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News flash: I’ve written a post

Written By: - Date published: 7:30 pm, January 17th, 2010 - 59 comments
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You heard it here first. This is a post. Written by me.

Am I being slightly narcissistic? Well if I am, TV3 was far worse when they aired their story tonight about the media attention Prince William’s visit was receiving – ahead of the disaster unfolding in Haiti.

Media reporting about media yet again, ahead of anything else.

I mean seriously. This is absurdity gone mad. News bosses need to stop stroking their own egos and not use every opportunity to make themselves the story.

Look, I know it’s hard. You want to be loved… And who doesn’t? But you’ve got a fucking important job to do.

59 comments on “News flash: I’ve written a post”

  1. Michael Foxglove 1

    Look! I’m the first to comment on my own post. I should so post about this.

  2. Steve 2

    Here be an ego stroker.
    Michael Foxglove?

  3. I turned off TV one, the report on Prince William was too long and it seem to be an advert for the rugby world cup, the so called reporter kept repeating the words “Rugby Royalty”

    You wouldnt think there was an earthquake to report on.

  4. BLiP 4

    What’s that ponce doing over here anyway . . . what’s that you say . . . John Key, photo op? Ahhh – now I get it.

    • Tigger 4.1

      I cringed at Key’s fawning over Wills – the words “he’s a nice young man” actually popped out of Key’s mouth. Yes, because Wills is SO underexposed we need Key’s Women’s Day-worthy perspective on him.

      • BLiP 4.1.1

        Yep – exactly. He’s a walking embarrassment.

        “Hulloo Oim Donkey, sowry bout va weava, this is my wiff, she looks loik a ‘Obbitt next ta tull pupple loik you . . . hehehehe”

  5. gary 5

    a photo op that cost the taxpayer 200K. urgh.

  6. TV ONE covered the Haitian earthquake before Prince William. I agree the proportions weren’t right, though.
    @BLiP, @gary Did you complain when the Queen visited Helen?

    • BLiP 6.1

      The Head of State is welcome – at any time. Her wastrel malingering grandchildren sucking up hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars for a 48 hour press-the-flesh with The Goober can foxtrot-romeo-oscar anytime.

    • Michael Foxglove 6.2

      Right you are 123. Corrected. Focus on TV3 this time..

      You’re right about the proportions as well. I think part of the problem is that some media decide what are gonna be their big stories well in advance. Then, with all the investment that goes in to it, they run with it no matter how much of a non-story it is.

      • kiwiteen123 6.2.1

        I was about to comment about how surprised I am that a right-thinking (I mean right as in correct) person like you would post on The Standard, but then I read your earlier posts and understand… I suppose we can agree on this topic…

    • lprent 6.3

      Posted this almost constructive criticism on teens site… It’ll be interesting to see if it gets past moderation intact. I’ll hold this in pending.

      Updated: It looks like he carefully mangled the comment with intrusive bolding – very bad moderation technique (and one that I have to rap new moderators here about periodically). His reply was also completely humorless. I don’t think he responds well to criticism.

      Somehow I don’t think this site will fly. It is a bit of a pity because having an intelligent reflection site around could be quite useful to sharpen up the writers. DPF improved considerably after KBB started mocking his posts. But I think this one is likely to be about as useless as burts site was.

      Confused and incoherent structure to this post. It is also too long and there appears to be no point to the post.

      Much of the post is simply using coded phrases that are probably meaningless outside of whatever clique you’re into. ‘pinko ties’ what in the hell does the colour of ties have to do with anything? At least with “Typical Left-wing thinking’ you tried to explain what you meant it is a pity that your definition ignores the many left-wingers like myself who are or have been management.

      There are a few quite nefarious intelligence lapses on your part. For instance:-
      BLiP continues to ignore all the facts. Why didn’t he complain when The Queen visited Helen?

      The last time that Elizabeth came to NZ was 2002. The Standard didn’t start until August 2007. The number of blogs available in 2002 were very small, and who knows if BLiP was even blipping then. Of course you don’t know who BLiP is so you cannot even see if he wrote letters to the paper.

      Of course you could have been mentioning when Helen visited the Queen as NZ’s head of state in London or elsewhere. However that wouldn’t have been the Queen visiting Helen, which is something that only happens in NZ.

      In short that whole beatup on BLiP is simply you jerking off in public by spinning your own story without reference to facts or using the brains that you were born with.

      Your editing is pretty bad. For instance using ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

      The best sites that I’ve seen as a ‘reflection’ sites are/were Editing teh Herald and KiwiBlogBlog. That is who you really have to compare yourself with. Both of them have/had considerable humor mixed in with their point making. They poked the borax at the pretensions of the media that they were satirizing. That was what makes them readable.

      This looks humorless, confused, and rather boring. You’re really going to have to do a lot better to even get to the kiwiblogblog level.

      • BLiP 6.3.1

        Spotty little twerp needs sending to his bed early, without dessert, for the rest of the week.

