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While I’ve been away some regular left-leaning commenters here at The Standard and elsewhere have banded together to start NewZblog, a new Kiwi blog that describes itself as “a fine blend of politics with a left twist”.

So a big welcome aboard to Red Bus, Illuminatedtiger, Policy Parrot and James Sleep – you guys are off to a great start.

Check it out here.

[Hat tip: blogblog]

22 comments on “New left-wing blog”

  1. ragtag 1

    Just what we need more lefty junk cluttering up cyberspace.

  2. Robinsod 2

    I like newZblog and I’m pleased to see a bit of left wing thought making its way back into the sphere.

  3. Santi 3

    newZblog is a good example of the intellectual power of some James Sleep and acolytes. A piece of crap, that is.

    The site is hardly visited by anyone: check for your self the number of true comments, not the pansies and pats-in-the-back by the aforementioned acolytes.

  4. “left wing” and “thought” in the same sentence. Who would have thunk it!
    Having had a look, I would say the axis of stupid is now a triangle.
    Oh and happy new year Michael. 🙂

  5. Santi 5

    “I’m pleased to see a bit of left wing thought..”

    Michael Porton, you’re incredibly stupid or infinitesimally small and easy to please. Methinks, you’re both.

  6. Robinsod 6

    “Methinks” – what the fuck? Are you trying to sound like an intellectual or something? FFS boy the only people who say “methinks” are am drama queens and 12 year old nerds. I’m thinkin’ you’re more on the tight-wearing side of things myself…

    Hey Bill – Happy new year back to you bro.

  7. Robinsod – It shows hes deluded, nothing new.

  8. illuminatedtiger 8

    Hardly visited? Our stats would suggest otherwise 🙂 . Good to see people are interested in what we have to offer.

  9. Santi 9

    Michael Porton you’re incredibly stupid or a well-oiled moron in bad disguise.

  10. Billy 10

    ‘sod, will you be checking James’ notoriously appalling grammar and spelling for him?

  11. James Kearney 11

    Billy, seeing as James is barely 16 years old I expect he has a teacher to that for him. What’s your excuse?

  12. Billy 12

    Ooh. I have just been there. Misplaced apostrophes all over the shop. Me and Robinsod hate that.

    And James, ever heard of Hartman’s Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation? Thought not.

  13. “Billy, seeing as James is barely 16 years old I expect he has a teacher to that for him. What’s your excuse?”

    Hey James, shouldn’t it be:

    Billy, seeing James is 16 years old, I expect he has a teacher to DO that for him. What’s your excuse?

    Sorry, seeing I am being pulled up on my shocking grammer from when I first started blogging, I feel it is only too fitting to correct those who make mistakes also.

  14. Billy 14

    “my shocking grammer”

    Another example of Hartman’s Law of Prescriptivist Retaliation.

  15. Robinsod 15

    Billy – stop sucking up to me. I’ve told you I’m just not interested.

    Santi – are you dad on good behaviour?

  16. Robinsod 16

    Oh and Billy? It’s “Robinsod and I”.

  17. redbus 17

    James’ spelling and grammar has improved markedly. I invite you to visit our blog to see so for yourself. If spelling is all you can comment on then I feel you shouldn’t have bothered commenting at all.

  18. Sam Dixon 18

    The minor righties are certianly playing it agreesively on The Standard these days aren’t they? Trying to be first in to dominate threads. Still, nothing in the way of substance, so not exactly challenging.

    Congrats, NewZblog, I like your work so far. especially the ‘this person votes National segment’. I suggest that any Kiwiblog thread mentioning women or Maori will be rich pickings.

  19. Tane 19

    You mean like this?

    What a charming bunch.

    [Captcha: political Burt]

  20. BeShakey 20

    It’s a strange strange world when right wingers venture out from Kiwiblog to criticise lefties for “diatribes” and a lack of intelligence.

  21. RANDAL 21

    hello new blog good…will get better

  22. I have watched the political Right prepairing for the last election over the last trhee years maybe more. they have used every sleazy trick in the book whilst I have looked on with a feeling of hopelesness . They organized their helpers to form comfortable named groups like Sensible senticing , who helped them to capture the
    usually Labour vote of the Indian people..This is a well organized anti Labour/Green group and it would be interesting to know who has been funding them, Then we have Family Fist,(first) another anti – left group that have spent enormous amount of cash denigrating Labour, There is no doubt that National has somehow placed their people in positions of persuasion like TV1 news reader former Nat candidate
    Bennett ,who should never have been allowed that postion at election time.

    The list is endless but to end there is no doubtvthe NZ.Herald played a very big part in the defeat vof Labour. The part their paper playedn the defeat of Labour was a disgrace and an insult to the democratic system/ Every Labour supported and person nof the left should cancel their subscription if they have one.

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