DEBT should be stamped on the head of every national party member they owe it

    Key and his now politics is how he keeps us ignorant and his ministry of disinformation which is his office

  6. Ad 6

    Fantastic and here’s to the longer-form voice.

    Towards a kiwi The Atlantic.

  7. Incognito 7

    I will definitely visit and have a read; I like long well-considered blogs!

  8. Tautuhi 8

    Amazing how the $120 Billion Debt is not an issue, it will be an issue when it has to be paid back, National can not even generate a surplus despite all the borrowings, I pity the Opposition parties having to tidy up Nationals mess if they get into Government in 2017.

    How bad is our financial position?

  9. crossbow sniper 9

    [r0b: racist rant deleted, and you are not welcome here any more.]

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