        • kiwiteen123

          Let’s show our ignorance and stupidity by making unfair stereotypes! How fun!

          • felix

            Unfair how?

            Judging by your behaviour today I’d say it’s a very fair stereotype.

            Probably a little too fair if anything.

        • lprent

          He is a bit of dipshit – but most teens are like that. I’ve had to deal with a few over the years (I think I’m up to Horrible 7 at present) as the uncle without kids of my own.

          He is now complaining about the x-axis on Martys graph. Looks like he doesn’t play much with graphing software. You have to let the software do the separation of the axis points when you confine the graph to a small size and you have more data points than will fit within the text.

          In this case all of the graph points were there, the software decided to use 3 quarters to allow the x-axis labels to print. What he is asking is that the graph be manipulated because he can’t figure out the multiples of 3 when there are 4 quarters.

          Oh well kiddies will always look immature when they’re talking about things that they don’t understand.

      • NickS 6.3.2

        Quick, someone see if he’s a creationist, I see a beautiful educational/trolling opportunity if he is, for the humourless are so very amusing…

        But to reiterate what lprent said, my first impressions of kiwiteen’s blog was along the same lines, too damn messy, too much repetition and the structure and grammar is eye-bleeding. Makes one wonder what grades he’s getting in NCEA english on essays…

        And heck, even on a week long insomnia bender I can still write better posts, though one time I did make a silly stuff-up, but then young earth creationists have never been that good at using direct language.

        Though he may improve with time, prodding and the odd /cluebat, which reminds me, kiwiteen really should read the following + the list of fallacies:

        Because if my memories of high school serve me right, directly teaching critical thinking skills were not exactly a major component of the curriculum…

      • felix 6.3.3

        There’s a built-in futility to a metablog if the entire reason for its existence is to say things which could just as easily be said in the comments of the subject blog.

        This raises the question then, why not make those comments here? The obvious answer is that such comments made here would be quickly refuted.

        What sets James Coe’s brilliant site apart from burt and kiwiteen’s efforts is that he adds meaningful and insightful commentary. The humour doesn’t hurt either but the humour springs from the commentary, not the other way around.

        kiwiteen seems to have neither the humour nor the insight to pull it off. I checked out the site today to have a look but I can’t think of any reason I’d ever go back – just like burties old site.

        Do you think anyone would visit James’ site if his posts consisted of “The Herald says such and such. Well that’s a bit shit, innit”?

        • NickS

          This raises the question then, why not make those comments here? The obvious answer is that such comments made here would be quickly refuted.

          You forgot the power-trip factor of being able to decide who gets to comment, though sticking comments in moderation right off the bat can be played with via spam-bots and using url re-direction services. Not that I’d do that mind you.

        • lprent

          I was thinking of ways we could make this more fun with these reflection blogs. What do you think of putting up separate page(s) (with comments) for looking at those other blogs?

          It’d probably help teen and burt with some functional criticism of their writing styles (because they are bloody awful).

          Then I can keep it out of the way of the main blog, but we can still have fun without it cluttering the main posts too much..


  7. The Queen is too old to do long distance travel. She sent William, what is the difference?

    • BLiP 7.1

      Really? She was in the US and the Caribbean last year and she’s off to Canada this year. You really have to stop just making things up, you know?

    • logie97 7.2

      Surprised you have the time to blog here. Thought you would be busy on the phone complaining about the inappropriateness of showing the film “The Queen” on TV. during his visit.

      • kiwiteen123 7.2.1

        I am watching it now. I saw the irony but, you see, us tories don’t restrict freedom of speech: you do.

        • BLiP

          Even a simple Google will provide tens of thousands of links proving that statement fallacious. Really, tweenie, you do have to stop fabricating nonsense.

          • logie97

            BLiP – I seem to recall a posting somewhere recently where the seniors of the party loathed being referred to as Tories.

            • kiwiteen123

              I suppose that proves I’m not a senior member of the National party, then.

              • felix

                You’re not a teenager either.

                Big launch today eh? Can we look forward to lots of barely relevant one-sentence comments from you here in your desperate attempt to draw attention to your site?

              • @Felix
                Any evidence to support that claim?
                I am a teenager.

                You better start doing some posts.

              • felix

                The reason I don’t believe you for a moment is that the teenagers I spend time with don’t tend to write as if they were in their 30s pretending to be a teenager.

                You do.

                Also the name you’ve chosen is a bit of a giveaway. No teenager I’ve ever met would use such a handle. It’s the type of name a pedo uses on the net and most teenagers would recognise it as such immediately.

                Of course I could be wrong and you might be engaged in a brilliant multi-layered satire. Not that it matters.

              • I am a teenager.
                If you are calling me a pedophile, I want an apology or I will take further action.

                [lprent: He didn’t call you a pedo – you did. He made a general observation about tactics used by pedo’s. You fell straight into a commentary trap.

                The ability to “take action” against people commenting on other people here is pretty minuscule as has been pointed out many times on this site. For a start you’d have to find out who he is, and that means extracting details from me. Read the policy on privacy.

                Generally you’re better calling on the moderators rather than ‘external’ rules. Moderators at least have access to the site.

                Please don’t bluster. It makes you look even more foolish than felix makes you look already. ]

              • felix

                Go ahead. Take “further action” for whatever you think I said. Maybe you are a child after all.

                Hey maybe you could devote a page on your vanity blog to me saying your handle is the type a pedo would use.

              • @Suicide-wisher
                I am not flustering. I did not say that he called me a pedophile. i.e You Lied.
                How is Felix making me look bad? Claims without substance makes one look stupid, ignorant and incompetent.

              • BLiP

                you see, us tories don’t restrict freedom of speech: you do.

                The Queen is too old to do long distance travel.

              • Whether or not the queen can travel has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

              • Armchair Critic

                “How is Felix making me look bad?” – quite right, you are fully capable of making yourself look bad without any assistance from felix.

              • @ Armchair Critic.
                Although amusing, I don’t feel I am making myself look bad, please point out how I am doing so.

  8. NZ is further than UK, Canada and the Mediterranean. She went to the US in 2008. Perhaps you should stop making things up!

  9. Caribbean! Sorry. Even I make mistakes….

    • BLiP 9.1

      Fair nuff – I have also had to retract a statement or two. However, in this instance, would you be kind enough please to provide the source for your statement that “the Queen is too old to do long distance travel”. Most obliged.

  10. We’ve given ourselves a challenge for 2010 at Throng (http://www.throng.co.nz/3-news/our-2010-challenge-one-news-vs-3-news): watch the lead stories of both ONE News and 3 News each night for a year and critique and compare their coverage.

    Every night we’re taking an objective look at how news is reported. Some fascinating differences are already starting to show and it should provide for some very interesting data by the end of the year.

    TV3 covering off media coverage as item 2 tonight before a Haiti update was just gratuitous.


  11. infused 11

    Maybe people are sick of hearing about Haiti?

  12. Peter Bilson 12

    Haiti is good for population control. [deleted]

    [lprent: Damn I missed that one when I was moderating. Vile bile. I just let you off the leash, so I’ll ignore that. But it’d better not happen again. ]

    • ConorJoe 12.1

      i don’t believe lefties think there are too many people in the world.
      just too many in the developed world living lifestyles that consume enough for many. look at peter jacksons house in the wairarapa – how many fucking lightbulbs and how much underfloor heating in that prison of the rich?.
      this kiwiteen drip is a bit of a hoot. can’t last tho’.

  13. ben 13

    So don’t watch TV3. Problem solved.

    • Michael Foxglove 13.1

      Lobbying to improve news delivery in New Zealand is a perfectly valid course of action. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

      • infused 13.1.1

        At the end of the day though, news is a product. The way TV 3 sells it’s news is for people at the lower end of the scale. Almost FOX to be honest. What can you honsley expect?

        I very rarely watch the news now days anyway. Stuff can fill you in on the local stuff, and there are much better websites for international stuff.

        • snoozer

          And complaining about the quality of a product is a valid way to discourage others from consuming it, thereby forcing it to improve or lose money.

          captcha: fail

    • felix 13.2

      Don’t watch TV1, 2, or Sky either and bingo! Whole lot more problems solved!

  14. toad 14

    At least TV3’s effort wasn’t quite as abysmal as this one by Aussie’s Channel Nine:

    A reporter from Channel Nine’s Today show was asked by her bosses to find some fans holding signs.

    When she couldn’t, the reporter says she was told by the studio in Sydney to “make some up herself”.

    The Channel Nine reporter wrote signs in pen saying “I love William” and gave them to a small group of women.

    The reporter then did a live cross in front of the signs but did not mention they were her own creation.

  15. i wrote a post too. my take on haiti.


    and is it any wonder given our ties to the british empire that we still fawn over it’s heirs ?

    nz is after all how britain should have been


    btw does anyone else think theres already too many bloody poms here ?

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    5 days ago
  • Rotorua benefits from over $62 million boost
    Investment for projects that will create hundreds of jobs in Rotorua were announced today by Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau. These projects will provide opportunities for economic development in a region that has been hard hit by COVID-19,” Winston Peters said. Fletcher ...
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    5 days ago
  • Increased counselling support for all students
    For the first time, primary schools will have access to funding for counsellors for their students, Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin announced today. “A major investment of $75.8 million will provide greater access to guidance counsellors to help primary and secondary school students deal with mental health and wellbeing issues,” ...
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    5 days ago
  • Report of the Government Inquiry into Operation Burnham released
    Defence Minister Ron Mark today welcomed the release of the Report of the Government Inquiry into Operation Burnham and related matters, and the Government response.  “I thank the Inquiry for their thorough and detailed report, on a highly complex issue. I accept the recommendations of the report, and fully support ...
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